You might wish to know...

We will have many files,  Here is one idea: Napoleon had in his mind a chest of drawers, open. He would deal with what was inside each and close it. He would do this with all the drawers, then go to sleep. He knew the names of 500 generals.


Governance has enough on its plate dealing with the billionaires, other countries, our safety, and mediating conflicts between groups.

      We ourselves are of such large numbers, 330 M, that as idea think tanks grow (DGI suggests you need 15 “maps” to have one, for the pattern to settle down some and become clearer, richer in impressions), we have a more cohesive view of the opportunity, content, benefit, service, and adventure in this world, using TV Instant Travel: arrive before you leave technology; this is one of our banner inventions at DGI. 

World Communicator is another, and in this case the technology already exists, but DGI uses it differently, as an Information Exchange with carefully cooperative-developed parameters. Portable markets, like video bazaars, can help us create opportunity for people in other countries. 


We the 330 M can make our inventory of the world, our mosaic, and use the knowledge of all the cultures, all the positive ideas, those that exist now, those that did exist once, and those that can be created. We can take more responsibility and become stronger by using large-scale numbers of “idea factories.” We may even be able to help the broke, poor, sick, and the suffering with more detailed knowledge of who is “on the case” for social causes, for individual advocacy (Book of Causes and Their Agencies).

 Groups are composed of individuals, a fact often going unnoticed until members go off-course, then you realize that as people we are a mixture of things, engaged with a mixture of groups. DGI creates a book like this, like a bingo card for world problems (another fun feature at DGI), we may know the answer, the "answer" is bound to be in at least some of us, and they yell out Bingo! Fun!

Maybe also get a million dollars, why not? We should be winning new products and gifts from all those celebrities we made rich should give back in the way of contests, win a year of groceries, get a check for 10,000 here and there, why did I light that dumb lighter if my heroes forgot all about us? Celebrities should not be given prizes for doing good things: they all should, of course, and all the time. There are only 32 metros in America and 5000 celebrities apart from 66,000 millionaires per metro.

Also, we are just not giving the information to the high school "wiz kids" they are too busy making money for a millionaire. Where is Walt Disney when you need him!

Once on a mentality wheel, one's job or profession usually, there is a relief of consciousness, why, that must be someone else's job. Well, we are all stewards of the Earth, and we are going to be quite busy after inventory is taken. The ideals sponsored and hopefully demonstrated here are powerful tools: they are the standards of reason and goal oriented behavior. They propel us to the advancement of enlightenment (there is no advancement for saint, that is always state of the art), which is DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS: Obdurate tenacity of Will and Imagination. Our motto: Imagine

Unknown to the masses, the loss of 95% of the trees, their ability to give fresh air, their large variety to create a large variety of animal species, have affected us, we may be waking up in "safe mode" and not in our full faculties. We were supposed by design to breathe in through these large funnels in our faces the blend of tree species, animal molecules (including, as for the 700 million bacteria in our gut, molecules of their waste material, shall we say). Our bodies were designed for the Equator: 100 varieties of food, Nature also likes round numbers apparently, not 29 like you see at every single supermarket and inconvenience store. We are going against our own design. Not to worry, I am working on the sleep accelerator and the dream programmer, you can help, this is not top secret work, fun, long distance.

Notice: the people are mostly in the public places or in their mentality wheel, one of about 60,  which they must represent in behavior and speech, action. This creates a certain psycho-political restraint, a jacket on our words and what we can say, because we represent the company, the group, in our mentality wheel. 

When not there, we are in a public space: buy this, drink this, smoke this, eat this, watch this (you are too tired to participate in anything). 

In the public spaces, if you notice, people mostly speak of other people or simple things, like what they ate, or an actor in a movie. No one speaks of the ship or its contents, how odd that Warren Peace had to come from Cuba to invent TV Travel...also to see that the problem is that the world is simply not set up creative, there is a complete disconnect from what is commonly thought of as art, artifact, that which was left behind, and what art really is: this is not art. Art is the synthetic alliance of science, thought, engineering, creative problem solving, and inventions with fine art, writing, film making, and music: they are an organic wall of personal empowerment and enabling, used to see the Gigantic Connection Machine we call the universe: we are universe, we are Nature (see back of your hand next to a leaf). 

Should we not be firing up, right about now? Our idea factories need be fed information from DGI lists of things, methods from Mental Science whose tools we show and ask for your ways of thought. 

We lose nothing by giving our ideas (not the super private, or the time sensitive money maker industry you spotted, but about 98% of what we know).

 we would lose nothing if we participated in IDEA SHARING; what blind mechanical force prevents us from lining up in series or in parallel, construct our written PERSONAL GOOD NEWS brochures and give them door to door? 

I do not know if there was a Jesus son of God (if so, can you imagine James, his brother, the lesser-known son of God), but the idea of finishing the works of historical Jesus seems admirable, to bring people together with positive energy, this time based in mathematics, physics, available brain research (by not knowing our brains, we are still in the Dark Ages) and instantly available?

 Then I must ask you: Why the Spiritual Laryngitis? Are we in a public library? Nobody has anything to actually say, it is as if the script is written, no energy, no "yo no se que" but something is missing: the empowered soap box speaker, the pamphleteer, the giver of positive personal brochures, the academic with something of what they have learned, why is it all so closed, so uninforming, non-illuminating? Are we robots? Will Illusion and Hypnosis be found the ways we are programmed?

 All done with Light and Sound for our lives, much of it in those first 4 environments, plus friends (who reflect the light and sound of the same environments). I would  not only want the "media promoted" ones, that may be false attention, we again learn more from each other, the numbers are bigger. The 4 principal environments that program us, of 15 overall in our lives, are: family, financial situation, neighborhood, and schools. The friends have pretty much undergone the same exposure and often reinforce it seamlessly, all know the company slogans. Notice how the creative side, the sides that uplift the person are left out, these places are mostly commercial: the library gets no bright lights. While at it: the libraries could easily improve, by prompting questions and by having posters with the main concerns: money, dealing with others, improving mind and body, community projects, playing a musical instrument BAM these posters are right there and where to find the collection, when you enter the library.

See, one thing is better, another thing is nice. Some aspects may be nicer, but not better; to be better, perhaps novel categories need be developed.

85% of the brains are similar models, seek similar payoffs from similar expectations. For the other model, the 15%, a different payoff than the conventional is sought.   

We explore the world of mathematics, physics, and mathematical physics. Returning the Power of the Word is our mission, to not confuse but to clarify and simplify in vision. Our Idea Factories MUST be turned on now, regain the power of general thought beyond your mentality wheel: the use of this power is fluid intelligence, the algorithms to detect patterns, and the pattern of patterns, is vital to pattern analyzing, which takes place in our mind. 

Disclaimer: of course, I could be totally wrong. Who lobotomized the people to constantly be on that  phone, like a jail-cell. They are like nonsense attendants; who needs these texts or these apps? Is it not occluding our rich inner experience? We need to be thinking of how to make our lives better, few suspect or act as if it could be so, but, that is to be continued at a later day....

Diffusion without a membrane (DOC)