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We begin life not thinking, and for most it remains that way due to some form of natural caprice, or whim. 

DGI wakes up the whiz kids again so we can reset the pieces and make a great world, Utopia* for all, and have great enthusiasm doing it, a great time. Solving the problems of the world was relatively easy and requires COOPERATION OF ALL PEOPLE with support and new ideas regarding emotion and its use in motivation. 

We are for high-energy persons who have heart, or want to. We awaken Imagination: " Imagine" is our slogan,  yet few are shown, the methods for creativity are just now arriving, help us compose them.  The first book you should read: The Arabian Nights, powerful engine for improving  and creating curiosity and imagination. 

Files coming soon.

Send Great Ideas for Idea Sharing

 Send point of view of Complete world picture view: what have you learned that you want to tell others, think better than the usual, find insight, adventure, a new way to distribute information or set up the pieces       enter a project with DGI? We have 20 

Files coming soon.

Equation of War


Cannot call numbers given right away on CL.  What are your ideas? Go to and send them from there, or here. Do you see the central issue here (how I had hoped you had responded; how can you help? Are you a thinker   text and email are the things these days  give a clue as to how you can help, do you see we need to handle the physical equation:  EQUATION OF WAR


Apparently we who are thinkers with passion (read: robot juice) go beyond thinking and SEE the solutions from a more robust standpoint: thought without political or money intentions in the background. I am so happy!  And I want to share that with you. We are going video you tube, but writing will continue. The Philosophers of tomorrow must think in terms of ACTION philosophies that go beyond words and semantics and into the realm of helping all the individuals and training them to think, perhaps for the first time! The simple rote routines are not thinking, they are simple rote routines that link together into the program of how you run your time these days. 


DGI says: the people under the present social mind sets cannot steer the ship of humanity right; neither can leaders who are not clever creative problem solvers with heart and imagination. The schools are not at all schools, but specialized skills training center; there are not a full list of the different lifestyle designs to choose from in High School, and I learned business when I was 4, so I fully expected it to be covered in grade 5. 

Give an idea as to what you are suggesting; the need is to deal and solve the equation of War, and uplift the 8 areas we manage in our lives by group ideas. 


Files coming soon.

We need 15 visionary thinkers should be a very fun website, full of ideas to uplift all individuals with great ideas also emotional and hands on support.  One of our tasks, and you can be on that team, is to find voices from around the world in our Voices  program.  Film and writing go well together, and available for all with curiosity and sustain. 

There will be project tasks, fun ones like taking good news door to door in neighborhoods by paying the flyer delivery service. There is also learning how to write and publish here, and inventions development tactics and examples, methods. 

It begins at birth, when the mother eats equator food hopefully her whole life, since our design is from the equator. When the child is born, there is homeschooling, and as you see on the website the child "discovers" a library in the house for him or her. 

Then, substantial changes in the elementary schools, the right supplements for the conventional studies, including more eclectic and the value of art as a problem-solving technique.


We give a more ample choice for lifestyle design, featuring how to be in your own multiple businesses as a alternative to working for someone else, that is, we add more to the choice. We introduce Eclectic, drawing from different sources, and a diversified enterprises approach. 

We show that we have IDEA FACTORIES, and how to turn them on again; we give what there is to think about including complete world picture view inventory of the world. 

The products of our idea factories sum to the PERSONAL GOOD NEWS BROCHURE which possibly could contain ads. This is the free energy we speak about, what we have learned from family, travels, reading, original thought, that can uplift the lives of others; by giving these ideas, we lose nothing, both now have it, and keep passing them on. We line up in PARALLEL or in SERIES for the projects, and form a gigantic data base access of good ideas, positive ideas. 

We also show how to build a MONEY MULTIPLICATION MACHINE, the sum of the businesses. 

We are looking for 15 innovative visionary thinkers, send us some ideas, get free original books from the selection. If we all add up our points of view, and construct the WORLD PICTURE VIEW then we all know the contents of the ship, and the OPPORTUNITY INDEX shows us what opportunities, benefits, and services are available in other countries. Example information and business trade. The idea as always is push the money to the side, made automatically by our machines, and live our dreams and empower those of others. 

Files coming soon.

Underworld Themes


Are we able to skew probability and increase our chances for good fortune and luck? Perhaps. The "mass mind" formed by the practitioners of Light Touch is a fantastic experiment; we all feel we are part of something greater, is that something a mass-mind that can solve most problems with its knowledge and emotional support? By its sheer Bayesian sum of numbers of thinkers?

Today, as a quick exercise, I summarize the results and findings of Department of Good Ideas. With eidetic recall, this is a fun exercise, and an important one. I remember my very first memory, and always will. I was 2.

In the past 3 years since 2016 I have built up this organization. We are looking for about 15 passionate people who are perhaps eclectic, perhaps prolific. Full of ideas and positive energy!

Yes, we are all a combination of bee and ant, getting pollen from many sources or sticking to script in humble, quiet manner (except for comedian).


But what to do, what to do. Recently we have solved the mechanics of the origins of war. We need your help in promotion of concepts, books, and videos. I am good at the thinking, not so good at the errands.

The ideas came here and there, the first one I remember having (before as school treasurer, I voted we give the graduation black gowns money to the poor. After all, they are all black, and who died? I was naïve and did not read the relationship between the gown provider and the school: they fed his pocket, and did he need it more than the poor?

They (meaning: subconscious sum of the first primary 4 environments we encounter) say only 3% are the “action people,” they move the pieces. The rest are either watchers, ignorant of any connection to the action, or critics, and often moralist: they know the law, but not the reason.

In my upcoming book, “The Cuba I Remember” I use this fun ability again, eidetic recall, to tell you about a Cuba you do not know about. We are Spiritual people.

Me: I started DGI in Jan 2016. I had discovered the secrets of life, its very components that could be uplifted: Mind, Body, Wallet, Spirit, Social Life (good luck here), special projects, like extra credit homework. Then you also have Time and Health do deal with.

The idea that we have projects, especially if we were extra-credit students in high school, and had parallel studies (the only chance to gain the perspective on how to be free and live your dreams), is a powerful mind changer. Each activity introduces you to a new circle of people, and whether you know it or not, your social network breaks down every 10 years.

We trace not the chronological order of the development of ideas, but the ideas we have developed over time. They come at their own pace, which in my case is frequent (I can’t turn the thing off! Help! I am being held captive in a fortune cookie factory!).

Oh, yes, the actual idea began as a seed when 9-11 came. I lived a simple life of reading, science, 3 sports, playing drums in a band, writing books (21 now), doing sales, inventions development, helping others (finding out how easy it was, stay tuned for its difficulties, the “along the ways” to our story”), chasing women.

I realized the playground I played in was compromised! The toys were dangerous now, the slide dropped you into an atomic bomb or mass terror attack on civilians. I had to take inventory and tell others; we need to cooperate, I had learned this in school, obvious.

Many of the ideas here are obvious. This is problem number one, the people’s ability to think has been atrophied by what we call school! They are not told what there is to think about. The social script with its subconscious indications and prompts of the limits, the parameters of social environments reasoning, the obvious things to do, were already in our heads.

From family, school, friends, neighborhood, financial situation, and our own brain circuits to interpret what comes in. At this time, those environments are programmed dumb, and smart is not going to do it.

We develop in our thesis the concept of intelligence being the consciousness of the sum of the smart fields.

Smart fields are for example your specialty: You can deposit connected or new information and read from THE BOOK OF whatever that specialty is, math, physics, plumbing. 


Now, you of course and without a doubt should have been shown not only the concrete thinker approach, the one way we are shown, but also the eclectic approach and the art approach, and the businesses approach, OF COURSE.

Notice, you extra credit students, notice that the list of MOODS (happy or sad, angry a type of sad) and  EMOTIONS are not given out, a book with their uses and capabilities. I got lucky I was born in Cuba, since island people are naturally happy for the most part, spiritual.

Emotion, energy of motion, is how you get things done in this world. Enthusiasm makes a complete difference in all of our work. We are not cave people, but rather box people. The AGE OF SPIRITUAL COOPERATION.

Quickly: we are coming out of 12,000 years of barbarism and double parking. The world as we know was started by those that knew farming and how to protect lands, and conquer other lands, and hold them. These were the first 100 Billionaire families in the year 0. ( 100 BF 0).

Also, 95% of the trees have been cut down. Presently we believe that when 1 trillion trees are newly planted, we go in the right direction. This affects our minds and we don’t realize it any more than a crazy person realizes they are crazy; aren’t we all? Most gave up on their inner voices after college/high school.

The first thing I did in 9-11 was sit there for about a week: I remember distinctly watching the news to see what must surely exist I thought (still naïve after all these years): The Scientific United Front. Silence.

Since I had watched every James Bond movie twice, many with regretfully imposters as the agent that overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles with clever and creative problem solving at the nick of time. I knew exactly what to do. I had been training for this my whole life. Save the world (now I know: the world yawns and turns the other way; what will I know next week?)

Well, this was the nick of time. I had always loved learning, and never stopped! Mostly when the people got a job, they just did that one thing. In Cuba we have too many fruits and vegetables to not transcend the choices given and create a better business choice: multiple businesses paying $40-$400 per hour, a list of, and gigs paying $500-1500+. Not everyone is given wealth or does law or medicine. Some don’t like to argue or be around sick people. They do: sales (which is business), writing, inventions, the arts. In the new ways, the more profit ways. For everyone.

I went to work. I had always been a clever, creative problem solver, and now an entire world needed me!

I had the Secrets of Life and Emotion in my possession, and one question I would ask the now 20,000 people that have visited my one slogan question:

DGI asks ALL of the people for ALL of the answers to ALL of the questions, and we ask you for ALL of the questions too!

We are a visionary writer inventor cooperative. We show the below chronology as it applies to the life of the individual, we uplift their dimensions (see above, 8).

THE FIRST CONCEPT WAS INVENTORY OF THE BIG SHIP, THE EARTH  this was a symptom of poor thinking, and poor programming of the potential thinkers, and the de-gassing of the people: they are not getting sufficient forest molecules of air from the air itself, the plant molecules, the forest creature molecules (their feces, in molecules, may be necessary for our biochemical mood regulation hormones too).

SECOND CONCEPT IS THE COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW which is accomplished with your help. We all stitch it together with hope.

THIRD CONCEPT IS THE OPPORTUNITY INDEX for the countries, 240 of them. How are the chances of being a generic millionaire, opportunity, benefits, services available? Of getting settled in so you can find your groove, your new society, get published, make inventions, perform your arts or sell them.

FOURTH CONCEPT IS A RE-DEFINITION OF ART not as “artifact, that which was left behind” but, emerging as if a Shakespearean actor from the wings, ART now becomes legacy and evolution both in The Synthetic Alliance of science, thinking, inventions, and engineering with fine arts, writing, film making and music.

FIFTH CONCEPT IS HOW TO WRITE IN 12 MINUTES AND INVENT IN 3 we show you how on the website.

SIXTH VITAL CONCEPT IS THE ORIGINS OF WAR AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT  Miffed --- Frustrated (if miffed enough, energy tips over)--- conflict--- violence --- large scale violence = War      Our paper on the website: Principles and Remedies of Peace and Violence .Use for help: there is a Sea of Emotion where postive, negative, and neutral virtual particles exist as potential energies influencing in our world.

SEVENTH VITAL CONCEPT IS: HAVE A HEART, WILL YOU? The concept of heart and service go very well with a nice order of happy and satisfied; a nice Chianti perhaps? I have been asked if i am a mdeium. My response is no, more like extra large!


NINTH CONCEPT The programming effects of SUGGESTION will be found to be 1000 times more than we realize, can picture. We are posting ILLUSIONS in front of our minds, which is OK, that is how it works. These illusions are brought about by HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION based on what we see, hear, and touch, and their repetition. Beware your thoughts; they may not be your own. The world of appearances casts many shadows. 

TENTH CONCEPT: Paper: The 16 Freedoms. 

CONCEPT 11: NOT ONLY ARE WE FIGMENTS OF OUR OWN MINDS, BUT WE ARE ROBOTS TOO.  WE saved the best for last! We are programmed beasts, machine animal derived from monkey-plant genetics. The body has a brain of its own. 

We are easily impressionable by continuous repetitive deformations, especially when the E8 crystal is relatively new, through 20 years of age, and some after that until about 30. The mind closes, slowly..the clay hardens, the roads more well-defined, the paths to follow more clear...there is less spontaneity, more rigidity perhaps.

Some cannot bear to carry the ghost of intellectual pursuits which could have been one of the thousands things we could have done in this life, another being dance all night. We choose eclectic because it makes us feel more alive, we get more juice. We are entertainers and scientists alike, new ways being brought about.


We suspect a deep connection, as with Nature herself, not yet understood and here is why:  they work well together. This is especially true of music, which affects almost all parts of your minds simultaneously. Each concern you have is like a little mind made up of circuits that dress in costume and go out on stage when energized by emotion, energy of motion.

Much of this then begins with how I noticed that I had been to what were called some ofthe best schools (top 10 U, number 1 High School), and not much had been said about much of anything! Southwestern showed me how to be in sales and start companies. 

And to use this, and enthusiasms, to live my dreams and empower those of others. 

I realized this as I lived in California, where anything is possible, although the existing formats are not made to make people happy and amazed, but more quiet and facing difficulty, some hardship.

All these things add up; we are the sum of the forces. With memories, as time goes on the sac of memories gets bigger, and of course they are plus and minus, because the universe, nature, takes all the roads. And builds all the roads too.

So: I can make dreams come true very quickly by reverse engineering the knowledge I have.

Inventions: always allow for innovation. I know because I am bringking some and can show you too. 

I had a high enough IQ (I am attempting to seduce a girl that has an IQ 25 points higher, in the hope the sex increases confusion and dims her high intelligence; or is this her brilliant trick to get mine to go down?) to know it is all EQ, your emotional susceptibility to the values, contexts, and circumstances painted by the others in the story, your story.

For example: I have asked many if they like sales. Trick question, since all businesses sell their products and services, just to see. They say no. I then ask if the image of a used car salesman had popped into their mind. Yes. Too pushy, hard to deal with people. 

Notice from the website you should have learned all about business by grade 5, have all the information. You would know: if you don’t like sales, get someone on the team that does. Also, use your “silent salesman” 24-7, computer, never takes a day off; coincidence? Opportunity!

Continuing your story and the DGI contributions: you are inside your mother. She has eaten the special diets of the women of the Equator, more variety of foods (100 vs 29), and of trace materials we need, and so has her mother hopefully.

Grandmother too, has eaten as close to perfect as possible, from primal foods. This is a DGI observation, and I need promotion to nutrition scientists for research.

Now you are born. Music is played for you. You have an “Emerging Consciousness Library” at home, awaiting your discovery. It is a list of books and videos to introduce a mind to the world in a fun, great way. A conscientious, intelligent, creative person with heart may emerge as a result.

If possible the mother is at home in such a way you are home schooled for 2, 3 years. This bond and practice is super for the child, way ahead when entering schools with others, they already know.

For the suggestions on the curriculum in grades 1-8, please see Department Of Good ideas website, also there is the emerging consciousness library.

In high school, grade 9, must begin lifestyle design choices, job being a very valuable one if there is one. Also as important is the choice of business, multiple businesses, and of being eclectic, a type that draws energy from different sources. The business idea is so you then can build up your mind, body, more wallet, spirit, service to others, projects. This makes the complete service and fun life too, with an exponential money multiplication machine built by you by design.

Some eclectics are also prolific within their prolificity. Good Luck with that one! Importance of Billionaire Mentality (what you would have if they took your billions away left over) is stressed, see website.

Now you get to college, but you have been exposed to making your own money since grade 4 hopefully, by inventions, and business in grade 5, American International Win-Win business concepts (mostly sales, which is an emotional state denied to most; why?).

Sadly, in college, you are broke and not given these items:

 1  Book on making all the money you want by setting up small companies that make big money, many automatic or by proxy, or 5 weeks a year.

2. How to be as healthy as possible, fit, so you can last the haul and serve yourself and others.  You also feel better all the time, more sparked for longer, see: emotions: where are they now? The emotional mechanism changes over time, dims. The experiences become more archived, less stimulating.

3. The open questions of Science and Society

3A  If there is an emergency or general question in your field or that can use your ability to think in terms of Fluid Intelligence, using thought process and analysis machinery already in there. Example: Fires in northern California that did not contact ALL the universities with the relevant facts by which the students, say physics, can come up with creative cooperative solutions.

Then we get out of college. We are ready to serve. If we need a job and we like, we plan on 5 years then maybe 20 hours a week and do the personal businesses, like go 5 weeks a year to TRADE SHOWS for the industry you serve. There, you will make 1-3 FORTUNES each show.

Also, you develop the projects and life you want at the same time. If eclectic, you are like a bee, flying above (level 4 perception, like the old philosophers can see from “above” it is like a sense developed from a point of view.

To bring all this about, and immortality too, our first advice is look FOUR ways before crossing the street.

Inventions we have 40 working on two today and selling 6. In books DGI writes science friction (scientists having sex in the future), and creative problem solving, which is this believe it or not.

We show you how to push the Money Monster aside with the necessary EMOTION for business, and emotional and hands on support, so then you can build a better world, become a well defined positive force, at least in your mind. The more we have, the closer we are to Utopia, to winning the tug of war with those that for whatever reason have chosen to add negative energy to the world content.

Notice Earth and the universe add pluses and minuses. As I write this about 3 big asteroids are passing Earth at a distance about twice the distance from here to the Moon. We are buying tickets in the lottery: will the Earth be destroyed? We are always buying tickets in lotteries.

Immortality: stick around 25 more years, they stop the aging process; 25 more, they reverse it. There are two precursors to Telomere juice, Telomerase, already know, for general cell replication. Water retention is in there somewhere, you can be sure. Getting older is like all your muscles dry up and your face crumples like paper in its desiccation. Stick around we’ll go to Mars and be like children again.

PORTABLE MARKETS INVENTION by internet we take a flea market bazaar to all the poor places and we pay for stories, recipes, likenesses, ideas for inventions.

DGI INVENTS IDEA SHARING of course, first we need to turn on atrophying or poorly built by school system IDEA FACTORIES in our brains. We then link them in series (project collaborators) and in parallel (fun too to do our own research projects).

We then have PERSONAL GOOD NEWS brochures based on our LIFE REPORT of what we learned in school, from family, from reading, from traveling, from something, to make the life of others better by adding what we know from experience, to add positive to the spin. When we get home everyday we have like 20 brochures, we get smarter.

By sharing a positive idea with someone, then that person can give it to others, so one. And eventually someone makes a deposit at DGI.

Open 24-7, free deposit and checking, interest rates of over 2000% are not uncommon.

For visionaries: the road ahead is hard. You are early to the party that’s all. You came because you heard they had good hors d’oeuvres.  Expect delays, some assembly required, and batteries not included.

ANOTHER CLUE FROM DGI CALIFORNIA is you can get 100 accounts, perhaps in all 35 Metroplexes (3 M +), and if they make you 100, then 100 x 100 =  more money than you can shake a stick at, and we are not yet talking international. Get a high school person to be the fulfillment manager; I was that person, how I learned mail order.

Miami Beach summer job: the man bought music for guitarists to play. Had giant selection in nice basement. I got order, filled it, put in envelope. He was upstairs doing whatever, I did the work after he made the inventory, and took out 50-100 ads across America. Did I lose anything by telling you this story? No. We can all tell our stories here, anonymously or first name, “handle.”

Department of noticing what’s going on sez: get us some thinkers, the boat is sinking. We show you how to write in 12 minutes, how to invent in 3. We sell your stories on Amazon. We transmit good ideas, write papers on variety of topics. Both the Blog and the website thank you. 

Files coming soon.

No more War


Science has to be play or becomes drudgery. Usually you are waiting for some experiment to cook, and see if any theoretical guesses came out right. Shortly I hope to get into this more, very exciting. Who has reports on the brain, or something new that is little-know. Very disappointed in the news, so political. 

You will get heavy doses of  Good News from my archives very shortly, you will see that I invent out of anger that something does not exist. In this case, the news at night had become depressing and dark only, and I knew personally great things that were not even being asked for. 

Why don't the remaining book stores huddle up and promote super-creativity, creativity everywhere, and have a writer in residence, and a few more things, have a film making center right there! The book stores evolve into mini film studios where you produce and act, make a broadcast perhaps.

I have discovered many great things by having a parallel program always to school, and by not stopping to study after 30. By getting more information about our 8 dimensions (mind, body, wallet, spirit, social life, special projects Time, and Emotion), and applying it, and developing all along I was living in a zig zag, but improving the life at the vertices, by parley. Somehow, this told me there were no two dimensional planes, the minute you have a dimension, it implies the next. When you have two, you must have three.


Let me weigh the Earth for you real quick:   force between the Earth and a one pound object is one pound. The formula is: 

F = G Mm/r^2, and we know m is 1. We multiply both sides by r^2 which is radius squared, radius is 4000 mi., force is 1, so

1 r^2 = GM 1, so M = r^2/G,  G being the gravitational constant. 

Being a Cuban organization, at Department of Good ideas (dot com) we take one thing very seriously: We don't take anything seriously. We are a Cuban organization of thought and ideas, a writer inventor cooperative that shows you how to write in 15, we use 12 for the writing and 3 to show you how to be inventor, but boy, is this a tough crowd! Send an idea, get a free international original book on creative problem solving. 

Files coming soon.

Heart is often undiscoverd country


We have, a California-Cuba organization of thought heart and creative problem solving working to create more executable thought. The world has fallen asleep, is in a type of trance, not really paying attention or having much energy to create clever solutions based on heart and the desire to see others do well. This is because smart is the new dumb. 

The world is not seeking the thinker or the creative problem solver; media does not report much.  We do, because we are an organization of free people who can think without politics, who have ideas for each other; we developed IDEA SHARING as the means of creating a PERSONAL GOOD NEWS brochure where we write down the great and good ideas for others. 

We lose nothing, others gain and pass it on. At the end of the day, we all have 12 or more of these brochures from people. It is dramatically surprising that the positive information is thus exponentially introduced. 

Further, in our effort to bring THE AGE OF SPIRITUAL COOPERATION  to be as a bit step towards UTOPIAN ideals. Something has gone wrong. 

We need thinkers, about 15 of them, to attract many more that can answer the posted questions by others, fantastic creative questions which is what we need exposure to,. We need both questions and answers. Notice we have THE ORIGINS OF WAR and about 30 other articles posted. 

The Ideas shared come from our IDEA FACTORIES, sandly turned off around 30, and seldom used to do more than attract mates before. Few are thinking, we are not lining up our ideas in SERIES or PARALLEL in fact hardly at all; we expect no innovations, no inventions, no new thinkers. 

DGI has all three. We can solve Bangladesh, all countries are a mathematica described

 formula just like calories intake and used.  See the idea, not that hard, and begins with INVENTORY and LARGE NUMBERS OF THINKERS. 

Read: we solve France we solve the world at department of good ideas. Get us thinkers who are kind of hyper and always have ideas, of heart. We show them business, writing, and inventions. 

The power of the consensual minds working together on the net is 100% of our best human efforts, but coming out of 12,000 years of barbarism, we are still mentally ill and in a trance, but maybe not 3%, send ideas get free original books, get us some people who think of anything else besides money and talks about not only other people and things, but has actual topics to discuss. 

It should not be intellectual and philosophy to think: we can all do it, but we have not been trained in the EXACT SAME WAY as reading and writing: the techniques are developed, then their promotion creates a new awareness. So too for what we now erroneously call ART by the concrete thinkers. 

Files coming soon.

We are not shown business in school


  • Department of Good shows you how to go into your own multiple businesses, and relies on the knowledge of the COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW so you see the opportunities in the entire world.Click or press enter to display 21 Marketing Maneuvers.JPG in the image preview

  • Start at the top, unlike the Haas Business school. There is an emotional freedom there, a release.  I had always been in business, then they started the school and I thought they would show everyone how to do business. Not at all!   It should be called "how to get a job in somebody else's business," these academic environments are more "concrete thinkers" and "politicized thinkers" which do not show you any of the techniques DGI shows you.

  • We even deal with the emotion of business. Why is nothing covered? Help me promote the alternative to job, the third life style: being in your own multiple businesses. This anyone can do to make big money and big time to actually Live for a while.   At this time, you should have 3 websites with PayPal making you money automatically.

  •  If you were not shown this emotion, what else was not shown?  DGI found, after seeing the best schools and being in them, they are not schools; they are specialized skills training centers. Only at 15 places like DGI do you learn the lifestyle designs like this:   You pay your bills and avoid debt. 

  • You live cheap until you have built an EXPONENTIAL MONEY MAKING MACHINE (are you getting that my information is different than what is put out?).   You build this machine, place it in the corner, and use the time generated to live your dreams and empower those of others.  

  •  Then, we move in a Utopian direction, more health and human centered, we all join forces with our IDEA FACTORIES, joined in either parallel or series connections to the factories of the others, and we have a new source of free, renewable energy we all own and collaborate on. We usher in the AGE OF SPIRITUAL COOPERATION, and we all live better.  

  •  There is no battle between good and evil; that is all psychology. What exists in these energy transfers is positive effects and negative, this is what our main being is impacted by, it is impressionable. Notice there is positive, negative, and neutral effect, and they sum up to what is our personal recorded history. 

  •   Find us people that are well meaning and think all the time, maybe kind of hyper, high energy: tell them they have a free series of books coming if they just contact us. We need 15 thinkers, we have 5.  

  • What about you? Are you from the world of ideas, the world of taking interesting actions, and the world of being of service to others? We are. Join us with some research or an article.   In fact, since we are pro marketers with the million-dollar sales deal in our history, we know clever ways to market, and wrote the paper "21 Marketing Maneuvers for your Product or service"  see it online, get it free for giving a positive idea.


Files coming soon.

The Size of the Thing


Few speak as if much of anything matters, yet points out 300 items for conversation, themes to champion, for those who seek ideals in their lives; they are powerful sources of positive energies.

   In America, it seems, 20% work many many hours but have the money to invest,and that word is totally incorrect: It is designed to be money multiplication, exponentially (truncated). 80% seem to suffer financial woes. It should be the other way around! DGI promotes a much better life, a Utopia within this lack-of-attention-and-heart madness. 

Instead of 20% having a lot, and 80% kind of sort of suffering, it should be the other way around: 80% are well off, and they help the other 20% to be what the middle used to be. Somewhat hectic and mentally stressed, run-run here and there quickly, but not suffering nearly as much. This is the beginning of Utopia; some of us got here early for the great hors d'oeuvres. 

  In fact, being from Cuba, we are trained that if we have things to do, it is better to have multiple incomes to pay for everything including lifestyle design, stick that in the corner, and frontline live your dreams and empower those of others!  live your dreams and empower those of others! 

This is only going to work for the one who champions ideals and discusses valuable themes; do you know any? Give them the departement site, they get 12 books free to study and make the world better.   It is all about the emotions. If they fill up the brain sufficiently they create spirit, an invisible feeling that is real for maybe 20%, something illusional to those that cannot fill up their internal reservoirs with positive emotion, smooth flow of feeling is spirit. 

(Hey, there, what's in your heart? Are there forces that tear it apart?)

  Imagine how backwards we are, why the Dark Ages rage: we not only do not know how we function inside, our brains and emotions, but we are "steered" towards a "program" in "school" (specialized skills training centers dedicated to calm people down and not in the least make them excited about their lives; an attempt is made for the "still waters run deep" concept, but not Let's go water skiing!). The program is seldom of any creative merit, since the teachers are accredited in their field, but lack a feel for the other fields, such as clever, and creative problem solving, and "show the people in America how to have multiple businesses in their own country and the world, and also a career"  No, this is not done.

We need to be steered and programmed at looking at the COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW 240.   The world is by concrete people building it and the institutions, but now,  with the rise of the Underworld, the 80% in cooperation, we can turn it around: Instead of 20% having money but not time or physical fitness, and 80% struggling to pay for ever rising things (and everybody is silent about this, another symptom of problem thinking), DGI "steers" the "program" to complete information for all, a cooperative AI powered website, I simply do nothing and think, sell those cards on the site, and the books I wrote.  

 I discovered a push-button reality, but people who just got a new cortex for the top two inches of their brain cannot yet think. They cannot see it because it takes heart, imagination, and training.   I have to admit that these ideas come to me, a person born able to speak long sentences, who read a book a day, who started his own furniture store at 4 on the first hour of the first day my mother let me play outside without crossing the street. My brain works well, I grew up in Cuba, where we have 100 fruits and vegetables, here 29, and the mother eats that good organic stuff. 

In islands, we know that organic just means "the way it should be grown in the first place" the food is killing us, the air is killing us, the water is going bad, we do not notice because we are cameras running around like chickens, scanning pictures, to to little pattern recognition since 80% are only taught "job" basics, and not actual "business" basics, and certainly not what they teach in business school!  

 For how long did I wait for the Cal Business school to be built! I weans going to see student learning what I knew since 4, how to start businesses to create time for yourself to execute plans of life. But such was not not the case!  It was frightening.

 My friends went there, I looked at their books, and I fell back on a chair (by accident, not from what I read). But this entire hoax should be called "How to work for somebody else who is in business"  So Check out DGI, find us thinkers, do you see what we try to do? Sum the thoughts of all the 240 countries at various spectrums of categories and ability to generate ideas.  

 We already know that the 11,000 island countries are experiencing severe problems due to rising waters, that 4/5 blind people can be cured with $100, and that iceberg melting has doubled again.

Files coming soon.

Your new life starts NOW!


Your life changes starting...NOW. is the new central information on what we don't know we don't know! We finish the job our teachers and parents started, and become a new force of positive acts and better explanations.


Ultimately, our attempt will be to create the best form the only form of FREE ENERGY, since any other type that is developed is going to cost money, so will not be free. Somehow there are financial leverage powers that do not understand the world like DGI understands it, they want maximum profits only, being a smart group of thinkers. Smart enough to experience such emotions as greed and selfishness, which is why: Smart is the new dumb. 

Basic premise: there is not enough to go around and things happen, so take care of number one. Intelligence has a completely different perception: before analysis, let us take inventory of the situation; from history, we see that intelligence multiplies abundance, and sure enough: DGI has found all that free energy, and it is inside our heads. 

Oh,  of course sometimes just wind power. But think about it and this is why we need you, or those you find that are kind of hyper and have a lot of ideas constantly: we need 15 people to brainstorm on topics; the present people are fired! All they came up with was "exercise every day" and "when you become immortal, look 4 ways before crossing"

Do you see it yet? This is one of our 300 ideas

Oh, first, a word from our sponsor: there are 11,000 island nations in the world, all sinking. Who is their home team? We need build them islands that float now, half above water level, half below. 

Oh, and happy to say as an aside we show you how to have multiple incomes so you be in your own thing free. We add the emotional aspect for 10% commission of profits, we show you how. 

BUT, that freest most fresh newest oldest form of energy is TRIBAL.  Each of us has a PERSONAL GOOD NEWS BROCHURE and type of handout on what we have learned in our lives from family, school, travels, special insights, studies,  original thought, and this all is fed, EXACTLY as a juicer blends the fruits of plants into our drinks, into our IDEA FACTORIES, yes Emilio, we have them and our very circumstances have made them atrophy, wither on the vine. We are using our minds to set routines, a TEMPORAL CONNECTOME pattern, and not to create thought. 

Thinking takes emotion, and I seem to have misplaced their list of which they gave out in high you have yours? Of course not, and that is not a good idea, but a sad idea: we ;are jacked around by our emotions, and nobody every told us about them, their use, anything, just in case we ever needed them! These multiple businesses we speak about, the lists of skills that pay $40-400 an hour, needs to be in all our possessions. 

Gigs that pay $500-1500 per should be given to all elementary school students, what could be more elementary in a capitalistic system! Capitalism means money tree technology: you double, double, double again keep doing that until the product dies in its cycle, develop more product, AND THE EMOTION FROM HAVING TIME TO WORK OUT 2-4 HOURS A DAY TO THINK MORE CLEARLY, TO ENGAGE IN A PROJECT DRIVEN LIFESTYLE. The caps are for not particular reason, I just like them. 

So you see, we all fire up our idea factories regarding how we all help each other in:  MIND,  BODY, WALLET, SPIRIT, SOCIAL LIFE, SPECIAL PROJECTS, TIME, AND EMOTION. 

We each carry 18 maps of the world. Of course DGI has a first mission: COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW 240 of all the countries and their OPPORTUNITY INDEX (help us develop). This way, we all have an inventory of the big ship, we make ideas.

Ideas are diminished these days. In the social settings they speak of other people and things, seldom champion a theme or discuss valuable topics other than food. DGI says let's eat, but let us serve each other well too with the information within. We have many many formulas and books, a new fun way to make the world better. 

IDEA FACTORY ---SERIES working on same project OR PARALLEL working independently. We publish in 15 sites around the world. Each reader is a promoter. 

How do we get our ideas? For starters we sleep in giant zip-lock bags and wake up fresh and unspoiled. Since I cannot write 500 pages of inventions and thoughts here, see what DGI central, the website writes about. 

Files coming soon.

Mind body Wallet Spirit


I am a writer inventor sales for money, but really my balance is in physics, literature, playing sports, and playing drums. This is the eclectic lifestyle, creative, it creates for itself by exposing more and more data surfaces to connect to other data maps. 

This is not from being rich. It is from seeing what is in front of my eyes. One item was how to buy things at 90% off retail through estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores, all kinds of auctions. Such is California, the opportunity is here if you can appreciate it. Real Estate, boats, airplanes from auctions. 

How I wish to share any and all of these steps to take, to realize such dreams. They are push-button realities and the first part, the knowledge, is shared with the second part, the emotions of the other person.

The body has a mind of its own. I hope to help everybody with this very positive information, lists, books, in every street in every country, in what now I call a GREEN BOX. It will provide information on making money, the problem for 80%, and on social dealings, a problem for 100%. We can solve problems together; this is no problem at all for the dance of the consensual minds: here is the BINGO card of problems, let's play. 

I suppose the people are programmed, some more self programmed from the inside, not the outside. If from the inside you see these things, and report about them in 

Each day is like a diamond, we are scanners, cameras. We are moving through the river of time, time is a running dimension, it kept going. Perhaps there is a connection between dark matter and Time. 

We store our memories, of data and skill-set patterns, and retrieve enough of them to make a collage, whose memories can lead us to action. 

I discovered that persons have 8 dimensions, connections to what we call reality, much more elusive and less solid than we suspect. It is what it is, but what do we have to connect?

MIND read, study, overviews, writing, brain, super-creativity

BODY get our book on what to eat, exercise 2-4 hours a day love it

WALLET multiple incomes, you build an exponential money machine

SPIRIT  (what's inside, like a gas, enough of it you feel it)

SOCIAL (good luck on this one; bell curve)

SPECIAL PROJECTS (for whose minds can hold more information and access it, or a project just comes to you)

TIME (once a friend, now, like a whore, short and demanding)

EMOTIONS (brain research is showing the way, read DGI)

Anyway, go to DGI send a message, a question, an answer, a means to promote: there are groups with hundreds of thousands of members we do not know about.

Perhaps a book project or article. Send us an idea or two to improve the lives of the individual, tell your friends who are kind of hyper and always have ideas: that person is our brother or sister.

Files coming soon.

More new kinds of thoughts


It has been known for almost 200 years that we are not our jobs, that in fact they conceal us from the others.  DGI is a writer-inventor cooperative, and we have solved many many problems, by using clever and super creativity (creativity everywhere) in our creative problem solving. 

We first solved the problem of which came first the chicken or the egg (the pre-chicken) and why did the chicken cross the road (he felt like it; emotion, energy of motion), and threw in how could the little engine? (he had self-esteem )

Sadly, the solutions indicated that the problem was the people. We all possess miraculous inner powers and we mostly do not know about them or have been passive-aggressively denied their contextual knowledge and practice. Few of us know the contents of the big ship we are on, or care: we have not been taught to care, and curiostity appears to be a gift from the Gods.

We mostly are not  told about them from the principal 5 environments before say 13 years old. We  do not use them, are not supported in learning about ourselves, how to enjoy cooperation and glad sharing of information we possess that would be useful to others outside our immediate circles.  These powers and ideals are discussed in DGI.

When used in positive ways, your life gets better, more prosperous, and happier to the limit of capacity to be. 

Apparently the little angels we are is changed right around puberty: somehow it enters our minds from different places that there is good disrupted by  lying, cheating, stealing, force, violence, sexual coercion.

Environment 5 is your own contextual and circumstantial circuits that interpret the light from outside and in, sounds, from both inside and outside, touch, in its own 7 M year old communication system,  silent, of feeling. 

The first 4 environments are your family, first schools before 15 or 18, your neighborhood, and your financial situation. These are growth environments, and under neighborhood we can, if we want put social life.  

Poorly programmed for the people to succeed in every way; they are only commercial, so of course they get robbed, by rhose that would not need to rob if the environments were programmed correctly, like a "smart environment," except the DGI environment is intelligent: it adds creativity and clever into the mix.

 Totally different, help or stay tuned, discuss DGI topics instead of what you ate for lunch. Get real, don't be a victim of your own circuits, get a robotician to help. 

For oh, yes, social life is one place the human can be found. The others: The mentality wheel (job), their home life, on in their car going back and forth, back and forth. 

That social only has about 5 elements, and one of them is not "improve your life here" as if it were set in stone the life style designs and adventures, the ways to deal with the Money Monster really a "straw man" for the Time and Health Monsters, at this present age. 

Remember that century 21 will be four centuries like the last one was two. 

Social life: 

1. Drink this and smoke cigarretes. 2. Buy this "useful" thing 3. Drink this coffee 4. Sit here and watch this 5. Eat this food.  Those environments fail, in fact irritate, visionaries after a mere 30-40 years. 

 A long time ago it was said by me that  the problems were mostly in either communications or energy, and it seems this was correct. 

We should ALL be working on that area, and the others. School and learning never stopped just because someone else said it did: you are now in the real school, which contains all the colleges and universities. 

 Extra credit students: Get down! Build new scenarios on the stages, inspire the rise of a flower on the concrete foundation built before you: This, the rise of underworld, and this flower is the Age of Spiritual Cooperation.

Think of it! Imagine! We are all playing a type of  tug-of-war both in us between the forces, and out of us, among the forces. The 7 M year old brain contributes: positive or negative effects. 250 K has the signature "good or bad," since obviously Nature never met the old Testament. 

When pluses are 90, negative 10 maybe, we have effective Utopia, and we are not that far. 


The person is not the person. It is a programmed beast, a type of machine-animal programmed by LIGHTS, SOUNDS, AND TOUCHES. This creates the ILLUSIONS posted in a virtual space as poorly lit mosaic fractional images, 6 inches in front of your forehead, in binocular standard view. The power of SUGGESTION (a form of mind control hypnosis; why did I see that movie you told me to see, it was horrible!) will be found to be foundationally stronger than we the box people now suspect.


The programming is done by the family, early schools, neighborhoods, and the financial situation. Of course, also by the interpreting circuits in your head. You are in the "field" of the family, "field" of your neighborhood, etc. It is a live 3 D set, like a play. Is it a look that changes your brain, that makes an impression in it? When impressed, the brain conducts more eletricity. 

The acceptance of any programming code is by the circuits: they open and close based on what stimulus they gets, and its impressionable repetition.

  We are the box people, not cave people. The point of view of the clever creative problem solvers, and the eclectic groups, should stand out more. It is a valuable second choice to expand our reach for ourselves, our families and our  friends.  I assure you that it is no mystery that in the end all is wind and dust.

I am finding out I am right, the steps to take are clear and do not require "money" but cooperation, absent in our programming.  Those first four environments are programmed by concrete methods to be nearly 100% commercial; 15 % have creative problem solving in this group, but we have no contests and the voices are silent, as it they have Spiritual Laryngitis.  The media is a joke, they assume the way people are, and not their spectrum. 

Our minds are ultimately programmed by our emotions, and there is a power to habit and rote: hard to break.No one  explains emotion until 2027 (32 CL).

DGI is for those that want more out of life, and want to engage in business techniques to make their money in the corner somewhere, mostly by machine. The work for others is less: 20 hours a week, and the rest is yours to create, you have reclaimed your time IF YOU HAVE THINGS TO DO, certain mental spaces you want your mental plane to take you to. If you do not, you may as well work.  Shows you: dreams are not nearly as cheap as you may have been told they are; perhaps they are like diamonds...

Some care, some have curiosity, if that is you, see you at DGI headquarters, see our new inventions and writings, get a card.  Now, regarding prosperirty , 20% do well and can do most things except have time, and 80% suffer. 

We can turn this around and have 80% prospering, 20% suffering, and the 80 help the 20 with superior forces of cooperation and heartful creativity. We believe that with DGI methods of cooperation and IDEA SHARING, with the innovation that only inventions can bring, we find 10^3M AI powers are almost identical to the writings your find on this site and the blog.   Imagine! That's our slogan. Stay tuned: Art gets Aggressive.

Files coming soon.

Scientific United Front


Please realize the premise: On 9-11 I waited for the scientific united front to begin to explain the world to its people, to avoid disasters and move towards Utopia of the minds, which is our goal. There was no scientific united front. I had always liked studying, I went to work. The first obvious thing (and you can help) is COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW of all 240 countries of its OPPORTUNITY INDEX which is how close can one get there to BILLIONAIRE MENTALITY. 

So I began a hopeful organization with the slogan: IMAGINE! and a nice logo. 

I began looking for the world, the unexplained world. The design is writer inventor cooperative, I take writers and show them how to write in 12 minutes and how to invent in 3. 

Apparently I arrived early to the new visions of what can be (there was good food), some of what must be if we are to prosper and fulfill our positive goals, which presently must oppose the groups or individuals with negative goals. I came to the party early because I heard they have good food. DGI asks all of the people for all of the answers to all of the questions, and for the questions too. We are the new thing.


We base our work on previously cited work that "two heads are better than one," presently distilled to: fire up the IDEA FACTORIES, have all of them review 15 information sites exactly like DGI, an AI  question engine. Then we merge their minds' work into parallel (independent work) or series (thinking adds up), we look at it, we create a better world and have lots of fun doing it! I imagined a big parade, "Warren Peace saves world!" The confetti would fall from the sky! There was no parade. 

So, if the programming is wrong with regards to "seeing" what the world should look like if the pieces are arranged correctly, so the maximum benefits and opportunities are created for the individual or group not by smart concrete thinkers only, but also by clever super creative creative problem solvers cooperatives? 

We are one, need 14. 

Problem is: the programming is too strong, the people also are denied the use of their full emotions, never presented to them. For me I escaped, I always had a parallel program of reading and studying going. More like a bee, going to different flowers and thinkers and getting pollen to make, apparently DGI. 

3% are  thinkers. I am able to get "pat on the back" academics, and spin in that wheel I suppose. I want to add my theme to the mix, the choices, by advertising promotion. Not be in a wheel somewhere, an abstracted live 3 D set. Who could even think?









Is there ever a call for the "thinker" or the "creative problem solver" well we are faced with the thought that smart is the new dumb, because of politicization faulty programming and...the envelope please.....

Our progenitors in their wisdom cut down 95% of the trees, and this domino effect makes us wake up in safe-mode, we are not getting the correct forest nutrients or molecules, and have no inventor of our world Help me make this happen

Despondent, I have taken to drinking large quantities of car brake fluid; don't worry, I can stop any time I want!

You can present themes, solutions, questions that are somewhat insightful or sheer in number (Bayesian mathematics; where are the math guys? trance?). Is the whole world in a type of trance, a time of magic has come and we did not notice because of the power of its trance, its illusion-generators? I sleep with a night light. 

You can also bring up themes in discussion. I suspect the 7 above have some people that generated ideas, but we are early to this type of valuable formatting of intelligence in the individuals. As a result of Education Department meetings in New Hampshire in the late 40's, it was decide by concrete thinkers to "steer" the "program" of the students to job, trades or arts, not spend even two days or one good one showing how have multiple incomes and the emotions to do so!

Actually, you can make reports, film them, on that topic: 

How have multiple incomes and the emotions to do so!

So there, you have your first assignment: go to the website, allow your 7 M brain and your 250 K year young Mind process, we need distribution in all 35 metros, I basically have the problems solved, it was easy with heart and imagination. It needs participants!  We all sum our ideas in the only possible 8 bins, or categories, files. 

We use mathematics, at some point you know everything you need in that field, up to this, and beyond that it is just abstraction; the tools came first. Different ways to use them now

Files coming soon.

Alliance of Cooperation in Ideas


There is a serious information denial, and emotion denial, in all these things called "school" because I assure you in Ivy League we are shown (read programmed) how to start our own businesses, EMOTIONALLY, very little beyond that. Department of Good Ideas takes you all the way, but there must be an interest in life that is so superior you begin to see the overall pattern of things.   

The people are not waking up, is my warning to you: they have been silenced, don't you notice? They only speak about other people and things if you listen closely. The brain can be used as an IDEAS FACTORY, that is what DGI sees: we have all learned from family, "schools" (really, specialized skills training centers; do you see with this ability to see?) 

 I suppose there is  a way to live where your eyes are down, you only work, all your time is taken with the projects of others, and there is little ambition beyond mere existence.   Those that want more out of this ship and 240 illusionary countries (really, genetic sets), need the information contained within the others. 

The general person, the academic, does not see any of this, and when I point blank ask the teachers why the sudent is not given the choice of business, multiple business ownership, so they have the high school guy do the work (me) and they like all of us that have things to do, are project driven, can do  whatever they want to do, and for this the emotions may be uncertain:  Our minds must always be thinking: what to do about our emotions, and how to deal with the others.  

 The world has hardly been explained. At DGI you get results from top American Students and visionary thinkers: there are few of those. We say we were not trained correctly, trained by well positioned concrete thinkers who do not explain thought, what there is to think about, emotions, or what the OPPORTUNITY INDEX is for all 240 countries

There is  hope is with 15 places like DGI, and that in some way we have a breakthrough regarding our emotions, and this breakthrough will not come from the concrete smart thinkers, but from the clever imaginative intelligent thinkers (sums the smart fields; some of us, it appears, have giant brain storage capacity and can hold several fields at once in their consciousness. We urgently seek those people.  

Clever, creative problem solver by large numbers of people at DGI is the only thing that can handle the complexity of the non-choices and passive aggressive emotional denial that is taking place: the clever creative problem solver is the one that had their own reading program aside from school, sought outside study programs, often HOME SCHOOLED first 3 years is the key, you learn better from your mother.   

So, DGI is a mathematical physics of the brain site which by the CLIMATE EMERGENCY both in our world and in our MINDS, for there is a weather in the brain, sometimes sunny, sometimes sprinkling, sometimes a mental storm appears.  Oh, you may not feel this yet; if you remain attentive, the scene before your eyes accelerates.  

 In DGI idea, you are exposed to many different actions in life, each for 15 days or weeks.  items of the mind, like study, read, write, study the mind, of the body, how to get the energy and time to work our running 2 hours a day plus, more money through business so you can put that aside and live, finally live free and hopeful, helpful. 

  Before 30 the herd is allowed to mate, after 30, BY DESIGN, they work for other persons all the time. In some way, the main circuits of the 85% standard brain design do not compel them to start their own enterprises, mostly by personality type: 

doer, watcher, critic, or the leader-follower idea based on confidence many times.  There are 15% alternate design brains that have two or more "defects" (blessings, why we are different, not issued exactly the same except twins) and the first group 1. These differences make us see the world differently.   So, we are a a new style thought writer-inventor cooperative, find us some people, but I admit the students appear to be that one study thing, not eclectic. 

There was another view that was not presented in this still DARK AGES where the spirit and mind are unknown country. You make a point to have a real school: you show 15 really basic subjects, plus cooperation of ideas (DGI), and the idea to look up and see all 240 countries and their problem solving methods.  This could be in the media, but the media fails where DGI succeeds. There is a strong need to build up the individuals with superior collective knowledge and emotional support. To a large degree, we are  what our emotions say we are, but we must interpret the past in its contexts. 

Files coming soon.

New thoughts


Department of Good Ideas wants to make the connection. What ideas do you have that are positive for the individual? The innovation is in the lifestyle design! After going to top schools, the only one that had something on the ball was the one that showed me how to own multiple businesses by selling the product; not everybody's mind can do sales, many think of it as too pushy. 

The money is an "along the way" type thing, the true prize is Billionaire Mentality: what would you do if they took your billions away? And after you build your exponential money multiplication machine?

And really, only some get out of the "zero or one" interest type of awareness, and become, by more eclectic, perhaps prolific methods, more than they remember being in the past. It takes energy; communication and energy are the biggest challenges now. 


I transfer ideas contained inside each person, in a type of PERSONAL GOOD NEWS brochure of what we have learned from family, school, friends, our own thoughts, reading, tricks, formulas, travels: we all have many perhaps, but the negative forces are winning if we do not give them to others, then we both have it and pass it on. 

We are on a journey, and we are tourist-journalists; what is your report. 

We want to solve the problems by using the information contained inside all the people in the 240 countries. So far we have "exercise every day" and that the 11,000 island countries are sinking! A new Atlantis. We also have ideas about things we should do that frankly, only a contortionist can hardly do.


We detect much provinciality in the solutions and the information sets now given. Mostly A or B, on or off, black or white. This is not accurate, the simplification diminishes the power of the solution sets. Passive-aggressive information denial is very evident, a general ennui by the people. Well, I am still enthusiastic, and this is a big key. Don't hang around people that bring you down, don't accept negative miracles. 

We are our own psychologists: we live rightfully and get our work done, we are happy, if not, frustration can lead to conflict can lead to violence, can lead to group violence, can lead to national wars if of sufficient scale. 

Of course, and again because we are from the "mama didn't raise no foo" school of thought, where is the list of all the categories and places of violence and war? Chicago is one, two people die every day and 50-70 get shot on the weekends! 

Where are the celebrities now, these noble princes and princesses? Where is the psychologist? Where are the celebrities giving people what they need, knowledge and emotional support, where is anybody, why no press of the positive efforts by the church. 

Where are the thinkers. 

Where is the call for the creative problem solver ("download your Bingo card of the problems by region or category, text your solution"). So you see why DGI fails: the people are not yet sufficiently alert to recognize the miraculous powers within.


Well, then what about the powers without? The mechanisms and actions you can find to uplift any or all of the 8 categories of LIFE that you have within you, that you carry around, are your gifts.


I will write for you. By the time you finish this I will have written "The Lists of Skills That Pay $40-400 per hour / gigs that pay $500-1500 per" and "The Book of Causes and Their Agencies: how to start of join a non profit group" and these will go in your local inconvenience store, door to door, in the US Publications office.

When there was a newspaper I called them and said they should print ways to go into business for the general person who wants to escape "job" for many reasons, including that ever present social anxiety, the commute, the abuse. 

Not to worry, although yeah, a little with no help, DGI is working on the Emotion for you! We only need reach 20% with our 21-day free trial and presto! 

Everyone is aware this is a choice in how your awareness faces up to the resources, opportunities, benefits, services, miraculous powers within, their assembly into blessings, what you create, evolve. Learn to sell or get someone who does or program your computer. Contact us with questions. We have books and push button essays on your topic we can send you. 

Early on, I caught on that I should show the people the solutions for what they did not know they did not know. From all 240 countries; we need an inventory of the ship. 

First thing: inventory of the situation and its connected worlds. 

Second: Give the information to everyone in Bingo cards; they may have a bingo, a solution; makes it fun. Third: publish in DGI and 14 other outlets like this one. We all want to know positive things that others know, and line them up in series and parallel, and turn on our IDEA FACTORIES.

I suppose like the crazy person does not know he or she is crazy, we do not know when our IDEA FACTORIES are not turned on. We must admit that some are hurting too much to think up ideas, or report unusual ones. Some people experience pain when they feel emotion. Perhaps some DGI thoughts will encourage solution. We are overlooking this source of national strength: our ability to think in cooperation on various topics and questions, sidestepping politics as usual. 


No politics: the ideas in the 8 B can solve any problem with cooperation, but who trusts who? Alliances have to be made, people to be liked. 

We are barely into the new cortex uses, so there are some clashes between the animal you and the more civilized Neocortex you. 

And most importantly: in other countries the money is just part of it, so people can do what they want, and the billionaire engages in projects. Inventions development and sales, which I have known since the age 4. should be taught in grade 4. There are only 4 steps! How backwards are we in general! 12,000 years backward.

Can this be remedied? Yes, but the people have to show up to their own cause, their own self improvement. They can "see" their fundamental parts: mind, body, wallet, spirit, social, special projects, Time, and Emotion. With this we address the money, and do the other things. 

Billionaire: your money is gone, what is left? Your ability to start organizations, the ability to network, the ability to sell, the ability to attend Trade Shows, the ability to start Dealer Networks, you ability to take out advertising to sell your products and services. 

Billionaire mentality confers freedom and time to enjoy and be inspired by your own luxuries and sense of design, all of which you get at estate sales: your first goal from grade 6 or for sure 7: An exponential money multiplication machine. 

Everything is a machine, including making money, so that then you do whatever you want, to point is for ALL OF US to be made aware of the large income careers, and very much also, how you make as much or more in multiple businesses. 

My formula is this:

Ax + Bi = SUM { C e ^G}     All your lifestyle expenses plus big imagination money equals the sum of your capital times your income from money machines of the form Ce^G   C capital, e = 2.72, G good fortune exponent variable (timing, price, market perception, use).

Business is emotion, the rest is to work out our natural curiosity and our acquired ones. Time and health was important to me, part of the reason I write this is because they do not seem so important to others, as things will just take care of themselves magically. 

If magically, we should prepare for the gifts of life behind the game doors we choose, and for the miraculous gifts within, which we apparently ignore, there is not much "thought" going on; once the transmission methods of creativity (new definition, see site). 

Why? Dark Age. Set up by concrete thinkers, now the more creative spiritual persons of heart and imagination do a make-over where the pieces are set up differently, everybody wins. 

Someone loses, like at economy? The others help them. The rich help make a new middle income well off, then this group helps those that cannot play the money game so well, that do not have the "knack" and it is obvious. They are not made invisible by the social scripts they are made an opportunity to serve, to solve a problem. Send us ideas for the individual

Elementary school schedule:


Grade 1   reading, writing, calculus

Grade 2   Different language begins

Grade 3   How to write books and articles, sell them

Grade 4  The 4 steps to invention development and sales

Grade 5  American business methods, sales, international

Grade 6  film and documentary; service to others

Grade 7   Complete health and fitness, sports, service to others

Grade 8  One scoop of ice cream, vanilla, one cherry. Back to work!

Heart, Creativity, and Service are not usually taught, but for other countries like Cuba, they are a way of life. 

Files coming soon.

We are figments of our own

Imaginations.  We train thinkers and writers and inventors, and cooperate to the exponent 4, like thermal radiation.


DGI is like a great free sales school! We make you enthusiastic, and enthusiasm makes the difference!

 Oh I see, you come in from the linked-in system. I discovered, at, that we were only shown JOB in high school and college and never the choice to be in our own multiple small businesses to not perhaps exactly make as much as doctor or lawyer (or party planner), but have more time and flexibility. 

Why do 20% do very well, and 80% live pay check to pay check? Is it a coincidence that they also pay 80% of the sum tax? When broke you pay more, cannot buy longer lasting clothes, cheaper food at more volume, and other services.

Through our techniques, we show everyone how to be in business, especially those with social anxiety about being in a job setting situation, this is about 15% right there. 

Of course, this is accomplished with studying DGI information and if you don't like sales, get a  friend or family member who does!

The world was easy, the people were hard. However, we need to know: are you one of the 15 thinkers we want to help show the world its miraculous powers? 

We are writer inventor cooperative, and we are all in this world a walking series of stories, and whatever is not green or brown or has leaves on it we invented. 

Of course we discovered the secrets of life!  Connection is the dominant theme of reality, so what do we have to connect?


Those are our valuable possessions. Our talents are: senses, reason, personal history, emotion.  All else  is acquired ability.

Really, we want you to realize that your job + big ideas money = sum of your business machines, your FINANCIAL MONEY MULTIPLICATION MACHINE not this dumb "investment" thing with a grandfather talking about the children; where are the mathematicians! They can't figure out their credit card percentage is calculated COMPOUND, not flat. Where are the lawyers? 

And now that you are billionaires mentality, you now witness one of our 100 creations for the world, for free, which shows the world fell asleep and the think tanks are not thinking. How can we think? Well we sleep in giant zip lock baggies and wake up fresh and unspoiled!

We live off the royalties from our creation of the shortest joke in the world: An Irishman walks OUT of a bar!

Witness: The free energy is right here right now, and we all own it. 

IDEA SHARING is DGI creation: we ask all of the people for all of the answers to all of the questions (really, looking for 15; find us thinkers, kind of hyper always have ideas, very positive, clever). 

Each person then has a PERSONAL GOOD NEWS BROCHURE HANDOUT which they give to everyone. 

People are much too silent, as if they have Spiritual Laringitis. We all have learned something, even if about the existence of DGI. From our parents, schools, travels, original thoughts and discoveries, we SHARE these positive ideas. If I give them to you we both have it, nobody loses anything. And, we all have a unique report, a point of view, on what is going on in the big ship. 

For that we invented COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW with OPPORTUNITY INDEX. Help us build both, tell your friends. Our funding is by NASA, but they are out of planet right now. The Kellogg institute contacted us, but they are a bunch of flakes. 

We must awaken our IDEA FACTORIES from this TRANCE we are under, which limits our powers and recognition of what miracles you can create maybe even with Angels. And I don't mean the California Angels, they have lousy pitching.

After 30 people are on routine and turn off to the creation of ideas. In our concept, they check in with a positive idea by email to DGI, we share with every reader: win win, nobody loses anything. 

We have projects, door to door and Government Publications, we need book writers and reports, tell your friends. Very creative problem solving books to open our eyes. 

Files coming soon.

Our minds uplift with emotion


Bi-lingual Cuban-saying greeting cards, science fiction club, and many original books and essays in a new style.. Just added: The Mathematical Principles and Remedies of Peace and Violence, The 16 Freedoms, Secrets of Instant Writing and some science data bases to be explained later.  Caution: read each essay in parts, or you may go mad.  This is, after all, the diary of a madman...


We need your reports and videos. What do you see that you want to write about? The idea of money is to do what you want and help others, the world too. Humanitarian concerns are the payoff for living a rightful life, perhaps even attaining some measure of happiness. We show you how to rite, and what there is to rite about. 

We are efficiency experts, so we don't print silent letters, or speak in Middle English. We eschew Middle English in fact, and the time savings realized I estimate allows me to read a small 125-page book per year. I do not have to say "5 o'clock" which in its time was revolutionary. I just say 5. 


We use Idea Sharing methods that enable a mass-mind to form.. Like a brain, it has questions and their answers, and updates on both. We solve problems with creativity and Intelligence, the sum of the smart fields., each with a smart "book of" we can open, the "Book of" entries, like the book of physics for a pro. There are also techniques, and that is what this website is about, technical details that apply to everything. Then, we are doing science experiments and hypnotizing you into being Vegan. Write to us get us something. 


We have been compared to some of the greatest institutions of thought in the world, although unfavorably. 


People ask me: Warren, is there any chance you might want to destroy the world with this Mass Mind??


I reply: "Of course not! That's where I keep all my stuff!" 


jump in and out and also read directly. SpiriTech music section found below, enjoy as you read, curated. We opened a small sausage factory, make sure to ask for a link. I am the drummer and singer come to our concerts. 

"Be yourself; everybody else is taken" -Oscar Wilde I speak my words not to change  the world, but so the world won't change me.  We super-value your comments, and in our Spiritech concerts  we  give out ideas and questions, we are inventors.  

The philosophy of today  is the common sense of tomorrow.  This site is for the curious, the thinker, the problem solver, those that mean well and those that know there are answers not being discussed at all. High Schools can have a newsletter written for the students by parents and friends of the school: 

there are tons of smart people locally and all went to high school, why don't we seek their insights? Colleges can have this too, an insights newsletter. Families can have newsletters written for their children, so they are raised emotionally by their family, but learn from many others their ideas; this creates a smarter child, perhaps more caring. 

We need, you must agree, more caring people.  DGI Special hello to the High Schools, where you study 6,7 subjects and some get so inspired they  work on their extra credit self-assignments. 

We are all whiz kids if we are exposed to the full catalog and pick  what we like after sampling long enough.  

Science, sports, Money in your own multiple  business is the actual idea, the second choice is job unless  you actually love it, like dentistry,  law, medicine or you can be eclectic and prolific, and we need to find those people.

Real brain is the sum of all the brains at work, and the process of starting small business  should be stressed much more:  After 30 most of the people are killing themselves for money, it seems. 

Billionaire mentality is not taught, and it is mostly technique, not the billion dollars.  I myself am working on my second million dollars; they say the first is the hardest, so I started with the second.  Send a good idea, choose a free  book; ideas evaluated on merit, not source.


This site is for the curious, imaginative, of heart, who want others to do well, as well as themselves. There is true opportunity  here, and we deal with the emotional barriers along the way. 


These are new ideas based on a more international and literary world.  Together, we can overcome. The ideas make you money, if you get into business or the arts, and help your cause of enlightenment, and the realization of your self.  

Borrow the best from all cultures, and idea share it, or else why did we go to school and learn there was a world? Should we not see it, this big warehouse of information?

Use the ability to learn always and for your entire life.  Give reports to others. DGI claims we received only about half of what we needed to get from school, so it was not a school! 

They were specialized skills training centers which did not show how to capitalize on the amazing  wonders of the American opportunity ! 

The World is the school, here are some new original ideas, based on the same world, but from a more inclusive, creative, clever perspective.  

Jump around and soak it in: original international views, starting with Cuba, but more: unique breakthrough writing, thinking, analysis. 

For the thinker, the inventor (we all are) the well-meaning, the saint,  the enlightened,  the Voices out there who have answers and ideas. The world is an idea! Need we remind you that the wise person learns more from the fool than the fool learns from the wise person! 

The big problem for us is that we are not taught "American International Business System" which we should all know from grade 5: The plays involving entering the "cloud like" economy from 3-120 times.     

This is interjective writing, a new form. Each little paragraph has something to say to you regarding how to make your life better through  mind, money, music and health:  these explanations and comments are different than what you hear usually, see what you think. 

The fonts will better, but make no mistake: this is a machine to make life much better and help everyone.  We are writer-inventors and want to earn your support, thank you. "Service is how you pay for your room in Life" - Mohammed Ali 

First and foremost, thank you for the many greeting card orders and book purchases! It is really appreciated. How can you improve the site? We want your good ideas! Together, we can generate very positive changes. 

We also need formulas on how to get things done that benefit everyone, create progress for all, beyond the standard: Artists, thinkers, supporters: Your little world needs you now. DGI emails you a book of your choice free in exchange for a new positive idea we post  anonymously but it should be something you would be proud to share, might help uplift others, a technique, a formula, send it by email from the site.

We are all  teachers  and students for life while imprisoned in the dungeons of Time without any guilt.  This website attracts many visitors daily, publishes international voices (contact us), and exposes you to invention and invention ideas.

Its design is for the people of heart and imagination who believe in cooperative thought and fun, a warehouse of positive ideas. 


It is not only for PHD Physics, or philosophers (busy writing books about dead philosophers), here we have Action philosophy, it is for everyone.

Both under 30 and over 30. We try to clear up the confusion with analysis in spite of the fact that nothing matters and so what if it did? We are also Night City  for creatives.  

The downloads are essays, short stories, mostly science fiction, and a poem (The Human Way). is our Blog We need your good positive ideas to place in the warehouse of ideas for all to learn from; IDEA SHARING is that free source of energy we create ourselves. 

Positive ideas, non political, for individuals, families , and in general; maybe your question is asked in a different way.  

We sell cards and books, but the point is how can ideas help us? All areas all countries, creative ideas, clever ideas, from the heart and imaginations. Help compose WORLD PICTURE VIEW and OPPORTUNITY INDEX. We promote voices and show you fun writing techniques. Enlighten our enthusiasms with your ideas.

Disposition is the entrance door into consciousness.       Here you are at  the new Department of Good Ideas, focus on creative problem solving science fiction, physical solutions. 

We show you more than a dozen things from what you don't know you don't know to how to be of more service to others and have great fun doing it! 

Literally,  advanced themes brought up, the clarifications on daily themes that have been incorrectly explained, or by "passive aggression" been left out: when in the teachers mind is there a thought to show the students how to do business in their own country and the world? 

Well, by now I figured out that it is their circuits that do not respond, or worse, show aversion, to the very nature of emotion in business.  I am sure we can all agree that business, the process of buying and selling, is an emotional state, that is, it has to give you energy, an enthusiasm, to think about it. 

Depends on what you think! But no matter it has not in the least been explained to you, and for a long time, me. Behind everything is an emotion projector that fires right at your brain. 

Your circuits, for we are radio stations with a camera observatory, and you either continue attention. leave, or pretend you are listening while in fact thinking of the next thing you are going to say. Another thing yet is aversion, especially if the person talking their grill off is taking too much of your time. 

Of course there should be an interfaith softball tournament and the winner is the number one religion for the year. Can we undo the forces of time and conditioning habituation that have segregated our minds to programs usually initiated from the outside, and that which through our will we program from the inside, from our own person values and Ideals? 


These are still the Dark Ages, they rage. We are the box people who do not know how their brains work (laugh you biomorph humans from 2100 that are reading this) and by not knowing how their brains work, not aware of the power of HYPNOSIS and SUGGESTION, THIS IS NO JOKE, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. 

We are programmed (hypnotized) by light and sound, and touch, to create ILLUSION. The power of suggestion will be found to be 100-1000 times greater than we now perceive, able to activate our circuits and change us. 

The evolving brain is 7 M years old, most change coming in the last 2 M. the neo cortex organizer-planner manager, Brodmann 10, is only 250,000 years old, like a baby. 


I assure you that you are more the  7 M than the  250 K, but they do work together.    Anyhow, what you have is your mind (Olympian in nature), your body (Olympian in nature), your money multiplication machine (business, not only job, "just one business").

Your spirit, how you feel inside, don't forget that! Clean it up by realizing the loops of negativity, learn to sense them within you, and get exposure to great areas for contemplation of the immense, the expansive, which liberates the mind.  

Go to the ocean, those who stay near it are the happiest. Social Life? A matter of luck? 

In part. The social network of friends dissolves every ten years, your friends become actors in a new play, and it is by engaging  in new activities in your sphere of influence that you make some new contacts, new circles. 

Each person is a network, of networks, fun, can make projects! Translation: the children can play in this big playground safely, within a comfort zone. The toys are more dangerous.


We are the children; don't you recognize us? The dogs sure do! Notice please, the true human contract with nature is to tell stories and everything that is not Nature is invented: 

Removed of its veneer and culture, of its mask, the world is  a joyful writer-inventor cooperative, in spirit, we bring it closer to the sun, the bright yellow sun that glows for everyone. 

Nature itself is a Giant Machine, a Connection machine, of push button realities which have not yet been perceived by the humans.


They wallow in the mire still, have not completely emerged from the marshes.  It is a machine which only makes machines from raw materials, so now that we have solved the old which came first the chicken or the egg (the pre-chicken as we moderns know) the new conundrum is: 

which came first, the raw materials or the machine?  Well, we may not have known two minutes ago, but now we know:

the raw materials self-assembled into evolving machines, over eons, no, a little more time than that, to make more and more machines (and the roads they travel on).


You also have Time, Special Projects, and Emotions to deal with, more complex than you may think: time is not what we think it is and neither are we.  Complex means interrelated parts. Relation implies connection and you're off! We move our bodies around.

Those first 5 environments: family, financial situation, neighborhood, schools, and your own pre-set inherited circuitry and performance spectra form your impressions of soul, emotion, and space. 

The first thing a human does mentally is establish a space, then a series of actions or "projected attachments." It's all what you do, what you feel as result, and what you have. What you can talk yourself into. 


Of course a glass palace is going to feel better, give you an ambiance that affects you and can inspire you: you may buy for your dog, a little boy. But it is not better than your run down apartment, which you can easily clean up and you should do that now. It is nicer, the glass house, but not better. 


Generic Billionaire, billionaire mentality, is one of the finest mindsets. Imagine that you are billionaire, and somebody takes all your money. What are you left with? Billionaire mentality. 

Your emotions are more fluid, and you are project driven not job driven. You know how to build a financial money multiplication machine, make products, art, write perhaps.

You have skills and abilities. You may be auto-didactic  and kind of sorta know the skill without training: 3% are like that. 

To experience the self let's do this, and then explode the STANDING WAVE REPRESENTATION OF ACTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES.  

Imagine a big table, first put on it all your memories, since it was you that had those memories. 

Your feelings? You have them, since you say I feel this way. so put them on the table also. Your skills, you have them so they are not you exactly, so  they go on the table. What is left must be you.  Is it not that yogurt-like quasi crystal inside your cranium, silent yet urgent and quite communicative with your thoughts, one per second while that machine, that real you sees everything and process it at 1000 operations per second, punching energy into grid holes, many many of them in your head so yes, you have a hole in your head, tens of thousands, and there are neuronal loops like hose driver circles in Rome, that connect all over the place. 

A paper will be printed here on its arrival.  By the way, I read a book about how high-rises are built, and it was riveting. At last we know who you are. Who you aren't is this projection, this self thing: total illusion and hypnosis, a construct. 

You are the tip of the iceberg and that other thing controls all your primal urges.  For almost one million years the brain had no new cortex, and everything was fine with its control, I suggest it is still the major brain.  

By the way, if we evolved from monkeys, what happened to the monkeys? They couldn't get over the hump? 

Standing Wave Representation of human life and living At each NODE you will have choices of actions to take. Say the choices are 4, it is like 4 doors, you pass through one to the next situation, 4 more doors, and you begin to see the zig zag mode of living we do as we chart our lives mathematically.

Realize: actions are represented by a space and a time window of opportunity, when the forces are right. They are like windows through which enter vectors of forces V(r), like waves washing up interacting at the beach. 

We are always at the beach, and the multiverse is waving at us.

Standing Wave Representation NODES:  Birth:  You are born as you the first time you can access all that information you have been taking in for about two years. 

That first time you look out and realize you are looking out, and that there is an in front of ("in colors", not language) the camera and a behind the camera, and you sustain that long enough to experience you for the first time.

 When you can retrieve memories is your intellectual birth, then you can begin to connect them by associative collages going into the mosaic which defines your memories (see: bird brain memories, just like that, it's like a hard drive, the memories go all over the place and are later re-stimulated into 20% patterns played on viz 12 and  coordinated by B 10, and recognized by the processors). 

Introduction to family: Who are these people? Why does this woman get so excited when I say mami, or the man at papi? Why don't they say something or ask me something? Here you are a captive audience, but you can read and it is highly advised to do so, to have your own list of extra reading more than they give at school. 

Elementary school, the rest of your family, neighborhood, friends, travels. See department of good ideas for more supplements for grades 1-8, very important. 

We will find the problem to be: since the late 40's, education decisions were made to not show the students the full candy sampler of life, or how to achieve the dreams of connecting with the business elements.


We need to know about how to start the multiple business pattern, a clear basic of billionaire mentality, the sum of the incomes as projects and even then it is so you can fund your science of mind, your sports training, your other business and philanthropic humanitarian projects, and your playing in the band, perhaps sculpture. 

High School, the complementary sex, “being 16,”troubles with parents and others, and without knowing it being walked down either the yellow rubber bumper of stem science and math, or the trades, or Art as a laughable pursuit of the near mad, or maybe you are a doctor or lawyer, or software engineer.

None of the above! All have perhaps a career that creates capital or your first investment in time and effort. You should always know the invention steps, and develop your arts for sale too. 


When you liberate packets of $20,000 from your sum of the incomes tactic, then you buy houses just like in that stupid game I always lost, Monopoly, that was the rich people giving back knowledge, and I always lost. Or you get back into business and start more products, fun! 

Yes I know, it took me 15 years to realize that it is an emotion, that people hate sales so that option is usually out, especially in High school. 

(painfully, I realized that a lot if not most people like the whole “job” concept and little of the “your own business” concept which saved my ass. I could not do some physics job somewhere for somebody. My personality chooses “start your own enterprises,” a more project-driven approach) –writer post-note

You should know how to do it, and be exposed for 15 weeks to many subjects in the ARTS which is really the sum of invention, science, engineering and thought with film, writing, music, and what we now think of as art. Read: New General and Special Theory of Economics: how to build your personal money multiplication machine.


You should be taught business in grades 4-7!  Like a mail order or web business, both work! Websites are supported with as much advertising money as needed for you to meet your profit goals. It is not hard, and it is fun, and you can have a few as opposed to job, less time constraints. 


Selection of studies: if you already had money coming in from the business you started in grade 5 you just pick what you want to know and start the laboratory. All the sciences are used to solve all the problems, at least an overview of problem solving methodology (I just wanted to write that word) needs to  be introduced, with creativity and cleverness, and advanced data base acquisition, and my invention TV TRAVEL and the WORLD VIEW PAVILION in place so we can all travel the world and meet all kinds of people on the computer, of course. 


With more time and money you can do anything, execute your projects, and improve your mind so you make wise choices because remember: your emotions change over time, they are machine-generated after all, and all machines fail.  

Physical fitness, nutrition, social life, money, establishing of self-identity, driving, learning other subjects, growing, you do what you please so long as the radio station plays good songs.   Where to live, job or businesses? Car or bicycle? How much to make and for what? What to make of the human condition? 

Of course, nothing in any particular order, and plenty of choices which we now see are the sum of a series of choices based on what you have been exposed to, see it for what it is: a multiple dimension electronic wave superposition, choices that took you from there to here, zig zag, so we need to develop a gradient for our components and their actions, more  ambition that house and car, job. 

We live in zig zags and uplift by parley.  Gradient for the MIND: read, find overviews and books, tutors, on the subjects, study the brain since this is what makes us stupid now, carry on science projects on Friday night instead of going out drinking, hear pod casts and audio books on your subjects, casually look at illusion, hypnosis, ventriloquism, associate mind with spirit because of emotion, energy of motion. Go to the library. Learn Connection Theory well. 

For your BODY: you are indeed fortunate if you play sport, create the time to train to be the best you can be and you will surprise yourself every day during waking hours and also your dreams.  Is there a chance  that the apparatus to communicate with our God is broken?


Can God be in trouble and need all our help? is the apparatus deep in the brain, near the cisterns? WALLET: Billionaire mentality, sum of the incomes, research what emotions make you tick and write saying to motivate yourself, forget the others they never help anyone but themselves, programmed to be that way mostly, they get an award when they are not. Get my list of the skills that make $50-500 and hour/ gigs that pay 500-1500 per. 

Not just for you, silly, but to give to everybody at the church, for example,as part of your IDEA SHARING BROCHURE which we should all have to give to others, to stir the seas of emotion.

The battle for good and evil is being fought in inner space! Positive and Negative forces.  What do I lose when I use a push button reality to send to you how to learn to write books in 15 minutes and sell them in 5?

How to make movies: my pleasure, how to invent or start multiple incomes that add up to 1000 a day? Did you think this is all top secret, NO, we should all know these things from grades 4,5,6, and these are the valuable supplements that turn the ship around to the correct harbor, the tide that lifts all ships is the more general information that has not been assembled until now here at DGI. 


And we give it away free in exchange for your good ideas to throw into the fire to work on our individual uplifts and those of all, through collaborations of thoughts, knowledge, and points of views from all over the world right on our TV with DGI invention TV Travel and the World View Pavilion.


Retirement: when every 45 minutes it’s breakfast again 



Variety of choices, 4-6 at each node junction adding up as we go Presents our common state of affairs towards an uplift of all human factors and the diminishing of killing, war, poverty, and medical problems. This can be brought about by the combined strength of the products and support of the IDEA FACTORIES now firmly atop our shoulders, we shoulder the world in our 18 maps and representations.


We shall connect either in series (collaborations) or in parallel (different individual projects). Through Department of Good Ideas we will have an ever growing data base of Good Ideas to supplement the ones already out there, and they will connect.

Connection is the dominant theme of realities.  You are now part of something big, a growing demand for collaborative problem solving. we are a writer-inventor cooperative that shows you how to write and sell in 15 minutes with time left over to show you how to invent: notice, we are all story tellers, and the world, every part of it that is not Nature, is invented (please tell my mother that). 

Join in the creation of the OPPORTUNITY INDEX and much more. Direct from Cuba, Habana. We also have the COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW and need your videos and reports. Sadly, the state of the original thinker and the creative problem solver is like that of Shakespearean actors waiting to enter from the wings. 

Much can be said through words, and much can be confused by them. How much is our thinking, how much is the influence, through careful navigation in the straits of reason and common sense found in our brains, the thinking of others placed squarely in our minds, so we say: Beware your thoughts; they may not be your own.  

We must all, together, return The Power of the Word. And this is the dilemma, for who are we, really? The projected consciousness we call ourselves may be only 10%, like the tip of the iceberg of our inner consciousness, our original self, the one that was here before the neo-cortex was installed 100,000 years ago near St. Tropes somewhere. 

You may as well say what is reality, which will be needed to verify who we are. And as a matter of fact, this “existence” thing is not such a given after all; words were used to describe our situations, they were not the situations themselves. 

The Nature of the Beast is in the ride through time, our abilities, our talents, all consumed like wine, and words are  wine to the soul, when used to explain rather than detract, justify, when the Power of the Word has been once again triumphant, for it signifies the emergence of soul, of a new art which includes all sciences to solve all problems, that does not diminish the artist by a perception of their income, that false confessor of attendant sinners, as do the castigators, the ones that pretend to know and champion art, know every line and curve, but not the boxes they have placed themselves in by a type of inattention to the fourth scale of visual perception: the far away look

This confers the view of the time-river dimension in which we move, bound by silent forces that only appear here and there, and often only virtually. We can see the components more clearly, and without psychology, for the moment. How I wish I still had that list of emotions we were given in high school, in case we ever needed to use them! In case of fire, break glass. 


We are a photo camera unit, with a biophysical laboratory- radio station that tunes in select frequencies as data for analysis and possible storage, at least short term. 

After all, in a 30 minute walk you see 3 million things, which to filter and which to let in? Items are placed in the Encyclopedia of Mechanisms (of data and process), and lots of fun stuff is happening in that quasi-crystal that looks like blueberry yogurt. I believe there is action in the cisterns, and that the CNS fluid in them acts as a detector of new forces, stay tuned for a later update on that. 

Keep in mind I am science fiction writer, also know that our “jobs” conceal us, our relative eclecticism, our prolificity, our connection to other items in the space complexity before us.  But who are we, really? 

This will become more of importance as we see our role in the world: there are no monopoles, there appear to be phenomena and observer, neither exists independently by itself so no, there is no sound if there is no one around to hear it (I know because one day I snuck up on Nature and listened as a tree fell in total silence!). 


So there will be this thing called us, a type of camera with emotions in the form of transmitted S-waves through our very craniums, for who are we other than the robots of dawn, programmed from the inside and out? 

And there will be the Standing Wave Representation of life and living, the true choices and variations of this experienced and then one day it is all archived in the Encyclopedia, and we tell our story to the world, and champion themes, and discuss valuable topics not just other people and sundry items. 

We must arise to a world of ideas, not blind power. The creative power must never be undervalued, for it moves us forward in leaps, which is why DGI is a writer inventor cooperative of ideas whose value is their merit, and not source of origin. 

We appear to be the emotions we express inward and outward, the power generation of them, and where they go. We experience our actions, and our first memories are about there being an in front  and a behind the camera we call us, just for fun. 

Are we our emotions, or is our true self that inner being, that thing relegated to the corner as relatively unimportant, finding art there as a companion? Again: Beware your thoughts, they may not be your own.  

You are now part of something big, growing demand for problem solving, we are a writer-inventor cooperative that shows you how to write and sell in 15 minutes with time left over to show you how to invent: notice, we are all story tellers, and the world, every part of it that is not Nature, is invented; join in the creation of the OPPORTUNITY INDEX and much more. 

Direct from Cuba, Habana. 

We also have the COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW and need your videos and reports. Most have “not much” to say about most anything, so for whom are these words written? For whosoever interprets them in their highest intent, their positive transmission of IDEALS as primal forces that stir minds, drive us forward, and steer us through obstacles to our goals.

There is no Spiritual Laryngitis; the ignorance is due to the programming of the first four, out of 15, environments we find ourselves in: family, money situation, school, and neighborhood. These are your candy samplers. 

We are not Cave people, we are Box people. Pencils down, your world is on fire! We find ourselves at home, in social life, or spinning in our Mentality Wheel, usually a job situation for 85% and a constant state of angst for the 15% that find the whole thing absurd, as if some comedic drama played in all seriousness, but clearly when you leave the room, people become the way they really are, charming, caring, of service to each other, discussing topics, championing themes, creating opportunity, benefit, service, adventure for each other. 

Salons of reports on projects on Fridays, vegan. When you are there: glum silence or would somebody like another drink?  So we finally, somehow, make it to the UNIVERSAL STANDING WAVE REPRESENTATION OF LIFE AND LIVING I imagine it like a Sigmoid Curve, but it is also the Bell Curve, maybe the complete family, and families of families, of curves.  

Everything has its time.  All machines fail. All the Universe can do is make machines out of raw materials, that is its job 24.25-7. Which came first, the material or the machine? 

It has nodes. At each node there are a series of choices, and a certain amount of the “world” to be present in information presentation mode, choices to be as if you are faced with 4-6 doors, you must choose one, then go to the next set of doors.  Most action requires 4-6 choices and you are there, then you have to do it all over again, and circumstances change, but it is clear that once we push the nasty Money Monster aside (really, a straw man for the Time and Health monsters) we can move in the gradient direction of Felicity.  

Admittedly, we find that nothing matters (and so what if it did?) unless we make it matter, and that we solve the problems of life and living only to find that they have taken on another form and need to be solved all over again. 

Standing Wave Representation NODES:  Birth Introduction to family Elementary school, the rest of your family, neighborhood, friends, travels High School, the complementary sex, “being 16,”troubles with parents and others Selection of studies, physical fitness, nutrition, social life, money, establishing of self-identity, driving, learning other subjects, travel,  Where to live, job or businesses? 

Car or bicycle? How much to make and for what? What to make of the human condition?  Retirement: when every 45 minutes it’s breakfast again.  

We will flesh out the nodes in the weeks to come, stay tuned; we will somehow connect emotion, and our ability to change them, and new choices in lifestyle design and consciousness that may attract your pleasure center. 

At each of the above nodes there were some forced choices, and many that you did not realize you had, you simply were not shown. DGI will show you how to do business, play sports, write instantly for profit, make film, invent, and other reports.


We shall clarify the choices and methods at each node, and hopefully customize it to your emotions. Ask yourself now (or, go make a sandwich and come back), since I am not a doctor, lawyer, software engineer, or party planner, why was I not given a book with the skills that pay $50-500+ per hour, and gigs that pay $500-1500 per?


Why are we not shown business in grade 5? So much of the world was emotion, emotional states of mind and allowances; I seem to have misplaced the list of my emotions given to me in high school, in case I ever needed to use them, can you send me yours? I believe that between pain and pleasure there are about 15. 

We will find this task to be difficult, because the mind is not yet known. For over 3000 years the voices that people heard in their heads was thought to be that of the gods, now we know it was my mother in law!


Section conclusion: Life is Horrible (and such small portions too) When 4 out of 5 people who are blind can be cured for $100, and they are not, I go to work. Why is this not in media? 

 Why is the media so silent about social causes? Prevailing critical thinking is not only poor, but limited and often lacking true heartfelt intelligence or an imaginative mind. 

Ask the thinker for thoughts and the creative problem solver for solutions in national ideas contests. We need clever in the picture. Not having  contests makes fools of us all, and of our education a hoax. 

Files coming soon.

Spend your first 20 years with the dead

They knew how to live for their time, their impressions often seem as if they are soaring, above it all, in the dimension 4, the far-away look to see the overall components of the system under pattern analysis. Notice the word " over all."

DGI needs thinkers, writers, workers, researchers. Together, we build a better world, obviously, and have lots of fun doing it, even getting rich and joining the 20% that do better than the 80 that lives paycheck to paycheck, as  if by design. 


Think of all the thoughts places in your head by others, family, environment, "a little voice in your head," and schools. Have you learned yet about the passive-aggressive denial of what CREATIVITY really is, and its powers? What EMOTION really is and why we received no list in high school or college about how to use emotions, control them, in case we ever needed to use them. This is why DGI exists, to point out the things that no one is talking about. 

Example: we have a new book obviously coming out: Book of 100,000+ member organizations you never heard about! With our nutrition books, cooking books, money making books, we have it all for you and are a conduit for higher thoughts, the ones we can easily share with others.

Maybe you have to be a writer to do this, you think. We are all story tellers, and we show you how to write. The world is invented, we show you how to invent. 

Contact and you will be glad you did, we have plays to run, fun plays, to make your journey in time more pleasant. Truly we are all imprisoned at this time in the dungeons of time, without any charge. We cover your dimensions, your connections to Life and reality. 

DGI needs more generation of ideas by the idea factories in our heads: The 80% can "shift" into the 20%  by emotional cooperation from ourselves and friends. Multiple businesses run by others gives you time and money to live your dreams and empower others. We line them up and get massive thoughts to improve our lives and others'. 

Files coming soon.

Should have danced all night...done a thousand things


  • Had to cry, today. I saw a man with a child's bike with training   wheels, small. What made me cry was seeing the look and expression, the      feeling, that the child must feel when getting that bike, seeing it for      the first time. 

 If you have noticed, this is the place for information on how to be in your own businesses. We tell you it is an emotion, to have multiple businesses like the Hollywood artists, you need support and time, do many things, should have danced all night, should have done a thousand things...

This is the rightful legacy of joy and happiness that the last 100 B humans try to pass on. We have problem-solved even the problems we did not know we had! But, if we are to work our way back to paradise, we can learn from the child. We must feel this again.

  • If you have not guessed by now, as time goes on we carry the      emotional sum of the impressions made in our shall we say E8 crystal you      know as your brain-mind. We carry the sum of our impressions, good and bad      (new cortex identification of concept), or positive-negative (the  original, the 7 M year automatic design; new cortex 250 K years, like a bebe.

  • The child stops being a child when an introduction to the      "real" world is given, usually by parents, schools, and friends.      The story goes something like this:  After and even during your time      in your parents' care, the world has happiness, yes, fun, but ALSO: lying,      cheating, stealing, irrational behavior, forced sexuality, and false      behaviour with ulterior motive. Do we stop being our "real"      selves when we stop calling on the child still there? See the old person,      struggling with the walk of life; inside still the child, one of the 8      sets of eyes looking out the window.

  • Where are the psychologists? Where are the academics? Where are      the philosophers? Where are the mathematicians, for all these things are      complex physical solutions of underlying mathematics?

  • Well, there is we inform you that those of us that grew up in great environments, clean,      people apparently at least content, that minimum standard of not being      unhappy. We are dropping the ball on almost ALL of the system solutions,      because coming out of 12,000 years of barbarism, believing that the voices  in our heads were the gods (now we know it is my mother-in-law), quite   frankly we cannot think yet, or know what there is to think about, the categories for the thoughts are obvious as you see on      the web. You feel great from the great environments, the health, the   luck of the circuits that respond to positive stimulus no matter the format it is offered in.

  • I am trying to invite 15 thinkers from every country for a variety      of think and do tanks projects. We go door to door in all 35 metros and      hand out PERSONAL GOOD NEWS flyers. Turns out we are not formatted to      understand our emotions or read the menu for the Gigantic Connection      Machine. We do not even have an inventory of all 240 countries! Their OPPORTUNITY     INDEX. Those are some projects of some 20 we have. We bring about the AGE      OF SPIRITUAL COOPERATION but we explain spirit as a part of physics. 

  • Send some thoughts, get some free books, original books that      explain what the elementary school left out, and what the specialized      skills training centers were too politicized and of little heart and      imagination to explain. 
  • Creativity and Art: totally miscast as sided actors that in the      new age become each a hero, this is the training we need be exposed to:      how to use clever and super creativity, and fluid intelligence      (intelligence: sum and control of the smart fields, 7 of them). 

  • So DGI becomes a source for writer-inventor information and      action. We find the world ridiculously easy, the people hard. They do not      notice the pieces can be set up a little differently WITHOUT MONEY and      there is a win-win-win situation. The people are much too silent, as if in      a trance, only the independent thinker and some others here and there can      really do it, see, be visionary in scope from that dimension 4 the      philosophers threw thunderbolts down at the people: they can see the components, the far away look. 

  • Get us some thinkers, people of all ages, kind of hyper, whiz      kid who has not yet been sent to do medical research 80 hours a week      somewhere, instead of keeping the whiz kid alive, it is deflated. 

  • When the child sees the bicycle is the opposite of those that      find themselves quite happy, always doing well, healthy, in great      environments, who then as if by chance or by heart notices there is a  world here, and that it needs all of us to create it with the kind of  ideas we have at DGI.

  •  We need 15 such organizations of GOOD NEWS also of      bad news: hey, not everybody has their problem solved, not the poor, the      disabled, the poor and disabled, and those of tortured minds, they need      help too. The world as it stands does not make sense to about 15% of the      people, the more independent non-politicized individuals who have eyes      that can see and minds that can feel and hearts that can sing: They see:      why is nobody talking about this? It is at that moment that ART redefines      itself and becomes aggressive at solving the problems after an inventory      including what we don't know we don't know. 

  • We have 100 original concepts and solutions, invite yours.      Please get us some thinkers with heart. The  barbaric world was      mostly concrete thinkers, they set this up. Now, we grow a flower on these      stalks: actual thought and heart leads us to: The Age of Spiritual Cooperation. 

  • Solve this: The Origins of War  

  • Miffed: Frustrated: Conflict: Violence: War (large scale      violence by governance and soldiers). 
  • The obvious solution: create a Department of Pre-conflict, but   what are its tools for defusing? We need inventory for this important entry into ME . 

Files coming soon.

Beyond the Great Attractor


Recall that light is energy, and it is how we see, so our memories too are bombarded by photons from a variety of sources. Do they translate into electrochemical energy and post quantum effects too?

It has been said (by me) that sight alone does not cure blindness. A certain Dr. Jay Mayer has been pointing out that we may be in an accountable trance, certain governors installed in our brains, which influence the mind.

First, your connections to reality (emotions are your life, these are the connectors): Mind, Body, Wallet, Spirit, Social Life, Special Projects, Time, and Emotion. 

Regardless of what “you” “are” you are connected by these 6 fields, which sometimes resonate with stimulus. Stimulus can come from the inside of the brain, or outside.

We have not been shown much of anything; the society was set up by mostly concrete thinkers in power, smart people who more believe in practicalities of life and profits. The appearance in our Shakespearean drama by the intelligent thinker with heart, clever, and imagination is just beginning. This is the flower, our consensual imaginations.

Right now: somebody gets media attention and we all look and listen. We should be more concerned that these luminaries could do much more for the countries by the sheer volume of contests they could have for thinkers and problem solvers. They can form methods of superior promotion, and giveaways.

There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.

We need to all learn how to use our emotions and our ability to cooperate in idea creation to solve all the problems, not just money. The problems are in the categories above. Please send your answers to DGI.  

We are not shown how to build a money multiplication machine. See the complete list of the problems and solutions at the website, department of good ideas. There, you also learn instant writing and how to invent, and can enter to win a Captain Midnight decoder ring. 


We are not shown the world (we are building World View Pavillion), its inventory (Complete world picture view of opportunity, benefit, service, and adventure), or the Opportunity Index of our world (how close to Billionaire Mentality can the child become by the opportunity?) and many more on the website.

 At some point I will put everything in nice easy to read boxes. Also, I do not appreciate comments  for me to execute acts I would have to be one of the top contortionists in the world to do. 

Files coming soon.