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One of several inside-card designs by Cuban Artist Warren Peace, all Cuban cards have bi-lingual sayings from a vanished race, the motivators of the world kept prisoner by their own people.  Yes, good things have happened in Cuba; those and many more would have taken place if we had our 16 freedoms.

Cuban-Saying Greeting Cards for All Occasions

DGI brings you Cuban greeting cards and books, information writings, new visions of what could, perhaps should be. We need your good ideas to share with a growing numbers of people that want new solutions to old problems. If you do not originate ideas at this time, champion themes and discuss valuable topics and ideas with your friends and family. We all need to stand up and be counted to help our world and its people. Support your local international writer! Thank you for the many orders and requests. cuba language science fiction video and film production

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Pocket Bi-lingual Ouija


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Tune-in positive lights only, original design card by Cuban artist Warren Peace


Night Series


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This card emerged, and its designer, Cuban artist Warren Peace, was himself surprised at its beauty and energy. 


Ultra Dense S-wave field


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A stunning realistic color card by Cuban artist Warren Peace


Cirque Mysterieux


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One of the first designs by Cuban artist Warren Peace, this three-way card is stand-alone circus figures, shoe box diorama, and greeting card all in one!




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This machine can solve all problems, but who cares and so what if it did? Card design by Cuban artist Warren Peace

The first hundred billionaire families in the year 0


-1995 CL for you futurians. You think your're cool just because you are from the future

The first 100 billionaire families in the year zero were on the move; they were agriculturalists that could "hold their ground," and warlords like Alexander the Great (called great because he had killed a man on every continent). They had derivatives we call today "industries," and, in 1888 John Brown of Wall Street invented diversified product offers, many products of different styles, not just black and brown. You know his work as “they’ll buy what we sell them.” Today if 

people did not buy more than what they have on their basic shopping list, the economy, whatever that is, would collapse.

80% of the taxes are paid by the 80% that are broke. I  saw  a solution to the problem, a remedy from a bee's point of view, drawing from different sources like flowers of thought; from what I have learned, which is voluminous since I have eidetic recall and actually like learning still. The people, 85% are programmed from a more socially scripted ant sort of view. 

Please, your highness, look through the telescope! Sorry Galileo; I can see from here that you have placed black shoe polish around the viewing ring


1947 New Hampshire Education meetings set the tone: The student could go through 3 doors only: the standard learn to get a job, the Art door for the ones that could not fit in (into the concrete thinker frame of mind which is only a foundational structure, not the feature of that concrete structure which is Art, Spirit, and Paradise. Third door was "the trades."

 My discovery is that there are at least 200 ways to work two hours a day or two days a week, and when I found that, I found the goal of the "set up" in money in business to be make it to a trade show. There from what I saw in front of my eyes, once you have a product or service you can make 1-3 fortunes in each of the shows for the industry you serve, usually 5 shows a year, so you work 5 weeks a year!


The rest is instruct the continuity management team, have sales meetings, and call the people you met at trade shows: they come from volume corporations with projects, and they put you in their 500-3000 stores, so you make $1000 a day from that alone, and you have more shows to do, more product to prepare. Simultaneously at Trade shows you are selling to a dealer network, become vendor to corporations, and line up special joint ventures for your manufacturer. 

  I can "see" this easily and am quite surprised, but now ready to explain how this could be so: I am also an explainer, and, like a bee, I cross pollinate the categories of information that I have in my head, the human dimensions, like farms where we grow our thoughts about or possessions, the ones God gave us all:  Mind-Brain / Olympic body / exponential (truncated) money multiplication machine / Spirit (no one speaks as if it matters much: vital to ignite the heart) / Social Life (big disappointment: the people only speak about other people, never about the topics of this world, how they can be of service / Special Projects (always did extra credit, always had an outside reading list) / Time / Emotion (we of this dark age are jacked around by our emotions, energies of motion. Our Emotional Control boxes regulate motivation, motor activation by energy of motion on the circuit). 


The real conflict is not from 100 BF 0 only, it is also between our 7 M year old brain design with our 250,000 years young organizer (Brodmann 10) that does calculations, like a bebe.  What our conscious mind, a projection from the real mind, has is your will, your ability to interject your spirit, your vision of how it should be, upon the situation. The conscious is your willpower. You are still a figment of your own imagination, what can we do? That's the life. 


The 250 K brain is helpless against the Master Cylinder which sees everything and incidentally communicates with the 250 K which is the conscious mind, yes, the same conscious mind that has been tampered with by the process of civilization--- we went too far when we passive-aggressively withheld the knowledge, and the emotion (inside and outside), and the hands-on support from the people. They have been turned perhaps into either automatons, robotized zombies, or a new type of middle centuries peasants, or a yokel with few options in their lifestyle design inside this push button reality mediated by a gigantic Connection machine. DGI helps you connect the dots and push the buttons to change channels. Well, what did you expect? Chimes?

        The process of creating thoughts and ideas, ideations being the prime movers, the coral reefs of thought, is always available to us all. Yes some need direction, but the schools fail. I am contacting the national books office, the ones we can all get free: How to do business in America should be in there, families need not suffer any longer, and we all know all the things about it. Miami Beach was, in retrospect, very negligent in keeping us culturally retarded about business, and being eclectic, or how to borrow from other cultures and places; we were not made into people of ideas. 


We all have ideas in our personal Good News brochures for all   and we can champion ideas, and be promoters of ideas (dissemination involves no feedback, like seeds). By lining up our Idea Factories in parallel or series, we can make a much better world. 

Invention does it too, and the world is a writer-inventor cooperative. 

  The same mistake made with DGI had also been made made with the movie studio: Hey, I figured out how to make movies! Who wants to be an actor? The general person: either does not show up, or takes it serious on stage, they giggle. The world of ideas for everyone? Mistake.  We are all doomed to spin in our mentality wheels stewing in our tomatoes and when not to drink  and eat and watch this mostly in our sphere of social life, if we don't come together and learn more about Diamond Consciousness, operators are standing by (we forbid sitting as a policy; the beatings will continue until the morale improves).

My original analysis of where can the human mind be found was correct: At home, in the social sphere, or spinning on their mentality wheel (usually job) speaking their own secret languages (lexicons).


Who likes this site: Nobel Laureates, Millionaire business people, the heads of major universities, and people from islands. They get the email and the fax. Here and there, others notice too.

At times, it is as if DGI speaks their silent thoughts. Contacting these people by letter, fax, email, text, might get us more buzz. Something resonates with them, so the emotion can grow.


 Door to door GOOD NEWS campaigns across the 35 metros are coming, sign up now.

We ask all lf the people for all of the answers to all of the questions: which can you solve or simplify? Let us know and we find you a buyer or promotional buzz.


The media news should be called occurrences, the business section in the paper (remember those)) should be called stock report? Constant exposure to violence and shallow news and ads will grow for you violent shallow people who feel an urge to shop more. Think think, think about it.

 Example: it has become clear to me that all homes need stove, refrigerator, and home air environmental protection units  so I am on the case. How ridiculous, there are many small particles in the volume of space at home, I want them gone! 

 And now I buy both a humidifier and a De-humidifier and they both convince me they work; one is like being at the ocean, the other at a forest. They are like Mr. Spacely and his competitor, Cogswell Cogs, but very mysterious, maybe both industries hoax.


Heavy bombardments of disinformation  leaving out key points. Why not show America how to go into business, like we make pancakes, we make sum of the incomes, money trees.


Oh, perhaps later you go into "real estate" or "stocks" but whomever does not have start up money sets themselves up to pay the bills and expands into new multiple enterprises.

 Sales is an emotion; I am not saying the reader has it, but: all products and services are sold, and if you are admin and not sales, get yourself a sales crew and give great support for them at your home office. 


I am getting my Christmas catalog of inventions and books out late, but it relieves me of the anxiety of not doing it. I make from the website enough to go to the Jewish Delicatessen once a month so far. The goal is to have 100 accounts x $100 per month = more money than you can shake a stick at.


Physics is finding a new force linking dark matter and the field that causes the neutrino to change mass in flight, perhaps another aspect of God. God is force too, maybe the sum total of all the laws and forces and atoms in the multiverse, the sum being greater than the parts of the universe. I read in all the holy books I am studying (4; I am including Church of Christ, Scientist; they have maybe a resurrection device, plus, we need them to have 4 teams for the softball tournament, the winner is the number one religion for the year).

 God is the word, so God must be the first word. What is the second? To protect and improve the planet and make all comfortable and safe, and to acknowledge this as our goal, even as nature takes all the roads. God is the way.


This from the characteristics that are given to God: creative, cherisher of worlds, merciful, kind, giving, punisher, gives signs, requires worship (maybe our God is high-maintenance. Just kidding big guy, and you know I am, give me a pound, dog).

DGI alert: if you cannot recite the alphabet backwards, or recognize faces upside down, this is totally normal, but the rest of you is crazy!

A. Nonimus Forneau science fiction cuba language video and film production

Files coming soon.

Gedanken Experiments are here!

Gedanken Experiment number 1 is a thought experiment, since that is all we can afford. We have already gone to the edge of our universe, somehow established level 4 perception tool from dreaming, where you are giant eyes surveying the scene and you know what I saw: We are on some kind of big disc that curves, and there is a contrasting darkness with the surrounding of this ship. Darker. 

So we say this: the brain is a programmed device, Impressionable. Literally, energy impressions create a "cul de sac" that can be skewered on their way to the Viz 12, the theatre of the Imagination: we run loops, as if we are "seeing" something, and we play it in the player. However, because it is not reality, and there is less energy in the brain unless you take LSD, we only use about 25-30% of the original memory to reconstruct it in our brains with the use of the Mind, automatically. Just like 7 M years ago the aliens put the brain in, a clever design for a data collector, they also added the new cortex processor about 250 K years ago. They were surprised that some humans had survived hundreds of years of darkness after the meteors that killed the dinosaurs (disputed now: some say they were nervous creatures and chain smoked) had struck. 

Their original design, derived from monkey-plant genetics and creating a an ambulatory machine-animal, needed a controller to go with the other gifts of observation the robots had been designed to achieve, as a cooperative of observers. 

What it takes is the circuitry, the energy of the brain, the grey matter algorithms, from post-quantum the spines as in the DNA ladder sides, and then all this stuff is sent to the Emotional Control Box and they say, see what you can do with this. 

Naturally (no pun intended, but enjoyed just the same) this is all on an audio visual set of cameras that bring in energy into the brain for creating collages.

The brain by itself does its own skewers of memory cul-de-sacs (from now on smooth and non smooth memories) and they all play in loops, why you can stay mad at someone until the brain runs out of energy for that loop, and it dissipates.  Somebody is mad at me now for eating their cake, and I am waiting for a literal cool-down. Instead of eating one I ate 3, my bad. What little defense I have is temporary insanity, I must be crazy to be in this situation. No scientific constraint had been given, so I ate 3. Now, I am the bad guy. Say hello to the bad guy. 

The ears send in energy too, notice they are at the same level as the eyes, all these things meet...we shall soon find out, at least by Gedanken experiments and a judicious application of "What MUST the answer be?" That is to say, what elements of the object set are laughing right at us now, in the given?

That we are robots, programmed by the light, sound, and touch (it too carries electricity to the brain-mind system, helps pay the light bill) in the environments: family, money situation, neighborhood, and school, should come as no surprise. Of course we are still in the Dark Ages still: they rage.

We are BOX people who do not know their brain, mind, how to cooperate their thoughts by turning on the IDEA FACTORY that God gave you, at least 20% believe in this God, the only cherisher of worlds. 

So we cannot problem solve, and of course 100 BF 0 keeps us behind the wheel, sometimes beneath it. Simply put, we do not have access (Until to the information in the minds of others, we only have a "nice shirt" type of information, see: Poker game we play socially at DGI.

We don't even have an inventory of the ship, or much downright caring about most things: we are interested in 0 or 1 thing mostly, except the artist types, they do about 5 things, and we all can too, but our circuits have to fire up, if built, if working and just need some unclogging, some "Mental Drano" Gee that must be a billionaire company. 

We are living by PROGRAMMED ILLUSIONS, about 18 of them, and we check with quick eye saccades 18 times a minute, to see that "is all good," that reality hasn't shifted and needs researching again. We hardly find anything ever, almost like a blind hog finding an acorn type of thing, so we search, then we re-search and research again forever until: there is you Nobel prize, you see you finished work before you, it glows in your mind. 

Oh yes, programmed into illusion by the hypnosis brought about by the power of suggestion, which will be found to be 1000 times stronger than we now know: when you grandmother gives you something, you always remember. The hypnosis from the stimuli programs illusions in our forebrains, like recording a program to see later. it makes an impression. 

This is modified by the weight of the social script on your will, and the circumstances of the primary areas of programming: family, neighborhood, schools, and financial situation growing up. The brain researchers all know this: the bad people would have been the good people if they were brought up in a different set of environments, and as we see the good people are not good enough anyways. 

The sharing of ideas and how to download emotion, energy of motion, will change all this. IDEA SHARING is that rich source of free energy we all say we are looking for, or is our perception being bluffed?

How much of the illusion is a mere hiding of ideas? A lot. I've been to even the best of schools, and few talk this language, as if they have seen something and want to tell the others about, important. 

But as always, it is the address of the circuits, those 21 brain wave generators modulated by the Emotional Control Box, have to get "buzz from the future," a post quantum effect similar to knowing what somebody is going to say just as they say it. 

What we don't know we don't know is going to come bite us in the ass, it always does. How are we to know, even in principle, what forces are in the process of amplification and coming to interact with us?

The nature of knowledge is action, because you can study physics all day all night (ice cream for late night, do not be obsessive), and unless you have a project or a theory, you are basically studying increasingly more and more abstract until you literally space out and if you do not wear lead shoes you just go up up up. 

You notice your brain responds to what it sees, that what it sees in the form of objects or settings, actions, CONTAIN EMOTION THEMSELVES to interact with our emotion, and that gives us the emotion to power up the imagination to that 23% it takes to imagine something in the brain, about 23% of the original image or sound, the ears add energy too. 

There are also exothermic  reactions, plus the theoretical evaluations soon coming as to how S-Waves give emotion to the brain. These emotions lead to motivation, which is motor activation by energy of motion? Is it now making more sense, robot? Just depends what programs you run, how your circuits handle the input: are they working? Were they ever built? Were they corrupted? Are they rusted out or we can clean up the contacts? Is it all the electronics, a new kind of bull-rush fever? is on the case: we look for what you cannot, or will not, look for yourselves: what we don't know we don't know. 

Files coming soon.

Circa 2019


I discovered that if you work out hard, and study hard, and have spirit, a different life is worked out. I try to share this here, I need some conversation with the readers, they do not seem to be from the world of ideas for the most part, but presently from the world of reading things once in a while and just working, usually for someone else with no thought of doing their own thing, also for the most part.

Quickly my brain-mind figured out something about the scene before our eyes:  There is a caring and nurturing, then there is a negativity with force to affect, then there is a type of "floating" experience where most things do not hit you, but you are good about family and staying honest. 

This last one can have long peaceful periods, then quick violent moments when the stimulus interacts with our machinery, often demanding a conclusion to be made by us. This theme, the new conclusion, becomes greater than the sum of the other themes related inside, its energy. 

This is called the Will to Power. There are things in there right now trying to work themselves out and report to the main emotional organizer of experience. 


So I must seek out the minds that have trained their brains to program a "rightful living" style of life. Their minds must have come to some of the conclusions I show here, personally. What do you see?

I see where the people went: There are three places of Mind it seems, you tell me. When we have 15 opinions we sum them up and get a more clear picture, by Mathematical Chaos. 

 The people went to doing, watching, or criticizing. They care a little opening the door for their curiosity and personal history, or are downright averse to the stimulus, by presets or conclusion of where the telescopes should be pointed. Care, don't care, averse, and neutral. 

Be well aware that when you have tried everything right and it does not work, seriously review the exclusionary set, the set of thoughts that you now consider wrong. Maybe your answers are there, waiting, laughing at you. 

How to turn on creativity files in your brain, exercise: 

Have someone hold a hand up with a certain number of fingers showing, say 4 in this astral plane. Then, have them ask you, how many fingers do you see? If you do not see at least 6, if not 8 or 9, you need creativity training! It is merely a way to see that cuts through the illusions that yes, happen by miraculous ways. 

However: accept no negative miracles, examine from levels. Levels are perspectives. Life is value, context, and circumstance for the human, cards both dealt and chosen from the pack. 

What you see here is that the people do not use their brain much except for their job and to avoid going shopping with their wives; the rest of the apparatus has apparently rusted out. Is this what you see? 

How would you explain the mysterious disappearance of IDEA FACTORIES within us when we finally get to the real school, which is the WORLD, take the "L" out and you have word.  Where are the teachers on this? There is politicized silence because your job is on the line, and few have the emotions to be entrepreneurial. All these things have their plus and minus, and change over time. 

The world is somewhat immovable, and people somewhat inert in their thinking spectrum. There is a resistance to progress, to cooperation, to Ideals. A clear resistance to making a better life, always, for yourself and others. This is done by realizing the miraculous powers within, the ones you have not been told about or shown. 

Apparently the modern well promoted thinkers do not have many ideas. Certainly for the individual, yet you see I found 100 + that are free and only require cooperation and organizing the thoughts in both sequence and gradients.

 They change the world. Oh, you must know how silly it is for me to contact the people at random from these websites. I should deal with the specialists that consider these ideas. 

Would that be good for DGI? No. DGI thinks that ideas should be judged by their merits, and I get few comments from the general reader that shows me that they have an idea, and how it connects with what I write and film. 

I am beginning to see why many just give up, and dedicate themselves to the hours (and lack of working out; bad health shortens life) but who cares: you have seen how "it is" you took a survey of the planet's categories of life actions, as tourist-journalist, then return to Navazumin and give your reports. 

For me, a multi-culturalist, this is not so; I can do my schedule and also contribute to the braid of themes moving through the river of time. To what ocean, who is to know. Read my books, like "Beyond the Great Attractor" or Universal Empire. 

I am searching the world for ideas, but as I said earlier: The people are not programmed and formatted to do information sharing, and this is the true power, denied. Not censored, it appears and is taken away, but denied: you have miraculous powers within you, fantastic fortunes to make appears the only thing available to most; to make the world better, it really does take the people of a world in synchronicity of thought. 

What are we if not information robots? When we give these "weather reports" to each other, talking about the weather, we get a secondary piece of information: the pilot wave for the mood the other person is in. Read my books, you get a different behavior from the people in the future. 

As always, the dilemmas facing the people, that resolve themselves into the lives we live are glazed over by modern thinkers; they are not thinking, they have been trained poorly in both thought and communication. The dilemmas that give us life and breath are: What to do with our emotions, and what to do about the others. 

Don't cry for me Argentina! Life both prods us with barbed sticks and rejoices when our emotions are happy. There is the world, and there are your interpreting circuits and settings at this time. 

There are no permanent traits, descriptions of the way the person "is" until the person is dead. Then you can say he was this way or that; before, there are no permanent traits: you can get hit in the head and become a totally different person. Brain settings, neural transmitters, and architecture dynamics make us.


Imagine! And that is our slogan. I had found the world of ideas indefensible in fact of there not being many, and that many systems allow a quick analysis (50 years; time is not what we think, and neither are we) that reveals it is like tennis: 

If you take away a negative and replace with a positive, the effect is dramatic and more than twice improvement in that area. 

As time goes on, I have found a few, maybe three possibly 4, and there will be more. I will stay open, to your ideas, but: it appears I have most of them and the 25,000 readers over the last 3 years have a few, and miss the point when they send emails. 

I see that this happens to me in other fields, like film making. When I discover how to do great things, mostly free, and use creativity to promote them, the general person does not respond, and the specialist does.


When Galaxy Studios was more active, which it will be again since I have many movie and show ideas ("The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth"), I tried extending the ability to be on TV to others, but only the pro actor asked where do you want me and what do you want me to say. So I need to go to where the people are that train for this, and see who fits the scripts.


This is what is meant by the world is small! Your world of people, not the Earth! 

I will get used to it and it will not be a bad thing. I will get promotions by the standard media, and some fraction in this moving bullet train through time will get some ideas, as if painted on a wall to be read. 

Did I find a great life? Yes, I am living my dreams and live in gratitude. Am I disappointed that without big promotion the readers were not able to bring ideas that we could showcase into a warehouse of ideas? 

No, in this zig zag I merely see the pattern correspondence with the film studio and just design DGI to be more for those who find what has become a specialty, thought, but this was not my intent. 

I had wanted everybody to join minds and reconstruct the world, into a better world, and know of all the groups that were already, without promotion, doing those things. My solution for this, at DGI headquarters, goes unexamined mostly. 

Thank you for your nice emails and purchases, I really appreciate it. I want everyone to be born, or at least by grade 5 (recall that I do not use Middle English, it is archaic and I eschew it), making $500 a day. And the knowledge and emotion to be in their own multiple businesses. This is Billionaire Mentality. 

How much I had wanted your ideas! And I know that you have them, but are not formatted to disseminate the great things you have learned and experienced in your life, so others would know too, and we pass on this knowledge with my AI. it grows and grows, and creates good fortune and success for everyone.

Everyone? Am I not the guy that says these are all individual, partitioned case studies? Yes, but I have developed some heuristic formulas. One: From any sufficiently large information flow, continuous and discontinuous summed, you can abstract any type of information you want; the larger the pattern entries, the more you can find any other type of information in the cross-reference. 

What the rich person knows: The world is two. The world, and what is in your mind, as confidence builders and exciters, or bummers and downfalls. Once you have your money in an exponential money machine, which is the right way to define this, then you encounter the stimulus from the rest of your mind: are you happy or sad in basic mood. 

Each mood carries a mood-template which enables energy distribution to other circuits to create action moves, as mediated by the sought-after Emotional Control Box. 

Money won't do it for you, read The Secrets of Life and Living and realize the world is antipodal, two part connections one after the other. In tennis, the two-shot combination is king, not the one-off shot. Nature exhibits strategy and tactics both, and we are close to the discovery of the buttons of our Push Button Reality. 

We live inside incomplete edifices of thought. ALL of the problems should be in National Contests now, and most of my readers do not respond to this, and I need them to. 

This is not my vanity, this is my fun, to solve problems. I was not raised to be a problem solver, but the number 1 problem solver. I see why the confidence in me now, but I need the world to take some kind of cooperative collaborative action. 

I will not suffer. I suppose I show here why the thinkers and creative problem solvers are not presenting their world view: either it is rather limited, or not there. Most persons, including those that now play the role of thinker, are only given by family, early schools, financial situation: Data sets A or B, On or Off, Black or White two choices for their thinking.

Hello, there are not two: There are 28,  and colors are not two, they are 8, so the mind has much more room to expand its world view, but our teachers, the system, is created and creates concrete thinkers who maintain the status quo without examination or national contests of solutions: our thinking mechanisms rust out fairly quickly.


So what about me? I say that at some point you are deposited squarely in front of either your projects or your couch for life and its sustenance.  My  projects are writing and inventions, so not so bad. I share this here and on the website, gladly.  Of course I also do research and play lots of tennis and drums.  Love that Reading, and for pop information books you can look immediately for the 3 ideas tops in that book, and read another. 

I get to run away from all this, and through Amazing Inventions and Products I solve the world problems from a technical corner. 

The writing makes me embrace the world around me, in frustration and irritation, and also flee to the Elysian fields where the warriors of life go. I am a champion of ideas intent on returning the power of the word. 

It is pointless for me to express overwhelming views here that are not understood well without value, context, and circumstances. 

Amazing, is it not! I flee to writing great books that will show you what I am talking about in practice, Utopias of the mind! The people are happy! They triumph, like Bond, over seemingly insurmountable forces. Seemingly. In a world of smoke and illusion, or mirrors and magic. 

So, as I abstract myself from life and go to my projects, I go to different worlds, the ones I write about. 

Hear the music too, I have not promoted it too much, but some is on the website. The website is great. You need around 15 such sites to get an idea of the world view picture, the complete world view picture. 

My work is not here. I suppose we break off into small cliques. Will the philologists and philosophers hate me? No, if they do not buy into Action Philosophy, then where is their message? In the constant analysis of philosophers that have been dead for centuries? 

Maybe they should have become historians. But, one final comment then I return to Morningwood to await immortality (20 years they stop aging; 30 more they reverse it. Stay health eat right and work out 4 hours a day, avoid pollution and stress, and, get lucky. 

Some of you know I merely copied the high school format in lifestyle design. While I do not yet live in the coveted "glass house," I do have a glass table from an auction and another from a thrift store. 

How could I possibly have escaped? 

I saw that I was living a better life, for me, than my college professors doing only one thing. Sure enough, I see them now and they have not grown, they have not much to say about humanitarian projects or making the world better, even by using their own fields! They wallow in the mire. 

For me, different view of actions, based on my emotional warehouse, Encyclopedia of Mechanisms were formed. Of course I love "physics," but found it to be "science," the use of all the sciences to solve all the problems, including lifestyle design, and I love brain-mind research also. Maybe we say Head Science from now on, I am tired of my discovery of the brain-mind system. It is that nature prefers an antipode and only super-string theory allows for monopoles? 

Just now: I will find those constraints and use them in my work to explore that bridge between the virtual world and our own minuscule existence, if any: existence was not a given! We robots hope one day to find our own version of humanity, but the humans have long been gone from this place; they do return,  however, to claim their world (In the end they extend lease-to-buy tenancy for the robots here). 

How did I avoid all this, for the most part, the confusion, the pain, the suffering. Not only my genetics from Cuba, where we have 100 types of fruits and vegetables, in the Equator, here 29(!), but my learning patterns, and the luck that my parents and early environs did not kick my ass, they fed it positive things and neutral things, cannot immediately recall a bad thing other than Cuba taken over by Dictator Castros that took away our 16 Freedoms. 


Cuba is where the motivators come from. We get a lot of energy from our genetics and our outlooks: We have lived in paradise, you go there and tell me otherwise. 

Since 2% of people come out with mental problems so too 2% of the countries leadership: Cuba, NK, and there are four more, which makes 6/240. 

Since most of the students are not good students, so too the countries' leadership, evident by only about 6/240 having prosperity in the mix of their difficulties. The world might end, my friends: it can melt before your very eyes within 2 seconds are you are gone into that last 30 minutes in darkness, failing mind, where you see your whole past life (really, you are trying to quickly remember as much as you can of you.

 Or: is that the moment of transfer of our memories in the pay-per-view service for extraterrestrials called Heaven?

When the plants move by wind, they are waving at us, use the plants and patterns of light as reminders of your quest for good fortune and healing. 

I took those genetics and parleyed them into learning in many fields by sheer curiosity. I not only did extra credit homework, but had a parallel reading program of my own, created time to read. 

Now this bad thing, that the world does not care, that we need our own clique to understand us, that we need to live in the hills with (at least) glass furniture, far, far from the maddening crowds. comes around as a reality firmly posted in my super conscious. 

Save the world? The world yawns and turns the other way. Story: the world mysteriously begins to spin the other way. 

No, I am deposited into my schedule, a lot like high school where you take 6 subjects, here I have 10; the world is the school, you know:


ERRANDS D'OR (the evolution of form if you define Gradient)




( 100 X 100 = 10,000  Trade shows make 1-3  fortunes each)

Study physics, math, brain research, work on projects, read papers

Play Sports 4 hours 5 days tennis, football, bike 

Make film, comedy, Twilight Zone episodes, documentaries

Do stand up comedy everywhere! It is a passport to mental powers

Have lunch.


Then that evening put on a super post-rock international concert. 

Read 5 minutes. Sleep. 

Two types of dreams, one just imaging, the delta 4 with plot

Working on the Dream Programmer, one of my 21 200-page books is The Earth and Its Tyrants, about this breakthrough. For now, I program by conditioning the paintings in my house: 

I enter them in my dream, and have fascinating adventures, sometimes Lucid dreams when I have something I need to and can use the extra work space. 

Through my books, and this blog and website, and the comedies, and well frankly everything of the inventions will do it for you. Notice my invention of the exponential money machine has not yet gotten any press. 

You can be sure that you will learn and hear of many things here, and I too from you. Your powers are extended here into Nirvana and Habana. You begin to see the "size of the thing." 

I am sharing with you and me things from my life; this is great therapy, but if we do not come together into a few action groups, I will consider it a failure. Of course, I will get $35,000 from the publisher and multiply that. 

We could have been great together, perhaps will be one day soon. I will write 200 of these blogs. I do not believe in that "humble" thing, I believe in proud. And that the proud people will one day help those that are down.


Economic caveat: The idea was to make money and live, not to live to make money only; it begins there, yet curiously often stops there, once the routine is established, all else except Diamond Consciousness managerial overrides in our Emotional Control Box or circuitry can have a hope at offsetting the effects of strong impressionable conditioning, especially we get so many cues on right behavior from the others, equally misguided from lack of both types of information: the common and the esoteric by appearance.

Win Win situations is what we program, with heart. The billionaire helps the millionaire the millionaire helps the well-off which in turn help the middle income, and once uplifted at least financially and time-wise, ALL the uplifted groups help the poor and low income who probably need the help: they have lost their shirts in the grand pyramid scheme which are the emotions of money. 

Write to me. Find me whiz kids, people who can't stop talking about solutions, people who care. If you are not an ideas producer, probably in this Dark Age your powers have been muted by the unknowing, the concrete no-fun thinker, or non. 

The Age of Spirituality and Cooperation is coming, we are just early to the party. Earth Angels fly around low, confused at our behavior. Here for the first time, an Angel conversation has been decoded: I don't like the logic, or lack of, on Earth. Arcturus. Is it me, or, since their number two pencil is the most popular by far, should it not be called the number one pencil?

Then, you are a champion of ideas and promote this. If you cannot champion ideas, then discuss them in circles or write something about this for publication, in anywhere but this black hole, this void, we call the net articles and sites without major promotional money.

 Then, donate to our cause and lead your own section, we have about 30 points of light which are urgent. 

One day I will remember how I broadcast with limited means ( I was a victim of major fraud) and joke about the world being "saved" for 11.99 a month. Sure, and $100,000 monthly in promotions.

 The big companies spend millions monthly online. I have 12 bucks, but I am from Cuba. I need 14 other visionaries, tell them to write me. Right now, it is up to you and me to save the world, and hey, where are you going?

This would have happened if the shareholders, the people of the world, had given more to the bank of ideas. 

So I declare myself Emperor Peace and assume mind control experiments. 

Or, I decide with purpose this time, to not only make myself rich by exponential money machine (products on 100 + shelves in all 35 metros), and inventions, then turn on the people with door to door pass it on flyers, and the other 21 ways to market your products and services. 

You see, the world is seen through our emotions; they are the organ of vision. The eyes and ears are the instruments of vision. Vision is a type of thought, and your heart is a type of multi-function gland. 

All this money nonsense is to appease the silent yet present spirits of 100 BF 0, the first 100 billionaire family in the year 0. 

They built up this machine to charge us for all goods and services, and the place you hang your hat. Now, the spiritual creative people build on top of this. The robot AI will help. In fact, already some of them are hinting they do not want to be called AI, but just I. 

Of course I could continue writing this all day, do it for Jesus let's say. But, you saw my extensive schedule so I must return to other world of adventure that await me....

Send comments, I realize that once again I have to do the homework for everyone, store my 10-degrees lower head squarely between Ted Williams and Walt Disney, and be re awakened when my ideas are in form in the society. As I have reminded you forever, in Cuba if we do not start an evolution every few weeks our stomachs get a little upset.


In between my gripes I really do wish everyone well. If you read anything, I point out this unreal world of connected floating islands of mind, strangely unconnected. I am a machine myself! One of my functions is to make dreams come true, but: I had needed the world to show up in support. 

OK, OK I will do my studies of the world and report and invent and so on until this machine either rests for good or puts up a brave front for Immortality. 

I already know the Immortal should look 4 ways before crossing the street. 

Forever. That's a pretty long time! Good Luck, on YOUR adventures...

Files coming soon.

Rainy Days Come Between us



This new year 2019 we are over at In essence, the people work by hypnosis and illusion, a type of device, monkey-plant derivative by evolution, a machine animal. Humanity and existence defy definition, not so easy to achieve. Existence is not a given any more than comprehension is.  

 We have not much to say or speak much about making life better for everyone by using what they have in their head, their Idea Factories, and creating a Good News brochure of what they have learned from family, neighborhood, schools, reading, original thoughts, and give it to everyone they see; we would all come home with a dozen "Good News" personal brochures. 

video and film production

There are about 60 mentality wheels, or jobs basically. Other than that you are home, in transit with your thoughts, or in the social sphere where the same boring (after 20 years) 6 things happen: eat this, drink this, smoke this, buy this, drink this coffee, sit here and watch this. I can only eat so much food, please, the meter is running. 

Once in a while a new thing happens, but the categories get old after a while.  Where are the papers being distributed from the world of thought, academic or other? How have we marginalized our ability to communicate positive developments information to ea cuba language ch other?

In the social sphere people speak of other people and small things, mostly; seldom are themes championed or relevant world topics discussed.  

There are 6 possible thinkers, all else is the surprising appearance of circuitry which wants to think, and can do so, from the mental algorithms there found: 


The ordinary person

The academic (about their field)

The artist (about everything)

Skilled professional

The independent thinker.  

They don't have to have your name, but a compendium of good ideas and formulas to uplift the individual and communities. And we give that information door to door across the 35 metros like a flyer with the pass it on idea. Yes, 35 metros, but, the distribution is only to 10 neighborhoods with the pass it on theme. People discuss and collaborate.

I have noted that people are not formatted to information share, to Idea Share (DGI term). If I give you a positive idea, now we both have it, win win.  I learned this by seeing  that I could tell my friend of a great restaurant and he would have a great time there. By deduction and induction, I could do this with all the information that I would recall, with eidetic recall. I remember my first thought. 

If people were generally barbarians 500 years ago, and you know from direct experience that is not so long a time ago, then we still have some of that barbarism in us. Example the "rape and pillage" aspects of modern wars. There are about 44 wars going on at all times. Host our show, World at War. 

It all has to do with this Dark Age when we still do not know the brain and powers of collaboration in strong. 

We face a wall of illusion when we awaken our personal biographies in the morning, that this is reality but what is reality is you! You are the grand director of your day and week, month.  The illusions have been programmed into us, and often represent non existent barriers we place on ourselves, elements of psychological illusion, BUT another big group is very real and represents malformed circuits which need help. The circuit either cannot accept the energy, or transmit it after loading. This is called an Impasse, not yet recognized as a quite trivial problem to solve with a little assistance and emotional support, emotion being "energy of motion."  

We have about 200 new ideas at the website, and fun jokes too. The world of ideas is like the Blockbuster video chain, people just don't like to think, so we must form cliques of shared interests. 

I am in different groups myself and can tell you many of the things we learned were deceptive, much of the story was left out.  

There was a concrete-thinker's politicized passive aggressive attack on our senses: the information and the emotion were simply left out.  The first 5 programming environments  were family , neighborhood, financial situation, early schools  and how your circuits are formed and activated. 

If misinformation or mis-perceptions get in there, hard to get out, this is the foundation. 

So you have to be good student in all the schools, including the world, which contains the colleges and universities.  

I did not go to Ivy League school, although I have a brother at the Harvard Medical School (they keep him in a jar). The main difference between the elite schools and the great public schools is that at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, they show you how to own the company, and at the other places they show you how to be an employee. The first is better and surprisingly gives time and more money.  Maybe not better, I am still very confused about the way people "are."  "Better" has to plug into your circuits and transmit throughout the brain. 

We shall study the Connectome, the Architectome,  and do some physics experiments with math and physical solutions both. There are objects in front of our senses we are not detecting, we only infer their existence. 

The other half, of course, hoaxes based on your state of illusion.

For the poor: community action groups; they cannot help themselves, sorry.

For the broke: Department Of Good Ideas website shows how, easy

For the rich: we show them how to uplift the "well off" and those in turn help the "upper middle income" and they help the lower, and they help the poor.  The poor help the rich get more emotions, energies of motions.  

New writings in the National library and the government free publications will do it, but, we have run across a big problem: the people themselves. Caring has been replaced with apathy, we turn the poor invisible, we do not idea share to any significant degree, there is no urgency to get the information to everyone.  I hope it is not because even when they got it they would still ignore its power. 

The best things in life are free, you cannot buy them or steal them, they are nature's gifts. 

First, they hate sales. Many people do, so you get a pro salesman or your kid to help you.

When we put the flyers in the doors of the people, if it does not apply to the residents, they have a powerful tool to now share with their sphere of influence, other people. Everything we learn doesn't have to be for us.

As I write I realize that only 3% can really take any kind of action. The rest are either the watcher or the critic.

Through DGI we learn to collaborate like idea factories that line up in either series or parallel (our own projects) inside the world of ideas.

When we go out on the weekend we should be able to board an education bus and learn how to uplift our lives and those of others. There should be pamphleteers with good news brochures from their learning, empowered soap box speakers, and green machines with screens showing  money skills and how to deal with others, all written by the community in sum of their ideas regarding. 

DGI is from the world of ideas, the world of taking interesting actions and the world of being of service to others, and to ourselves of course (we are from the mama didn't raise no foo school of thinking).

DGI is the story of the world, not a Wrestling promo.  DGI is a machine to transform consciousness and perception, and to point out their significance in a greater world than we now perceive.  There may be a sea of emotion  from which we draw our feelings, a post-quantum effect. 

This sea has the plus, minus, and zero emotions. Zero is the unconcerned, and for more than one reason. One is the lensing, filters, and blinders placed in front of our eyes by our Emotional Control Box.  After all, we see 3 million things in a 30 minute walk and I don't remember what I had for lunch. 

So it is up to us to become plus signs, and move the zeros to plus, to offset the minus as much as possible. Can never be eradicated completely, the minus, because Nature takes all the roads. 

Mathematical Chaos forms the roads and channels on which the effects we know as particles  bud and depart to interact with our realm. 

Incidentally, if somebody asks me how I am doing, my reaction  is how would I know, even in principle, what forces are in the process of amplification and heading my way?

All this and the poles are about to shift, dropping our cosmic ray shields by 90%, oh, and here's the 20 I owe you!

I could write all day and all night, but we need and support international writers, of course. 

Perhaps there were prophets before, I am one of the new first explainers for the modern age and I am saying: many neanderthals are still walking around, you see them every day. To some degree we are still middle centuries peasants, not taking care to study and use the entire world to advantage, not taught to be "heroes" or "billionaires" but instead a cog in a wheel. 

This is great for many that come from a somewhat impoverished background of poor neighborhoods and financial strife: a good job and a good car and house enables them to change channels. 

But not everyone went through that, and those fortunate enough to extract happiness out of this confusing life can give back to the others that suffered and continue to suffer. For many of those, information and a little emotional support would be enough to propel them to the next Big Screen channel. 

It was pretty easy to see, after going to the number one high school and top 10 universities that we are not being taught the right things.

Science: I studied the physics courses for physics major. Why would they not immediately take me to the front lines, to visit a physicist at work? Where were the physics ideas on how to think, make money in business, be of service to others, the definition of thought, and what there is to think about. Extending the powers of science appears to not be on the table: 

When there were massive California fires, the "sum of the minds" of say the physics majors, and really all of the community, the world, how to solve these fires. Everyone should access the information of the science of fire fighting and the history of locales. 


What was left out were:  the open questions of science, how to make all the money you want and all the time you want in business: You do Trade Shows for the industries your inventions serve; 2-5 shows a year, make multiple fortunes at each, meet new circles of people.

 Each person is a network of other persons. The group becomes an agreator (type of energy repository), with the source located somewhere or somewhen. Network of networks of networks of networks is the plan always, viral. 

Show the Americans how to make money in business in their own country Mr. President! You showed me in your broadcasts, you have more power to broadcast.

I am getting the DGI Kickstarter and GoFundme going for the projects; most of the people are not thinking or saying much, but soon the world will sing, these concepts are here, all we need is the people to show up and have the time of their life: How to Build a Better World (and have a great fun time doing it!)

But, I fool myself again. I too am a device, lucky for me I could program myself for the most part, not a product of the times, but of history. Then the experience is more of a lucid dream where you can direct your actions. 

The artist is more like a bee, collecting pollen from many flowers, sources, eclectic. Others more like ants, creatures of single minded routines that really do not involve much thinking, except inside the Book of (the subject here, the specialty). 

One consequence is that being so used to watching TV, in this big TV, the world, we are waiting for the producers to put on the show for us. 

We think: I have my job, and all these other questions and problems go in the inbox of whoever's job it is to deal with it. 

We all need to stop believing that en mass because mistakes are being made all over the place by people who are smart and capable to get in those positions, but are not particularly of heart and imagination. Often, they are way politicized and can not even speak their mind or their own ideas. Their job is on the line, as well as the castigation of censure. 

I suppose I am naive: I feel things, and want to share, and the dog photos are nice and all, but at what point do we report front and center to the obvious battle to get this ship cleaned up, inventoried, and headed in the right direction? For 25 years I thought we were all doing about the same things and had the same goals, and shared the same role of stewardship in our world. 

So I spent the next 25 showing others things they might like, things I had experienced and not just money, but mind, body, service to others, sports, playing music, writing books, making inventions, making film. I like those things, and. I thought like fool that all they needed was to hear from me, the great discoveries I had made on all our behalf. I expected the Uber Helicopter to take me to a parade thrown in my honor, but for now, I am confined to the probably least read part of the bookstore: the science fiction section.

But oh, I make inventions, who knows what is coming out of the factory soon...certainly I do, I have the schedule! But, research in physics is coming on too, all happening now: Just quickly, space is not space, it is a series of network channels and roads on which effects bud, like flowers. Our senses need expansion cards, working on it.

Some of you make fun of my inventions: there is the doer, the critic, and the watcher, which are you? When I make my negative gravity beam and lift you up high near the ceiling, will you then believe? You know I am not speaking about that, but mouse-flavor cat food will let me get that glass house by the beach, at least rent. The cars are leased, not that expensive if you hit it big in the pet food industry.

I assure you it is all very complicated, or not at all, or neither, or now that I think about it both.

Right now, our galaxy is heading for a major collision with Andromeda. Say captain, say what?

The problems are many, example the emotions of the people. They never got a list of them in high school, in case you ever needed them, and you were never shown a user's manual for your body, brain or now that I make you think of it: how to think (extra credit students: what there is to think about!).

Oh, maybe it's a blessing and being from Cuba, if I don't begin an evolution every few week my stomach gets upset. This is easy stuff here, I am going on computer TV to do the show this week about this, but the short form is: Birth: should have had family nationwide newsletter so all families get ideas from the other ones: two families' ideas are better than one, 75 Million...the computers analyze it.

Your family is informed on how to make all the money they want in business, many from home, like 50 websites you open for 5 minutes each, and 1223 other ideas like this, international. Online stock trading from home another, buy my books from the Website. You were only shown how to work for others and have their thoughts in your head, you method of selection should have been business one, then study whatever fields you want: you do not have to get a job in that field.

The fields you are connected to, that can improve, are: mind, body, money, spirit, social life (if chosen), special projects, and our emotions. I am working on the time. 

I had a research grant to study time, but when we concluded time did not exist, I was out of a job!

The next steps are what you are taught in grades 0-12: of course you should be shown mind, body, wallet, and spirit. Social life is a given, Special Projects are my hope everybody does, but now only whiz kids in high school, and enlightened scholars not necessarily academic.

The academic thing is yet another thing: they learn one thing and not given are the open questions of science, how to form projects, not much except for doing the same 7000 problems that 4000 people do every year in the U.S. What about general life and living, how to extend the powers of science and use all the sciences to solve every problem?

Intelligence is the ability to connect your smart fields; a smart field is like a container for a specialized category of thinking, like science, that you are good at, so you fill up the container and then all kinds of physical mathematics creates thoughts and connections of, and new ideas. However, you only have that one horse to ride, so the rest of your world may be in jeopardy, then suddenly invisible, cannot form thoughts in other areas, except if you have fluid intelligence and can use the same circuits and mechanisms in all kinds of model-corresponding systems.

Notice in this concept the money is made in business, especially multiple businesses (diversified enterprises and marketing cross-pollination, and your kids will like at least like ONE of the companies.

That's where the money goes, and you then live your life! What you would do if you had money! But, all my neighbors stop at their job 50 hours and could not even dream they could do the actual things they would do, like make movies, play sports, play music in a band.

Most want to be left alone to make money after 30. They propose to their insignificant other: "Honey, I love you, I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life ignoring you!

How I wish the things I feel and do could be transferable, read my science fiction stories and novels and you see them in action in the world of tomorrow. Get you two free short stories and read some at DGI web, this page is just a hook, an idea, of the writer-inventor cooperative.

I see no people from FBIbook sending us email, or from Twitter, or this Facebook: what the hell goes on there?

I just remain placidly in my estate, Morning Wood, writing, inventing, planning the filming of my scripts, doing the music concerts. I go out play sports, swim. Big on bike riding. I see, I am high energy, so I must invent the stimulator for those that want to try high energy for a day or two; the energy spills into more activities.

I don't get the feeling we are trying very hard, do you? We could have money, mental action as heavy as we want, spiritual values such as heart opened by creating adventure, solutions, opportunity, benefits, service. Time: we have ALL THERE IS at these times, until the immortality kicks in. Read my books, if you are a reader you will love them .

Of course I am trying to create the Complete World Philosophical Picture View, so we can know what is going on, what to borrow from, from all 240 countries. Why the hell not? I also bring you my invention TV TRAVEL, the new arrive before you leave technology.

As you can see I am as busy as I always wanted to be. If I can be a good influence on my readers or concert goers, great! I open doors for people and my specialty is making dreams come true. Since nobody dreams much these days, I have plenty of time for tennis and football.

I'll see you in the movies, hope you have a good time! Contact me, I push a button and you have all the information on most topics, free. When you want the emotion and support to implement your solutions and projects, then I charge you $1000, and show you how to be motivated as if you are being paid $1 M to execute the program, regardless of your emotional state. We leave you with these suggestions:

 Beware your thoughts; they may not be your own, and

The World of Illusions casts many shadows: the only things visible are the illusions, the only things that remain hidden are the true facts.

The operating system for the human is the connection of emotion and brain circuitry.

Files coming soon.