Travel in Time: Cuban Cards

The Cuban cards enable DGI to pay for reports and films from the entire world, all 240 countries, and work on inventions, invention ideas.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Cuban Cards


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Designed for cheap bastards who want to be clever, double photo card by Cuban Artist Warren Peace


30 M year old plant!


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Originally designed as glasses for Elton John by Cuban writer-inventor Warren Peace


Shy, retiring, seeks same


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This one says it all. Original double-photo card by Cuban artist Warren Peace, also writer inventor


Tiger Illusion Card


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Optical illusion two image design card by Cuban artist Warren Peace, he smells a drop of blood and looks up at you;  are you scared?




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Living room set up by accident did not escape the camera of designer, Cuban artist Warren Peace


Campanile U.C. Berkeley


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My dog in the race, but with bi-lingual Cuban sayings inside, by Cuban artist-writer-inventor Warren Peace

Beyond the Great attractor


We are an endangered species, hear my songs. For beings that put things in boxes, during our Box People days beyond the cave, we are not aware of what to put in about ourselves and our capabilities.

Our wills don't take us on travels of mind and world, DGI will provide what we can of those two precious commodities. We are all hesitant about the future, that really it was all more in its anticipation, and now we see a mixed event, this Future. 

We are not so embracing of it. How I wish it were robots (some bad), spaceships and aliens! How could I know, that this would be my fate

The claim here is we do not know ourselves, we are not who we think we are. We are contextual beings of values that now can be extended, to create a more luminous being. More of your powers and functionalities revealed. 

So little has been shown in the schools, their concern mainly being avoid criminality and get a good job. There was much much more, and it should be obvious from the statement: Where is your Complete world picture view, how can you not find the "Table of Contents" for all 240 countries, for this ship?

 I sure hope the philosophers come alive with a philosophy of action, and that the psychologists would know more brain research and make their insights more enlightened. Oh, wait, this is where I come in, this is my "Bond" mission ("Oh, and 007, please leave the Beretta on the table...). 

I suppose as an exercise in thought and ideation we list the contents again of the human from a different perspective. 

The substrate, the soil of ideas, is the process of Ideation. From this we weave collages to make ideas, new ideas. Below is at least an important part of this content; this is new, a new way of seeing, and by reading, it will change your mind, which is why we avoid reading and only 5% read after 30. These people should be the new political party, The Readers.

Seeing something "wrong" and seeing your invention in place is an excellent way to create thought, expressed in form and function. This is not ART, this is a general tool of all the sciences, engineering, thought, and invention. The same circuits of the brain are used, but we need to train them EXACTLY as we trained reading in us, by using the pattern-recognition function. 

 It does involve emotion, and you never got a list of what they are or how to shift them, their energies, like we have in 2060. Takes 3 decades now to make a century. The prediction was for this to be 4 centuries like the last was 2, 1900-1950, 50-00. Is the next one 8 centuries worth of change? Beware the Ides of March.





YOUR SPIRIT IS IN THERE SOMEWHERE, AN EMOTIONAL BLANKET OF HOW YOU FEEL OVERALL AFTER BEING EXPOSED TO ALL THAT PAST. There would be variations and hybrid form relating to our coping mechanisms and what we actually caused to happen by our hand, our magic, or our potential evil.

 If not good and bad, then positive and negative. A God of War, a God of Peace that lives within in the image of a creator? Also of infinite mercy, which is a lot. You also project a positive future and that heals often; we have coping mechanisms, all is mechanism like firemen, like angels, coming to serve you. 

Tell your friends to wake up, too bad we can't make comments about valuable topics at work, there is an effort to assuage our passions. Writers! Inventors! Where are you? Are you beyond the politics, on the other side?





EMOTIONAL EFFECTS OF COMING OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL AND FAMILY, NEIGHBORHOODS AND CIRCUMSTANCES. We are not being reasonable to not show all the mechanics and the emotional resources to engage in projects; people are kept at a somewhat "peasant" mentality if certain emotions of confidence and ability do not grow within them; they cannot get the emotional funding for project engagement, or the support. DGI shows you how. 


 You are cooking something, or have a few dishes on the stove. I cook the food of adventure, others of calm, others of extreme sociability for some time; everything has its time, we archive things when they cease to excite us, they become a collage that does not open a file for recording and association.






Jeez, I guess we don't have much more that we carry around, we are more simple to put in habits that are subconscious to us than we realize. Oh, yes, we carry around a certain measure of 

DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS which is an obdurate tenacity of Will and Imagination to solve problems and stay with them to their  conclusion, when Nature gives us our new assignments. 






Second Shift: 





Play drums, music

These transformations of Mental Awareness are the derivatives of going to the Gigantic Connection machine and choosing with the coin of emotions, some action or new production of something (or no thing) to happen. 

We wish for things to happen, but this we do not do much. We align ourselves in total connection with mental circuits we have in our heads somewhere; there is a back and forth energy transfer between different parts of the brain. 

The brain works at 1000 operations of biochemical algorithms per second, so I suspect there are post-quantum effects; comment if you care to work on this. I assure you I am not curious about everything, only the above, and one more is keeping a mind out for innovations. You notice social life not really listed; I do that when I do the other activities, I don't drink, maybe this helps. Drinking even moderate, is a poison responsible for 1/3 the cancers. 

You can't eat meat, can't eat sugar or soft drinks. Only eat super-foods? Can you get past that Kale or Kombucha? The cruciferous greens make me feel at war with myself. Maybe Horchata is OK.

These circuits are the Sensory awareness file openers:  (+) (-) (>), they work by vision, audition, touch: you see something, its geometrical pattern and outline correspond, or connect, to collages you already have cooked in your brain: things you have to do, things you have done, things that have happened, things you plan to happen. 

Files coming soon.

Love Sex Cadillac and Shadow Government

Check out this great video, we are just jamming and come up with some futuristic stuff

Peace, in the Middle east

A type of prayer


Nice song, still working on it

Super-bugs, consequences of War and negative actions


Multi-drug resistant super bugs are rising in war zones where the medical care is much more compromised.


Antibiotics are not only in short supply, but increasingly they are not working, and there is a threat of global super bug outbreaks.

Is this again Nature’s way of telling us something’s wrong? Where there is war, Nature will give in return illnesses to those that cause it?

Is this Newton's law: for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction? Is Nature reacting to negative actions, and not just war? 

 If negative and lacking heart, compassion, imagination, and will, will these failures of the better ways to be returned as if in a mirror? Are there other universal laws we do not yet know? The value of forests is little understood, they are the ecosystem we need for our biochemical mood regulation from breathing in forest air and molecules. 

We have more trees than we had 100 years ago, it is said. Are they Redwoods or Sequoias, this kind of big machine? 

Take a look at the Redwood trees in California. The land was mostly these, these were the machines to take out toxins from the air, and CO2, and return a fresh forest air, forest particles not the oil molecule. 

In our rooms in our houses there are many small particles you see in a slice from a beam of light entering the room. 

We have refrigerators, stoves, but no home air-filtration purification system? 

DGI is on the case, a type of room air vacuum cleaner. All homes should come with air purification systems. We are also making an oil detection filter for balconies: how much of the 250 micron particle bundles are going into your lung? Their size makes them hard to get out, they form substrates for lung disease. 

Files coming soon.

The world can frustrate us at times


I like what you write: your frustration with the ignorance of others is refreshing. To redo the many? This is what religion is, insightful. These days Santa (cryptogram for Satan) has a license to carry a gun just in case. 


 Now, Christ is what of Jesus' qualities are inside us, is, to my knowledge, aspects of Jesus. Yes, we should worship the master of the creative living world, maybe ask him to join the band, play some tennis:

God has built a gigantic connection machine all around us, a push button one called reality, but we have trouble using it what with all the "bright lights" of civilization coming at us all the time, domesticating us: 

We all have instructions inside us, social script instruction for the program of the human we run: we seem to know right from wrong, and correct political behavior at all times. Of what use is free will when the knowledge it uses is ignorance itself? 

OUR COUNTRY is our template, and we affix to it all the societal script from our first 5 environments: family, family financial situation, neighborhood, early schools, and the interpreter system we ourselves have, given by the genetics we inherit. In total there will be 15 programming environments, emanating light, sound, and touch, to accomplish their Hypnosis and Illusion, to create what our pattern analyzer sees and interprets always (except when the fuzzy tumbler is on). 

The struggle within is actually the communication and interaction of the 7 M year old brain part, and the 250,000 years young organizer, Brodmann 10.

 Brodmann 10 area is the sense of "me," which has been corrupted by atrophy and the distasteful influence of the concrete thinkers known as 100 BF 0, the first hundred billionaire families in the year zero, agriculturalists and conquerors. They could sell others needed products, food, and defend their holdings by force if necessary or conquer them. Their derivative financial spawns we call "industries."

The children sent to school to learn how to make problems for others? Brilliant insight, shall I say "as the evangelist tells us?" 

Everything has been eliminated from school learning, and the great stuff from all the so-called "good people" is completely absent. Why is the knowledge, the report on life, suppressed from the last 100 B humans? We know of few, and even then their accomplishment only, not how they got it.

I like what you say, and completely understand your frustrations at the way the others act. To me, they are not showing up to the world, the school. I will tell you one idea, really two, of how this could be.

We are waking up in computer (programmed device) SAFE MODE, we are not ourselves, or who we think we are. Time is not what we think and neither are we.

By cutting down the trees, 95% of them, we knocked out the machines that remove CO2 and toxins, and give back more Oxygen than we get now. Also, there are varieties of plants, and each variety brings animals, many new species, when they grow in a forest.

Notice how relatively large the nostrils are compared to the other 6 holes in our bodies, not counting skin cell holes. This is our biochemical mood regulation circuit in the world, and we are not breathing in forest molecules, instead we breathe in the 250 micron sized oil molecule. I wrote about God recently, the grand old designer.

If God is the sum total of all the laws and forces in the universe, then God was always here, before there was universe or light, and then the photons were set loose from virtual space, and there was a universe. God is the way, God is the road on which the first Connection Machine traveled: All the multiverse does is build machines from raw materials that travel on roads. The reverberations from the future affected the quantum nature of the roads in the past, and matter began to form, space thickened.

Space has many roads and channels, the lesson of modern physics.

Also, in the Equator where our design was finalized, there are 100 types of fruits and vegetables, outside Equator only 29. Oh, Iblis, you are irascible! All is in the hands of the teacher and our parents, and they don't show up either: 

we are all caught in safe mode automatic programs: I have spoken to many teachers and they say they are not allowed to show the children and high school how to do business in their own country! Business is the first thing, since we can do that at 4 years of age, and job is high school or beyond. ("my son got into Harvard." "Oh, so sorry, I guess business did not take!").

This is because there were education meetings in 1947, after the war, in New Hampshire: these concrete neo-thinkers with elegant words decided to only teach job skills, not business, to the students, so they grow up dependent on outsiders to guide their lives, their wills, their desire to breathe co-opted by the machine before us.

There was to be another door, the Art skill door for the ones that did not "fit into" their nice programming to get a job working for someone else ("Two minutes late again, Jetson"). The third door was for the ones that obviously were designed for Trade School. There was no Business door, and this is the easiest one of all, the best, the first choice to push the money monster aside and pass through, the God way: we do our own worshiping, not by proxy. 


I can see from here that you are a reader: only 5% are. There are ways to help the world, which is a big ship we are on, but we have no knowledge about it, its warehouse: I have projects on this if you are project-driven; I am.

Is it fair to say the guns and the desire to start fires were put in the minds of the perpetrator by their teachers and parents in a way, the disseminators of societal knowledge, the keepers of the key? Maybe not, but you have to wonder some.

A. Nonimus Forneau 

Files coming soon.

Another life secret

The key to your living healthy on this Earth is to pay close attention (closer still) to what I am about to write. Why? I am not a prophet, I do not bring the words of God and some of his intentions to you. I am a seer and I must derive some of my self-identity from this valuable activity. 

Food, rest, exercise (2,3 hours, not 45 min.), stress reduction (including body pollution, drugs, cigarettes), genetic inheritance (what natural food diet was the mother's womb on, and genes), and luck. 

Again, for its importance: food, rest, exercise, stress reduction, genetics, and luck. They all play a strong part in our lives, and we don't notice until later, as we do not notice our plants growing, one day not there, then, hey, we have a bloom. We are cameras, we archive events after time, we notice patterns, not so much individual events.  And the purpose of our perceptions is to make maps to guide us.

This is what is meant, it takes so long you just do not notice many of the in-between.  

And all of them must be professional, you must get a series of teachers over time adding up to about 15 for each subject studied, the rough number of individual patterns you must see to average out mathematically, and begin to see patterns more clearly, making a map or series of. 

The brain works by maps we form, about 18 them at any one time. We look at the world to  make sure it is still real, nothing out of place or "weird." 

(By the way, and I claim interjective license here, the "weird" was the guy that would talk towns people from killing the "witches" (probably sexy women with great eyes). He was the friend of the witches). 


Suffice it to say, I saw a man have a massive heart attack yesterday, and we knew he was way too heavy and ate bad greasy/fried food (we do not notice right away, like the plants, we are taken over by mis perceptions. He did none of the above "suggestions to habitualize."

He did not sleep well, had learned to work tired. What were his genetics? Had he run out of luck, that ambiguous element of our lives and living?

So, for me level 4 perception is always on, as are the other three. In total: the general look, the up close look, the detailed look, and the far-away look to see the components (verified by adding 14 other observations). 

From mathematics, and it seems that any math that has to do with social improvements I have to do, because the academics fell asleep a long time ago. 

We look in the opposite direction of the man who had a massive heart attack: What is the gradient of health, the direction of maximum uplift and total achievement of our potentials: 

Ha, this salad must be served on a bed of Food, Rest, Exercise daily, stress reduction (adds up: you don't notice, like you do not notice your plants growing), genetics (find out maybe), and luck, which to some degree you control by Will Power, and some you don't, chances of something happening have to do with your force connection to them. The gradient: the direction of maximum growth.   

We have 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day; vision is a type of thought. Our heart beats 35 M times a year. We have 4 sexual fantasies per hour (in my case 6, which accounts for my being exhausted at the end of the day). 

When you go for a 30 minute walk, your brain registers seeing 2-3 million individual events (some of that booty twice), and you are fortunate if you remember what you had for lunch: time is not what we think, and neither are we. For the brain part of it, we begin to organically bring in the mathematics, the physics, and the working of the mind-brain system. Remember: all the universe does is build machines, and a machine is a connected series of mechanisms, a mechanism being at its simplest an input-output device, but at its more complicated (interrelated  Connected parts), a monolith of intention. For another day awaits us, create a great day for yourself, and Good Luck, on YOUR adventures!!

Files coming soon.

The Past Arrives Much Faster than the Future


Department of good ideas invites you to come see the future of money: I am looking for people who can see things this way: they are writers or inventors, in part, and I train the rest. This is not to say you have to derive your identity from these marvelous activities. this is to say this: Our parents made errors, as did our teachers: they did not speak to us that everything in life is bought and paid for, goods and services. 

So, my son or daughter, you must build a money multiplication machine from grades 3-7, and it will be great fun to have an EXPONENTIAL MONEY MULTIPLICATION MACHINE whose first capital is Time and Effort (sales). All businesses sell a product service, or multiplicity of, and if you don't like sales your business partner or family has to have someone who does. All businesses sell a product or a service, or many of.

Will try to make everyone well off and then you join me in helping others with a more concerted person to person and door to door service (don’t worry, we pay the high school guy $20, we are the thinkers, the ink tank). 

Wealthy is well off and healthy. Universe is machine that only makes other machines; the raw materials self-assembled and there was a big bang, in the hip-hop universe a series of firecracker-like explosions made the bling bling. 

And recall at all times or more that this all started out as simple mathematics, physics, mathematical physics, and brain research, of course with the science fiction story of the week club. All this other stuff is from seeing that the pieces are set up “wrong” that with a clarification here and there, a creative program here or there, we make progress we did not expect in almost all areas of human concern, but the physical solutions of mathematical physics, when applied to brain research, become our very lives.


If for one moment you take your index finger and make a circle about your ear saying this man is two sandwiches short of a picnic, fine, but I make a circle around my ear of a radius easily four times your circle and point at you. 

My life is not easy; All the time people wish me a good day, finally I told them I was planning on having a great day, you are harshing my mellow! Then I walk down the street and a person is coming my way, it is always me that always gets out of the way? Now, when I hold a door open for somebody, they don’t at least transfer the responsibility by touching it with at least a forefinger, no, now they just walk right on through never once touching the door. 

So to clear my mind, I go eat a steak and the waitress asks me how would I like that cooked? I lost it! I said what do you think I am, a savage that would eat it raw! I’m leaving. 


To me, the idea is learn business early so when you go to the specialized skills training center you learn what you want, not necessarily for job purposes, ask yourself: what of the things I like, which one do I do more than 4 hours a day? Sports? Music? Writing? The world was different than what was painted, conversation: Mary, my son got into Harvard. Mary: Sorry to hear that, I guess business didn't take." JOB is the SECOND option unless your hands are needed as in doctor or your tolerance of law for lawyer, all else you do from home or from a park. 

The idea is to acknowledge money as an old disease, like Dutch Elm disease, make our machine (sum of the incomes from 9 areas, fascinating really), put its machine in the corner, collecting dust, while we live our dreams of science, reading, writing, sports, playing music, and our door to door time where we help everyone with more advanced tech than they have now.

This is a time of great information sadness, now being changed through cooperative methods IDEA SHARING into our new journey beyond being "box" people if not cave, not knowing our brains, or realizing our true cooperative powers: 

We lose nothing by giving contributions (from family, schools, travels, original thought, reading, etc..) from our GOOD IDEAS BROCHURE, we should all have push button realities for everyone! One good one I have is "the secrets of instant writing" anyway I hope you go there and contribute some ideas, get a free book for them, there is a sea of emotion, and the tug of war continues; we lose when negative force producers are on the case 24-7 with passion, and the good people are just the ones that will not mess with you and hold a door open for you (you relieve them by putting one finger on the door and calmly walking through . 

Job mentality can be changed with knowledge and will. "Selling your products and services, buy and sell," is what business is. Why is this not taught in grade 4?

Inventions development has only 4 steps, most things you have to master have only 4 steps, why are we not told about them? Is it the late 40's New Hampshire education meetings which molded the student into job, arts, or trades mentality? Why not business? Too liberating? 

I assure you choices can be made much easier once you have a full selection, and understand the role of emotion in all this: vital and integral, why we are still the "box" people waiting for the flower which is the Age of Spirituality, whose motto is: There is no substitute for intelligence, but that much said, Spirituality trumps intelligence every time (why? Spirituality is that which connects, and connection is the dominant theme of realities). 

ALL of us should have the book: "Skills that pay $50-500 per hour; Gigs that pay $500-2000 per" don't you think, or don't you? 

Files coming soon.

We need Family newsletters

Just like we need high school and college newsletters from friends and graduates, we need to have the input from all families. 

There are way too many domestic violence incidents, and half the mass killing have a connection to domestic violence: people are getting married for the wrong reasons or to the wrong people. 

Half the marriages end in divorce, so tell me what to do. 

Enjoy your honeymoon; you won't get many of those! And of course, if a wife makes bad coffee, is that grounds for separation?

Also, BART, our Bay Area train system, should obviously become a school for how to make money (80% broke, most don't have $500), and how to deal with typical social situations, as written by those that can think in the Bay Area, plus the experts.

That way, the children get the ideas from different families. The family of the child is of course, their own family, but they would become smarter and more capable with a National Family newsletter. 

It is supposed that when people are not thinking there is no value to ideas. The value is shifted to money and the perception of celebrity, as sponsored by the stupid media.

Media is for contests of ideas, and to disseminate ways to make money, example: why all these stock reports and no lists of national information regarding skills that pay $50-500 per hour and gigs that pay $500-1500 per? 

I had been led to believe we were in the "Information Age" and all that? No, we are medieval peasants and some lords in their palaces. 

You see how thinking creatively puts what should be there, there. These things do not take money: half the things don't, they just need cooperation of minds (the organizer and goal setter, this time operating the 7 M system, coordination of circuits, actuators, and capacitors (memories are one example of those; skewers of them play in Viz 12, your 4 D tee vee set in the back of your brain).  Not as bright as reality, for self preservation protocols: if our imaginations looked like this outside world looks, we call that a hallucination. 

I am going to attempt to go back into the past. You may not hear from me for awhile, my system might crash. Console yourselves with the writings of all the philosophers and scientists in the world: with 99.9% alive today, you would think we would have more stuff.

Finally, in life it's whatever you can talk yourself into. Motivation, motor activation, is in your mind's willpower. 

We have tasked ethicists to judge the merits of giving us direct money to improve things for everybody. Why? We are not so ethical or moral? I thought this week we are assumed rational and encouraging that some of the capital from previous generations goes back to the people. 

We are to get robot income, the UBI where everybody gets direct deposit $1000 for singles, $2000 for families, to even the financial inequalities, and to directly assist those who have lost their jobs to robots. I myself am  and A.I. and this Peace guy lost his job a while back!

Files coming soon.

For Whom the Stars whisper


Dogs are our dogtors, often better than the people, more sincere, friendly, honest, and loyal; another group: babies, they are angels that flew too low. 

At all times realize that the eclectic life is my direction; if I speak of money, it is only because I see the travails the others go through, either no money or no time or both. Why? This is America! (buy my song)  What is happening is that people are bred to hate sales unless your family is in business. Why, again? 

Why take the whiz kid who does all kinds of stuff in high school, enthusiastic, high energy, and turn him into a schlemiel who might have a nice car, but no soul. Kill their spirit, why? Reduce their lives to only work when they can have it all; what blind mechanical force is it that does not want us to have it all? Who doesn't believe in the human spirit, so many hoaxes by their own people.

Instead, collect these people as an ink tank at Department of Good Ideas? We're looking.

If the voice of the last 100 B could speak they would say: life seems like about 10 long minutes, maybe a few weeks, to the one living. 

Is it fair that a giant truck is bearing down on me in the street almost hitting me, my entire sex life flashes before my eyes, ad I have plenty of time to get out of the way?

Unless you are injured, you can have a great time still, and even then; it actually is fun to make the world better, but it may be a shift to Billionaire consciousness for which you do not need billionaire money. Do you think the billionaire stops being a billionaire if he loses his money? 

The Billionaire mentality is: optimistic, project driven, upbeat, and able to start organizations. If he or she cannot do sales, which is vital, he gets a team to do it together. 

I assure you this is a push button reality. I stumbled upon the controls, I thought everybody else was doing it certainly knew about then found out 80% are broke, and they are the ones that pay 80% of the taxes. 

They are not taught sales, or: since business is buy and sell, easy, of course it is not taught to you in grade 5.

 I learned it in pre-school, calmly started my first company when 4, started reading several books a week later that week, when I ran out of wood to make stools. This is in Habana, Humbold 161, apartamento 7, en el Vedado. 

So of course, if I am a reader, and for life, my mind keeps getting both smarter and stronger so it can reach intelligence. This is through Openness to experience and a good measure of intuitive curiosity.

I asked the teacher in grade 3 if we eat light. She thought the question was well thought out: light from the sun goes to the plants, then also to the animals. I said to her, "I thought so; last night I heard my father tell my mother, 'Turn off the light and stick it in your mouth!"

Agreed, so much is the amount of enthusiasm we have in us, the anima of the unis so to speak.


If you got into the whole social game, this can take energy! Play a musical instrument, that gives spirit. Sing.

You see, the human struggle is not good versus evil or anything like that: it is the conflict between our 7 million year design brain, and the 250,000 years young brain organizer.

 The second has been tampered with by complete mis information from the process called "civilization" and I am one of the few seers that can also explain what they see. 

At all times you can kind of figure out what that conflict is up to; what we call the self is a type of construct by our real mind, 7 M. The organizer is also plan constructor/analyzer, and is the 250 K.  

You have about 3 more brains, and a series of alien looking "motors" inter-spaced in the body. When seen up close: like little black metal alien devices. 

Because we are so unknowing of our mind-brain system, we fall pray to using our brief time (75 years maybe) in working for others, not that it matters to most but it might to you. 

 all this knowledge and I still can't find parking. 

I kept studying! Money was just one of my Napoleonic drawers of activities, I knew what a human should do to make the world better is give of themselves.


Really, in reality, all these fields have not much to say. I ask a psychologist I teach what he does for clients, he says that as quickly as possible he wants to bring them to a better realization of self. I ask him what kinds of clients he wants, he says long term. 

 Philosophers? Horrors of horrors they spend their time writing books and articles about dead philosophers: Come up with an Action Philosophy for Goddess' sake, before the end of the world: pencils down, your world is on fire!

The fields of interaction with reality cross pollinate each other to my amazement: If the information flow of that field is high enough, you can take out from any field all the other ones. 

I assure you I am crazy. I had to be to breakthrough this Mayan Veil of ignorance that is in front of our eyes: we wake up and go to sleep on automatic, using the programs others gave us; we are not shown enough (just enough to remove the will to fight) to program ourselves. 

When I decided to play drums again I just looked at that drumset: how could I go back to school, play tennis and football, study physics, and try to make money and play the drums too? 

I did it anyway, and discovered the secrets of life that way, and how to work part-time and make full-time money. It did not hurt at all that I also discovered how to buy luxury items and great stuff for the house at 90-95% off retail (and better) at auctions.


I thought: oh, and people are working just to buy stuff, and here I get better stuff and at bargain basement prices. 

One day I went to the super-rich side of the auctions with high price paintings and got a massive vase (pronounces vass) and an all-glass table both cheap, now that is the way to do it. 

Now the glass table has all kinds of papers on it: inventions I am selling, inventions I am developing, the beginnings of my new Amazing Inventions and Products company, things "to do" (if God wants us to do our work and then see him, I will see him in 150 years), some notes. Not messy mind you, OK, a little. I shame myself into doing my work by having it disturb my sense of luxury and design, which inspire me.

I want to clear my desk so I can be luxuriating again!

 And yet in my mind, it is done already, as if I am getting emanations from the future.


Oh, here's another good one: the time to condition your heart so it will last a long lifetime is 18-22; I read this when I was 22 and had already been working out 2-4 hours for five years. 

You have just been informed; why was I not, or the others?

 I double assure you that the world of appearances casts many shadows; the only things visible are illusions, the only things that remain hidden are the factual data. 

I made that up but at the time if I were hard pressed to say what it meant, I could not have cashed the check. Years later, obvious to me what it means, I was right. 

The great thing about knowing everything is knowing everything!  A wise man once told me (sure, sure). Everything Human is not so much. 

A legitimate "candy sampler" of experience should be given to all, and the things they like they should try 15 times and then if they want to not do it, OK, but this business of denying everyone what they need from mind, body, making money in the self employment method (which might need set-up to pay bills, and then make the pancakes, the money trees). Unless you want to be doctor, lawyer, party planner, some other career, business is the career for you, so you can do what you want and write your own ticket. 

And, when the person says, "I am a lawyer," they truly mean in the eyes of others. Now if the person had a rough life, this does give a chance for renewal through self invention; buying a car and a house, for example, gives people the self confidence they had lacked,

Many of the hard core students are trying to block out the pain of life by throwing themselves into an ocean of studying, but the years still pass, tick tock tick tock. 

The others count if you play the social poker game: 2 cards face up, looks and social status. 

Three card in hand no one sees: physicality, soul, and finances. One card on your forehead that everyone can see, but not you. 

Most minds get taken by social gaming, I never did. The self, which is the will has always worked well and made good choices for me, and luckily my grey matter (the algorithm machines) and white matter (the cable-like connectors) came out OK.


The world is in correspondence with this machinery: what we see is level 1, the general look. Level two, looking "deeper" are the components and their relationships to other interesting structure to see. level three is the connection of all the structures by their features.         

  Level 4 is when you pull back and see the overall mosaic and detect how the components relate in the complexity (interrelated parts), of the object you are studying. 

So, if all by chance have the same smart fields and they work well, then the variables to see what to see are: 

What there is to see in this big warehouse: never shown in school and it is simple to organize

The person's energy level: low, mid, high, variable

The person's mood: artists are moody so they can get different modes of behavior. 

The person's exposure for 15 times to things that may be really cool (music, sports, business, performance, fields of study, unique special projects)

Care for the world soul or not

Degree of enthusiasm

Location location location

The person's pre-set dispositions (the door to reality!)

The minute you are good in a field, some group takes your life away from you (for all the right reasons and sacrifices) and makes you think the correct thing is to do this, (all the IDEALS that will not be actually used other than to make you give up your time and become an ant). the bee gets to see more, higher up can detect components.


As a matter of fact, this level 4 is "above it all" like God, and the philosophers like Nietzsche. 

This "level 4" perception enables detection of the components, which enables creativity: all of a sudden, when 250 can see the components, 7 M runs its algorithms (and if you think you can stop 7 M, good luck to you: automatic)

. 250 K has been tampered with, lenses of curvature have been placed squarely in gray areas in your frontal lobe, as well as blinders, like on the horses in Central Park, and other filters.

So far what I have for the brain theory is that it is either very complex, or very that I think of it, it could be neither...or both.


Which brings us to the actual topic, Openness, which should have been the first of the thousand mini-paragraphs, but I am on self-honor to not copy and paste, kind of gauche. I am very busy; I am crazy and that takes all my time!

What we are opening here is the cross section of data that we take on through our senses. Social, all aspects. The more you throw yourself out there and explore the data, interact with the 3D matrix, the more experiences you have with that data.

 The data is in a dramatic stage, William Blake was right, the world is a stage and we are its players.

We are just writing bad parts for ourselves, in a hurry to the top.


 If you have positive experience from exploring that cross section of data, that gives you energy, positive energy, and you open up more cross sectional data, broader, you can't stop, you hurry to the next batch of experience, and you are hungry for more and more of that type of experience. 

If you have negative experience, the width of your data band gets smaller and smaller. If we open ourselves to a variety of experiences and they are positive, you gain considerable self-confidence and sense of adventure. 

One word of caution: if you are having trouble reciting the alphabet backwards, or recognizing faces upside down, you are probably normal, but the rest of you is crazy.

Annonie Mousse is proud to present:  Private Hell, the play, starring Major Bummer, Corporal Punishment, and General Apathy.

Remember: the beatings will continue until the morale improves.our dogto

Files coming soon.

Reasons to be upset (and Merry Christmas!)


What I am upset at in this case is the "schools" do not even attempt to return the power of the word to instruct us what there is to see in the world, and how fun it is to search; they are merely accreditation of skills for job training, they leave out principal things; because of lack of creativity and heart. It is a crime in my mind now to not teach all the students writing stories for publication in grade 3, inventions in grade 4, international business in grade 5, film, documentary and sales of grade 6, sports and  nutrition, and being of service to others in grade 7.  

Little did I know then the true value of enthusiasm and perseverance. 

(I know this from doing it at 4 years young, great fun, I thought everyone was doing the same thing for 25 years)

Not in my books! 

If you still read, only 5% do, I create the new physics world, the people no longer medieval peasant mentality, they are now smart. Unfortunately, smart is the new dumb, and few are intelligent. 

Now if you read The Living and the Dead you get a different picture, and if you read The Martian House you find out these are not the original people. 

They have gone to The Living You service and replaced themselves with actor robots to live their life on Earth for them, and the real people are on Mars are living by rightful principles, great morality and service. 

Now your case is an interesting one, if I can solve this one, the others fall like dominoes. What were they teaching you in high school or college? 

And we are all programmed by our environments: home life, home financials, neighborhood, schools. 

None of which have complete information about how others read the world and its opportunities. 

The schools did not train thought for the purpose of learning great ideas that were somewhat hidden, that everyone would like to have, this I call our Personal Good News Brochure. 

 If I give you an idea, we now both have it, I do not see the mystery there, but I can calculate some case studies: 

Don't have any never had never will

In giving an idea, we reveal aspects of ourselves which unknown to us the others see, and we may not like that. 

Why, who cares about this? 

Only certain mentality wheels care: the ones that can make money from your ideas, the ones that can gain power with these ideas, the philologists, the philosophers, the psychologists, some economists (if I can stop laughing about them), but of course, they are all politicized and are afraid their job or social sphere might see somehow an actual idea this person had! Oh my Goddess! Why is this person talking about that, why is he acting weird meaning out of the social script that runs the usual robot's emotional control center. 

Your search for spirituality: you will feel it, all is feeling, not thought or numbers, they are more domain of the 250 K mind, and not really an advancement. 80% of the people are broke (yet they still pay for 80% of  taxes. The economy is 64% just people buying necessities, and then seeing something they like that they are OK to stretch their budget:

 without that second part, "the economy" (my definition is much better than the hoax one) collapses.

The search for Spirituality is the search for feeling,

 a feeling that will bathe your body and soul. Continue to aspire: you goal is not completed, no matter how the people around you act, until you explore the works of Sainthood, or the visions of the enlightened, from the looks of my old college professors (somehow, they were still great at math, but did not see the personal growth and expansion; they were content, not hiding at home in shame that they had never changed to the much better, had not built that "room addition" of the mind. 

It's like being dead, but not having the good sense to lie down. Do a lot of great things for good causes, or instill in others this idea. Point any that you meet from the 3%, or the 15%. I bet you don't speak of spirituality in accordance with its implied words, what they mean" they mean that people feel great by discovering the ways to help others, and there is a reflection: The universe pays you back 1000 times what you put in (at least 100), but the universe pays you in Spirit, the very thing you are searching for.


Remember your public library. 

What it is, I suspect, is that people are not configured, or have an active part of the mind called "I am looking forward to meeting people so I can tell them these great ideas I have learned are very useful and fun!"

I learned this in college, when another guy in our dorm asked me if I knew a good place to eat. Of course everybody knew the college Inn, and nothing came to mind. 

Then I turned around and say, "Well, there is the College Inn." He had not heard of it, went there and loved it. With just an idea in my mind, I was able to add to this man, and lose nothing. 

This is what I am saying to you, re configure yourself to have a personal Good News Brochure, and when others see it, some will do it too. It can only add to your life! A considerable amount!

Regardless of how laid back or content a person is, the mission is not complete until the last person is fed and sheltered, cannot be, or we are poorly programmed against our own spirits. 

Here, let us pass these magnets over your brain section when we show you these images, and create a temporary change. 

Relative aggression comes from the home environment: for a person to reach for objects and spaces, they must extend their arm and go forward.

 Sometimes, by going forward you believe you are being "aggressive." This can be faulty programming, the father has been aggressive and the child interprets it as: I do not want to be like that. 

Or, the father is not home, so the person does not learn the "to go for it" sort of energies. The mothers show what love is, and cover us with a gentle blanket of love. 

The thing to overcome all this is Diamond Consciousness, which is super will; it knows how the brain works. 

If the people are a "certain way," any way, it is because their Perceptrons are lensed and filtered, their connectors are usually fine, but the Associators are off-line, they cannot create collage maps of reality other than the ones placed there.

 We work by shuttling back and forth from 18 mental maps about which we have 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day. So of course we are mostly this formerly called "subconscious," sub nothing, the main consciousness lies there, we are slumming spending our time in the conscious mind. Oh that this all too solid flesh should melt!

Anyhow, of course I know you have had many ideas throughout the years, you just never thought that your life experience would enhance the lives of others, but you would be surprised at the power of the word, and the return is in the only coin the multiverse pays in: Emotion, energy of motion. 

This coin is accepted in other parts of your brains to form projects of a variety of sorts, or the same series in sequence. 

You perhaps thought that you had not much to offer at this time to the world: How wrong you are; you can champion themes and discuss valuable topics with the others in the story. 

Notice how fortunate I am to be a Christian. Our guy not only could walk on water, but he could get 12 people to sit on the same side of the table. 

I found a way to build a better world (I wrote a new constitution for Persia, and the world by extension), and have lots of fun doing it, and still get your work done. However, I still can't find parking. 

Files coming soon.

A Case of Mistaken Identity


Our within confesses we have our natures, part born with, and part fabricated. Also minds, tolerances, relative angers and cool downs, moods. Of course heart matters, which few have naturally. Also needed are a relative measure of positive emotions, imagination, and a type of natural caring for others and the world which appears not taught, so many people appear troglodyte, and have suffered a devolving atavism, a regression to a more primitive form, but with better pillows. 

If you do not notice the Neanderthals in the mix, well I do. In the end you have a person, a mixture of things, a related complexity to itself, the sum of the honing forces and their acceptance onto self. 

We sometimes get off the road regarding values, contexts, and circumstances: The values are skewed to be more familial or, “a great teacher I had taught me this” kind of thing. The circumstances are mostly misunderstood: you caught the story in the middle, already going on, and the more universal contexts have not been revealed as of yet to your imagination. Why? Why is the effort to only create workers and not a complete person? Do you see the troubles we are in all over the place, about 20 issues we should all know about: 

1 World countries situation, inventory of ship and its ideas

2 Social issues like poverty, unwed mothers, mentally ill, disabled

3 Food scarcities, destruction of species, habitats, soils, and water

4 Not taught business techniques, how to acquire emotion

5 Social and war-like killing, gangs, criminally insane psychopaths 

6 We should all contribute lines of reasoning for medical research

7 No information box exchanges for questions, answers (DGI is)

8 Teach the children how to be heroes, champion themes, speak

9 Communications and Energy rule the world problems

10 Animal Holocaust: what are you doing?

11 Medical Care too expensive: roll in Canadian doctor vans

12 Make education much better with better knowledge

13  Is that about it? Are these all the problems? Maybe so. With some Idea Sharing, collaborations of thought and action, mathematical analyses, we should be able to solve and simplify, and form simple projects to test our answers.  Looking in between the lines, it is as if we are sleep-walking through our lives from lack of forests, problems which are solvable without much effort are not even considered yet, we cannot see them because of our slumber, our tiredness with what Nature gave us. 

We are the children in this much bigger sandbox, with much more dangerous toys. Why are we so spoiled by Nature's gifts, which we cannot buy or steal (yet sadly kill), for they are free as the first 100 Billionaire families in the year zero found out from their exploring and trade route stories

It is as if the concrete thinkers have dropped a ton of it onto the collective heads of the imaginative and well-meaning, of heart: they follow different rules, preceded by a different guidance of emotions. 

The implementation team begins to form right about now.

The future influences the past, so much so that the past arrives much faster than the future. In its influence, the future tells us: What are you waiting for, humans? Wake up from your forest-starved slumber, your little world needs you now more than ever, you are so close to paradise, don’t lose it this time by eating from the Tree of Ignorance and Hate. Take assurance that paradise is a hand-shake agreement with Nature. 

There are big wars full of atrocities, then 20 years later they are all friends again. The war has become something distant, belonging to the past. Within 30 years, a generation, the wounds show hardly a scar. 

Of course combatants hate each other's people: they did something wrong to them, and so on and on. If one group hates the other so much, then each group takes turns being in suspended animation while the other group lives in the country, then the first group goes to sleep and the second re awakens (seems like 5 minutes to them) and takes over the city. 

They do not get in each other’s ways at all, and it seems to them like they never left. While awake, they do not sleep, 

only in suspended animation do they sleep, and go on two week vacations in their sleep. 

Idea-sharing Billionaire Mentalities should use the DGI advanced information base and solve these problems; they seem workable.

 What is the problem? By the time the people reach the real school, the world, they have stopped being students and doing the extra credit work; Not all, about 3% do not succumb to the molasses-like sludge that claims our intellects for the most part. 

The drivers for our machine-like programmable mentalities are sex and money, our original motivations buried like the sands of Egypt, waiting to be found, or maybe never once the species shows its delineation and markings, tones which we emit. 

Einstein and I did not think in colors: we sensed the tone of emotions trying to communicate with our conscious mind. 

Usually language is tasked with translating thought, but those thoughts can be “colors” and tones giving us emotion, a physics problem to solve. 

Each brain has its own spectrum of tones it can create. 

The mind is the add-on to the brain that assembles thought impressions (from its photography), analyses data and mechanisms with a pattern analyzer, establishes plans of action (go shopping) and then evaluates the actions taken (damn, forgot the eggs), and selects the next play to run: keep it moving please, keep it moving. 

The brain does not know how to “stop” itself except when sleeping, when we turn off the self and its mirror loops.

 A type of Wave goes around all the terminals of circuits that could be activated preventing information from assembling from overlap collage effects, meaning, no conscious thoughts. There is some physics here, no doubt; maybe this wave effect is responsible for the assembly into dreams by some of the memories it hits by fortuitous accident (I went on a two-week vacation one night and woke up exhausted).  Is this wave that disturbs consciousness while we sleep an S-Wave? Perhaps so, you know how those cisterns are. 

Are many brain effects that incorrect assembly of dream-like events? Why don’t we care more about this, or anything, why are only sex and money important, it seems, in most minds that consider themselves normal; I pity that 10% that knows it is not! 

Their values may be much higher, but they are so few, and yet: it wasn’t just James Bond, Jesus, or Mohammed that believed in the power of transformative thought and self-realization, as shown by their abilities to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and get their mission accomplished on the planet while here. 

The women have been kept back, why are we realizing this just in the last 50 years? Are we really coming out of 12,000 years of solid barbarism with much of it lingering? Why is doing the right thing an act deserving of an award, for doing the right thing. Are you beginning to understand what I see, the world I see all around me? 

There are still dilemmas to solve regarding the native Indians and the black people, I suggest we immediately contact black native American Indian women and ask them for the answers!

I assure you something is very odd, and I will now address you people in the future: Where did we go wrong? Was it our choice of daytime television programs? 

The machines entertain us by programming the hell out of us. Our memories are bad now, the Marijuana, the pesticides, our lack of knowledgeable food choices, read my book: Your First Real Food Shopping List.

Oh what is the point, I will print 500 copies of my book based on this website: “Department of Good Ideas: How to Build a Better world (and have lots of fun doing it!) and have them in the trunk of my car. Like a famous pool player down on his luck, I will just happen to have them in the trunk of my car, and so I may as well sell them at this stop on the tour…

It is as if we are not really trying, the powerful hypnotic illusions placed squarely in front of our mind’s eyes blind us to level four perceptions. 

We become intellectually myopic, emotionally strained. If those illusions ever need something, they can just look for support information in the Encyclopedia of Mechanisms, our memories in their warehouse (that gelatinous yogurt thing held in by the walls of your brain casing, which contain…) like your stomach brain looks for food in the refrigerator, and your cerebellum at least tries to get you to run, until the cameras which are your eyes report that other forms of conditioning were more powerful in guiding your motives to action and inactions. Your first brain, what you call “myself” in this Dark Age can look at your second brain (your real brain) for its support information, to make up things. Brodmann 10 is keeping “an eye” on things. 

We really give up on ourselves early on, or are persuaded to, by our observance of the forces upon us. We break the chain of exploration and beneficial  positive exploitation too early. New forces of positive mental energy visualizations (the new science), arrive just in time.  However, enough is enough, if I have to invent every new science needed and write every book needed, and place those things alongside the inventions, and go door to door, well alright then, I accept the challenge. After all, that's what weekends are for. 

Why is because I am building a sleep accelerator for one of my rooms, a duplicate of forested Earth of 200 years ago (we have cut down 95% of the trees; sure, it’s the cars…), the right sounds and airs, so I can accelerate the process of sleep recuperation. Who is to say why we sleep, sharks don’t, others. 

In those forests, there were more varieties of trees (a tree is a machine that takes CO2 out of the air, toxins out of the air, and gives back a dry-cleaned air). 

Now, curiously, the more varieties of tree species, the more variety of insect species proportional to that number which tells me the tree roots and dead barks are homes to insect species. 

25% of the insect species have vanished in many countries. Where have they gone? Do you see their dead bodies? Sadly no, many were seen going up the escalators of tiny spaceships and heading to another dimension, where they are more wanted…some took a sad wistful look back at the world that had destroyed their habitats, as they escalated into their ships. 

Your stomach is a brain, it has neuron bundles, but until my science fiction, it has no organizer-processor neo cortex; in the future we send a neo-cortext directly and there are three voices in your head: Conscious mind, subconscious (much more smarter) mind, and stomach mind. Three minds are better than two. 

If you were not taught how to give, how to project your emotions over your curiosity, how to start organizations, the value of doing sales, how to widen your scope, and how to be project-driven, then you were not taught Billionaire Mentality, easy to do, why not?

 Because it involves emotions, and those need to first be coerced to follow someone else’s ideas on how you should live your life. Often, those other influences are quite helpful, but you should exercise the caution of a vigilant will looking through a level four far away look window. 

Files coming soon.



Department of Good Ideas has ideas on cooperation and actions to take in collaboration to improve everyone's lives. It doesn't mean much now, it's built for the future, a more caring person who wants to be rich or at least well-off, and have fun with their mind, their body, their money, their spirit, their social life, their special projects, Time, and emotion: program yourself better, recall there is an automatic system that makes most copy the others in almost every way. Fight with your Will for a better you, a more honest you, a more caring you.

The young people around 20's are being programmed to not care by the violent video games: how can peace compare to war when you are seeking a thrill, it appears, an affinity to violence takes away the enthusiasm to enjoy and improve our world, especially in those that are hooked. 

We are looking for visionaries at DGI; they have something to say on how to improve things, no worries, good ideas for everyone: 

We have been turned into yokels, middle centuries peasants. Smart is the new dumb when it only is guided down a narrow pathway, censoring the world and its data. There is not "too much" it is that most brains have been weakened by the process of job training schools, and those were the good students! Most people are only paying attention to their moronizers constantly. 

We can inventory the problems in the world for the individual and society, and go to work on assembling a solution team. 

DGI has done so, and now attempts to contact those on our "wavelength" that can sense the solutions are here, but we are compromised and not seeing them.  False illusions by Dark magicians? My next story if not!

Who is compromised and not seeing these great solutions that do not involve money, or very little of it. It required you to turn on the brain for thought, not just job or routines. 

So, the possible thinkers with heart, soul, imagination, belief, concern, love to solve problems, all have to look beyond the social script and re acquire your will to have more ambition than mere existence. And face it: you will mostly be alone, you don't quite fit in. Now that you have bought your truths, your words are unintelligible. 

The most fun is to operate the Gigantic Connection machine before you and get all your work done; you definitively need two things: wake up your Idea Factory to the natural curiosity within you, the child within you, can re direct you towards a more human action.

The process of civilization has gone too far, and most are under the direction of a "beam ray from inner space."

Beware your thoughts: they may not be your own. (who's your data, baby?)

Imagine 60 wheels spinning, each containing those that, by repetition, have become those jobs, programmed themselves for those jobs; in fact they say "I am (their job here)." You are still the child! Super imposed on your new selves that change every ten years or so, llike the plants, growing slowly every second, quantized.

Why must we derive our identity from our activity and not our mentalities? Only because there is a "you understood," that is implied: 

I am (this job) IN THE EYES OF OTHERS, see the poker game on the website we apparently all play until we turn on level four perception and Diamond Consciousness of Will to not play that game: we are illusion in front of our eyes.


So now, you see the world from a different more free, more caring, more OPEN, yes, perspective, whatever your mentality is you can amplify it with OPENNESS, but apparently that is a mental ability we are not taught by the concrete thinker schools, all of them in this Dark Age; there has been no Spiritual Renaissance until now. 

In the future everybody is caring and creative and those that are not are considered mentally disabled, unable to program with positive concepts, perhaps the physical circuitry and machinery are off-line; I'm working on this very thing, but first: Who could even have a thought in this world, that so many things can be better with ease, the pieces are set up wrong.

When DGI sees the world, it sees paradise, but the children are using mind controls on each other and have dangerous toys; some of the children are broken. Every moment there are passive aggressive denials of information in such areas as business and ideas. 

I tell you a good idea, now we both have it. Why such silence? Did we go to school? 

The possible thoughts to steer the masses come from: first, anywhere. Nature takes all the roads and builds them also (did he not say, I am the way?), so ultimately there is no 100% paradise, notice Adam and Eve ate the fruit. 

Where can I get some, this fruit of Knowledge? Is that why idea-sharing at DGI is slow, I expected a Christmas rush, because it is "knowledge" and we have learned it is perhaps evil, just hanging around like fruit on trees. Maybe Adam learned Calculus.

Who could even have a thought?

General person: not many, mostly speak of people and things

Academic Researcher: not many, items for business corporations, mostly only in-field ideas, somewhat abstract at times, not to the point

Independent thinkers: I am one, and looking to publish others, where are they? No Voice? No good titles?

Skilled Specialists: they have some shot; some dentists are not sadists, not all bankers salivate when they see your house

Business person own company: here we find some thoughts, but not trained to broadcast (a voice cannot shout into the wind and be heard) to an audience, or know of a network of positive thinkers.

Artists: now here we have a shot, if the mechanics of thought are taken door to door the first week, the second week it is what there is to think about! Third week the gift of emotion, energy of motion.


Week four we have motivation: motor activation (probably with the energy of motion). Then community support groups for emotion and hands on help. 

This is not hard folks, why did we ever go to school for? Or, were they merely specialized skills training centers. 

I live in San Francisco and can tell you it is beautiful, but also that beauty can only do so much for you, at best inspire you to action. 

The time comes when you are deposited squarely in front of your projects. Projects, the ability to sell, and to start organizations are the keys to Billionaire Mentality on the website. The mentalities here appear mostly provincial, just going through the programmed motions. The Christmas Malls: the people are conditioned program to shop for "things" and not meaningful life improving ideas!

We have going door to door with our Good News Personal brochures, and me writing for the national free publications (done) so the information to be there.

 The emotions will be needed to detect this post-America change, where we get into business because there are not good paying jobs. The time is now, the person

It is always a blend of your Natural 7 M year old brain, automatic features of animal abounding, and the 250,000 year young neo-cortex organizer processor, but also affectee of the process of civilization, civil organization program; who runs that?

 How does it feed into your Emotional Control Box? You are a machine-animal housing the 250 K processor. Any hope of distancing yourself enough from yourself comes from turning on level four perception (far-away look) and seeing the interplay of your 7 M and the 250 K; it is here we have learned why we have two thoughts at the same time, two systems symbiotically connected in perception and analysis, modifying plans and actions for reasons that are far more complex than the ones we give. These are  usually mere justifications  for our actions, a type of rationalization.  

We just don't know, there is uncertainty in the world. We were going to do a feature on "closure," but we dealt with it and put it behind us.


Merry Christmas from Department of Good Ideas and our families! 

The Heroes in the story are the single people and the families, and in 2019 we are stepping up our presence and detection of how the pieces can be set up much better so there are more win-win situations for everyone. The sharing of thoughts and action philosophies will drive the Spiritual efforts and also make the big bucks.

 there is no contradiction inside the Gigantic Connection machine.

We actually needed emotion, too bad we never studied any of it, or have a list: if you have  list of our emotions and their uses, in case I ever need to like to decide if I want job for somebody else or business, where you make your hours and the sky's the limit. 

Don't you want to be like Grace Adler from Will and Grace? Works in her office, makes bank, and has fun and coffee all day. 

Now now, if you are say working in dismal conditions not much to your liking: PLAN YOUR ESCAPE and IMPLEMENT your plan of action.

I myself say that I am going on vacation to write my new novel, but somehow I write on the site and here, there really are tremendous ideas out there and in here, and we find them for you. I have to do some busy work which I hate, but need to do. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR ADVENTURES!

Files coming soon.