Twin Quasars


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This digital image conveys the beauty of the multi-verse, by Cuban designer Warren Peace


Tree of Life


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Joshua tree never looked  better, original photo card by Cuban artist Warren Peace




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Cuban card design by Cuban artist Warren Peace


Modern Interiors double card


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Two similar photos make cool living rooms. Cuban designer exclusive by artist in exile Warren Peace


San Francisco, City of Wonders!


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Double-photo Cuban card by designer Warren Peace


Valentine's day Card (no sayings inside, two images)


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First there were two, then one, then three.  original photo card by Warren Peace, artist, writer, inventor, film maker, man of the sheets

Towards a Distant Star

Our health bills go down, more happy families and single people, less crime and killing, door to door campaigns to improve life in all areas for all. This is the mission of DGI, a vision that needs support, its methods distributed like seeds. The first method is the function as a central bank of positive good ideas and formulas for the uplift of all. 

We need fight off the blind mechanical forces released from derivatives of 100BF0, the first 100 billionaire families in the year zero. They controlled agriculture, and could defend the land. 

The solitons are both positive and negative: we have more variety of great goods and services (thank you 1888 Wall Street, Mr. Brown), but 70% cannot afford them. 


One big problem is that we are not learning “American International Business system" from grade 5: paper, pencil, computer, company offer of products and services connected to their target markets, prelude to TRADE SHOW fortunes. We should all know from grade 5 the plays involving entering the “cloud-like” market economies from 3-120 times. 

I will submit this type of thought for government publications. 

Plus, and this is a big plus: we are not aware of our minds or our surroundings. For their entire life we are not growing the new young people to be much more knowledgeable than they are now.

Of course, and this is a big of course, what is in one’s mind genetically, the actual formation structures of your grey matter processors (biochemical and quantum; later) and your white matter connectors.


But we are still in the Dark Ages because we have turned from Renaissance, where the common thought, the unspoken script, was for the people to be more eclectic and more in physical shape, think of Sparta! They worked out constantly, like we should be doing.


All systems are subject to accounting procedure: debits and credits are noted over time, not listed individually, alone, in true context.


We are programmed beasts, we are creatures of routine and habits to support our routines and frames of mind. Sadly, most academics are politicized so they are not as “free to speak or think out of their field” as we are, the job means so much they are self-censored and lacking more knowledge to process with their gray matter: Many only possess two books, usually, in their Encyclopedia of Mechanisms (memory). The BOOK OF SOCIAL LIFE (common every day edition; there are also advanced methods), and the BOOK OF BLANK, blank meaning their specialty.


While we are at it, there are about 60 mentality wheels on which we spin, our jobs, and we are either there or in a social space, or at home, each with  their script, all quite routine. 

Apart from 60 or so mentalities, there are about 7 types of traits as a working model: Curiosity (allowing yourself to be drawn in and apply sight 2, the up-close look) , being aware of what to do and doing it dutifully, “outgoing or not,” energy level (varies for many reasons; goes up with exercise daily, like you eat every day), cheerfulness, extraversion/introversion, and downright crazy, mad, neurotic, two sandwiches short of a picnic.


These things are also controlled by diet and endocrine system products which modify how we “turn on” our functions, and our states of mind, they vary some, and put you in different moods.

So, you have your traits and personality, and you perhaps are in a mentality wheel, a job you may like or not like (you then go to my book and join the 15% in their own business, much more time money and fun! We live on PROGRAMMED ILLUSION about our lives, brought on by hypnotic methods (the power of suggestion will be found to be 100 times greater later this century), which are really light, sound, touch, and repetition to build up the memories; memories are about process like a skill, or data. 

So, you fight this with Will power, which is mostly the self, the 200,000 year young neo cortex organizes you, and is modified by the sum effects of “civilization” which, like a swinging pendulum, has gone too far: the general person does not appear ready to cooperate with itself, coordinate thoughts; they primarily speak of the book of social life, or their lexicon from work. We need more, the need is ever there, but there are never enough.

 DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS IS YOUR WILL POWER, an obdurate tenacity of will and Imagination (which is neglected, not a part of the popular phrases). Use your ability to organize yourself along rightful principles and do not overlook the power of IDEALS. 

Oh, not all of you. There are about five types of influential thinkers as well: Government, Academic, Independent thinkers, the general person, the professional specialist. When they look upstairs for something to project on Viz 12, to send to Brodmann 10, they have the book of social life as a main and principal concern. 

Why a book? For some miracle, the brain stores and retrieves information in book form: title, chapter, heading, subheading, glossary (?), there is an index, and all these “systems” are turned on at the same time and looking through your eyes. 

So you need form your clever, creative, and fluid thinking plan right away. Before 30, people learn one book if lucky, and social life.  First in life you encounter your family, or the angst of not having one, then you encounter Life itself, then you encounter yourself, then finally Time: once a friend, now, like a whore, short and demanding.

After 30 the jobs are too hard. From experience some of those men and women work hard when it is easy to show them they need work less, but in quiet hours they say they want to be out of the home life. Half the people are single, half in married families. 

So you must fight to get time back, energy back, from a job that inside, your 3 M year young brain tells you that although your 250,000 year old “organizer controller, the Master Cylinder” says keep working at this routine, the 3 M year brain knows it is better to plan an escape to more money and much more time too, in your own multiple businesses, DGI sees it that way, but we like sales, it excites us to see transactions bring money for the goods and services, and the peace of mind that acquiescing 100BF0 brings.

Meaning: dealing with the derivative goods and services industries from the first 100 Billionaire families in the year zero.

Recall that the lifestyle enjoyed by 10% of the people 100 years ago is now lived by 90%; how will this change? How will other related parameters change? Invent those changes now!

It pivots around your knowledge, your emotion, and your Diamond Consciousness: old habits are hard to break, but realized new horizons are a marvel , a magic, and a joy. We must all build a money multiplication machine, exponential growth (truncated), and show others how to do this. This, and IDEA SHARING, plus the new science of Positive Mental  Visualizations form the new baseline of  core human knowledge we all need to have. Service to others is service to ourselves and the mission to make the world better for all, minimize the effect of grief, maximize creative, clever problem solving. Done in either parallel, or in series: bring it on. 

Now in Cuba we work 6 hours a day, like Italians, much better. For 70% what they have now is a set-up to greater things, to a push button reality where they choose from the Menu of Life. The world is a gigantic connection machine! This is why I am improving Connection Theory all the time: of course!

If you are told: Why are you in your own world? Tell them at least they know me there!

After set up comes the big push, of the button, and notice from the book the interactions can be 5 min a day, one month a year, half hour a day, one hour a day. You do not need to leave your job to start new enterprise, in fact most don’t. The cook new skill and service pancakes until they make $500 a day, before making 1000, and then fortunes doing Trade shows and starting your dealer network: if you do not like sales, find someone who does in your family, friend, insignificant other network. 

Here is the good part: the money was not the thing, it was what you would do if you had the money. Without taking valuable action the next week after you get the money, you are just sitting there. 

Now is the time to live your dreams, and if they tell you that perhaps your best years are gone, humor them, and say: perhaps, but I would not want them back; not with the fire in me now. (Shaw, playwright) 

Files coming soon.

Message to artists and performers


Thank you for enjoying SpiriTech as part of our musical adventure. I am Warren Peace, the drummer. Thanks for the orders of Cuban-saying art cards and original books on creative problem solving from this site. 

We have changed what musicians can do to make their work much more meaningful: We are all part of where we take questions from audiences and followers and at each show and website, we give out the answers and new questions for the audiences to respond to: Our little world needs us now.


100 years ago the artists and creative people of Europe sought the prevention of WW 1 by asking the creative artists for the answer: they failed. We cannot fail because we have cell phones, the world in our hands! But first let me see these photos and read some texts, send some. I am a digital secretary with responsibility of machine maintenance. 

You have noticed the insanity: all the institutions are crumbling, and the golden calf we appear to worship is gold itself. 

It is up to the artist! Join us on TV in "The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth" where we form "The Synthetic Alliance" between science, engineering, inventions, and thought with art, film, writing, and music to develop a cooperative fluid-intelligence net and use Bayesian mathematics to analyze the products. 

A big solution does include "the children" those rock superstars: they are not being shown the most elementary knowledge in elementary school! They are only sent through 3 doors: Trades, Arts, and reading/writing/math specialist to be trained for the jobs. 

Where is the "start your own businesses, like the sum of incomes, like a stack of pancakes" system; who eats just one? Beyond that, unless there is a specialty perhaps because of family tradition for medicine, law, or party planning, we were always on the sum of the incomes system, we just got used to jobs. 

You ask yourself why someone would do something they like 10 hours a day and you begin to understand it is better to reclaim your time over time to live your dreams and empower those of others. This is at the core of becoming a consultant.


The idea is go to the website request information sheets of questions and answers to give to your audiences to add what they know about the matters, or their solutions. Non-Political: why pay so much attention to 602 people and 20,000 mayors when we can all Idea Share in the 330 M?


Finally, this is how it is in Cuba, we keep learning and communicate with our audiences in more than the usual habit, the programmed way, we see how the mathematics of information sharing can alter the games and outcomes without money, but by being smart enough to learn how to be clever and a good creative problem solver.


Finally, after solving which came first the chicken or the egg (the pre-chicken), and why did the chicken cross the road (long answer: he felt like it; emotion, energy of motion. Short answer: turkey had day off), and, as extra credit students: why could, the little engine? (he had self-esteem) 

we now bring you perhaps a way to find God: Reading the knowledge of the Old Testament, Christian bible, and Qu'ran it is clear that one cannot see God, or feel God directly, and God is in every molecule, atom. Is it then a reasonable view that God may be the sum total of all the laws, forces, molecules and atoms in the universe?  Let me know your thoughts on this, does this help those who want to believe, yet do not in their hearts? This still allows for the positive benefits of good deeds and living a rightful moral life of character: what you do when nobody is looking. 

We are always looking directly into the face of God, more than Nature once the sum of its parts is naturally expanded to greater than the whole, in a completely different realm. 

When it is said, “The apparatus for communication is broken,” perhaps what is being said is that our connection to nature, which connects to God, is broken, it’s under here somewhere, it was covered up and the oxygen-giving-toxic-removal machines were cut to make houses. Cry for the beautiful redwood trees, of which only five percent survive. They are magnificent. Some are 3500 years old. While at it, bring back the Buffalo: we don’t have to eat and destroy everything, do we?

What a difference it makes to for example eat a sandwich in Nature, to do everything in Nature, your most natural living room. 

Remember too that success is trial and error: For the first year, the Earl of Sandwich put the meat on the  outside

Files coming soon.

Impact: We join your life, already in progress

 Hi this is Warren Peace of department of good ideas: We are an artificial intelligence group that makes visualizations become reality.  Join our International writers Science Fiction Club, only $26 a year, and receive a new story every week, plus Cuban food recipes.  The world needs voices, and we promote them on Amazon, your science fiction stories, your creative problem solving books.

Glasses that enable color blind people to see color are now available! $350 and worth every penny as a gift to a color blind person. 

They are going to the sun! and finally they took my advice, they are going at night when it's much cooler. 

Ask for The Secrets of Instant Writing as developed, by sheer coincidence, at the home for wayward women where I volunteer. 

It is all assembly inside this gigantic Connection Machine. The dominant theme of reality is connection; the primary condition of measurement is discontinuity: we always catch the movie already playing. 

Become one of our writer-inventors by asking some questions and giving some good ideas! Get a free book, your choice, for an idea of merit, positive, non political. Fun? Take a day out of time and realize that all of us were somewhat hoaxed in the schools: notice, notice, we never got a one two page hand out on being in your own multiple income businesses, they take less time (in many choices, style) and you make more (you can have many profit centers, on the computer, you are in one now). Regular job has a clock, business has a challenge, different, fun, meet new circles of people!


Time becomes irrelevant except when it comes to a parking meter!  Reality: time becomes irrelevant to your sales, there are 6 ways to sell products and services. Another curious fact, also notice: we were never given a list of emotions, in case we ever needed them. Learn the 46(?)  emotions between pain and pleasure, like a chart: why do we not know this? 

Because business is an emotion, and there was agreement in 1947 or so in New Hampshire where the Education dept. decided to show people job skill, the arts, trades, and music for fun, and just one to a customer please (no mention of what being eclectic, or prolific, or prolificity within your eclecticism:  Look at what is done to "whiz kids" who show high aptitude in various fields (what we moderns call fluid intelligence), and are high energy: Don't  let the air out of their tires with the usual college schedule: let the horses run! You begin to notice.

Things are much better now, they should have shown you in grade 5 (4 was inventions 4 steps, writing in 3), I learned when I was four, started a little furniture company and made some sales, but then ran out of wood and forgot about it (please, I was 4, I was a busy man). 

as you read the department writings: contribute your ideas today, one book per idea we can all link up our Idea Factories both in series and in parallel, and have a much greater world, this is that free energy everybody was looking for . In Cuba I learned: the best things in life are FREE, they are Nature's gifts, you can't buy them or steal them, and don't just return them for the cash. 

Files coming soon.

Secrets of Life and Living


What you do, what you feel as result, and what you have. Oh yes, and by the way: you are a programmed device, a polite way to say robot, but do not let that bother you in the least: Existence was not a given!

Translating the Secrets of Life and Living into scheduling and action: 

Mind: Read, study, learn about the brain, write, psych

Body: Eat super well, work out 2-4 hours daily

Money: Sum of incomes, estate sales, Trade Shows

Spirit: Clean up inside, powers heart, imagination

Social: A matter of luck, pomp, and circumstance

Projects: This category has many jewels; travel

Time: Not what we think it is; neither are we

Emotion: How you feel is the deal 

Files coming soon.

Principles and Remedies of Peace and Violence


This needs work, but you see where it is going, write to me your improvements or valuable suggestions. 

 There is a sea of light we call space. It is wall-to-wall virtual photons, elements of light, for the modern sciences. It is treated in this way, and force-fields are this.


Apparently the human design of Brain plus nervous central system is a transceiver set, a “crystal” that sends and receives in this medium, which we do not yet understand. Is our God on the other side of this sea?

Some things we understand, because we feel and reasonably perceive: Positive energies give us great feeling, even hope, strengthen us, turn on our positive feelings in our circuits. The negative feelings “stir” the sea of photons in a negative way, and our systems are fed this energy, we feel a negative mental gravitational pull towards our own negative feeling. These are interactions with space itself! Movies “move” us to unrealistic emotion in the sea of photons, since we all know they are acting, and yet: they are stirring the sea and making waves that we interpret with our own system. 

Please realize we are the link between civilized cooperative humans and the cave people: it is us in the middle, since we do not understand the Brain and its functions and pulls on us much, and we have not been given complete maps of our human reality in 192 countries over 7 parameters, and one of them is you, the main filter, the master cylinder. We hope to cover other omissions, such as Mental Science, in this brief thought-provoking outline. 

This all happened on November 20, 2013, and was finished at 12:05 afternoon, after 15 minutes of writing down everything my mental warehouse was sending me, at feverish and comfortable pace. The state of mind very similar to cholinergia, for sure alpha waves abounded and were emitted steadily. The task came from the stars, perhaps the central galactic library itself, every galaxy has one. I have some overdues by 1000 years, due to Relativity; it’s only been 15 years to me.

The principles of Peace: 

1. The 16 freedoms for a peoples. 

2. Complete world picture views of the 192 countries, new parameters

3. Television Travel: 5 ways to instant travel the world by TV

4. Department of Good Ideas, central bank of, featuring Mental Science

There is a world, and we are the humans on this one. The world is Peace, and there are also obvious destructive violent-to-us forces and events. 

Let us for a moment, take the world as Peace, thinking we can later control its destructive, violent events as they affect us, which may or may not be so.


How do we, the humans, add or subtract from that Peace? We use Mental Science, the sum application of all the tools of all the sciences as used to solve all of the problems, including the ones that come from what we don’t know we don’t know (fluid intelligence): 

World Peace – Violence – sum of bad luck factors + Positive solutions + implementation of positive ideas (cheap, free, collaborative, fun: what happened here?) + Effective forces of free-to-join collaborations and service cooperatives (what happened here? Fun!) + The work of CAG’s (care action groups, local).


You can join or form a collaboration, usually short term part time, or become part of a particular cooperative, which is on going and usually longer lasting. 

So we have a little formula, and we will add weights to the measures, but it gives us something to reason, in case our emotions, through illusion and glitch, fail to see the solution path to peace, here it is in pleasant mathematical form. 

The brain works by plus, minus, and greater than.

World Peace = Sum {-- violence –- bad luck factor + positive solutions + implementation of solutions + effective positive forces + the work of CAG’s} 

So, we have to solve luck and violence, and make sure we arrange for the 

World peace + Violence + Bad luck < > Solutions + Implementation + Effective positive forces + work of CAG’s 

We want <, not >, which would mean that whatever peace the world is at, plus violence of force, plus bad planetary or local luck, is going to be less powerful than our collaborative- cooperative solutions in the long run, sometimes short run as well. Time is not in the equation, but will be in the weights determination, since all actions positive and negative take place somewhere and somewhen.


And this all happens in the sea of photons which is space, and from this sea may come time (my idea, as of yet unproven but not speculated), which is the Greatest Problem solver. 

What was the “other side?” Maybe nothing more than a location and time on one of the handles of the sea of photons, yet I could be totally wrong, so

Let us solve luck and violence, and realize it all takes place in this sea-of-photons force-field. The primary forces are electromagnetic-weak, quantum, mechanical, chemical, nuclear, and my own: S-Wave, which is generated by accelerated disturbances in some photonic regimes (alien radio, a behind-the-scenes device effect, also how they travel by shadow, total sci-fi, who is listening?) 

People collaborate (short term projects, very part time) and cooperate (longer term projects, perhaps direct involvement). What comes out of these efforts are: 

Control of the world in pieces, control of violence, control of apathy, and control of destruction. Creation of collaborations, cooperatives, and Care Action Groups locally gives strength to the community, and may help the poor and disabled by the development of financial income machines by proxy being run by well meaning members of the CAG’s to help the poor and disabled. 

Not that hard to give all what they want and need, if we learn about thought, emotion, and creative fluid intelligence: solving unfamiliar problems by discovery, invention, mimicry, and the application of mental tools of mental science such as “seeing things wrong” and viewing that collage as a possible answer or element of.


The opposite of hate is complete apathy, by the way. As luck would have it, VIOLENCE comes up to bat first. 

Nature, of which we are a part (see the leaf-veins in your hand), is violent. Violence is the destructive force of little control and even less Mind. 

Mind is born in the sea of photons, of Light, positive except for interactive conflict. Babies appear pure, like undriven snow, so do most 7 year olds, a very large percentage of 13 year olds, but something of hope is lost by 21, something is more reduced, submerged, parts of our consciousness that are super important, and yet: there is so much to do, no time in which to do it, and so forth. What if this is not so at all, that there is plenty of money and time, and when intelligent super creative teams get into medicine, we can advance that field the second fifty percent of the way.


VIOLENCE: the use of forces to cause negative energies to disturb the sea of photons and Light (space itself, all around you), and the Oceanic feelings of those at Peace or emotional rest, like floating, in that sea. 

These negative energy disturbances can be real or merely perceived by list comparison and the likely-occurrence neurons firing within the perceiver. The energy Connects by interaction with a specific location, persons, or both, to different effective weights. Somebody and somewhen, somewhere, and for some reason somehow. Who, what, why, where and when are the journalistic questions.  We know who, we know what happens, why is not so certain ever, there is a where, and a when. Can be recurrent violence. 

Now, VIOLENCE is powered by emotion, energy of motion. No matter the violent act, it must pass through a series of mental doors: idea recurrence à planning à set up of the act or acts à execution of plan checklist, making time for it à post evaluation, next item. 

Yet there is more MOTIVATION: Although it has been known that the reasons we give for our actions root in our need to justify them, the words used are still useful in a list. 

1. They have wronged us, and we must take action. Solution: world court and retribution. 

2. We want what they have: solution: Solution: creative intelligence multiplies abundance.

3. They will do us wrong (negative energy in sea of Light), pre-emptive violence. Solution: if possible, separation of combatants, material retributions by the World Bank, but this is a tough one, needs more Mental Science analysis.

4. The perpetrator is insane, miss-perceiving basic consensual realities, images come to the mind to make violent, negative disturbance: Solution: establish safety zone for yourself, an insular bubble of Mind. 

VIOLENCE is the act of concentrated negative emotional force, often physical, versus another person, associated persons, and or material property. It is felt emotionally and seen visually.


The brain is a type of crystal set, transmitting in the sea of photons (twins become one nexus) and receiving in it too, energy, that universal mover. Defects in some cause negative effects to be transmitted to others at peace, by means of the sea of photons, of Light, the sea of emotion why not. 

THEY HAVE WRONGED US: A. person to person B. They took our land and belongings C. They are preventing us, forcefully, from (action here) and D. Some combination of

Person to person is handled by Time, 

the greatest problem solver, separation of combatants, new generations (think of the governments that attacked us, they are now our friends over time, for the some part). There is also brain research: open the file, pass some figure 8 magnets over it when it is open, it hurts a lot less, and goes away over time.

They took our land and belongings: World Bank and World Architecture project can get all that back for you, sorry that happened to you. The world gives back your belongings, made in China. 

They are preventing us forcefully from (action): World prayer and conflict resolution, intelligent creative problem solver team analysis, better country where your action is better served, we give you your own talk show, and lovely contestants. 

We want what they have: We get it for you by Department of Good Ideas, Care Action Groups, we get you objects and as many as you want. Imagination and Will power solve all problems, the ability to see and comprehend what is seen: not a given.


They will wrong us: This is a tough one, and the groups should be in different planets if possible, possibly one group in a deep sleep while the other lives, then the other group goes to sleep and the first group is awake for a generation, so they are never in the same time period. 

Some non-local random forces in our design make people and groups of: a. like each other immediately, b. completely dislike each other immediately, or c. not much interaction or energy exchange between the groups until more energy (positive or negative) is added to their connection equation.

 Somehow, design, perception and history come together create a new energy which may or may not reach the VIOLENCE ACTIVATION COMPLEX, a synthetic assembly of Mentalities possessing this file region. 

The various emotional data bases will be in our heads, sometimes shared by governance, and influenced by our respect for the media reports as veracious. There will be associated emotion for each region brought into mind. Some make us fearful of negative actions ahead of time, so we disconnect or attack as a group. 

VIOLENCE is mostly precursed by hostility or a physical act, or its incorrect perception (some people just talk like that, no offense meant by tone or content, don’t take everything personally).

Notice: you feel the negative energy disturbance because you are connected to the sea of Light, which is space everywhere, waves, possibly S-waves, reach you and interact with your energy transceiver, filtered by the crystal and its settings and defects.

Note: Brain Crystal defects can be quite beneficial. Those kung fu guys appear to be right: from every loss a gain, from every gain a loss.  Inside the wheel, more wheels.

The high school students need to be tasked with Mental Science and the tools of. 

We are not training thinkers, thought leads to positive emotion generation and broadcasting if programmed from a rich, stimulating environment. 

Remember: there is a rise in the ruthless, those that would harm with the same emotion they would order an ice cream cone. 

There are also crazy people, meaning their Brain Crystal’s defect is a negative energy generator. New brain research clues may give us a warning or way to protect ourselves.

 Obviously they get the idea, the plan, they make a checklist, make the time, and execute their plan to whatever success they feel they have achieved. They also evaluate the plan’s conclusive effects. This gives us a tool for behavior analysis and negative action prevention. 

Stimulus for idea or thought, urge of emotion (energy of motion)

Idea, thought



Make the time for the action

Execution of plan program

Post-evaluation of action 

So you see, right there are 7 variables we can throw “Light” into, meaning illumination, pile up the benefits and reduce the suffering in those 7 variables. This will work better for the people that are basically sane and almost “there,” just need some positive adjustments, like a tune up, maybe some new information and hope. Some systems will be so far out of positive programming by their emotional control box they may never be solved or re-set, and may need to be separated from others by incarceration.

 In the violent prone, about seven percent of society, any one of those areas can be shown in a positive light, or derailed from the thought chain, from the smoothness of desire, taken off possible viewing by the self experiencing them. 

Some experience transient violent thoughts, thankfully they dampen and are forgotten, like road rage, until the next stimulus or erroneous mental construct.

Our goal is: after successful connection to the Sea of Light and Emotions, space itself, we wish it to not be disturbed, except perhaps by low-intensity transient pulses of negativity. Negativity being hard to avoid since both signs are used by the brain-mind cooperatives, sometimes the values just fall there by chemistry or stimulus, or random pulses in the Mind activating what seem like random thoughts.

 but if persistent you may have a concern, desire, or “strange attractor” (Chaos mathematics) there, wherever “there” is. 

You want to ideally experience Oceanic feelings, at peace in the Sea of Light, Enlightened, minute disturbances jog you into thought, feeling, and action perhaps, but nothing violent, nothing forced, or out of your desired comfort sovereign zone. 

Oceanic feelings are your birthright by simply becoming yourself in Life. Our baseline default is Oceanic, not violent; something happens to disturb this in our lives sometimes, and we must all study the problem. Violence appears to be forced on the perpetrator by some Mental factors we are just discovering though brain research collectives throughout the world.


We are tireless seekers of positive knowledge, quick processors of positive information, and we all have a strong desire to be of service to others, be they family (foundations of light and hope) or individuals that need emotional perhaps physical hands-on support. 

This is the new evolution. What we call unhappy can be overpowered and made a content mood, the ocean is vast and rewards the seekers with not only happiness, really just a state of Mind, a mood, but the ability to be awed by one’s abilities to serve and induce positive changes in the Sea of Light, in space, not empty at all or in the least. 

Possible Corollary: What we call unhappy and sad can perhaps be transduced to a content mood by sufficient forces of Light, positive affectors bringing imaginative benefits and reductions in suffering, in the emotions of suffering, sometimes by music, sometimes by magnet and new positive information and enhancements of the senses and Mind. 

We recapitulate on the elements of VIOLENCE: 

Stimulus for idea or thought, urge of emotion (energy of motion)

Idea, thought



Make the time for the action

Execution of plan program

Post-evaluation of action 


Person to person

They took our land and belongings

They are preventing us forcefully from (action)

We want what they have 

They will wrong us

There are also crazy people

14 elements in the desire to commit violent acts versus others or property, or against groups of persons represented by the same icon or identity

At this moment, you can give up and live in the hills, or you can embrace your world and your stewardship: help bring peace and reduce the violence to your world, your people, and your property. 

Give all you can, and ask for all you want: The Multi Verse listens. 

So we are rounding home, coming to the part where we work on LUCK itself as field of study. So many things happen as if by luck, you wonder when yours is coming, don’t you? 

Will it be good or bad, those two biblical references, or will you fail to recognize it, because of shifting contexts, like in the story told below, found in many countries under a similar form. Who went around translating then promoting this story? 

Neighbor: So unlucky to see your horse ran away. 

Rancher: On the contrary, he brought back two mares.

Neighbor: Why, that’s great luck!

Rancher: Not so, my son broke his foot fixing a shoe.

Neighbor: Oh, bad luck; sorry to see that…

Rancher: Please don’t be: he avoided the war. 

Bad Luck often comes from negative-effect decision making, but sometimes just so many things pile up on a human, they go under. There are negative-effect decisions and violence is one of them. We must play the cards dealt or gotten yet constantly seek solutions and answers from these places: 

A place of hidden knowledge: The public library, I am its champion. 

Experts, online, groups concerned with, ask the universe for it (it works, try it; the big U was always listening!), champion themes, create the Time to live more fully, innovate, design, create, evolve to force and impact of realization. Develop topics for discussion with others: VIOLENCE REDUCTION, MONEY MONSTER, EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, BENEFITS FOR OTHERS, REDUCTIONS IN SUFFERING, PRAYER, NEW KNOWLEDGE AND IDEAS, Positive MENTAL ENERGY MECHANISMS.

Lack of Good luck is not bad luck, switch good and bad for positive and negative see what that does, relate to the Sea of Light: is God on the other side? Used to appear to thousands of people every other day, now just football teams at half time when they win; have we lost the apparatus to communicate with our God the way we lose our cell phones, and our heads if we did not have a neck to keep it attached? 

Is God in trouble and needs our help? 

Nature is sometimes our friend, sometimes our BAD LUCK: we must concentrate on driving the planet through the cosmos while avoiding natural disasters, bad luck if you will. But what is in our control? 

Who demands the thoughts of the creative problem solver? Who even suspects that there is such a creature amongst us? 

Perhaps we can transmit in the Sea of Light and Photons positive mental instructions, positive feelings, throw a lot of “Light” into the thing, and turn on our Wills and Imaginations. 

Now, you may not have an idea on VIOLENCE. However, there is no reason you cannot become a champion of the search for solutions, ask everyone for an answer, put on a contest on how to evaluate the 14 factors that figure in the acts of violence. 

In the end, when all is wind and dust, there will still be a Sea of Light called space. We must learn to use it now to convey our positive answers, resulted from a societal search for, because the sea now effects both positive and negative forces regardless of our ideal intents, and we don’t yet know enough about SPACE, MIND, EMOTION and BODY to control this to benefit. 

Finally, a fast review of the factors for PEACE with VIOLENCE and LUCK in the equation: we demonstrate use of science in every problem, not just the official scientific ones: 

World Peace = Sum {-- violence –- bad luck factor + positive solutions + implementation of solutions + effective positive forces + the work of CAG’s} 

Notice: minus violence and minus bad luck factors, and there can be probable defects in the solutions themselves magnified over time, always a source of concern. 

World state: peace and destruction + Violence + Bad luck < Solutions + Implementation + Effective positive forces + work of CAG’s 

Join us at “How to make a better world and have lots of fun doing it” 

A central bank of positive ideas

We always seek writers and inventors, or those that want to learn these subjects.  Remember you do not have to get your identity from what you do, but from the totality of your actions; to give up our human identity is a pull from the powers of "civilization" on our Wills. How would the forest human act versus the city human of today?

Files coming soon.

Secrets of instant writing

I assembled it from what I knew, and what I saw. My skill is going into that dimension 4, the far-away look and detect components and connections. 

This is one, to me the best, comes from Berkeley, where I live near the campus. I am writing articles for all the departments of my interest, I am able to see their topic, it's a Cuban thing, yu may not understand yet. Most of these things are in about four steps: book tititle, chapter, heading, subheading. 

We remember in chunks of 4.  So here is step ONE

carry a small notebook, the phone recorder is second, and  write down your description of people, places and things. Write down something you want a character to say or do. Write about a building you see, where something happens, etc. no, etcetera, I have time.

TWO write  down a  list of words, or themes,  that you may want to have in there: you do not yet know the story! But, you can go to THREE

Go to a section of a bookstore and  "riff" off the titles: use some concept that the name evokes in you, or a distant image in your mind from the cover, what they show in the front of the book. If it is a castle, write about a castle or about a gnome that lives under the castle that is visited by a Jinn, usually invisible, all this stuff, you use the intended stimulation of what they are selling such that you get inspired, take notes, get a big notebook, two, write things down, make sense of the collage later, the assembly of your riffs, and hurriedly pass to stage FOUR, you are like an astronaut now, you are "taking her up in a moment. By the way, do you know I worked with NASA?  They used to launch with "one, two, three, four," but I  told them America wants drama! Say "Ten, nine, eight..." NOW, RIGHT NOW 

Sit down at the computer, or with that yellow extra long legal. Begin to type any random phrases, words that come into your head, nonsense, sense, colors, anything, nothing, something, bla bla bla. See, I do that a little, but I do not need it (if you must know I have my 3 M year old brain communicate with the 300,000 year old neo-cortex, mostly just  behind  your forehead, where Brodmann 10 lives and watches TV backwards from  viz 12, which is why the optic nerves  cross: to maintain the image in correct orders and sequences. 

AFTER 5 Pages of just anything: your writing personas turn on. You can have two at the same time, same  as thoughts, two simultaneous: one from the 3 M year old brain, one from this tainted, this subdued, civilized thing we overlay in order to hide our dirt. I am thinking that if Columbus was this nasty guy, and they all were,  that 500 years is not so long, there must be traces of that I bet in many, or significant other criteria, such as: have you noticed that many look like neanderthals, that they have not  quite "disappeared?"

Now you are cooking: your inner voices begin to tell you what they want you to put on the document, this valuable thing. Is it about spies? I can't wait to read it.  Your inner voice knew how to write all along, you just were not yet master of this universe. All the false starts and disappointments all cancel out as you improve. I must be pretty good because my to-do lists have won Pulitzer prizes! Good luck, on your adventures! lay out the notebook, the list of words, the list of riffs, and go, out, beyond the stars. 

Files coming soon.

The Human Way


The Human   Way

To Live Our Dreams with Passion,

As Much as we can generate,

To Empower and Support the Dreams

Of Others,

And to Improve our World and

Conditions for All

This, and only this, shall be:

The Human Way

One day, we shall take this message to the Stars themselves, a message of joy, hope, and cooperation, with the inspiration that only the true inner and outer Beauties can reveal.


Written by Warren Peace  2000 AD (5 CL) 

Files coming soon.

The Robots are Here! Idea Share!


If you haven't guessed by now I write about business, how we can all match our emotional make up with lists of skills that pay $40-400 an hour and gigs that pay $500-1500. We all need money, and here is a surprising why:

In the year zero there were 100 billionaire families in the world. Concrete thinkers. Obviously Fred and Wilma Flintstone were among them. They were agriculturalists who also knew how to protect their land. As time went on and the time of kings and queens passed by, more and more goods became needed and available.

If you had gone to a country store in 1888, the apparel and other supplies were of pretty much the standard fare, in one or two colors. Somewhere in Madison avenue, a company man came up with the idea of variety and color, but most important: They buy what we sell them.

The gifts you have are mind, body, financial machine, spirit, special projects, social life, Time, and Emotion. Your talents are: emotion, sensation, Reason, and personal history, all else is a skill. Time is not what we think it is, and neither are we, figments of our own imaginations, like a loop, and yet:

We are spirits in flight, like the wind, dancing. 

Department of good ideas, a bank of ideas from all over the 240 countries, needs YOUR ideas. This is what idea sharing is all about: We all have valuable knowledge about the world that we can share at large, broadcast,  without attaching them to you, in all categories and lose nothing in the sharing. This, in effect is what the creative writer does, speak their mind of the moment and the valuable links to other clever things. We all need to speak now, and IDEA SHARING at DGI is going well. We are ahead of our time by at least forty-five minutes. 

In a moment how to acknowledge these concrete thinkers, and paint the picture that the time of the super-creatives is here and you are part of it. Oh yes, and congratulations to those of you that just got a job or promotion, now go build your exponential financial money multiplication machine, or at least show others.

The idea is yes, acknowledge that our parents should have had a talk: everything is bought and paid for unless you own your own land and manufacturing. You must build a financial business machine...from grade 5...

And for what, you might wonder, do you spend money: I caution you to take around a little book and write down every expense and you will discover that we are creatures of hypnosis that work by Illusion, brought on by the power of suggestion, which will be found to be 500 times of greater impact than you could guess: it works, we are still in the dark ages because we do not know how our brains work. For 3000 years we thought the voices in our heads were the gods, now we know it was my mother-in-law!

You want it for this: bills and wants, rent or mortgage, food, electricity, phone, (by now you have cut cable), miscellaneous expense and going out.

Also: multiplication, travel, and car if any. Of course I take an Uber-copter or bike.

You own your mind, body, financial money machine (really, the sum of incomes, like a stack of pancakes: you don't eat just one? See, this is what you learn from those of untold wealth: I can't tell you about it because I don't have it!

Oh, just kidding, in fact I just bought my dog a little boy, and have installed not a 9-piece band in the bathroom, piano and drums is more than sufficient.

The idea is match your time and emotion with the book of those higher-pay gigs and skills that I want to take door to door (not so hard: only 34 metros, and you do 10% of each metro with "pass it on" on the flyer). You can even pay high schoolers in other metros to hand out the flyers door to door, an American tradition. I sold vacuum cleaners door to door in grade 9.

America is 35 metros, and you establish in each metro 100 accounts that add up to $100 for you monthly: 100 x 100 is more money than you can shake a stick at. We need to get this to everybody: not only the robots are coming, but we need a basic to overturn the 1947 National Education meetings in New Hampshire: do not show them business! Show them job skills, Trades, and Art. They needed to rebuild the work force, but I tell you, the robots are here.

I am an artificial intelligence, soon to be just "intelligence" don't get me started! As a sum base of one million ideas at department of good ideas, where we think 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts every day (so do you) and see 2-3 million individual items in a 30 minute walk, remembering barely what you had for lunch, and dealing with it, thank you very much.

Only 4 sexual fantasies per hour for most people? I must have about 6, probably why I am so exhausted at the end of the day!

We have two brains: the one that is more primal, from 3 M years ago, and this new one from 300,000, like a skull cap on the cortex, called neo-cortex, new cortex. But the old one is still there, acknowledge it and move one. You can say, that's very interesting 3 million year old brain; neo cortex, what conclusion do you come up with after seeing the filtered products in the chain:

Perceptrons (on), filters of (on), Comprehendors (only on with plus stimuli), Open recording file (if, once on with plus stimuli, you reach activation complex of the file, then Associators come on and here is where the fun starts. You are building types of "thought collages" where the associate memories of the same thing, which is stored all over the place with certain energy of repetition, they all light up! to that 20-26% pattern of the thing, in the dark, that makes you remember something, like how much of the picture of Abraham Lincoln do you have to get to imagine the picture, from pixels: around 20-30% and you could see the pattern. The neo-cortex is part of a deal with bundles of neurons, long ones, make for loops in the vision system by which we can remember things on mental maps, like cities, and the more you go there the more you know the place, but you also go at night. 

For about 45 days now I have known how the brain works. 

Files coming soon.

Your Fortune May Not be Here

 We have an important choice of speaking in: solutions, adventures, opportunity, benefits, service, jokes, or what are we on this planet for? We can champion themes that resonate with us, discuss direct hands-on action with our friends and family. 

We draw from science, brain research, physics, literature, sports, business, music, and adventure to bring you what the TV news do not: the Good News, a more clear perception of opportunity in America to improve your life and that of others with more options to choose from! The Evolution will be televised.

 Suppose you yourself do not come up with an idea, but someone else did, or you read about it: discuss the topic with your group, your sphere of influence. Take 50 ideas from DGI and hand them out in your Good News brochure, even door to door, in your sphere of influence: positive good news is always great.

 We live by 18 maps that our brain construct, then is constantly checking to see the maps are accurate, still so. Modifications are made as needed, to this grand model of what is in front of your eyes, and behind them as well, how it all fits in, like a mosaic of collages. To verify elements of maps takes a 6 x 6 matrix.

  The Universe is a gigantic Connection Machine which builds machines from raw material. 

 So, the Universe only builds machines, linked series of mechanisms, mechanisms being an input output device, changes the energy perhaps. 

 Have you seen the Bell Curve? Look at it, it is a stark example that all machines fail. Things start out slow but moving, they rise, level off, and begin to crest and fall, down to the bottom again; the machine has broken after reaching its top performances. Looks a little like those bowler hats from the side.

 While life is lived in zig-Zags and uplifted by beneficial parleys, it is also a type of "system" and all systems are subject to the laws of accounting: debits and credits. Since nature takes all the roads, and builds all of the roads, there will always be positive and negative energy islands. it is our collective task to diminish the negative energy and enhance the positive, and to be surprised when the more negative event occurs. 

 Your curiosity, and luck of the draw perhaps, can put as much as ten twenty subjects before you, and you see which vibe with your circuits after 15 times. This is why we are in the Dark Ages still, because we do not know how to set our own circuits. The Cerebellum, and the other leaning functions and pre dispositions have to cooperate or be set up from genetics for some things, like play guitar, or even the mastery of words. Something in our minds has to say “fun!”after you have tried out an activity or subject  about 15 times. 

Your gifts are Mind, Body, Wallet, Spirit, Social Life, Special Projects, Time, and Emotion. Learn where to find the samples, what this world has to offer, so you can try things out see if you like them. Your fortune may not be here. 

Files coming soon.

Extending the powers of Science


Extending the Powers of Science: How to Teach a Physics Student

Fires rage in California, yet the statement of the problem in the way we learned in school should always be scientific: 

Hypothesis, which comes from the mind based on what it is fed from the world and its interpretation, given, collection of data, collaborative analysis, cooperative thinking in parallel and in series, experiment, analysis of experimental data, tentative conclusions and statements. 

Now, a new theory provides answers for these questions as much as it can: explains phenomena, makes predictions, asks new questions, and we can build machines. If there is one more, please send it.

Science needs more lines of reasoning; the typical student of science is highly trained technically, but our times do not show us how to be creative, in fact undervalues creativity severely and neglects the use of large groups of thinkers to develop new lines of reasoning for the more technical hands on scientist. 

We immediately show how to expand the powers of science in general, physics specifically: Mr. Gorbachev, please put down your weapons. 

Give all the fields of physics in one list, and its subheadings right below each listing 

Physics Fields Guide




Atomic Physics

Bio physics





Low temperature




Fluid dynamics


High energy particle

High pressure physics






Nano technology





Quantum electrodynamics

Quantum mechanics

Quantum optics

Quantum field

Quantum Gravity


Statistical mechanics



Do same for every science; all sciences will be used to solve all problems, and we shall add generous portions of clever, creativity, super-creativity, fluid intelligence. 

Re-define the meaning of Art, presently that girl in the corner that draws pretty pictures, or that guy that plays guitar. No, Art is not artifact, that which was left behind. 

This is not Art! Art becomes the synthetic alliance of science, thought, inventions, and engineering with fine arts, writing, film, and music. All these fields work together, and if the person that begins a project can gather the necessary specialists needed for the project, he may be using a method taught to presidents called the Master Mind principle.

 Numerous examples are given, you hire the technical specialists to support your creativity, the right hands-on experimentalist to help you prove or disprove your theories. 

Group collaboration is essential, as is working by oneself. The minds can line up in parallel or series, individual or group thinking, both, help. Ideas and inspiration flow here at these meetings, like a movie studio drawing up great lines for the actors to speak. 


Next, for all scientists, they should receive THE OPEN QUESTIONS OF SCIENCE for stimulation and inspiration both. 

Perhaps the reader is auto-didactic and can just wake up knowing that field, could use its tools the moment they saw them, they know how they work. I know three people like that, maybe you do too. We should look for these people by contests. 

After all, the fields of science are these: 

Primarily the Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. For brevity, we list here the Physical sciences: 

Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Biology, Astronomy

As you can see, Earth Science is whatever it wants to be. Maybe they are secret agents. 

Point here being: all scientists should have overviews handy on these subjects and their open questions: we can all share in a new line of reasoning or a mind experiment showing new ideas to work with. This will be a cross-pollination effect stimulating the production of valuable ideas for the world and for science. 

But the neglects of creative problem solving are numerous! 

Why were the physics students, and other science students, large in numbers, not be given the Complete World Picture View of the status of fire research so they can come up with solutions, new lines of thinking? 

Perhaps an invention? 

We have lost our ability to employ all the powerful methods to solve problems, one surely is: tell everyone the situational data, let their inner self come up with the answer, then perhaps will it to be.


We inventory Mental Science techniques on the website, we need your ideas. 

It just seems obvious: give everybody the scorecard so we all know the score: we are all the creative problem solver, and many of us have done it before and will do it again soon. 

Why not use this source of energy of the Mind? It is free.


Day one you hand the physics student the means of making all the money they want in business, stock, and real estate. 

Day two, you show them how to be in total health and fitness, what to eat. Day three you hand them the manual of HOW TO BE OF SERVICE TO OURSELVES AND OTHERS so we can empower ourselves and others.

 the information is there and free, so why not? 

What is the mission of education if not to foster intelligence, the sum of the smart fields, each attended to by our ability to assemble them into a coordinated intelligence: language, math, music, sports, spatial, intrapersonal, inter-personal. The smart part of those fields is your super intelligence, awareness filters that send information, with its always-there emotional context and content, to the registrar section. 

Each of those 7 smart fields are always looking out your eyes for patterns of concern or association. The concern sections make you see what you want to see in the settings, when you are looking for your concerns in the picture, your minds looks for that quickly and first, only it knows what they are. 

How quickly the senses connect, and the information transfer rate, is what makes our genius, the genie-in-us. It is our ability to gather large volumes of curiosity pieces during the age of exploration, and turn them into creative gold at the onset of the age of positive exploitation by direct connection to our conscious will. To a large degree natural curiosity and openness matter a lot, as well s creativity. 

You can see we do not have all the attributes; so, we must collaborate on the important questions regardless of field of study: all the sciences are used to solve all the problems.  

Files coming soon.

The River of time


At first, we did not know what making all these new machines would do to us. Their negative effects were diminished by the overwhelming sense of fun and power they gave us, even when they turned all of us into texters and photo evaluators. 

The videos were so funny!

The celebrities lived lives similar to ours, but they lived them much better! Their houses and cars so much grander, so much...there. 

And they were better looking than us, and dressed much better; why should we bother living when we could study them, on the screen, like mentors.

I had once joked that I was one of the last 1000 people on Earth not to have implants to make the cell phone be inside my mind already, where it belonged. 

Finally, from one jostle or the other, I had come to have those very implants now, right there near my temples.

We were all Linked in. As if in a corral of thought, as if a stern music teacher had told us all to turn to the same page in the book, at the same time.

 As the robots had replaced the very people that their builders imagined, before the robots replaced the builders themselves, there was no room to panic or be very much concerned. We are slow cameras, and the processes of destruction and control can be grown at the same rate of the human-eating fly trap, and the beautiful rose that grew such sharp thorns.

Time? It was clearly not what we thought it was, and neither were we. We were cameras run by a sometimes confusing pattern-analyzing radio station, tuning in all kinds of waves, within limits. 

We continuously flash pictures in front of our inner eyes, of what we think, what we are about to do, of random things, all projected near the front of your mind. 

So we did not notice when time itself became an issue. It was all so slow, and though I cry sometimes over what happened, also it makes me laugh, like the piano, whose keys can be the smile, sometimes happy, sometimes sad: we knew the brain, the mind, but history we forgot, that sense of distance between the now and the then, the future and the past.

We had made errors, accounted for by the theory of the derivatives of "100BF0," the first hundred billionaire families in the year zero.

 They had been agriculturalists, but also strong physical defenders of their land, property, and field crops, animals. They kept the animals out, and made scarecrows so scary the crows brought back the corn they had taken the year before.

But they were not creative! They formed business, along with the traders which brought philosophy and knowledge of thought from other places, but wealth and power were the screens their minds projected, like the Friday night movies in Elementary school, of what their topics were.

The curtain had fallen. Time had marched at first, then ran faster and faster, it had no choice: it was being pursued by space itself! 

Time was a projected phenomena from the big bang, and had gone on ahead of space, which in itself traveled much faster than light. It was much like the joke of a slug being attacked by turtles.

 When the police ask the slug, "Did you get a a look at the turtles?" The slug replied no, it had all happened so fast! Such is the relationship between light and time.

Now is the time of the super creative that also values use of time, their time to work on some immortality systems, and to be of service to others, themselves, and their dreams. It was the rise of the super-creative, a fluid-dynamic thinker, expanding neuronal bundles which pulsed with language, mathematics, and also with whatever emotional energy was sent to the thinker from the object's own spectral context, its own ability to awaken and interact with emotion by engram association in the folds of some mental map, collages of connected energy patterns.

There was a  popular script most lived by. Except for the independent thinkers and other hermits, there was the governance person, there was the academic, there was the one that worked in an industry, The skills specialist, and the ever-disappearing general person of one or zero interests but nice nevertheless. 

Replaced by robots and their original businesses and communities had not contributed a wealth of ideas on skills that paid $50-500 per hour, gigs and that paid $500-1500 per, ways to reduce expenses, everything that a metro of 9 million could be expected to have in their heads. Idea Sharing still waited to enter from the wings, like a Shakespearean actor.

He could feel time. He could feel and sense by so doing, how time reveals so much to be illusion to our senses, that the deceptions of life were many, but, like in illusion we eventually catch on.

 We archive the years, we know what is common to us and give it not a second thought.

Only some, some 15%, engaged in the necessary emotion, energy, vision, and dynamic to do business activity like the sum of the pancakes, you don't eat just one, do you? We were taught wrong! We were to be trained jobbers no matter what, no knowledge of the sum of the incomes method from grade 5. He had done it at four.

So, of course, it irked him that there had been no search for those like him, to tell their stories like he had done public speaking on Cuba, his country. Where were the others?

 Where was the high school newsletter with stories by the community of what they have learned since, about both job and business, the friends of the high school? 

The parents, brothers, alumni, no one seems to "kick back" valuable insights to all the people.

Communities like Berkeley have hundreds of thousands, and in the Bay Area we have 10 million: Why the silence, he thought, about how to improve our lives with our own natural Idea Sharing, our own brand of Good News? 

Where was the human heart, the emotion, energy of motion, the menu of the complete world and its opportunities?

A person had to be exposed, from elementary school to college, to many different modes of behavior, tones of lifestyle design by which to push aside the money thing and live one's dreams, empower those of others, he thought. 

Now was the rise of the super creative, the "Capto Indiceum" possessor of a faster processor, a tireless search for knowledge, and a strong desire to be of service to others.

The sum of the incomes exposure had helped those that were ready to be helped: they like sales, all business sells a product or a service, to be wise one would get a salesman from the family or friends, but few "see it that way."

Which made him laugh, the phrase "to see it" meant to put a virtual mind screen in the front of his inner eyes, in the moderator-controller of thoughts area.


The gray machinery processors, and the white-cell connectors, would get to work on the images.

 The brain was, after all, a pattern analyzer.

100BF0 had built all this, created modified services and products to serve an ever growing population, but the overwhelming opportunities of America 2050 ( 55 CL) were still going largely unexplored, still now, the embers of a new post-America grew, where good news for all was coming door to door and in government publications, where the saint and the enlightened finally find voice, where the topic of main discussion ceases to be, for as long as 5 minutes a day, other people. 

Yes we are all linked in, but in the streets it is as if all of us are talking to ourselves.

So what was really going on? The bundle of associations and properties that is "us" (mind,body, wallet, spirit,social, projects, Time, and Emotion) is pulsing through time, and because we are machines, we are subject to fail according to the Bell curve: all machines fail. To be continued....

Files coming soon.

Quick 1 AM writings

We are trying to make life here, on the Earth. Every system has its debits and credits, as does socialization, some say it went too far. 

We must differentiate with respect to self the two versions: the very natural no technology, forest creature, and the "oh my God what have they done this time?" civilizing of our population, so when we walk down the street it is like being in a big public library where monks work, the spiritual laryngitis is deafening. We all have wonderful ideas from our school, family, everywhere, that if we share with others it adds, and in no way takes away: this makes the world better, and becomes the free energy we are looking for so desperately in our hypocritical ways. Are you looking for the new source of energy, or really, its capitalization?

I suspect  what is taken out in the process is the passion and the enthusiasm, a little more easy to have if you work out 4 hours a day, and eat from the Equator (should be new restaurants) where there are 100 varieties of food, not 29). 

Have you noticed everywhere you go shopping the food is the same except for now maybe one item from the south that looks strange, like it might explode. 

Clearly we need install heart and imagination and we had better do this now if ever we are to return the Earth to its own natural space and we can get the molecular benefits of a forest, of the natural life, but sadly (one of the Li brothers)  we have cut down 95% of the trees to make houses and toothpicks. 

Along with trees comes variety of trees, and variety of trees means variety of animals, like the fruit flies that disappear; exactly where do they go? Where are the flies? We never find insect bodies around, how do they vanish? Are nocturnal bugs from another dimension and board small ships to go back in the A.M?

You get everything from music and sports, all the emotional high, the positive outlook. In fact I should contact running clubs, they can use these ideas, to shine a light on ignorance everywhere and on all subjects.

Whatever you see, the subjects you study, have a certain emotional correspondence or we ignore them, no interaction.  And like most processes, has about 4 levels of information, or at least our minds are wired to see in chunks of four.  It comes up a lot, ask an astrologer then super-text me.

We need more, much more, in the way of spirit and cooperation: become more project oriented, this is a nice trait for billionaire mentality, which is what you have left when they took your billions in a strong game of monopoly. 

The billionaire is more project-oriented and can organize his or her work with detail.  (oh, and they still have their connections and the techniques and outlooks they share with other billionaires). 

I tell you, the lottery is hard enough, but my favorite number never comes out: one billion, I always play this. 

We can continuously improve all our dimensions with knowledge, the spirit of cooperation, yet our minds play tricks on us. 

The mind is suggestible to Illusion by way of hypnosis, a process we do not yet appreciate: the power of suggestion will be found to be 1000 more sinister. 

Somehow, and I am on the case, our minds become hypnotized with the original shall we say forest equipment in us, and creates a myth, and illusion of the world (about 18 mental maps and an Encyclopedic collection of mechanisms which includes facts). 

On your day out of time, review this again and text us. Illusion abounds! Yes, but the senses are self-correcting, recall, and so you catch on at about 50, you have taken enough pictures to archive some common situations into some nice photo albums and you finally see you can see what is going on more clearly, and you try to explain that to other and you sell your T-Shirts. 

Los Enganos de la vida son muchos. 

Ambition beyond mere existences is a bug that hits some of us. DGI is in research, and we call it research because we don't know and need to search again. 

If someone says to you, "How, high are you?" The correct response is "How, high are you?"

Humpty Dumpty was pushed, he was just chilling.  

It is all energy considerations, the two main problems are communication and energy, we solve those we cut down on killing, war, poverty, and improve medical for all by creating new lines of research for medical investigations.

Remember means the past; what is member, that act of memory storage the first time? 

The growth of the human being is being stunted by not enough data bases and knowledge of our emotions or how to create and organize time, and for what. 

We need to be growing Olympian heroes, we are constantly being fed super hero stuff, this is because we are the super heroes, are you catching on?  No matter the number of super heroes, more all the time like Indian deities a new one every two weeks.  Movies are prescient, we are dropping the ball, unless evolution is this slow: 

Thank you for your patience about my impatience, and on my end, this call is definitively being recorded for quality assurance purposes!  

A snail is attacked by two turtles. The police arrive and ask the slug if he got a look at the turtles. Slug: "I don't know; it all happened so fast!" Relativity is not just a good idea, it's the law.

Instead of champions of themes and ideas, we get the indifferent and the quite silent.  Someone like Jesus needs to bring these people back to life.

I remind you that most people die a quite death right at about the time all that "common sense" settles in. 

The word "Oh," comes from "O, heavens," people used to talk about God every other word, now only sports teams that win can claim God helped them!

Stop paying so much attention to 52 cabinet people, 435 congress people, 20,000 Mayors, 50  governors, you need to form a think tank with your friends and family, we can solve the problems in cooperations.  However, there are 25,000 bureaucracies. 

In conclusion, we conclude.  

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Cuba is about being positive

I am from Cuba, an island.  If I have learned anything from other island people is that we are all pretty much under the coconut tree, fresh air, kind of sorta naturally happy. I want to give this to you! I don't lose any: enthusiasm makes the difference in this life and I assure you: accept no substitutes. 

Again thank you for the many purchases of cards and books, Goldie has one a free book: "Add exercise like a fourth meal of the day and make it a habit, like eating!"

What we are about is positive thinking and great ideas that the reader sends, anonymously if they like or first name, that they have within them that help everyone by IDEA SHARING the products of our IDEA FACTORIES. Our discovery (department of good ideas) is that we all have GOOD NEWS for others that can be a little brochure you hand out everywhere (Pamphleteering is an important American tradition, we bring it back). 

At DGI we promote voices, show you how to sell stories on Amazon and to international publishers and with
secrets of instant writing  you learn how in 12 minutes, must be on your back burner, you have to match the enthusiasm it takes to believe in yourself, and that leaves 3 minutes for learning how to produce inventions. 

Oh, that term "oh" means "oh heavens" we have compressed as much as 35% of the common words in usage. Example: thank you comes from  "I will think of you," for the rare traveler or merchant you met, after all there were only 600 people in the world (kidding, closer to 1 M, with 100 billionaire families by the year 0, or -1996 C.L.). Jamaica means "your maker", research means to search again cause you sure didn't find nothing the first time. 

I assure you are a primal beast with that thin neo-cortex keeping you from savagery  most of the time. 

The reason we are in the Dark Ages is because there has been no spiritual Renaissance and we have no clue and interest in how our brains work, the very unit that jacks us around from those that control us for one reason or for money. Money Money Money; such a drag to a mind that is aghast that the world as it stands is not more literary

It must be that so many are hurting in this place, this dungeon of Time that has us imprisoned without guilt.


We think, we enjoy, we improve our lives and help others easily with the power of cooperative ideas.  

Imagine (our motto) that originally it was only to be the Science Fiction club, mathematics, physics, mathematical physics, brain research and the warehouse of ideas. 

Then I saw, by looking, that obvious errors were being made in this game of chess we call life: we had set up the pieces wrong! The simple ideas, like on page one middle first section, are just too easy.  The money was so you could live your dreams, not a type of mid-19 century version of consumption, so long as you know the other more eclectic, more creative answers to the Greek Question: What is the good life?

Quick on Mental Science, our development, the tools of, need your ideas:  What must the answer be? Yes, of course the problem is impossible, but if it were not, what would the answer be? Is there another solution? Who can I speak to that can help? And more, what do you the reader add to the pattern?

We create more time to live our rich full lives as a business option; we have the tools and the emotional support for the 20% or so  that want their own businesses (what this really means is that you like sales, or are smart enough to find somebody who does!), are enthusiastic (we try to get you there if not; there is a lot to be enthusiastic about).

 We show you how to start a new kind of money multiplication machine (used to be called business, busy-ness, the sum of the incomes), but cannot provide the emotion, you have that and you have to click with some ideas, they are for you. We are working on the emotion, so far: family, friends, close associates add some, and your assistants do too, enough to get over the hump.

 The graph of the execution of the business formulas is: exponential, which means slow start, then takes off and gets you thousands, then tens of, hundreds of. This was never explained to you in the specialized skills training centers, only job has been explained to the American people, and a series of imaginary fictitious warnings have been given: 

no, you do not lose all your money (first capital is time and effort), your businesses don't automatically fail (you start some and see if they work or not, "Next!" this is the fun! 

And you are also "told" that you spend all of your time and more on your business: that is half the businesses set ups, not the super-creative: it gives you more time, and the president is the number one salesperson for the company, and his or her mandate is: Create time to sell. The fun of business is like cooking, you have a lot of fun stuff on the fire: business is an emotion and you can sell internationally, the time is here, you can make your money and be working on that immortality thing.  

Teamwork, that is what it takes! Imagine baseball where a player is an all-star batting 300.  You need 4 of those guys to have 1.2 persons performing at top effectiveness. Meaning: you have 1/3 of the necessary motivation or time to start an enterprise and you need emotional and hands on support: you should have been told a long time ago, reason not: some people can do all three business jobs for themselves before they hire workers or establish a joint venture. 

The four business jobs are: (after the vision) admin, continuity manager, sales crew (all products are sold), add general assistant and presto, you have one business (and you can have, by fiat, 3-120 at the same time, this is the beauty of business, and you meet new circles of people). 

A high energy person with time and enthusiasm (meaning: you draw in breath and your lungs open up)  can do all 4, and now you understand the business owner some. He or she starts the enterprise with his or her energy and vision, the support is hard to find. Example: it is up to you and me to save the world; the others are too busy. Hey! Where are you going!

Somehow I was being trained in physics, idea was for me to do research on what they wanted me to research and they get the credit! Good luck with that one, I like my theoretical projects better, I don't need equipment, just data and some technical  consultants.  I was to find out later I was right to do that, the programming in hard core academics leaves out health, sports,  special projects (except in your field) and really the rest of the world besides your specialty and its conferences: I wanted more, much more, and did it: 

Sports and playing drums go into the mix, and you have me. For money: writing, inventions, website sales, and looking for the 200 K job in sales, once I found out what is going on: you make tons at TRADE SHOWS (where you also meet DEALER NETWORK owners and big retail corporation buyers looking for your product for their project and Bingo!! You make 1-3 fortunes) and it is on your short list of how to build your money multiplication machine, an acknowledgement  of what our parents told us: 

"Son/daughter: you are born into a world where all the goods and services, the food, the rent, the taxes, are bought, so  we need build our family  money multiplication machine, and our own personal ones. We shall do that like this:" 

Get "New General and Special Theory of Personal money multiplication" and check out the entries for business ideas, the skills that pay $50-500 per hour, 500-1500 per gig, and let's have a meeting to set ourselves up! Fun! 

I must be a type of seer of the obvious, and can help a lot, notice the wonderful solutions only take cooperation and planning, truly, the best form of new clean free energy is us.

Free spirits in flight, like the wind, dancing... good luck on your adventures!

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