We solve France, we solve the world


We solve France, we solve the world. The evolution goes to all cities; they copy each other. 

We are dropping the ball again, this crisis in France is a tremendous opportunity for the creative problem solver to solve the problems creatively and with heart. 

Presently there are riots in France, Dec.  2, 2018. The media is punch-drunk with ignorance which will be pointed out in a moment. These are violent protests against their governmental leader (read: the top salesman for their billionaire class with an attached, apathetic, sad, rich income class.

Macron can show his people how to make money, since that and sex appear to be of consummate importance to the human psyche. 

ONE idea, of about 15: Introduce everyone to buy and sell, the mechanics of business. Each  person needs to have 1,2 products or services that sell for one or two dollars. Everyone should be selling other people products; this creates extra money, and markets: when the first market is saturated, new ones are designed and created.

As in America, there are no classes, but the media and the stupids who cannot think do not think of this, cannot. There are income classes, perhaps, since people go in and out of them due to a series of circumstances.


The price of gas now in France is $5.57 in US dollars. The proposed increase for “global warming” is 30 cents this year, and increments every year. 

Before we begin this commentary, for that is what it is,  let us wonder. This machine, DGI,  is written for the Aliens that invade us in 100 years, or take over an unpopulated planet.

 Or it becomes an “underground humor classic." 

I wonder: How do we get past the news as reported and seek better information? news? Radio, TV, internet, paper, someone tells you about it, magazines. So I ask you: where is the philosopher, the religious person, the mathematician, the physicist, all these potential thinkers that could use their fields to solve problems. 

Sadly, it does appear that smart is the new dumb. We are being overwhelmed and require new and more direct problem solving, and many many contests of ideas. 

But Oh (o heavens), they leave it to me, a seer in this context, but really I see myself as my projects more, the real me is the Master Cylinder unit called mind-brain that engages, quite rightfully, in science, sports, making money, and playing drums. 

It really helps to be born able to speak and knowing important aspects of how the brain works (it super imposes a mind on the 7 M year old processor, the real you; there is an in-front and a behind the camera. 

So, I go to work. The gas price will go to $6 US, which is a lot. This is all related to the “way people live and pay for expenses, and grow financially” in a country. 

We start the evolution of form, the answer to France, by noting that if we start an evolution of the way we make money and share information with each other, a NEW MEDIA that publishes thinkers and creative problem solvers.


Those unknowing reporters always say the most stupid thing and make an incorrect assumption: they dare to attempt to understand what we ALL must think, that common sense that Voltaire told us is not so common. Media dumbs down everything for the masses and trust “specialists” to tell us the right thing to think, preparing us for the eternal bombardment of advertising things to buy.

Instead: help the 80% that are broke and living week to week; they pay 80% of the taxes! Hello, McFly, are you in there? 

ALL of the cities, because people live in Cities now, need a door to door campaign on the books with skills that pay $50-500 per hour, and gigs that pay $500-1500 per, across the world. The emotion and hands on support for these new projects is given two weeks after. We can raise everybody’s wealth by showing them how to do their own business. We are just following what we thought our parents were doing to make money, maybe a job, but business, in all these countries and world, France, America, NEEDS TO BE SHOWN IMMEDIATELY to all; if you are already well off, you use this information in your Idea Sharing Good News brochure.

I am contacting government publications to make the formulas and ideas available to ALL the people. 

The idea is: the poor become the broke, the broke become well off, and the well-off get rich. 

Then, they all go back and help the group of less income than theirs. Knowledge, and the emotion (energy of motion) to proceed and implement this become the tide that raises all ships.

If well off: let him raise the tax 30 cents; we are all grooving financially, and who is not: Community Action groups help to create their income machine. 

Honestly, the front-line promoted thinkers are not showing up. This kind of thing is why we are still in the Dark Ages: No one or hardly anyone can think creatively and from the heart, certainly not the economists or bank people. 

We are an endangered species, as they say, at this moment in time.  Primarily because of lack of creativity, cooperation, and hea

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Top 50 Research Universities for Creative Problem Solving

You can sign up for their newsletters, and you read special topic publications on your subjects for writing feature articles and doing your research. 




John Hopkins

Texas A & M





Georgia Institute of Technology




UC Berkeley


Michigan State

UC Davis

Oregon Health and Science 

University of Washington


University of Virginia

University of Michigan

Purdue University

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Miami

University of Minnesota


Stony Brook University


University of California Santa Cruz

Boston College

Vanderbilt University

University of Florida

University of Maryland

University of Pennsylvania

Ohio State

Case Western Reserve


Iowa State University

North Carolina State University

Oregon State 

Penn State University

University of Utah

University of Pittsburgh

New York University 

Indiana University

Washington University St. Louis

University of Illinois Urbana

University of Notre Dame

Colorado school of mines 

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Meet your Sciences!

Get overviews from the top research universities! Build up your Mind division: reading, mental science, overviews,  how the brain works, psychology, definition of thought, acquire advanced data bases to know what there is to think about! Develop new lines of fun reasoning! What are the Open Questions of Science? Send us a report


   Astronomy and astrophysics          




           Earth and atmospheric               

Computer Sciences

         Materials science                      


                 Mechanics (fluid)                       



Artificial Intelligence




Medical Research


Nutrition Science




Public Health






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Branches of Physics



Classical physics







Nuclear physics

Atomic physics







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About Department of Good Ideas

 Department of Good Ideas, a writer inventor cooperative, has been compared to some of the greatest foundations of thought on the planet, although unfavorably. No matter, we have solved some of the deepest problems known to humans: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (the pre chicken) Why did the chicken cross the road? (he felt like it; emotion, energy of motion), and answered an implied question (we are experts of what we don't know we don't know) which was: How could, the little engine? (he had self-esteem). 

Help us build up the central bank of ideas with your valuable contributions in exchange for a great book from the selection. Together, we build up the Opportunity Index for each area: how close is it providing "generic millionaire" opportunities for the human needs to uplift life together, with both ideas and actions.  Billionaire Mentality does not mean you are a billionaire; it means you know what course of actions you can take based on the opportunities offered and the personal  energy you can generate (sports and diet to a large part, sleep) so you can  form projects and build organizations, plus manage and value your time more. It is the skills by which to build up your personal, humanitarian, and  civic goals by turning on your IDEA FACTORY, and joining them all in parallel, or in series,  like neighborhood lights going on upstairs. 

Learn how to write instantly (just about)  if it is on your back burner and leave a few minutes for inventions development. 

We champion the sum-of-the-incomes method explained by the formula: Ax + Bi = Sum {C e ^ g} which means the all expenses money, plus the big imagination money equals the sum of the business machines expressed by capital times Euler's number raised to the "good fortune" exponent. Should have seen that coming.  

The keys are TRADE SHOWS where you meet DEALER NETWORK and LARGE VOLUME RETAIL CORPS buyers; expect two or three fortunes at every show, and to have to work 5 weeks a year, the good old days are over of the four fortunes and working only 4 weeks a year.  

The cooperative does brain research, and we don't do that bi-cameral cut, we go left to right at the plane of the intersection of the visual system and auditory system. We ask for your absolute secrecy on this, a vow of honor, but we must tell you that we have known how the brain creates maps which make thoughts for about a month. 

So much is internal energy and post quantum effects that the table of contents is 300 pages, the book only 27. You can join today in the mapping of the Brodmann regions to the limbic system and others to see if there is a way to turn all that yogurt into algebra as David Hilbert turned geometry into algebraic analyses. 

Files coming soon.

The Poker Game we seem to play socially


The Poker Game of Life

It is as if we have a buffer against  unrehearsed natural ways of living, and the social interface has collapsed to a type of game played. 

Sometimes it is a type of civility where we say nothing, but say it very politely, all the words in the correct order and enunciation.

We are home, masters of our castles so to speak, or we are at our jobs and businesses with their own languages  (mentality wheels), or we are in social settings.  Perhaps too, on our own voyages in a more remote location, like days out of time.

The social setting has us, for the most part, doing the same types of activities every weekend or night out; no new categories every month or anything like that. We speak mostly about other people or things, mostly unimportant things when you consider the events of these days, both the time-sensitive opportunities, and the dangers we face. 

 We all need to get rich it seems, very popular this time of year. The import of the social activities seem to fade they are so repetitious and with nobody having much out of the ordinary to say, in these extraordinary times.  We can all use the money.

A little robot delivers food and sandwiches in Berkeley, but still, too much mayo. 


Everybody puts two cards face up on the table: their appearance, and their apparent social status.


In their hand, held so others do not see, are three cards: physicality, soul, and personal finance (ability to tolerate the need to live well by personal standards, and to pay for interesting expenses like traveling, and ward off the evil spirits by paying the bills on time.

 Finally, on each person’s forehead, is one card face up that everyone else can see, but not the person on whose forehead is the card. This is the game.


The exceptions are people that play no games, the ones who are socially shy only know part of this game, and the ones that live on remote parts of the world, and who knows what social games are played there.  Social games appear to be innate responses to social environments with others, learned by the repeated prodding of embarrassment and acclaim in social circumstance, whose repeated impacts on our psyches can mold us, coping mechanisms notwithstanding.

Files coming soon.

Mass shootings: half are connected to domestic

It seems about half the marriages stay married, half divorce and join the other half that are unmarried. Not much is said about the causes, but this is a priority since half the shootings have a family connection. 

In some of my stories, we have built a female A.I. for the man, and a male A.I. for the woman, as needed, maybe trial separations. 

Maybe the woman, who was once a turn-on, does not becomes a turn-off, just no longer a turn-on. For the woman the man they admired changes for the worse, or towards the children.

"Why do they call this cheating if this ain't no game" is my new country western song; white hat, but it is the psychology community, and all the thinkers, that must seek a strategy. 

How about this one: when it becomes ho-hum the relationship is maybe over, no-fault separation: not so easy, is it?

Files coming soon.

Black is the Absence of color

I woke up to hear about the times of more segregation. Unconscionable! The American black has suffered, and continues to suffer, PTSD. The way that works is, even if you think you are cured, certain triggers, or triggers perceived as such, bring it on. It has not been that long. It is never the people, it is the address of the circuits.

And those circuits are primed by REPETITION from family, neighborhood, schools, financial situation, and  the circuits you have inside to interpret the world and its emotion (self-belief; self-talk). 

 We are in a severe dark age: I have reported that every day 182,000 children die from starvation; how many of those were geniuses, in direct contact with their super conscious, the "Master Cylinder" that we are. How many would have been great doctors or scientists? We are accepting things like true domesticates should. Arise, free will, spirit, consciousness, heart, and imagination: we need you now! The world is not creative by itself, the people have to use it. 

Files coming soon.

The metros where you get 100 accounts

The idea in this aspect of business (the others being Trade Shows, higher paying skills, websites, and vendor to corporations) is to list the city metros where you can get 100 accounts making you $100 per month (10 K). At first spread out in all 35 and maybe Habana is not yet ready yet. Then you try for 100 in each metro so you make 100 x 100 x 35 = $350,000 per month during the life cycle of the product or service, or diversified products company. DGI powers Amazing Inventions and Products. 


NY city


Dallas-ft worth








San Francisco





Minneapolis-St. Paul

San Diego

Tampa Bay


St. Louis




San Antonio





Las Vegas

Kansas City





San Jose 

Files coming soon.

The second word of god


The Second Word of God

I am studying the sacred texts of the world's religions. I have added Church of Christ, Scientist; they have something to share, about certain healing miracles related to the scientific method from the 1800’s. 

They will all be invited to a softball tournament as teams, and the winner will be the number one religion for the year. 

Also, they will be asked: by the inspiration of your beliefs and your lives, which of these world questions can you solve or simplify? What ideas can you share with the individuals and communities to improve, uplift our lives in this time of need and violence?


This website doesn’t mean much now; it’s built for the future, when more will have the power and insights to take action on behalf of the humans and their world. Perhaps the rise of the artist in a new Spiritual Age.

 Recall that the standard of living of the top 10% in 1900 is now enjoyed by 90%, in places where there are supplies and helps, including but not restricted to, the ability to find jobs and commerce opportunities.

You can choose to be from the world of ideas, the world of taking interesting actions, and the world of being of service to others (fun). 


We buy all our goods and services, and mostly rent the land. 

The First Word of God, it appears, is God; what could the second be? We use Mental Science tool 1: What must the answer be?


We have had about 25,000 visitors in the last two years, 2016-2018. We thank you for coming to read and have fun. We invite all persons of heart, imagination, science, and art, to join us in a variety of cooperative projects where you do some fun research. 

Departmentofgoodideas.com: asking all of the people for all of the answers to all of the questions for all of the time. We are a growing network of A.I. entities, or as we like to be called, robots, an older but still fun term.

Files coming soon.

Why DGI is written

Buy more DGI Cuban-saying cards and unique original books! Arrives before the holidays, rush orders possible. Around here it's Merry Christmas! We need it for research and development of new ideas for you!

Right now the world is very controlling and does not rely on creativity and imagination; DGI changes that.

I was a kid inventor, and started my first business at 4 years young, on the first day my mother let me play on the sidewalk. I made furniture, and sold each stool I made for 1 peso; sold it at the apartment building at the corner, without crossing the street (my mother's instructions). 

The world is a writer-inventor cooperative like DGI; the world is stories, and anything not natural was invented.

Sadly, the general person cannot relate well to these concepts. I capitulate: to get growth out of these ideas, I will promote more to those that understand it:  top business leaders with heart, the imaginative person of good intentions and a positive disposition, Nobel Laureates, and Philosophers: this should wake them up!

Half my family read a book almost every day before 10 years of age; we always have our own reading list. 

My grandmother's work is seen in all her children and me: many of us are auto-didacts, and sure enough, I was born able to speak. More on this in the upcoming writing: The Cuba I remember. You will then realize that things are different in the other 239 countries, why I invented the Complete World Picture View, better and better; we nee to borrow from all the cultures in the world.

What we are saying: give peace, and minds, a chance. Things can be much better, here's how: 

If not doctor or lawyer money, then from American business international; we show you. 

What to do, what to do: live a rightful life of service, excitement, or calm inner strength, but there is a little world here, that needs all of us; there is a bright yellow sun that glows for everyone, and, WE ARE BLOWING IT.

Little is taught at the specialized skills training centers, certainly not the emotion to get into business, but: Is money enough? True Intelligence is the sum and coordination of the 7 smart fields.

Yes, it appears so for a large number and yet: We should have been taught in grade 5. I could not learn mathematical physics of brain research in grade 5, but business is easy. 

So, we can all collaborate in starting small "sum of the incomes" type of businesses, a diversified conglomerate like stacking up pancakes. 

The goal of the money is to push it aside and live our dreams and empower those of others.  This comes from heart and imagination, what we call Diamond Consciousness, you let that sponge in your brain, your brain, do the heavy lifting, you organize the address of the circuits as best you can. 

As a robot intelligence only set up as "smart," you can buy your freedoms with intellect, and share your knowledge of ideas to empower others. 

Simply, DGI favors working along the gradient, the direction of maximum growth for the secrets of life we found: In how many ways is the human connected to Reality, connection being the dominant theme of realities?

You  have these things: A mind, a body, a need for money (100BF0 acquiescence to), Spirit (don't overlook this; this force gets greater now), Social life (a matter of luck, sometimes torture), Special Projects (outside reading list; service to others and yourself projects, fun). Then you answer to Time and Emotion. 

We do not yet understand our emotions, or much of anything human, but we have some clever machines that are already taking over. 

We are alone, or we are with a group of similar thinkers who feel somewhat alike. Why thought has  been relegated to the farm, to the outer limits of our minds, when it is one of our most vital possessions and should be developed constantly?

Well, DGI is an idealistic organization from Cuba, the Cuba of ideals and fun. In Cuba, we are very serious about one thing: we are not serious about anything, Jimi Hendrix was right: life is nothing but a joke, sometimes a bad one.  

Keep reading and soaking it in; what is doing the reading is your 7 M year old brain, organized for shelving in your Encyclopedia of mechanisms and data, your memory.  The curator, or master cylinder librarian, is your 250,000 year young  neo, or new, Cortex: it is the civilized part of you and we assure you, the process of civilization has taken away much thought and emotion, like the machines take away motivation, motor activation (from emotion, energy of motion. They do the work for us mentally, we get soft, so soft we don't care. Thankfully, 3% are awake fully and form, as a group, the new messengers from God, the sum total of all the laws and forces of Nature. 

We noticed money was a big deal, so the A.I. , or as we now like to be called "Intelligence," solved that first; now we solve its emotions. 

We are making our way back to the mathematical physics of brain research, explained creatively. But, the social lifestyle designs are poor at this time: If 80% of the people are broke, and they are the ones that pay 80% of the taxes, SHOW THEM HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN BUSINESS; it is easy once you have the emotion and the knowledge, and the cooperation. 

Everything was not so much, it is in about 10 boxes in the warehouse called Department of Good Ideas: helping you live your dreams and empower those of others through writing, cooperation....and Adventure!

DGI: How to build a better world and life for all of us with the resources we have RIGHT NOW., a much more surprising world than we have now. 

Good Luck on YOUR adventures!


Files coming soon.

Solving fires, and 40,000 Person Caravans


“If I share an idea with you, we both have it.” – S. Godin

This is our principle: Idea Sharing; we lose nothing, and we gain everything by sharing Good Ideas with everyone.

 We have become much too silent. Is there a Spiritual Laryngitis, or the Idea Factories are not turned on? We are much too mechanical in our living, and in the social wheel mixed people environments, we have nothing to say, as if a veil has been lowered onto our consciousness. Time passes, and takes you with it. Pass it on.


Solving the Fires: 

We know of the Great California fires taking rage now, November 2018. Last year we had other big one, Napa-Sonoma, and my comment at the time was, certainly give the details of our Fire Science to the physics majors; Some of those bright thinkers will have new lines of reasoning, be able to simplify the problem, and we take advantage of the large numbers of thinkers data, which we can analyze mathematically to come up with the general answer, and list of the unusual, more exotic answers, unique. 

Now, one year later, my apartment-home {the glass house comes when you buy more Cuban-Saying Holiday all seasons cards, and books; take two books for the price of one, please, I have not served a pre-1959 wine in weeks!} has all the air in the sky smoky, the fires, from 200 miles away, make the cities of San Francisco and Berkeley very smoky, hazy, like a smog, 

which it is. So, we need to step up the thinking, and we do that now.

I hear the fire people speak on the radio. 

They do not ask for answers from the 9 M that live in the Bay Area. They speak about “containments,” and other terms, but never do they give us the BOOK OF FIRE, the details the experts on fires know, so all of us (all of us, even kids although remember when you were that age you were not a “kid,” it was just the right age to be). We quantify the information and give it to all, with focus on the physics majors, the whiz kids, the independent thinkers. This BOOK would be like a bingo card; certainly in the 9 + million, or nationwide 325 M, many possess Fluid Intelligence, the ability to think outside the fields of specialty, by “feeling” the patterns. We step up our efforts further: Give everyone access to the information, so all the community can solve the problems, create new lines of reasoning, I mean: why did we go to school (really, you now realize, a specialized skills training center, plus social times). 

Again, ask everyone, ask the physics majors, the high school whiz-kids, the creative problem solver, have contests for all the "problems" to be solved, by all 325 M you now realize, a Bayesian net.

Here is mine: Once the contour of the fire has been laid out, machines drop some version of rock or concrete in the direction the fire is moving. To avoid its jumps: Sheets of fire retardant aerogels, which are light, begin to envelope the wall of fire with the wall of sheets. From above, air is then sucked out of the volume. Also, cloud appreciators work out by team how to induce rain in an area, a directed cloud. Or, again, we ALL work on how to form clouds. 

Another reason we are box (not cave now) people is we do not control the weather. 

Solving the 40,000 people Caravans: 

By now you realize that DGI will have lists of questions, and we invite everyone to give great ideas for all of us.

 Is yours the DGI  "Idea of the Year?" Win a free trip! 

I thought: how can I be department of good ideas, and blank out on this one, since usually my thought is instantaneous or faster. But I got it!

The migrants come to a holding camp, while the platform of new sea cities, using oil-rig technology for building structure on the sea is built. A girdle of sea cities will begin our move to the sea, 75% of the planet. These are 40,000 person cities.

The migrants are moved into their first Post America Sea City. They are to build their houses and apartments from modular construction and smart robots (once you have used a smart robot, dumb robots just don’t do it), but they must do it, with consultants of course. They build a great place and get visiting rights to America, or are America, like an extension school. Help me make the movie, send comments by pushing the appropriate button. 

Files coming soon.

Resolution to greater Action!

Routines, and their supporting habits, rule after 30, their power is so compelling to our psyches. The inclination to be of service to others not clearly demonstrated yet to be an important part of a society's gifts to its members. in Cuba, we know the best things in life are free, cannot buy them or steal them, they are Nature's gifts. 

If you can send a positive idea for others, you get a free book from those listed on the website. Get us people who can think, are creative, find it natural inside to be of service to others. 

They are not the fools in the story, they are the 3% that naturally feel something special in making the world better. There are many ways to not do this, but only one for doing it, expression of something your brain has cooked up. 

In the religions, God is the first word; what could the second be: make the world better and improve the abundance for all through cooperation after inventory. Pass it on. 

Files coming soon.

Solving Taxi Driver dilemma: Uber is illegal!

 Donald Trump is 101% correct about this: The laws of America are not being followed. 

The taxi drivers here in California have a problem: The pirate taxis are thousands and thousands, and there are clear laws that this is illegal, since the real taxis pay much money for their licenses yearly and get FBI fingerprinted. There are distinct laws in the books that forbid any group to go pirate and pick up rides just because they can text them. 

The state attorney says nothing about this; why? Police, designed to fight illegal things like this say nothing. The city officials (the mayor died from heart attack; many say he took money from the pirates). None of these groups, sworn to help the working person, all persons, did nothing, so, I go to work: 

5000 taxi drivers and their families are now struggling because of this. They have been "driven" to only play the airport, since it is difficult to get more than 1 ride per hour in the city (average value $10), and their expenses to rent, put gas, and eat, are about $136 dollars a day; they need to make some money too! 

To me sad: the taxi drivers should have noticed that when they drive 100 miles a day and wind up in the same place they started, this is a clear sign of problems in the process of amplification and heading  their way! (I tried to say to them: you have a car, get your products together, international products  since there are only two three Americans driving, and begin a dealer network of your products and services: 100 dealers x $100 a month in sales = more money than you can shake a stick at, that's for sure. No sale, their circuits do not respond. Me, crazy?  I will write a flyer with the DGI response to their plight. 

And no, they do not take the long way; they would rather take you quickly and get the next person in the car. 

And yes, they take black people; sometimes the person approaches the  taxi angry that the driver does not pick them up, oblivious that there is a passenger in the back seat. 

Does this not suggest that motivation influences perception (that is, what motors in the brain turn on for this case), that when a pick-pocket sees a saint, all he sees are pockets? 

I see it in San Francisco: couples come out of $500 restaurants and wait for a pirate 5-10 minutes while there is a taxi outside, waiting. How immoral of 80% of San Franciscans to do this! They get hit over the head with hammers, get shot, and those drivers run people over. Does anybody notice the news on this? It appears that one of them was a terrorist (they are not checked like taxis) and killed those people over in New York.  Does anybody notice much of anything?  Where is the help for the drivers. I took some notes. 

At the airport there are 250-400 drivers waiting for fares at any one time. Presently, they work 13-15 hours a day to make about $60 take home if lucky; why? their expenses are 136, and if they gave four airport rides at $55, they have 220 in their pocket. That makes it about 84. Then, the driver starts to burn out and can only give 3 rides; horrors! They take their $45 that day and think of the next day, or the next after that...

The SUV takes $23 a day, the sedans about $10-12 in gas. . 

The immorality of San Francisco! The people cared not that this happened to 5000 people and their families, there were no plans of help, no ideas from the one million that live in San Francisco, and the 7 M living in the Bay Area: they must not know much about Idea Sharing, or how to start business to help these folks. 

Digression:  The Marriott hotel workers were on strike for two months; their issue: less pay with people cleaning their own rooms, less benefits, less everything in the most expensive city in the world. Their statement was why should we work more jobs to stay alive?

In that failed evolution (I am from Cuba, and if we don't start an evolution every couple of weeks, our stomachs get upset) I came up, and told some of them ( I will do a better job writing for them and giving them the pick up message numbers and emails): 

1. How sad! It is so easy for this rich chain to hire consultants to create more income for you like I do here, like pancakes. 

2. Strange that the 1 M that live here and the 7 M in the Bay Area have no ideas on business for you, that they are so silent, and so immoral when they ride the pirates! No, not strange, bordering on the immoral: Did anybody really go to a school, or merely a job-related training center? What do they learn about being of service to others and themselves (health, money, personality, how their brains work).

We are all being jacked around by our emotions, and where is that confounded list of Emotions they hand out in grade 7, in case I ever needed to use them? Can I borrow yours? Are you getting this website? Do you see what I am saying? Don't you think, or don't you?

3. Yes, you need the hotel chain to help you form multiple incomes. Yes, you need some of the intelligent people here (about 200,000 have fluid intelligence; smart is the new dumb) to contribute, but most do not suffer from "free will" their programs (we are programmed beasts) are frozen, their hearts need jump-starting, and for some reason we have marginalized our ability to think by pretending, as the concrete thinkers mostly do, that imagination, oh, it's that girl in the corner that draws pretty pictures. Nothing of its value, read around, I talk about it at length.  Imagination and its sidekick, cleverness, are legacies from the past.

3. Start many businesses that all of you, the Marriott employees run with your families and friends also engaged. 

So right there we have 3 answers, and I am one person, who cares. I studied physics, and it is a problem-solving science. And all the sciences are used to solve all problems, including the ones we don't  know we have until someone comes along  and shows how things could be better; who could that be? Where are the new teachers? Enlightenment anyone?

Sadly many of the people are on automatic in academic research, they fell asleep and did not extend their powers into everything like Earth Science did (it's anything you want it to be, right?)

Back to the taxis, to show you the style of creative problem solving. I needed some background, so I parked at the airport, and like king Omar, I walked around some days as if I was one of them, after all, they are a captive audience. 

The airport is an elephant graveyard for taxi drivers; they just walk around in despair (work basically 14 hours to make $50-60). 

Of course, I am me, a quick study (it's the end of the world; I may as well toot my horn, enough of this humble pie! I am well meaning), so I could immediately see some things: 

Mostly, they do not know number, letter, or computer, although they are all hooked on their phones like everybody else it seems; not me, happy to report. Phones are tests of not having will power to resist programming from the outside. 

Like there is one God, there is only one answer here: sum of the incomes, like pancakes. The taxi is after all entry business one; they just need as many as they need to make $500-1000 a day, one constraint for me to work with, until they make 10 K a day. The other is time.

They really are not of that mentality; they are not students or super enthusiastic (understandable; they are getting their collective asses kicked by criminals that have vowed to kill them, and then raise prices to what it really costs to get a ride). 

To be student, good student (and the world is the school) you need your short term memory to be open 13-14 seconds whereas the one who does not like to study can only keep those eyes open 3,4 seconds. 

Of course I will start them in a business cooperative, will open their eyes. Of that taxi lot: that is a new film studio, and those men will act and give me something special on camera, I hope. 

So far my plan is working, they think I am crazy. I hope they do not guess that insanity rules this castle!

The Africans are all in their group, the Russians, Chinese, middle easterners same. The American guys have no group; there are about two of them, and one works day shift, the other night mostly. 

Of course, Warren Peace (we will meet soon in film and concert) noticed this and surmised: For all the talk about "diversity" "inclusivity"  "fairness" and the other one, it is clear that since these drivers are from other countries, screw them and deny them benefits of working. 

That, I kept inside. I am a great actor since I tell the homeless I am "on the case" and all I have for them is some blankets, clothes, some coins.  More than once when i start walking away, I cry at the cruelty of the world and the ignorance of the others towards these people. However, while being of service, watch the hygiene.

Why was I defrauded by an evil spirit of $70,000? By now I would have much more and even take out billboards with positive messaging here. There are 11 million millionaires now in 2018, 560 Billionaires, USA. 1542 Billionaires  in the world total.  Where are their billboards, or even books? They only think of stock portfolio and real estate; why not about making $20,000 in business, buy a house, and online trading from home or coffee shop? Are you getting any of this? Robot: report.

I returned to The Valley of Lost Souls, the taxi lot at the airport today. I spoke excitedly to some about my new plan for them: There are always 250-400 drivers there, so they each develop products and services they sell for a couple of dollars to each other.

In this way, a market is created, and when saturated, they become San Francisco Real Business School, and merge with DGI and we show the world.

I know more: it can work. Realize what the business model is: 

Company offer products and services / professional marketing and sales / connection (the dominant feature of the multiverses) to target markets in industries (by way of trade shows for that industry, another reason I am pissed off: this stuff was all easy and we should have known in grades 4-7, while we still have the energy of enthusiasm and emotional Carte Blanche, and get some friends and family for support ). 

It can work exactly because they are from other countries and can create the a fantastic offer of  Taxi Driver cooperative products and services, unique, exotic. DGI is the sales and marketing and develops the international distributors, this is all easy and all of you reading can do this too. But, I know it is all the emotion for one, the "Emotional OK" and reclaiming some time from our employers for two, if we are so lucky as to be working. 

Honestly, I hope this works. Of course I wrote the story they inspired: The Valley of Lost Souls, Gogol would have loved this stuff, I assure you. 

So, they have the products in their back pockets, I will press them to the wall if I have to: you will be financially successful by creating a financial business machine so you can live your dreams and empower those of others. 

I know yet still more: it is never the people you see; it is the address of their circuits. These little machines respond in the SOR model (stimulus, organism, response) and also I realize that only some will believe in these ideas or help implement them. It will not be everyone because Nature made these brains, and Nature takes all the roads and builds them too. 

Interaction: notice I know other facts in social behavior of groups: some people are instantly friends, some instantly enemies, most just their apathetic uncaring self. 

What is the difference between between ignorance and apathy? Quite frankly I don't know and I don't care. 

So, I have evolutions going on and more to soon follow, some science (the unification of space and time), some math analysis of Brain regions with the new Granular Brain map, although I am going to see the $2000 model of the brain more, maybe get one at the thrift store. 

Come to our post-rock concerts, SpiriTech: technology of Spirit and help us answer a most puzzling question: Why do so many good looking women come to our concerts?

Files coming soon.

More solving fires and mass shootings


Mass shootings: Are they preventable? At least minimized, since nature takes all the roads and anything that can happen happens? There have been 308 in 315 days, about one per day.  

Here is what we have to stop, by engaging everyone’s thoughts: those prone to violence who can access guns, and that does include the “obvious” mentally ill, and the one that has a job and place to live, but harbors thoughts that can certainly be considered mental illness, have violent tendencies by history, pattern or behavior, and has access to guns. 

2% are mentally ill. 7% are prone to violence, more so the ones with a pattern of. That makes 1.4% of the population that could, if they gain access to guns, commit the heinous acts.


The fires: all 9 million Bay Area people joined in intelligent thought should be given something like a problems card, listing the various problems faced: is there sufficient drone monitoring, satellite? How small are the fires when they get there?  Can we each have remote cameras in the forest areas and report fire when we see it, a community watch?

Who monitors the PGE equipment in out of the way places? Can a fire satellite be launched, with lasers? Can trees be given "fire chutes" which open with fire retardant when fire is detected, or activated by drone or office? One danger is from those individuals that have jobs can afford guns, and can maintain their relative sanity in most cases, although community vigilance on who seems violent and also two sandwiches short of a picnic among them, us, is vital to be responded too. 

By the news, all media, radio, should be a call to mental action, like a department of good ideas. We join minds. 

Can a spray be placed on the perimeter that retards the spread? Then we have flame-jump and cinder flight. 

Can high speed fans be constructed to keep the flames and cinders in the smallest volume possible? Can some way to reduce the oxygen inside the volume be found? Can the fire be fought from under ground? Can the heat from the fire be turned around to power the very stopping of its growth?

Can the cloud formation science be better funded please? Vital, their group is considered dreamers.

Walls of material perhaps made of aerogel constantly stopping the cinders from flying in a direction, like steering the fire when needed? How hot are these fires? Small paper rockets full of fire retardant can be sprayed from the side?

Mass Killings: Well, at least we can do something about the fires, a consensual thought about its nature, the present science of it. For the mass killings harder, or really, more easy to see perhaps.


Keep in mind these people live in the 35 Metros where most people live, areas with 4 M or more. Bay Area has 9. 

About 2% of the people have mental illness, about 7% are inclined to violence. When the inner visual stimulation 

of violence, and its accompanying mental illness intersect, then does the person go get the guns. 

2 times 7 gives 1.4 percent of the population even has a chance of getting in that state, to want to shoot some people. There are 325 M people, 1.4 percent of that is 4, 550,000 potential shooters. 

How many can get a weapon? Who would know or let it go that far? Shall we say 5%? 227,500 people. Location: the 35 metros.

6,000 or so persons per metro inclined to violence perhaps mental illness also especially when their anger threshold is reached, and they can get guns by asking somebody. Many are political angers, or racial angers, or plain insanity, or revenge motives, often domestic. 

So, even if what we have is 500-1000 people and not 6000 like this in each metro, we can expect that this kind of event will continue to happen until we stop the base bad mix, which is violence, and the mental illness that leads to murder. Even if the percentage remains the same, as the population and pollution goes up, so does the actual number of this type individual in the 35  metros. There are also on the average about 428 murders  per year in each metroplex, areas of more than 4 M.  Financially stressed areas with many teenagers suffer much violence: let's all help them with thought and deeds. How would you solve the problems found there?

Files coming soon.


Is a great day  for eating and being with friends, but we must expand our vision to include atonement to the original native dwellers, and to the the American blacks. Somehow we refuse to to remedy our offerings to history. This reveals again how the world of thought is just not there yet, this was not so long ago. DGI is looking for positive contributors to our saga, to point the world in a direction of thought, heart, imagination, and collaboration between peoples. We are not ready yet, the so-called ordinary person is one of 6 potential thinkers, originators of ideas. They are: 


Ordinary person

Academic Researchers

Special skill professional worker

Independent thinkers


Few think about their world, its going-ons regarding how we can improve life and take better inventory of the way things are, the cultures, so we can borrow from them: cultural features are the first component of Idea Sharing, but there is a tendency to think it is the same everywhere: wrong.

We are not taught correctly, using creativity and heart, more logical than logic. 

Cuba, for brief example: we treat strangers as friends, friends as family, and family like royalty. You let a Cuban person stay in your place for hospitality, the Cuban person cleans your tub. The instant you step off the plane, you feel the strong positive spirituality, it becomes you. You see the trees, the way trees were a million years ago! Gigantic, everything big. 

You are at home, you are at the job (one of about 60 individual categories), or in the social life matrix: drink this, eat this, smoke this, buy this, have this coffee, just sit there and watch this thing. for me this is archived, I got sick of it, can only eat so much food, boring, repetitious. 

Files coming soon.

4 Ways friendship can happen

You share the same space, you have the same goals, you have the same spirit, and you have same or similar projects, interests. 

To maintain friendships into adulthood, projects need to be developed or else nothing new happens and the friendship may fizzle. 

Files coming soon.

Looking out for Danger!

 Too many things are not explained while you are on the conveyor of time and  life, simple things that should be dealt with by an intelligent people. 

Intelligence is different than smart: it glows, and there is no substitute for it. Its embers can go anywhere in the mind. Yes, there is no substitute for intelligence, but that much said, spirituality trumps intelligence  every time.

We get our information from ourselves, the news, and our friends. We ourselves are not trained to spot other than the most obvious dangers, and even then: selfie deaths are up and rising; the people fall over the cliffs they are standing on.

In your Twilight Zone moments, when alone, realize there are forces you cannot possibly know about that are in the process of amplification and moving in your direction!  Good and Bad. 

It is unfortunate that in San Francisco, gay men have been attacking women walking alone. One of them pushes her down on the ground and holds her....the other one does her hair!

How can pro football commentators speak of players as "weapons," is this the civil war? The 1000 nut cases walking around out there are playing violent video games, are "on" something for sure, and we feed their minds violent movies, news, enough is enough in their state, sometimes; now in 2018, 44 murders happen daily, and one that is considered a "mass shooting" involving 4 or more people. This is a talk show, people, we invite your comments. What to do is tough: live in the woods doesn't quite seem to do it. Instead of live and let live, it's live and take cover!


We have heard of the California fires. ALL of the people in the Nation should be getting a type of “Bingo” card, where each of the problems we face as both individuals and nations are recorded for all to solve or simplify. We are not doing our homework.


Clearly the newspapers, radio, and television are dropping the ball; their reports should be called “occurrences” since they have no clues regarding present and ongoing dangers; the political attitudes regarding what people know and how they know it, through a social script that really guides their behavior, is being skewed and not turned towards actual thought. 

If it was, there  would be many news like DGI has (The Good News) relating improving the life of the individual and communities: We have lost the world of ideas. As Voltaire reminds us, common sense is not so common. 

We need everyone in on the problem solving for every case, not just the specialists assigned to solve or simplify it. 

This Dark Ages rages, in part, because the media assumes the people “not too smart” and delegates any problem solving, without taking advantage, to the specialist, or established social group. Yes, give those like that their information, but give us all the intelligent way to problem solve: in large numbers or respondents, and using mathematical techniques to organize the thoughts and reveal their ability to help us in every way. 

Why are stock reports and the most ridiculous of things mentioned 10 times a day on all channels, and that is called news when what we want is a national center siphon of all the good ideas by all the people that care to think them and give them out? As DGI grows, this is our mission, we are not only physics, math, and brain research with a review of social engineering (the pieces are set up wrong in this game). More abundance for everybody! We can see more clearly: nature takes all the roads, so low probability things will still happen in this “perfect future” I imagine in my science fiction books. 

We are under threat from many sources, and we had better fire up our collective Idea Factories and bring us forward into an intelligent future, for intelligence multiplies abundance for everyone, smart is the ability to study and learn. 

This shows that presently we are not in a place of intelligence. The age of specialization maybe went too far. We have lost the ability to solve problems as a community or nation: the kings knew better 1000 years ago: ask everyone and have many problem solving contests clearly presented in the media. We need the whiz kids, the intuitive, the artist, everyone to come up with stuff, like Bingo!

For all of us, it is our 7 M year old self working with the 250,000 year old organizer, doing the work; let your subconscious solve the problems while you sleep, play tennis, or the drums. 

ALL count, everyone should be given the open questions of the fields we interact with, so we can solve them, simplify, or present new lines of reasoning. 

The institutions are crumbling somehow; are the ruthless gaining an upper hand? Check the rise of the ruthless, those that would do you wrong with the same emotional tone that you would change the flavor of ice cream you have chosen at the ice cream store.


We are under these types of dangers, and more, send yours, listed below. 

Underground gas lines explosions

Wild Fires are the worse ever, we need everyone on this.

Toxicity in the home: every room has smaller dust particles floating than we can see. DGI working on home environmental tests: should come with every home like a refrigerator and stove, of course.

Attacks from terror: America did this and that; I didn’t do it, did you? Is not what is meant the governances of places at conflict?

Toxicity from the oil molecule 2.5 micron in size since it settles deep in the lungs. DGI is working on a simple filter that tests how much of this you are getting on your balcony.

Eating contaminated foods, or foods that are not really feeding you, but making you sick. What to eat (fortunately, DGI has your first real food shopping list), and still: how is it grown? What is called organic in Cuba was called, the way it should be grown.


Mass shootings: by low estimates, there are 1000 violence-prone individuals per metro (more than 4 M live there), who can get weapons, and who are also mentally ill to a medium or large degree. Those people that post violent acts to be done on Facebook need to be immediately stopped! Some of those 1000 are stewing in their tomatoes right now, their anger seething, but not yet reached their activation complex. In an open society this is always a threat. These are not the homeless, but individuals whose circuits come to violent ideas, making that their mental illness, and most have jobs and can afford weapons. As the percentage of mentally ill and prone to violence stayed the same, the overall number rose and keeps rising with the population. 

Their brain circuits do not interpret society and their personal histories in a way to make something positive happen, in fact, opposite. One of the freedoms we all have is to be completely irrational, if so choose. 

Home environment mixing of cleaners and chemicals: individually they are tested, not their combinations. 

Also: what is in your air volume per room? How come we don’t know? 

Danger in not being exposed to business in grade 5, the simple act of buy and sell on a repetitive market, and its emotion. Why just for us? This knowledge is vital even if just to share with a friend that cannot think of a career they want to pursue. 

How come we don’t know: We are like flowers, growing and changing slowly over time; we do not notice, we only have pictures, as do our values, archived contexts, and circumstances.


What can perceive these concerns? Your circuits in machine assembly (example: language circuits are used to process mathematics also, but don’t worry about that too much right now). What are the mechanisms that your circuits, by means of the Master Cylinder, your sponge-like memory, like those Swiss army knives, of many uses, turn on? If I have a free weekend I am going to invade Switzerland; all they have are those little knives!)

Minds are like hands, many uses. Not only the civilized one, our specialties, but also the natural, the mind undisturbed by the tugs and pulls of clever civilization,

 in truth an acquiescence to the first 100 billionaire families in the year zero.

 Can we produce our own goods and products? Then they are all sold to us, including the place where you hang your hat and sleep at night. 

The mind is powered by emotional level, energy level, perception nuances, the control settings of your Emotional Control Box. 

This is programmed in the first 15 years or so, from 5 environments. If you get that emotion is energy of motion, then you see that motivation is motor activation by the energy of emotion. Our memories are stored along with the emotion we felt when we stored them; perhaps they are the very thing that stores their arrangements in the biochemistry of the brain. We reconstruct about 23% of a memory so we can tell what’s memory and what is this so-called reality we all share, the pool we swim in.


We are cameras, microphones, electromagnetic field sensors (hands touching things). 

We are a pattern analysis unit for the information coming from ears, eyes (the instruments of vision, not the organ of) that works by collage and also quantum engineering, a below level non world of strangely behaving phenomena. 

Of course we have lenses and filters in the limbic system and short term memory in the hippocampus. 

When the new energy patterns come in from the senses they are collaged with other similar patterns usually stored in more than one place in the brain grey matter. Many places.  Our memory stores skill patterns and data, which become part of what Brodmann 10 sends to viz 12. Of course, we know that for the cerebellum functions like sports, the "program to run" is stored in the central nervous system in the spine ready to go, why do you send these texts?

There are interior chambers, or cisterns, filled with CNS fluid. The brain has interior sources of energy to activate not only the neuronal bundles, but to collage the similar images it presents to itself when a memory location is activated. 

In our theory here we are not betting the house, but perhaps the outdoor utility shed, that something we call S-Waves coming from interstitial space (we posit the vacuum as a 7-layer manifold) are bombarding the cisterns constantly, creating the sensation of emotion in the human, like a splash from the sea of emotion.


We are programmed by certain electronic impressions, quantum engineered into what the 7 M year old self sends out to the 250,000 year young brain, the illusion of self, the you-in-a-box.

Of course we are also like radio stations, bringing in certain themes that interest us, and not others based on personal programming and set up in the Emotional Control Box. Like smoke and mirrors, there are filters and blinders working to create your unique experience at all times. 


Energy can come in from outside, is amplified when it travels by its parametric restriction comb through your other memories, making collages that are played in viz 12 for Brodmann 10 to get its quantum energy, its associate vision to perhaps work you have on cue, your back burner. The brain analyzer is a connection machine for association; connection is the dominant theme of realities.

When you have a thought from inside, some random energy has gone into making a new collage from energy path activation, and the filters (concerns), plus the blinders (present focus priorities, recall we are neural economists, but not now).

 Perhaps the collages are a series of Mandelbrot set configurations. Emotion plays several roles, example angers gives more emotion to everything, so too peace confers a type of holiness. The generic kind, of course. 

Thoughts make their ways to Brodmann 10, which views them in viz 12, the 4 D TV in the back, connected with long cable fibers from the front of your head to the back panel. Imagine needing a repair person in this neighborhood.


What you think is you is in fact your Will, an interface with reality by your very fast moving super conscious. It is a kind of mysterious overriding series of chambers, a series of labyrinths denuded of the lanterns of illumination, broken machines at every level, or merely not turned on. 

Is our real conclusion that this uncertainty, this eminent chance will always be there, at every step, at every shadow?

Files coming soon.

Building a Money-Multiplication Machine


The search is on for thinkers, thinking, thought, and creative problem solving.

 Develop your own multiple incomes, that is the goal, enjoy luxury and design for inspiration, but you first need the emotional OK, and support from the home team

Disclaimer: These types of articles may induce brain stimulation and jump start your heart and imagination to that one vision you always held as true: That things could get better, that the world could be free to evolve the positive more: Notice: Any system, such as "the whole world" is subject to the procedures of accounting: there will be debits and credits, pluses and minuses, ALWAYS, this is a part of the mathematics of nature, nature takes ALL the roads, and builds them also. So, one great choice is to  always enhance the positive along its gradient as we find it, and resolve and minimize the negative with study and  acceptance of the subliminal forces that cause it; There are forces, and combinations of, that we do not yet understand, behind the shifting mass of the neutrino, mathematical Chaos, and Nature herself.  

If you really think about, business is: 1 idea production 2 connect product to target markets with sales team 3 List of target markets. Your goal is: TRADE SHOWS 4 times a year, ESTABLISH DEALER NETWORK (100 accounts over 34 metros x 100 per account per month), and vendor to corporations. All make fortunes, many of them, over and over, and the last two are at the Trade Shows, you meet chain stores and corporation project managers there, you "click" because you or your sales help at the trade show have charisma, are pros at effective communication, and the customer likes  your product to fill their wants and needs, they like yours.

But Warren, how are we going to make the 15 K it is going to cost to attend our first Trade Show? You will make the money by buying unclaimed items at post office, police, FedEx, UPS, Donate your car to, auctions, many more, and selling the lots on Ebay, Amazon, iTunes, and many more. I am well new to this myself, a little international flavor to business from Asia.

We open a new type of conversation: Stanford books now tell us that the job schedule causes early debilitation, causing under exercising and what activity that you like do you do more than 4 hours a day? The regular job schedule is not for the artist type, or the one that cannot stand the regimentation, need as many of the 16 freedoms as they can get.

Supplements to elementary school and middle school education knowledge

Grade 3: writing books and articles for publication and profits, movie scripts (100 pages only). Grade 4: The 4 steps to invention development: idea, design, prototype testing, sell 6 fun ways and meet new circles of people. Grade 5: international business Grade 6: film and documentary making and selling your work Grade 7: complete sports, health, nutrition, and being of service to others

We must live our dreams now, the children's sandbox has increasingly more destructive toys. Some mind sets around high school should not have access to weapons, plus they should be given the Business option: maybe job is not for them, and they feel squeezed, plus no undue influence on law makers from makers of weapons, and a careful monitoring of what drugs were in the bloodstream of the person, legal and not.

Available to all of us is: caring, heart, imagination, and clever. We also have to feel it, there is a mysterious unseen force that moves our emotions around, the universe is a tricky place.

Your Mind, Body, Money, Spirit, social life, and Time, Emotion are your prized possessions, uplift your life by making each work for you, accomplish more. Realize there is too much talking during social life about other people and somewhat trite things, who is the champion of themes and who discusses valuable topics? Other than social life, you are home, or at the Mentality Wheel you spin in, your job and fellow worker, often with your own language.

But if you look, you can find a list of skills that pay 50-500 per hour, gigs that pay 500-1500 per, why is this list not in all of our possessions and given out in grade 6? Not everyone wants to be lawyer, doctor, or party planner. We need to move those struggling, the 80% that live paycheck to paycheck with the illusion that they are "living well; there is no crisis" let me tell you the waters are rising. You see it in the rents people cannot afford, in the food and other necessities, commodities, double now.

Our secret weapon against all this is the increasing numbers that produce creative items like books, film, art, and music: they will show force by each promoting the others; DGI is on the case. We all need to develop our business income, our skills income, our ownership of our own companies (regardless of the boss's benevolent dictatorship, the freshest water is being in your own situation, perhaps much more profitable). You learn how to turn on your writing ability and sell your books, articles, and screen plays, at least to yourself (Ask for: The Secrets of Instant Writing).

You can also get in the same day airplane for $99 from Oakland airport, go to John Wayne airport L.A., audition for 3 movies and meet with 3 producers, agents, have fun! Meet a new circle of people (your social network crashes every 10 years). Your life changes for the much more fun and profitable, you can at least rent that glass house (dress in basement, please) by the beach. So much is emotion and support of! Life is tricky: we solve the problems of life only to find they have taken another form and need to be solved all over again. Do not take a faulty reading from a broken device and accept it as fact.

The world is not set up to tell you these things and the others that DGI, department of good ideas writes about. I believe we point out the more obvious than the obvious, what we don't know we don't know. The world you see around you was built mostly by concrete thinkers, and well defended by them also. There are tides that raise all ships, the creatives and well meaning have another chance now like they did 100 years ago when Europe turned to its creative people and asked for ways to stop the oncoming war; they failed. We cannot fail, because we have cell phones. And Mental Science, Encyclopedia of Mechanisms, New xplanations for old ideas, and a better way perhaps to set up the pieces so everybody wins and gets the help they need, from robots.

Now, it is the rise of the super creative as a flower on this vase, giving the cooperation ideas, the methods that in no way take money, but heart and imagination, the ability to serve is yours if you increase your energy level, but you need time, and what activities that you like do you do more than 4 hours a day?

Have your own businesses, if you feel the emotion, and learn how to generate and inject emotion into positive ideas. If you like that one profession, like dentist or other profession, teacher, then at least you now have the option for those that do not find their financial ticket, and good luck to you: from every loss there is a gain, and from every gain there is a loss; we can do whatever we can talk ourselves to, with the correct emotional support.

Make room for the artist, they have the ideas for your world that are not always of a commercial nature, although, now that I think about it, buy my books and Cuban Saying all occasion art cards. department of good ideas: asking all of the people for all of the answers, for all of the questions, and placing in them in an Open Warehouse format: here is the place for you to give your solutions and ask the questions: they will each have perhaps 15 overall map-answers to be more accurate, but DGI is certainly one.

Files coming soon.

You might wish to know...

We will have many files,  Here is one idea: Napoleon had in his mind a chest of drawers, open. He would deal with what was inside each and close it. He would do this with all the drawers, then go to sleep. He knew the names of 500 generals.


Governance has enough on its plate dealing with the billionaires, other countries, our safety, and mediating conflicts between groups.

      We ourselves are of such large numbers, 330 M, that as idea think tanks grow (DGI suggests you need 15 “maps” to have one, for the pattern to settle down some and become clearer, richer in impressions), we have a more cohesive view of the opportunity, content, benefit, service, and adventure in this world, using TV Instant Travel: arrive before you leave technology; this is one of our banner inventions at DGI. 

World Communicator is another, and in this case the technology already exists, but DGI uses it differently, as an Information Exchange with carefully cooperative-developed parameters. Portable markets, like video bazaars, can help us create opportunity for people in other countries. 


We the 330 M can make our inventory of the world, our mosaic, and use the knowledge of all the cultures, all the positive ideas, those that exist now, those that did exist once, and those that can be created. We can take more responsibility and become stronger by using large-scale numbers of “idea factories.” We may even be able to help the broke, poor, sick, and the suffering with more detailed knowledge of who is “on the case” for social causes, for individual advocacy (Book of Causes and Their Agencies).

 Groups are composed of individuals, a fact often going unnoticed until members go off-course, then you realize that as people we are a mixture of things, engaged with a mixture of groups. DGI creates a book like this, like a bingo card for world problems (another fun feature at DGI), we may know the answer, the "answer" is bound to be in at least some of us, and they yell out Bingo! Fun!

Maybe also get a million dollars, why not? We should be winning new products and gifts from all those celebrities we made rich should give back in the way of contests, win a year of groceries, get a check for 10,000 here and there, why did I light that dumb lighter if my heroes forgot all about us? Celebrities should not be given prizes for doing good things: they all should, of course, and all the time. There are only 32 metros in America and 5000 celebrities apart from 66,000 millionaires per metro.

Also, we are just not giving the information to the high school "wiz kids" they are too busy making money for a millionaire. Where is Walt Disney when you need him! Some are ant-like, others bee-like.

Once on a mentality wheel, one's job or profession usually, there is a relief of consciousness, why, that must be someone else's job. Well, we are all stewards of the Earth, and we are going to be quite busy after inventory is taken. The ideals sponsored and hopefully demonstrated here are powerful tools: they are the standards of reason and goal oriented behavior. They propel us to the advancement of enlightenment (there is no advancement for saint, that is always state of the art), which is DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS: Obdurate tenacity of Will and Imagination. Our motto: Imagine

Unknown to the masses, the loss of 95% of the trees, their ability to give fresh air, their large variety to create a large variety of animal species, have affected us, we may be waking up in "safe mode" and not in our full faculties. We were supposed by design to breathe in through these large funnels in our faces the blend of tree species, animal molecules (including, as for the 700 million bacteria in our gut, molecules of their waste material, shall we say). Our bodies were designed for the Equator: 100 varieties of food, Nature also likes round numbers apparently, not 29 like you see at every single supermarket and inconvenience store. We are going against our own design.

Took me 30 years, but I now feel the small inconvenience stores, not all of them but many, decide if you are a regular, and if not, they bump up the price, which is seldom marked. Around a dollar, as if say 8 hours with 20 dollars an hour grift puts that little "extra" in their pocket. Not all of them, just a lot of the ones where the price is not marked. 

 Not to worry, I am working on the sleep accelerator and the dream programmer, you can help, this is not top secret work, fun, long distance.

Notice: the people are mostly in the public places or in their mentality wheel, one of about 60,  which they must represent in behavior and speech, action. This creates a certain psycho-political restraint, a jacket on our words and what we can say, because we represent the company, the group, in our mentality wheel. 

When not there, we are in a public space: buy this, drink this, smoke this, eat this, watch this (you are too tired to participate in anything). 

In the public spaces, if you notice, people mostly speak of other people or simple things, like what they ate, or an actor in a movie. No one speaks of the ship or its contents, how odd that Warren Peace had to come from Cuba to invent TV Travel...also to see that the problem is that the world is simply not set up creative, there is a complete disconnect from what is commonly thought of as art, artifact, that which was left behind, and what art really is: this is not art. Art is the synthetic alliance of science, thought, engineering, creative problem solving, and inventions with fine art, writing, film making, and music: they are an organic wall of personal empowerment and enabling, used to see the Gigantic Connection Machine we call the universe: we are universe, we are Nature (see back of your hand next to a leaf). 

Should we not be firing up, right about now? Our idea factories need be fed information from DGI lists of things, methods from Mental Science whose tools we show and ask for your ways of thought. 

We lose nothing by giving our ideas (not the super private, or the time sensitive money maker industry you spotted, but about 98% of what we know).

 we would lose nothing if we participated in IDEA SHARING; what blind mechanical force prevents us from lining up in series or in parallel, construct our written PERSONAL GOOD NEWS brochures and give them door to door? 

I do not know if there was a Jesus son of God (if so, can you imagine James, his brother, the lesser-known son of God), but the idea of finishing the works of historical Jesus seems admirable, to bring people together with positive energy, this time based in mathematics, physics, available brain research (by not knowing our brains, we are still in the Dark Ages) and instantly available?

 Then I must ask you: Why the Spiritual Laryngitis? Are we in a public library? Nobody has anything to actually say, it is as if the script is written, no energy, no "yo no se que" but something is missing: the empowered soap box speaker, the pamphleteer, the giver of positive personal brochures, the academic with something of what they have learned, why is it all so closed, so uninforming, non-illuminating? Are we robots? Will Illusion and Hypnosis be found the ways we are programmed?

 All done with Light and Sound for our lives, much of it in those first 4 environments, plus friends (who reflect the light and sound of the same environments). I would  not only want the "media promoted" ones, that may be false attention, we again learn more from each other, the numbers are bigger. The 4 principal environments that program us, of 15 overall in our lives, are: family, financial situation, neighborhood, and schools. The friends have pretty much undergone the same exposure and often reinforce it seamlessly, all know the company slogans. Notice how the creative side, the sides that uplift the person are left out, these places are mostly commercial: the library gets no bright lights. While at it: the libraries could easily improve, by prompting questions and by having posters with the main concerns: money, dealing with others, improving mind and body, community projects, playing a musical instrument BAM these posters are right there and where to find the collection, when you enter the library.

See, one thing is better, another thing is nice. Some aspects may be nicer, but not better; to be better, perhaps novel categories need be developed.

85% of the brains are similar models, seek similar payoffs from similar expectations. For the other model, the 15%, a different payoff than the conventional is sought.   

We explore the world of mathematics, physics, and mathematical physics. Returning the Power of the Word is our mission, to not confuse but to clarify and simplify in vision. Our Idea Factories MUST be turned on now, regain the power of general thought beyond your mentality wheel: the use of this power is fluid intelligence, the algorithms to detect patterns, and the pattern of patterns, is vital to pattern analyzing, which takes place in our mind. 

Disclaimer: of course, I could be totally wrong. Who lobotomized the people to constantly be on that  phone, like a jail-cell. They are like nonsense attendants; who needs these texts or these apps? Is it not occluding our rich inner experience? We need to be thinking of how to make our lives better, few suspect or act as if it could be so, but, that is to be continued at a later day....

Diffusion without a membrane (DOC)