252 Mass shootings in 261 days


After 261 days this year,  252 mass shootings

Reasons: 7% of any population is violent. 2% mentally ill. That makes 1.4% of the 327 M to be programmed mentally ill and violent. This means 4.6 M potential shooters (easy to get weapons of mass destruction, this AK-47 rapid fire rifle).

People train with violent videos all day how to shoot a mass of people. New drugs appear to affect the mind more, plus pressures on individuals without much financial recourse have gone up dramatically; where is the psychologist, the mathematician, the religious people of faith, the philosopher? In their own trance. 

With all the violence in the movies, songs, video games, striking those minds, it is easier for the stimuli to reach the activation complex, and the media does not help. And the lack of available sexuality release for the men does not help: Only a few female shooters, 3 (more than 4 people killed filter), 107 men. The money and the sex pressures add up quickly in the mind of those particular sufferers, 

Governance and other powers that be are not seeking the THINKER or the CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS because those abilities do not carry a cash-equivalency identification, but a cooperative across the world of these people is what we need yesterday. 

Now we do the hard math: Americans live in 35 Metroplexes, areas of more than 3 M people. Divide 4.6 by 35, 

131,000 of these disturbed people boiling in mental anguish over perceived conflicts with themselves, others, and "all the people."

 In each metro, we must identify the sources of weapons, since doubtful one of these people would have attacked with a knife or baseball bat. 

Their brains wait for a certain stimulus that activates the action center to take such action, the energy of the stimulus, the cue-activated sensor responds. They engage a certain picture in their mind which creates anger and desire to take dramatic action by urge.


Answer: We ALL think up ideas to stop all this, not just leave it up to experts. The real expert system, as any mathematician or computer person will tell you, is the sum of the products of the expert system, ALL of our ideas and questions count now, even guesses (Bayesian Mathematics handles the data).

Files coming soon.

Plea to artists and musicians


That was quick. You AI must be very efficient    We have new songs, many more than on the website, but the point here being we know how to get everyone well-off with IDEAS that we share. 

We have departmentofgoodideas.com, a visionary site with ideas and problem solutions for everyone, including the ideas of cooperating what we know with each other. would do. 

OK, I pick myself off and dust off my man-purse. I put on my earring, made by the company Macho, and realize all of us music fools can make more than a difference, we can bring about a new age, a new mission. 

As some of you know, I have made a small fortune in music; but, I started out with a large fortune.


But first, a commercial (something has to pay for my reverbnation). Friends, is there such a thing as too much  life insurance? Think of the children. 

OK, back to our feature presentation's dramatic conclusion. To make a short story long, 104 and half years ago, Europe was descending into war. For some miraculous reason, they thought to ask for answers on stopping the war from the artist, music players, writers. Film industry too. 

They felt that by asking these different thinkers, a solution might be found. They failed. 3 world wars, a wave of discord makes this the third world war. 

We cannot fail; we have cell phones (excuse me, I have to take this). 

No, we cannot fail because Warren Peace is from the "mama didn't raise no foo" school of thinking. I quickly took inventory of the world and its contents in opportunity, benefits, service. For each country I develop with the help of the readers, an Opportunity Index, that we can all use long distance. 

We are in some kind of a trance, and so are our teachers, and our parents just want a "job" for us, when this world is about capitalism and business. The parents get the story late. 

So, what we do as artists is this: At our shows, we ask for questions and answers from the audience, and share with them the questions and answers of our other audiences. We put the sum in the central bank of ideas, DGI. This data base creates a Mass-Mind that can solve all these problems. 

But, this is what we MUST do unless we are just wanking and saying look at me!  Aren't I good-looking and on fire!

Yes, that too, but we come alive, we show that when Art Gets Aggressive, we step out of our cages and roar. 

What kind of music do you have? We need a second band for a show in month or month and a half. We make a muh better world by taking this lead. Pass it on. 

Files coming soon.

One of my most important writings


Have you read my many essays and articles here? What are your ideas? Do you have ideas, for the uplift of the lives of others like a formula, or a push-button reality (mine are instant writing course free, one page, and inventions formulas in 3 minutes; something is wrong), since I am one person. Then, what is wrong is why is the media not seeking those like me,  thinkers and creative problem solvers with heart and good intention? I can see it from here, and hear the silence of the people; do they have spiritual laringitis. 

I assure you there is a very large PSYCHOLOGICAL TRANCE  which acts very closely to a BRAIN LOCK

 We are to form an unbeatable force of positive action, like a mass-mind driverless engine of not only facts, figures, and doors to walk through where others must approve you, and turn back many, who have only been taught job and not business, or given a book of lists of skills that pay 40-$400 per hour. Are you getting this? I was a whiz kid and they wanted me to stop that, as if it were something from "back there" but now I needed to go do physics research on super conductors in Idaho. 

Good luck on that one! I had already designed a writer-inventor cooperative where I promote and train those people and collect 10-15% royalties, and I sell your product. I even develop it for you. 

As the story unfolds, DGI is seeking 15 highly motivated "whiz kids," who show high energy, boundless enthusiasm, a desire to do good. Unknown in this Dark Ages is they form a collective of mind engines that can solve problems not only with knowledge, that turns out to be somewhat easy, but with EMOTION. 

Remember when you got that list of your emotions? No? neither do I, but the background operations of all our activities must be motivated internally. The usual drivers are sex and money, the desire to make money from others. All modified by the various states of mind a person finds themselves in because of drugs or circumstances of mind and environment. 

We need your thoughts, and for you to help find people of ideas, who can't stop talking, they are energized from the word go and if you had a camera you would see them vault out of bed in the morning; they want to be of service to others.

This group is about 1% of the population: thinkers, clever, creative problem solvers of heart and intentions positive: what we are not shown AT ALL in the specialized skills centers, or by early schools, or by those silent commercial environments. 

We are in the social sphere, the job mentality wheel, or at home/car driving mostly. We are programmed to NOT SEE, for sight alone does not cure blindness, and the body has a mind of its own. 

Help us do the projects, we have 30, in your area. We have personal good news brochures to introduce ourselves, we have 40 inventions and there are 35 metros, so we can help everybody, we pick up the slack for the rich celebrities, who are now dropping the ball on having IDEA contests to solve problems together. 

We act, if you notice carefully, like middle centuries peasants, quiet, heads down, knowing the silent script of how we are to act in social settings, what we are to say. Our minds somewhat diminished by the lack of breadth and exposure to the world in our vision, or is this part of a native curiosity? 

There is no upper-bound to our mentalities, but we restrain ourselves from service to others. At DGI we collaborate our intents in all 35 metros and 240 countries. Help find us people and ideas.

One idea is people champion themes and discuss valuable topics (see website departmentofgoodideas.com) because right now, if you notice, their only talk is of other people and job "shop talk."

Are we really so well concealed that we ignore the big ship and the madness and great things that are taking place? The media is brain dead, and the conventional thinkers are slow, clumsy, or not thinking at all! We must all share ideas at 15  places like DGI.

After all, the world for us is all stories and ideas, and what is not green, brown, or water, was invented.

Files coming soon.

We speak of the Poor, the less fortunate


What you are truly seeking is all your options, and the ones that are not for you, but you like, you give to other people. Department of good Ideas shows you 156 ways to work at skills that pay $40-400, and once your 5-50 websites kick in, you have built a self-sustaining money multiplication machine and you can then help the poor and less fortunate, empower dreams of others, and add much to your positive efforts. 

As science shows, the virtual photon universe is a "sea of emotion" which are positive and good, or negative and bad, or just neutral, just happy to be here. 

We influence our lives and those of others, hopefully, in a positive good way, meaning your 7 Million year old brain, that silent voice you claim to not hear, and the "good" (learned socialization summands) voice, add up to positive or negative, or neutral. There is a tug of war going on, and notice: the good people are not good enough to solve the problems, we need the entire community and the ARTISTS who can create solutions; presently, we marginalize the artists abilities. 

80% live paycheck to paycheck, or would like to. Coincidentally(?) they pay 80% of taxation for higher-cost goods and services. 

Yet now, with the Art Gets Aggressive movement of ideas and implementable actions, we bring you the Rise of Underworld. 

With our principled mechanics of thought and action, we show we are not trying nearly at all, we are mechanically induced to walk the tracks laid out by concrete thinkers who knew how to multiply their money (the way I show on the website). 

We turn the thing around: now, 80% are well off or rich, and they help the 20% with community action groups, and tons of CLEVER, HEART, CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING, and COOPERATIVE IDEA SHARING.

We do not ask for the thinker or the creative problem solver, and many of us that are both notice this: the media fails, the social script fails. 

So, since I know America is in 35 metros where 85% of people live, and we see that poverty is not a federal problem, but a community problem, let us introduce to you the power of the word, the power of thought translated: 

Your claim is you need a job. DGI claims job + big imagination money = sum total of all your incomes. 


Since I think voluminously and constantly (since birth. I came out, wiped the placenta off and extended my hand to the doctor) I give you this: if successful at this idea you get me some cold hard cash and a handshake that would break my hand if I allowed it: Warren Peace is also a post-rock drummer and does not shake hands with people. Besides, I would be afraid that it would make you hot. 

Your first deal behind door number one is  this, and notice this opportunity to serve, which is the only legitimate form of business there is, is: 


We also have about 100 other projects for you. The idea of the whole thing is: for all subscribers we create a money-multiplication machine to suit their needs and interests. 

Will some choose working 70 hours a week because of some inner suffering or unresolved conflict? Perhaps, but the option will be there to have a money multiplication machine in the corner collecting dust, automatically making you $500-$10,000 a day, and you go about the business of living your dreams and empowering those of others. 

"The world is a stranger, which beckons from afar" 



If DGI has focused on how to make money in multiple businesses, exactly as any financially successful person, company, or team does.  It was so we could all become well-off with new international ideas, and go back and help the poor and struggling. 

If DGI has focused on how to make money in multiple businesses, exactly as any financially successful person or team does, it was so we could all become well-off with new international ideas, and go back and help the poor and struggling.  

The kicker is:  we may be in a super-trance from cutting down 95% of the trees. Ask yourself: How would it feel if we were not in a trance? Would it feel like this?

I like brain-mind research, perhaps in the future the word "head" will be more common, maybe not; we have 4 brains and the food brain is in the stomach, the movement brain is the cerebellum, look at it. I also cut my brains sideways to track the energy inputs and connections inside the brain casing. 

Buy the books and cards at DGI. Help me make more, I serve more and promote ideas more. We do not have enough hands and minds. 

What I see with my eyes, those windows to our edifice, is that 20% are well-off or rich (no commentary yet on the human activities, which are: Mind, Body, Wallet, Spirit, Social Life, Special projects (billionaire mentality thoughts of heart and imagination; student extra-credit assignments). Time and Emotion are lurking in there too.

20% OK financially, the 80% living from paycheck to paycheck struggle and cannot buy larger amounts, so they feed more into the Money monster (really, a straw man for the Time and Health monsters). That same 80% pays 80% of the taxes, we need to help them.

Those 23 (23? there should be hundreds on YouTube presidential) candidates do not bring up these obvious themes because they might foment unrest. They keep it down the middle deep. 

So DGI tactics and savvy use of emotional resources you did not know you had, miraculous powers within, orchestrated this time by the business system, not the job system only. You can start a new business every day at lunchtime from your job, so clearly it is EMOTION that is affected here, its products  and power-generation.

Power generation, and communication by connection, are the two truly basic themes of the Universe, that gigantic connection machine. 

We put the money thing aside automated, and we live our dreams and empower those of others. 

In this way, there will be a Rise of Underworld, the 80% take care of their own business with ingenious new methods most certainly involving emotion and collaborations: this is the world way, and our our way too. Corpus, body. We are all born corporations. 

This will all hinge on your ideas, your championing of our themes, and taking a break from talking about other people and what you ate or was "cute" for 10 minutes to discuss valuable topics you have written down. The ultimate help is emotional support and thought support and hands-on support. 

Do it now for I assure you at some point every 45 minutes it is breakfast. Poverty is a community problem, we all help. There are 56 M millionaire is America, and 115 M half-millionaire, we are dropping the ball. Where are the celebrities that thank you endlessly for your support; where is theirs? What is their foundation doing? Are they requesting ideas from the thinkers and  creative problem solvers? Are there contests of problem-solving ideas? Why did we not get a manual written by the past 100 B humans on our emotions, in case we ever needed to use them. 

By now I hope you realize that much of your individual initiative and willpower was tamed to get you the job option instead of the business money multiplication machine option two; not for everybody, but should be there. It is not an abstract theme at all, but the principal theme for financial salvation: double, double, then double and double again your money: this is capitalism. 

Finally, we are trained to consume and make money off others, but business is better than joh, if you can manage it emotionally and with your intelligence to see the world itself as big machine, a push button machine we all can use. 

You will find that for now, medicine is only half way there, and health and money, and mind, are really principal problems we do not speak about; why did we go to school? Perhaps it was not a school..."specialized skills for the purpose of job training" centers, as per limitations placed on business methods from grade 5, by political reasons and poorly-guided conventions regarding where education should be at today, 2020.

 Listen to all groups that have education ideas, and read your DGI. 

Files coming soon.

Market place of ideas and action


List of executable cooperative actions coming up.  This is actually real fun, to me much better than drinking.  Instead of 20% doing financially well, in this school (The World) we get the other 80% directly into the action and we help them with their homework in the School of Life where we are now. the other 80% can form a unified front of service and creative problem solving and help the 20% that struggle, "Tutor Them in the school of Life" as my grandfather said. They do in my books.  My great grandfather was one of the most decorated men in the Spanish American war. Unfortunately, it was with women's jewelry an he received a dishonorable discharge.

This is a site for people who use their brains and imaginations to have fun in life. We invite you to be one of 15 visionaries who learn new techniques and ideas that lead to the emotion and data base by which to start your own multiple enterprises, have your AI computer take over the management, you put it in the corner, and live your life of billionaire mentality, usually meaning project driven and health driven, fun driven, and you empower the dreams of others. 

We all grow strong: instead of 20% doing well financialoo) and 80% going paycheck to paycheck, we in the Rise of Underworld turn it around and have 80% doing well and running to the other 20%, can't wait to serve them. 

Department of Good Ideas dot come see the future of thought, if we succeed against all odds for we are solidly programmed to be 80% of who we are by 13, but, at that moment, we are around 0% of what is yet to be. 

This department is a writer inventor cooperative by necessity of world: the world is a series of stories we all tell others and ourselves, and anything not dirt, leaf, water, or atmosphere is invented! 

We see now we work for those that are excited to learn, enthusiastic about life, curious, of heart and well meaning towards others. Visionaries. Thinkers, the members of the Synthetic Alliance, I welcome you. 

At this point in time, we are the few; we are early to the "collective vision of ALL the people know summed up mathematically and given to everyone"  In fact, ART itself is mislabeled and misdefined, kept in the bottle, but now you know (and find us high energy positive thinkers, high school wiz kid associations, these are the real problem solvers who are driven away from their abilities) what to look for. We show you how to turn on your IDEA FACTORY. 

Presently, we are still in harmony with 500 years ago in the titular naming of our societal positions, which we absorb automatically as part of the social script. We have: Royalty (president), Barons (land holders), Counts (inheritors of castles), Monarch (ruler or local leader), Gentry (interesting friends of above, artists, writers, musicians). 

Then you have your peasants, upper peasants (have one professional interest), lower peasants (make little or no money, have 0 or 1 interest). Then you have the Yokels: all the groups above make fun of them.

We can all side-step the whole thing by living independent lives of independent thought, of Diamond Consciousness and deliberate will to positive action. We must also know how to make money, and should all have been taught the principles of invention, money, and film making in grades 4,5,6.

Of course, then we have you, a figment of your own imagination. We assure you this "existence" thing is not a given anymore than comprehension is. Things out here translate to other things in here, by some miracle decoder pattern-analyzer memory. 

Anynow, find us some thinkers and tell everyone we show them how to write in 12 minutes, leaving 3 minutes to generate the structure of how inventions are conceived and taken to markets 5 times a year. 

Files coming soon.

Fly away, then you know you can fly


We have been taught either the wrong thing, or left out the completeness of ANY lifestyle design. The first thing to plan for would seem is FREEDOM of your own time, business owner who has a few. 

To me many are in a trance. They do not want their time for anything, no projects, would not know what to do with their time: very well, then by emotional stress loads, continue your course to be wealthy, but at DEPARTMENTOFGOODIDEAS.COM  we show how to effect the push button reality before us, but: discovered was that the coin of purchase was emotion,, energy of motion in our circuitry, to enact motivation, motor activation by emotion. 

The feelings we feel are secondary to natural emotion, as the self, a product of 250 K years ago, is secondary to the 7 M year old silent voice in there somewhere. Our emotions and their true miraculous powers are not taught to us in this continuation of the Dark Ages and the tapering down of 12,000 years of barbarism, the prequel to THE AGE OF SPIRITUAL COOPERATION. 

Of course the teachings in grade 5 should be about international business. I knew it at 4 years! I spoke with retired school principals and heads of school why simple multiple businesses is not taught in any school, it should be a thin handout everyone gets. 

Their sad story: Late 40's, after the war, there was an education meeting where it was decided to feed industries workers, and to have no lifestyle options for the children regarding MONEY.

I am from Cuba, totally different. The people like sales and know that every business sells products and services. Notice the emotion, business is an emotion. If you do not like sales, you get someone who does. 

We show how to start a new business everyday at lunchtime and get the kids, friends, and family doing it in order to

Put your money multiplication machine in the corner, run automatically by computer, and then you live BILLIONAIRE MENTALITY which is more project driven and you meet more circles of people. Pretend the billion is taken away; what is left? the ability to start organizations, form special project, have connects to different social circles.  Billionaires are fun! They have all those millionaires working for them, I would not be surprised when you shake hands with them that they have a palm-buzzer!

These kinds of thoughts are at DGI, find us thinkers with ideas, with heart, that want champion the FREE ENERGY we discovered at DGI: we are not challenging ourselves enough (translation: not showing up to the real school, the world).  The money thing was an excuse for poor thinking. 

You live your dreams, realize your adventures, and empower the dreams of others. This is the teaching. We need hyper happy people of ideas who can't stop talking about them: we have a complete library of creative problem solving for you free. 

For the others: at this time creativity is put in the corner, whereas imagination is the clear way to empower the mind and brain. 500 years ago the thought was only some of the sons of royalty could read and write, then the methods of teaching were found and disseminated by the printing press and the couriers to cities. 

Same thing today: creativity is the sum of the 7 smart fields blended with curiosity at all 4 levels of perception: The general look, the up close look, the detailed look, and the far-away look, like the eyes in your dreams that see from above and beyond.  Those 4 levels of sight are both inner and outer extensions of self.

The curiosity and positive experience leads to your exposing more cross-sectional area, you take things out and put them on the shelf. Then you make collages of the stimulus with that storage. That is creativity. Collages are played in Viz 12 and Brodmann 10 finds out about it and distributes the 3D fractal to other collages, for new summation. 

Introduction to my brain research book is 837 pages, book itself only 30. 

Files coming soon.

Is dgi scientology ?


Not at all, it is the sum of the thinkers thoughts and ideas from 240 countries, the main thought: how to see the world better as a sum of all our visions by IDEA SHARING, how to use the powers within that are not shown in "schools" but only revealed to the students who mostly had their own outside studies, and who show heart and develop imagination of the new definition.

We all have a good voice, DGI helps you develop that voice. Notice the world itself is a song, a story told in different ways, so we need voices! We publish you on 4 sites but your stories must be sincere, come from the heart, perhaps solve some problem by imaginistic projection of thoughts. 

Our idea is the sum of the voices gives us all one world, and DGI is bringing it with your help: send reports on opportunities in your part of the world, or in your mind that others are not seeing. We ALL should be in the same page information-wise at the very least, then compare notes in this school, the real school, the school of life.

Emotion to execute the very ideas we have is a challenge. DGI meets that challenge with its research on the Emotional Control Center, the 21 brain-wave generator of mind, and emotion itself as a possible S-wave projection from the virtual space we cannot see (that was a science joke; of course we can't see it, because when we can see it, the virtual photons have left the regime! Oh, forget it, it was very funny but you have no sense of humor.

Simply put, this is the means to access positive emotions in a new way, to engage in service to self and others in a better more clear method than what is put out there. Notice 500 years (or 250) not such a long time, there has been a repercussive effect from the "old ways" in our psychology:

Royalty, princes, princesses (amused by fools, astrologers, ventriloquists, musicians)
Barons, Lords, Counts, Duke, Marqui (born into well-deserved boredom)
Gentry (they amuse royalty much, they are upper peasants)
Upper peasant (1 interest)
Lower peasant (0 or 1/2 interest)
Yokel (all the above make fun of this one)


Files coming soon.