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Now we just need more writers or inventors, whether they want their products sold, or developed. Certainly right on this website we give you the secrets of instant writing, and the 4 invention steps, assistants come in on finalizing the design, and assembling the prototype. 

You see it is all emotion and physicality, matter and energy, interchangeable. Life is whatever we talk ourselves into. We are in a similar situation as we were in 3000 years, not yet knowing our minds or how we work, really. It was thought that the voices in our heads were those of the gods talking to us; now we know it is my mother-in-law! 

Sales is to manufacturers in the form of licensing, TRADE SHOWS where you make 1-3 fortunes every show, and a dealer network as well. Much will also be posted on YouTube.

For now, I have written all my good ideas, and await your new ideas to improve the individual and communities. 


I suppose that is job. Departmentofgoodideas.com represents the way to be in our own multiple companies, to get support for projects from inside and out. How to see the alternative to job: being in your own multiple businesses. More fun, new circles of people, more money. 

We are the first to agree that this shift in both mentality and personality is in the realm of "feeling" and that is not known much, the brain and how we work inside; maybe advertisers use some of this trance mind control, but we are still in the Dark Ages until we know who we are and how we work (hint: time is not what we think it is, and neither are we; are we figments of our own imaginations?)

You should know what many know, but due to the Spiritual Laringitis, the people being formatted to not be looking to empower others. Tell people about us, we are writer inventor cooperative that discovered that most of these problems are not solved with money, or need it, but with clever creative problem solving. We ask all of the people in our network for all of the answers to all of the questions. We also create new lines of reasoning, for a largely unthinking world. 

Notice that the "bigger than life" socialization machine" turns our persons who basically neglect themselves, the service of others, and the planet? Do you notice some of the effects of cutting down 95% of the trees? We can't advance in the subject of cooperative thought, IDEA SHARING as I call it. Get us some thinkers, buy some cards and books, join us for a writing or inventions projects, send ideas to improve individuals: the idea is if I give you a good idea, we both have it, lose nothing, and give it to others too. The best things in life cannot be stolen, they are nature's gifts, like our minds. They actually have a use after 30 other than job! 

The idea all along was to find a job, work 5 years, go into your own businesses, like consultant, and have more time. 

True, it would appear that those that want time would have to be more project-driven, maybe in fact these days most are not, I am. I always had projects outside of the school, which I now know to be a specialized skills training center. 

Files coming soon.

The TRANCE, and what to do about it: power generation, commu


There is a lot more going on than anyone speaks about. It is as if cutting down 95% of the trees, removing ourselves from the Equator's 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables (here 29) and the first four environments before 13 (family, neighborhood, financial situation, and schools) fail to create a more heroic person full of confidence, kind of like Star Trek.


Of course, the food and the trees are a given, but what about the environmental factors? There is a cultural energy where the people are turned out from high school to either do one thing at the request of others, the business owners. At what point are they taught how to do their own thing? Is what I do so amazing as a choice: make the money in business so I can do science, sports, make money and play drums, and help others. I was able to turn on a humanitarian front, but: The very world has not been inventoried! 

We are like middle centuries yokels and peasants, our awareness reduced, people feel censored: in the social environments for "adults" (maturity is overrated) there is not much of anything: drink this, eat this, watch this. smoke this, buy this. Is that not about it? Join me in making a more complete world inventory, and in awakening the people into a better trance than the one they are in now, placed by others in their heads. 

Notice we exist in our jobs, our social sphere, in our cars, and in our houses. The job has its own language. The social sphere: people just talk about other people or sometimes their job, or little things, like this movie or that restaurant. The machine (those first 4 environments before 13, and also of course our interpretations of events) is turning out too tame domesticates, people who are programmed to ignore themselves, the others, or their environment: does that not sound like a tamed animal? Where are the champions of themes, and those that would discuss valuable topics? TRANCE. 

We are not asking for inventory of what is on this big ship moving through space we are on! I am creating, with collaboration with those like yourself perhaps, a COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW 240 of the OPPORTUNITY INDEX (ability to be a billionaire mentality person, one who got their billion taken away: what's left?

Inert in thought or the true meaning of clever and creativity. We are denied the opportunity to serve each other with IDEA SHARING where now we both have the good idea, and pass it on. We are not trained well in the meaning of being human communicators, with valuable points of view. Why? 500 years is not such a long time!

The middle ages are still here, in what we hope is vestigial form: already some are evolving into a more sharing, cooperative concept, as at DGI. 




Upper peasant ( one interest)

Lower peasant (only interest is social life mostly)

Yokel (everyone makes fun of this one) 

In part, this explains why people write such parts for themselves in the movie of life: they have not been shown their miraculous inner powers to create and cooperate, and simply to ask questions. We can all get wealthy, well off and healthy, if we overcome the trance; it is emotional in nature. Mentality is an allowance; personality is what you send out of your inner self.

So, 3% can take action, hope you are one, contact us with good ideas for the individual, thinkers, high energy problem solvers, those of heart who mean well, those that are creative, those who seek self-amazement. We seek voices, and help publish ideas in 10 places. We are a writer inventor cooperative. The world is a story, everything not green brown, water or air was invented. 

I am offering all these observations from a free Cuba point of view, more optimistic. We are trained thinkers from the heart, and remain enthusiastic for life.

Files coming soon.

All The Information Energy Converges to the Sum of the Force


(We join your life, already in progress...) Information is like Earth Science, anything you want it to be. The humans are in a TRANCE from cutting down 95% of the trees, and mis-programming by the first four environments when the mind is open, before 13: Family (gets the story 30 years late), neighborhood (buy this or that), schools (politicized and concrete thinkers to boot: the concrete thinker only gets data set A or B, on or off, Black and White). 

The creative is one that can feel all 28 letters, and 8 colors. The living of one who turns on super-creativity, creativity everywhere, is at a different mentality (what you allow in) and personality (what you allow out). 

Also, Equator, where our bodies were designed, has 100 types of food, here only 29. Canada?

The other element is how we process information: through thick lenses placed there by those first 4 environments (which do not show how to be of service to others, ourselves, or the planet: see all the people heavyweight: there is a behaviour allowance trance. There are also your circuits, their architecture and feeds. 

We have 200 new ideas, but I suppose only for those that think; are you one? Find us thinkers. The path laid out of work 50 hours for others is OK for a few years, but the school should have shown the direction of being in your own multiple businesses, building a Money Multiplication machine, and granting ourselves the Emotional OK to do so is vital: 

we have been programmed by the system, and they left out half the story! Being eclectic, being a Renaissance outlook person, remaining high energy through physical fitness. 

I lived the other half without knowing I was turning on creativity; it was never brought up in class. Later I was to find out that by mandate the teachers are not allowed to speak of the correct American methods of business. In 1947 the education people convened and only showed job training to supply industry, and the trades.

"Art" was made out to be almost for those that do not "fit in" with the job culture. Well, the artists woke up and got aggressive in solving the problems. See the website, send us thinkers and creative problem solvers. Most people lay to rust their thinking apparatus and algorithms (if they have them built in) after 30 or so. Before, the mating ritual is on. 

ART is actually how we use all the sciences to solve all the problems. ART is redefined as The Synthetic Alliance of thought, invention, sciences, and engineering with what we think of as art, writing, music, and film. They all go together. 

I tell you this because the big machine is glitching. The concrete thinkers who could hold the land defended have "programmed" the socialization machine to create far too tame a domesticate that neglects himself, the others, and the planet. 

I suppose I need a sprinkling of all those members I assigned to art. Here and there a consciousness will awaken that makes sense of how simple it is to make all the money and do the right things too, with minor alteration to the INFORMATION  RESOURCE  we all have inside as IDEA SHARING, a personal good-news report we all have in us, of how to improve the life of the individual. 

The money was easy! I started my first company at 4, and had an invention at 5, so I could literally "see" what was going on, but did not put it together until years after school: I was all a hoax! As Stanford puts it, the guidance was all in killing ourselves working!

I had always done something else altogether, and thinking that obviously the teachers must know more than us, thought everybody was doing the same thing. 

By 25 I woke up to the TRANCE, into my own programming. The correct menu of options had not AT ALL been shown, only the "steering" towards a "programmed," as if we are programmed steers. 

To make a short story long, this should have been the first menu: Yes, the Job thing, but also the selection of the other side of the menu: sum of your multiple incomes from the skills you buzz with that pay $40-400 per hour, and gigs that pay $500-1500 per, this is the list everyone needs, and should be printed in magazines and newspapers. 

I am project driven. It is a different type of mentality. The projects are listed and executed, scheduled. One project is make the 80% that now live paycheck to paycheck better at money by showing them how to build a sum of the incomes money multiplication machine, not some psychology of society. 

20% now well off, 80% suffering. We change it to, with ideas and emotional support for business, to 80% doing well, and they go back and help the 20% that do not! This is easy stuff, are you in, ideawise or join the project wise. 

If we can align your emotions, you can live in California, work 20 hours a week and devote yourself to your dreams, and empowering those of others. Or, if that does not make sense, learning to dream again. The creatives know that the regular job person has been suppressed some, since it is obvious to us you have not been shown the entire menu: it is not a common thing to say, let us build heroes, of character and ideals, so they may add to the positive Utopian directions we must be on, or risk perishing.


We have not even asked for an inventory of the big ship. Our inner miraculous powers displaced into "art" and soon forgotten as impractical where in fact they point the way to The Age of Spiritual Cooperation. If I give you an idea, now we both have it and give it to others. We are seriously underplaying the value of the minds of the people, the products of their IDEA FACTORIES, their apparatus is rusting after 30, when the job routines kick in. 

To me, the only idea is to build a money multiplication machine as soon as possible, starting in grade 5. After all, 20 accounts times $20 a day per is $400 a day, and you have many of those, and you are 12.

THEN, that pushed to the corner collecting dust and using your computers to run the whole thing, your AI, you live your dreams, become totally fit and well rested, enjoy your home luxuries, and empower the dreams of others, do your humanitarian work, travel, live in your glass house by the beach (which you rent; car is leased).

See what you can do, I hope you have enjoyed our feature presentation. We now return you to your life, already in progress. 

Files coming soon.

Our Horizons are Expanding Nov 13, 2019 Merry Christmass!


I discovered a new world of lifestyle design that is not psychological, but relies on emotion: Either you follow one two dreams and that's all you do, happily, but you also know fully how to empower yourself and others through the emotion of doing business.

DEPARTMENTOFGOODIDEAS.COM the alternative thought mentality to do business with your machines and family, friends. 

We have been shown how to pick from a very limited choice: JOB, and that is about it. DGI claims, and has lived, picking from the BOOK OF SKILLS that pay 40-$400 an hour, and includes GIGS THAT PAY 500-1500 PER. What we found is that that people's emotions are deeply involved in how we spend our time and see things, perceive our world and its actions. 

The true menu we are trying to see has more, as in General and Special Theory of Personal Economics, one of our books,

Your gifts are Mind, Body, Wallet (we buy everything, our parents forgot to tell us), Spirit (what is inside matters; they say 40% are suffering, nobody talks about it or about much of anything: we are on automatic, we have been programmed by the machines. We can make a film about this.)


I am from Cuba; most our people can do business, that is, sell products and services. Here few like sales, and that is what business is. 

But: this is false! They can own companies from the book of skills, control all their time, make more, live happier, manage them by machine or friend, or family.


WHAT STOPS THEM IS EMOTION, the emotional OK to try things, meaning precisely: apply mind and body and time and scheduling to solve the problem. There is a perceived fear and risk perception which must be dealt with by creating more options as you go, and making more project collaborators. 

Of course you gets someone else to do the sales, you do management and admin. You hook up your computers (or have it done for you) so they do the work, you have some living to do! You now have BILLIONAIRE MENTALITY, must grow into its abilities and powers, many humanitarian.  

But, the process of socialization has gone too far and has adjusted us to neglecting ourselves, the others, and the planet. There is more, much more that a free human can do. But it is EMOTIONAL, there is something there that we, the Box People (not cave anymore) do not understand yet: how our emotions connect with activities and choices we can make, how to infuse our dreams with emotion, energy of motion, and order from this big Connection Machine before our very eyes that we cannot detect, for the limits of our senses, like ants cannot tell there is a freeway there. We are ants to the universe. 

Where is the “learning new things about everything” center on every busy social area? Who cares what we learn, it appears general learning stopped when you got a job, as if things can’t improve from there. Of course they can, and the surprise is you climb on that wheel and forget about the world. 

Are we programmed to consume and make money from other people only, not making our own? Are we not caretakers, farmers, of our minds, bodies, wallets (build an exponential money-making machine), and spirits?

What failure in the programming of the person to be issued from both the specialized skills training centers, and from the world, makes us neglect ourselves, others, and our planet? At what point are we robbed of the ability to engage in cooperative thoughts, for we all can see different perspectives,s by never been shown its true power? DGI knows this power, to transform when you wish from an ant to a bee, and travel from plant to plant, seeking pollen. Then, the return to diligence and work, but the full human experience is the sum of both: bee, and ant, and you are mostly one or the other, especially why you need cooperative thought to achieve a project-driven Billionaire Mentality. 

Much of this is engaging the mind. The conventional person, which is about 85%, has only been given data sets A or B, black or white, on or off; are you going to school? Oh, well, then you're working, as if the answer is always choice one or two.


Weekends: what is put out is food and drink for the apparent domesticates. How can I say that? In social settings, and other than that we are on a mentality wheel related to our jobs, their words, their focus. 

In the social setting the people only speak of other people! And things. Seldom, seldom, do they champion themes or discuss valuable topics, such as: the poor and homeless is a COMMUNITY PROBLEM. 

The thinking apparatus rusts after 30. Before, it is steered by the concrete thinkers, well: this shall be the rise of the eclectic, the new thing, the Renaissance person by choice, by luxury of mind. 

The different topics cross-pollinate each other, and the total information envelope contains much more. Well, I have written 500 pages of this kind of observation at DepartmentOfGoodIdeas.com  

Files coming soon.

A Letter to Harvard


Read an article with you in it where the point is to stay together after school, perhaps work on projects. 

I discovered that if I give you an idea, now we both have it and can share with others. These would be departmentofgoodideas.com principles: this is the free energy everybody is talking about!

We have all learned some powerful ideas from parents, teachers, reading, our own original ideas. departmentofgoodideas.com is a bank of positive good ideas in all our areas: Mind, Body, Wallet, Spirit.  Social life is mentioned, and the idea of Billionaire Mentality project-driven thinking.


With the simple process outlined at DGI, we  make a better world and have lots of fun doing it.  At least move the ball forward in all areas. 

The people are not "formatted" from their first four environments, when the brain is "tabula rasa:"  parents (get the story 30 years late), neighborhood (mostly buy this or that; no uplift in public areas, we can do something about this).

Financial situation is solved by DGI with business advances, and the emotional OK to engage in high pay business of our own; 80% of the population does not have to suffer financial woes.  

We show high pay business at the reach of your hand, ideas we can share with everybody! Business is an EMOTION. This business means using your computers and our mind (and your kids', grandma too!) to do the sales and most of the work, marketing. home business, local business), and school (the teachers are politicized against showing business procedures, and yet there is an economics department, a business department). This is all covered in about a page of writing. 

I speak with the retired teachers and current, and they tell me they were prevented from showing business techniques to students, I say in grade 5, grade 4 inventions, grade 6 film and documentary, PLUS being of service to others, and HOW to do this, methods as written by the community. 

I have quite a bit at DGI. I believe I am seeing a potential future with is Utopian and is more fun, more effective. Intelligence multiplies abundance.  This is simple stuff.

Our minds are being skewed only towards money!  The money is also found in all your other human areas. You are ALWAYS one half of the creation of opportunity, benefit, or service for yourself.  It is in front of your mind's eye, connected, accessible. 

What are ideals? They are positive spiritual energies which uplift us and help guide us to action. The words alone do not do it.

We must return health and service towards others into the common-script picture, and the techniques not just words that sound right. We can improve everything including medicine: we develop new lines of reasoning. The scientists, for the most part, do not appear too creative or extend their sciences very far into the community; they do not have flyers handed out with their latest developments.  In my opinion is there a trance preventing the extension of scientific thinking?

Contact me. Give a good positive idea at the site and get a free book emailed. Buy a bilingual greeting card! Buy a card, get a free book.

For me the problem so far is to wake up the people, to make them come alive more; they are too routined out, and are not aware of greater principles to serve each other. We need this now, as the socialization machine turns out thinking patterns where we neglect ourselves, others, and the planet. 

Notice how unknowing the people are of their inner powers: Only DGI calls for a COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW of our world and its contents; how come our curiosity is not there for this? It is said most people do not read or study after 30. If you care to write, we show you in 12 minutes, but it must be on your desire list already. It is the process of finding voice and telling a story. 

Files coming soon.

Got Job Warning Psychics of Impending Doom


Those of you that know me know that I suffer from hydrophobia; as you can guess, I am always thirsty 

Mine is the site of the world: departmentofgoodideas.com  we solve problems in our writer inventor cooperative, tell you fiends, join us in powerful thought and action. What a find, we discovered the answers to what we don't know we don't know. you can buy a Cuban-saying  Art Holiday card, very unique. 

We solved it! We present a new lifestyle design option: Billionaire mentality: what do you do when they take your billion away, you still have the mentality. This feature alone enables the Information Empire we have built to solve all problems except medicine directly: and for that, super creativity we develop new lines of reasoning. 

We expand the meaning of creativity and art to serve, and integrate these with the sciences. 

Your situation is both social and learning. What they teach you is how to work in a job for other people; we show you the emotional freedom of having your own multiple enterprises starting with almost nothing, so you have time now: what do you do the next week, for yourself and others? 

There is a lot more going on than we are told in specialized skills training centers; they leave out most of the story, and what we are told is skewed towards denying the freedom of choice; we have more options, sometimes better much better, but the people we trust do not tell us; they may not know. 

The world was started by concrete thinkers who could defend their positions. Find us some thinkers! We show them how to think and what there is to think about! Together, we create opportunity benefit and service for others. 

Your situation: Marketing is SETUP, from there you buy your freedom and make much more money in your own businesses, as DGI points out. It is all emotional, this world and its perceptions: the eyes are the instrument of vision, the organ of vision is our emotions, they are like hands and have many uses. 

Your option not told to you, is to start a MONEY MULTIPLICATION MACHINE based on selling something and promoting it, by finding it or creating it. Now, your websites are your salesmen, they grow because they told you this in grade 5! You were told the 4 invention steps in grade 4, taught how to write and sell what you write in grade 3, international business in 5, film/documentary and being of service to others in grade 7, IDEA SHARING in grade 8. 

I am a cell. You are a cell. Together, we form a MASS MIND that can solve or simplify all problems, and enable us to do so by also providing the emotions necessary. Emotion: energy of motion. Motivation: motor activation by energy of motion. 

Write to us: you put the money machine in the corner, all your time is yours, NOW what do you do? And the next week? This, is the Challenge of Time. 

Files coming soon.

New Thoughts from December 1, 2019


The world has not been explained correctly. Myself, I account for this with the cutting down of 95% of the trees (I have digital trees), with the fact that it was all started by "concrete thinkers" set up mostly the job system, and not show the people the actual methods of building a MONEY MULTIPLICATION MACHINE which is really the definition of business, and we should have known in grades 3,4,5. Then you can do whatever you want. My uncles were inventors, and I had my first one at 5.

The entire country and world needs to build their exponential money multiplication machine. Families do not have to suffer; where is the mathematician? I create: Ax + Bi = Sum (Ce^G), where all our expenses money, plus our big imagination money, equals the sum of our business machines Ce^G, capital, Euler's number 7.18, Good fortune exponent. 

Why machine? A machine is a linked series of mechanisms, a mechanism is an input output "device." We can analyze it much easier; now, somehow, we get emotional when we should be mathematical, and when we should be mathematical, we get emotional in our non-existent methods of solution. We are not taught how to think, or what there is to even think about (The complete world picture view is for all of us, one of my inventions. We are free to borrow positive elements from other cultures; we need inventory of the ship. What troubles me is that we don't speak about this...)

At 26, for one year I had possessed the secrets of life. The greeks asked: what is the good life, and I was 24 and curious as to what that answer might be. Took me over a year, but then one day, the first tool of MENTAL SCIENCE revealed itself to me: What must the answer be, what solutions are a direct mapping from one domain to another?


I had in my hand an early version of CONNECTION THEORY which I devised noticing that connection is the dominant theme of realities. Well? What do we have to connect?

MIND   BODY   WALLET  SPIRIT   SOCIAL  SPECIAL PROJECTS (maybe for high energy top students, or all)  TIME and EMOTION. Our aim is uplift of those elements for all through IDEA SHARING COOPERATIVES. 

Apart from the cutting of the trees, and denying ourselves and mothers of equatorial foods (100 versus 29 in US) our first four environments fail: parents mean well, but they get the story 30 years late in parts. Schools fail, I know the retired teachers, they tell me they are prevented by law from talking about the business option in school, all is a guidance towards job only, or trade, or Art and send us an email. 

Neighborhoods mostly have stores to buy things, not learning everywhere. Financial situation can be solved with cooperative methods of supporting the emotional OK to engage in business, the sum of the high pay skills leaving you time to organize your projects and thoughts: you are driving the bus. Element 5  in all this is your own circuits and how they interpret input. 

Not everybody is designed to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Computer Coder, high-pay professional. The rest need a book I am composing with the help of the other writers: Book of skills that pay $40-400 per hour and gigs that pay $500-1500 per hour. I give this book to all the people of the 35 Metros (areas with 3M+ people). They also get the emotional support and precise tactics. For example, the Amazon seller program makes $100,000 a year and takes 30 minutes a day. I know 156 such things, where are the other people? These are in plain view. Perhaps I am more like bee, then do some ant things, and get imagination from many sources, flowers, to make my nectar. 

Then, also to the Government websites aimed at ideas for the people. Right now 20% have pro jobs and incomes, 80% live week to week. My program gives the information to all, and the emotional support, the OK, to engage in projects.

More time, more family, better health, can serve community. One idea. Vision is that 80% build their money multiplication machines with families and friends, and they then help the 20% that are now struggling. With the mind and their hands. Minds are like hands, they have many uses. 

Another is IDEA SHARING, the volume of positive information from family, reading, school, original thoughts, travels, etc. is written as a PERSONAL GOOD NEWS BROCHURE which we are always handing out, looking to be of service to others. Service is strong in Cuba, we have the 100 foods and live in a paradise! 

As each person recaptures their IDEA FACTORY, for they begin to rust in a general way when not used, when the farmer does not till and care for his soil. With fertility of mind, it is easier to power up the heart, and so then the imagination to serve ourselves and others. 

I kept studying! I must not have gotten the email to stop all thinking and only do that one thing. I discovered that the eclectic Renaissance person is here right now, if they build the Money M. machine, and put it in the corner, collecting dust, run automatically by machine and high school students.

Now what do we have left over? Billionaire Mentality, what you would have left over if they took your billions away, which are about 5 key skills we should all be taught. One is to be project driven. Another is Master Mind principle which is to advance your projects by hiring the experts to make it work. 

If you notice, these ideas take no money. Most do not! This is why I say it is a TRANCE, which of course, it is. 

We work by trance and illusion. We receive hypnotic commands in those first 13 years: family, school, neighborhood, financial situation. We are programmed beasts, methods are light, sound, and touch. Their repetition conditions us into a type of channeled action. 

Further, we are moving observatories with a post-quantum biochemical series of analyzers of the energy coming in, and the thoughts activated by random energies inside the brain. We create collages of realities based on pictures, not video, and play them in viz 12. The program manager is Brodmann 10 and its unique circuits. My brain research table of contents is 837 pages long, the book itself only 30.

My company is Amazing inventions and Products

Files coming soon.