Warren Peace Aphorisms 2018

  1. The World of appearances casts many shadows; the only things visible are illusions, the only things that remain hidden are the true facts.
  2. The Secrets of Life are different than the Secrets of Reality.
  3. Love is not a hole you fall into, but a mountain you climb.
  4. Your little world needs you now
  5. In the refrigerator of Life, the sex light and the money light are always on.
  6. Appropriate music will be provided on this site. For now, you may console yourself at: reverbnation.com/SpiriTech  Warren Peace is drummer/singer 
  7. The past arrives much faster than the future
  8. shortest joke in the world: An Irishman walks OUT of a bar!
  9. You are the sum of the forces you have experienced, and how they have affected your mind crystal and the machine-animal carrying it. Still, a figment of your own imagination...
  10. Science Fiction story of the week and more is coming: Time is not what we think it is, and neither are we.
  11. Cuba, the Pearl of the Antilles, was a paradise in every way. We are the fire, the motivators in the story, now they eat only 15 days a month; how our own man took away all our freedoms is our tragedy. We are a courageous, creative, spiritual people full of heart. No one gets paid what they deserve.
  12.  Beware your thoughts: they may not be your own 
  13. Your goal in the 5-day week is to promote yourself to the 3-day week, the generic-billionaire mentality, controlling time and being project driven. Wealthy: well off, and healthy

Writings for the world of thought


The Human Way


Generate excitement

And respect the calmness of others

Develop Super-Creativity

Buy your freedom through businesses, sum of skills taken to markets. Live your dreams and empower those of others. Super means everywhere, in this context.

For your reading pleasure, Cities at War by Warren Peace

Cities at War (DOC)


Consider more: are you optimizing your life?

Life is lived in zig zag but uplifted by parley. You deserve to be a part, a strong contributor part, of the championing of themes and the discussion of valuable topics, in your time with others, away from your mentality wheel. There are about 60 of those, and they usually stand for our job, the place where they pat you on the back and say job well done, the price you pay is one of politics, of your ability to speak freely even if you had not been "steered" towards a "program" in this Dark Age, for there has been no Renaissance, but a mere discovery of three-dimensionality in painting and some portraiture. That there were 100 billionaire families by the year zero you knew, but what about the knowing looks that celebrities give each other, and to you, when you see one, how you are using the very secrets of those first 100 billionaires, for they must crystallize, distill to, those roughly 36 types of personality response to stimuli, and to mood alteration, to stress: now books are coming out saying the job is killing us, what are we to do if we even have jobs, what with all the robots being built, all the A.I. Well, it is now up to you and me to save the world and hey, where are you going? That is the situation here at DGI headquarters, the madhouse of fun that it is. All kinds of science, sports, making money (so, ironically, we park the exponential money multiplication machine in a corner of the room collecting dust, while we live our dreams and empower those of others), and help our world by not allowing genie-in-us to turn to mediocrity in the hands of others, the putty that we are, we are Olympian athletes once we discover our machines, that the universe only makes machines out of raw materials, so in the Big Bang: which came first, the machine or the raw material?  Play music, don't just buy it! You are science, don't you know?

The raw materials are effects, perhaps, and the machine building is by roads on which the effects travel or are constructed in, more on this later, it is really very hush hush stuff. 

Yes, you are only seeing the veneer as played within the social game of Poker. Behind the veneer comes a dimension from which you can see patterns, the connections of the elements, like roots. At a broader level, you see the pattern of patterns, but beware your thoughts: they may not be your own here. 

The social poker game: two cards everyone has face up for all to see: appearance and grooming, the second is apparent social status within a social space. Three cards are held by each player for only them to see: soul, physicality, and private money holdings. There is another card, on our forehead: we can't see it, ever, but all others can. 

We join your life, already in progress, and bring you the promise of a new look at old things and finding value, quality, fresh outlooks in IDEALS and bring back our old friend ENLIGHTENMENT, which is more like turning on the lights in the house and realizing there was more house, that you had been living in the basement. Ideals are powerful sources of motivation and self hypnosis for doing things, we may work by ILLUSION and HYPNOSIS, are programmed by light and sound, using our emotions as recording apparatus (OK, that last one was a stretch). 

The 16 Freedoms

What MUST they be?

Freedom to worship, market, travel our world, speak freely, dance and make music, assemble peacefully, read books from other places, access to  medical, access to safety and comfort, to transportation and have public libraries, to write and broadcast positive messages, to make film, to share ideas,  in an INFORMATION EXCHANGE (like DGI), of choice including diversity and gender, to treat each person as important, and finally the freedom to go absolutely irrational, and if all the scientists in the world say "2 + 2 =4" for you it will always be 5. 

Here are the Secrets of Life!

In how many ways are humans connected to Reality? Well, what do we have to connect, Connection being the dominant theory of all the realities? From the Encyclopedia of Mechanism comes the obvious: What must the answer be? Mind, Body, Wallet, Spirit, Social Life, Special Projects, Time, and Emotion. Before, I had not discerned the influence of the mental gravitational data fields Time and Emotion. Time was once my friend, now like a whore, short and demanding, and emotion, energy of motion? We hear about IQ, but no EQ, and that is where the ruthless and uncaring want us:  no possible ideas about business websites with PayPal, no mention of how to get voices from other countries here, and promote them on Amazon, iTunes, everywhere (50-100 websites recommended. Recall that you can have from 3-120 businesses at the same time with careful trusted management. The desire could be more like this, in the new lifestyle design (I write science fiction): You are well exposed to job as well as given a list of skills that pay $50-$500 per hour, and gigs that pay $500-$1500 per, and all this in grade 5. You are shown how to double your money over and over, and how that is the actual definition of market economy operations in business, where YOU have a spot on the shelf too. Many shelves, so the families don't have to  suffer, we can  all help the 32 metros, then spread out to the world with our Good Ideas. In 2008, notice nobody defined an economy, I do in New General and Special Theory of Economics, something like a cloud we enter and exit from 3-120 times for the purpose of extracting profit. Not making money, mind you, for that would just keep the operation going, but deny growth and spell impending disaster if maintained. I did a show on TV for years on this and few really got it; my post game analysis was: they needed the emotional support from their inner spirit and their home team, and they needed hands on support (simple  cost: $40 per hour, work quickly). 

The money thing is derivative from the lack of the following talk that our parents, and certainly our teachers, those charming liars, never had with us: "Son/Daughters/Students, as you are born into this world you are held by invisible hands that provide everything, place to live, food, money to get around and deal with expenses. We must all build an exponential money multiplication machine through multiple incomes, or else the Money Monster can overcome us and simply ruin our day. The Money Monster is the straw man for the Health and the Time monsters. 

Once told this more reasonable story than "Santa Claus doesn't  exist (you should see my new bike) sets us on the path to buy our exits from the 5-day grind by money multiplication. Honestly, the formula is this: Ax + Bi = Sum {C e ^G) which means all your set up money, plus your big imagination money is equal to the sum of your business machines of the form e, Euler's number, raised to your Good fortune exponent, and modified by capital thresh-holds. The emotion has been taken from our families, from us, from our friends, to start business enterprises, instead to let our arteries become brittle while we discuss only stocks and real estate holdings: the best years of money for you are the Business years, where you add up your incomes, you build your machine composed of the application of your skills, their variety, in the markets you find or create for yourself. Business is exciting,  stocks are boring and make you smoke pipes (thinking of that, excuse me for moment...now, where is that Carter hall?...), real estate just kind of sits there, and you bored in a real estate office. Yes, if you have not guessed it by now, DGI is about avoiding boredom! Still, enjoy the peace and the silence those of you that like the calm and the stillness. 

Markets doing bad? This translates to the rich people are not selling (then hammer them on commodities, what they can't afford to do without), and this in turn displeases the billionaires. Each billionaire is like a world country. Please remember if you can that after 70 every 45 minutes it is breakfast again!! Dear, is there somebody at the door?

Your Elementary School Schedule

Pre-school to Kindergarten: your mother teaches you reading (The Arabian Nights highly recommended), and you read.

Grade 1: Read, write, simple calculus

Grade 2: New language begins

Grade 3: writing a story and book, how to sell stories and books

Grade 4: 4 steps to invention development: idea, design, prototype, sell 6 fun ways, make fortunes, and meet new circles of people.

Grade 5: International and local business, how to have multiple incomes, how to be project driven, how to speak publicly with comfort and confidence.

Grade 6: Film and documentary making; how to sell them example YouTube

Grade 7: Sports and Olympian diet and discipline; how to be of service to others, how to empower others

Grade 8: Ice cream, one scoop, vanilla, 3,4 peanuts topping (exact number does not matter here): THE BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THE MORALE. IMPROVES. Hard work is its own reward. These are like valued supplements that lead to the Ideals, rich sources of energy that really pull you and make a difference with emotion, energy of motion. 

Are we possibly Cameras?

They tell us the body is like a machine. Then the same people, presumably top biologists, tell us the cell is like a machine. Finally, the brain is like a machine. Can we be a camera that collages images in a type of Theater of the Imagination, which creates imaging for the Encyclopedia of Mechanisms, which we view in Viz 12 in the back of our brains? Do we carry a radio station, which picks up only mind, body, money, spirit, social, projects if any, sense of time (quite personal and quite psychological: Time is not what we think it is, and neither are we, let that fester in your beard, much larger than your head). All this carried around by a machine-animal derived from monkey plant? So our purpose is to photograph life using the emotions somehow, and to archive. The pictures, all of them, are archived, and the positive ones could be shared. The word "like" should be in there in a few places, but you get the picture.  We know there  are many filters and camera effect many based on light, so tone and frequency will turn on new areas perhaps? They give the energy to make a collage, perhaps "riff" off thought and create new ideas, like a skewer of energies adding to a new code to play in a visualization loop?

Now there are specialized magnets that are placed over your cranium while you see imaging that triggers the area that bothers you. The magnets are turned on, and over some treatments, the strong emotion is no longer associated with triggers by stimuli, although you remember having the experience, the bite on your psyche is lessened to tolerable. For PTSD sufferers, soon all of us. 

Can the cutting down of most trees affect us?

95% of the trees in the U.S. are gone, from 1776. Most of European trees also, and indigenous trees from South America. Our body design is from the equator, and has not changed in the last 100,000 years. The only time is changed was 25,000 years ago when everybody all at once needed Chinese food, though some suspect is was a pole shift. Think of it! There are 100 types of fruits and vegetables in the Equator, here in the U.S. the same 29 over and over, in every inconvenience store and food market (and DGI counsels: check the specials, 1/6 do not make it to the cash register but you zip your card right on through). 

The many trees brought on more tree species (somehow), and those in turn have their own forest creatures and insects: many of those are all leaving us for good: we are losing 119 species per day. Why, we might need their exhaust fertilizer fumes to keep us biochemically mood regulated. Who is to say for sure. Are the insects getting into little inter-dimensional time machines and going to other planets where they hope to be more appreciated? We must be the laughing stock of the multi-verse. The plankton is changing in their ability to exchange gases and give us oxygen; trees also absorb chemical pollution.  Factory A has safe biodegradable emissions, as does factory B, but the problem is that the combination of their exhaust has not been chemically tested. Help DGI design a home environmental test that tests not only the air inside your home and out, for impurities and undesirable qualities, but also for the materials in your home and possible combinations of the cleaners you use (factories A and B). 

Apart from this: What other hazards should be presented in list form, such as the chance occurrence of underground sewer line explosions, we need to know our environments, including the cars  and their emissions, their true impact on our lives. Promotion of the damage caused by alcohol is gaining strength, relation to ill health, as well books about how the job kills us from the lack of proper rest, nutrition, and under exercising, Make your exit strategy into multiple incomes, which is billionaire project-driven mentality, effective contact with your network, and consequently their networks of special knowledge persons who can assist you, but would not if you walked in the front door, yet here because you know somebody that knows somebody, their uncle for example, you are "grandfathered" in. 

Very strange how the insect species is also losing numbers, as much as 25% in some areas. Does it not appear to you as if some of us are more worker ants and others more like bees, going from source to source, collecting pollen and assembling imaginations for all of us, like Walt Disney did. I hope one day to freeze my head squarely between Walt and Ted Williams, I'll be safer there. 

The only things visible are the illusions

The only things that remain hidden are the true facts. They emerge from something else, as judges and physicists know. Has the time come for IDEA SHARING, initiating the science, no, the times  of Positive Mental Energy Visualization? Let us consider one possible mechanism, and you supply more by email: I do something nice for you, you express gratitude, I feel pride, a third person seeing this exchange experiences uplift. All three got positive energy and not necessarily by burning calories. The amount of calories burned is probably not worth the problem for the human body: all three people got energy from a sea of emotion, what we call virtual space now, and the mechanism for producing emotion is something we "download" from space using S-waves, which is why perhaps we cannot explain the brain functions taking place at this time. Disclaimer: I could be totally wrong.

Money Tree Technology

Defines Capitalism in a free market economy. Investment becomes money multiplication. 

Take $100, buy  something you can sell for $200, and keep doing that:  100 - 200 - 400 - 800 - 1600-3200 - 6400 - 12,800 - $25,600, can be guitars, bass, cars, your theme of interest and expertise, you speak well in that field. The idea here is world business: when you buy something from the shelf, the manufacturer paid half the cost you paid to the store supplying the shelf-space. Get yourself on the OTHER side of the shelves, the one being put on for sale, not the one for consumption only: we all need multiple fun incomes we can do with our families, our friends, and our trusted associates. Business projects  are many, but again, the emotion has been taken out for buy and sell, even though you meet a new circle of people, and how hard is that to do? No one told you the friends and social network breaks down every ten years or so, and needs to be rebuilt, and how to do it, now you know: each activity brings a group. Each member of that group is a network or networks to get you any information and connection you might want. Money Tree Technology should have been shown to us in grade 5, not that lemonade stand thing. Plus notice, another illusion in the best place for it: in front of your eyes. If you get 100 accounts that make you $100 per month each, that is more money than you can shake a stick at, and you have 32 metros to do it. Notice: all relationships suffer through the bell curve: great upside, steady time, then begins to lose steam, decelerate. So too with business products. Your friends? Ha! they all get married, most super married, and change personality look and appearance as if the Bard had been more than right: they have become actors in a new play.  The emotion and time has been taken out of the sails of the people: get your kids to do it, or start with a few websites you build up from their template on 30 minutes a day. See it grow.

Two shortest Science Fiction stories by Warren Peace


Space Alien 1: You picked up the reality, didn't you?

Alien 2: No!  I thought you did!

Alien 1: Did you at least pick up the robots?

Ship enters wormhole.


The Immortal

Is exactly what he now was, he thought as he left the immortality clinic. Now he could do everything he ever wanted! Dream big, he had the time and the money! Read, experiment, travel the planets, the projects were endless. He was well aware that when crossing the street, immortals should always look four ways, but such was his enthusiastic appraisal of his happy future, that he did not hear the man shouting, "Watch out! Truck!" and in that fraction of a fraction of a second he thought: forever; that's a pretty long time.

And that would be that, if he did not have a body, one would be grown for him; in this case he did. Also, his brain had been encased in a titanium-beryllium sleeve which fully absorbed all impacts, making it all in all a pretty good day.