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One of several inside-card designs by Cuban Artist Warren Peace, all Cuban cards have bi-lingual sayings from a vanished race, the motivators of the world kept prisoner by their own people.  Yes, good things have happened in Cuba; those and many more would have taken place if we had our 16 freedoms.

Cuban-Saying Greeting Cards for All Occasions

DGI brings you Cuban greeting cards and books, information writings, new visions of what could, perhaps should be. We need your good ideas to share with a growing numbers of people that want new solutions to old problems. If you do not originate ideas at this time, champion themes and discuss valuable topics and ideas with your friends and family. We all need to stand up and be counted to help our world and its people. Support your local international writer! Thank you for the many orders and requests. 

Pocket Bi-lingual Ouija


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Tune-in positive lights only, original design card by Cuban artist Warren Peace

Night Series


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This card emerged, and its designer, Cuban artist Warren Peace, was himself surprised at its beauty and energy. 

Ultra Dense S-wave field


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A stunning realistic color card by Cuban artist Warren Peace

Cirque Mysterieux


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One of the first designs by Cuban artist Warren Peace, this three-way card is stand-alone circus figures, shoe box diorama, and greeting card all in one!



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This machine can solve all problems, but who cares and so what if it did? Card design by Cuban artist Warren Peace

The first hundred billionaire families in the year 0


-1995 CL for you futurians. You think your're cool just because you are from the future

The first 100 billionaire families in the year zero were on the move; they were agriculturalists that could "hold their ground," and warlords like Alexander the Great (called great because he had killed a man on every continent). They had derivatives we call today "industries," and, in 1888 John Brown of Wall Street invented diversified product offers, many products of different styles, not just black and brown. You know his work as “they’ll buy what we sell them.” Today if 

people did not buy more than what they have on their basic shopping list, the economy, whatever that is, would collapse.

80% of the taxes are paid by the 80% that are broke. I  saw  a solution to the problem, a remedy from a bee's point of view, drawing from different sources like flowers of thought; from what I have learned, which is voluminous since I have eidetic recall and actually like learning still. The people, 85% are programmed from a more socially scripted ant sort of view. 

Please, your highness, look through the telescope! Sorry Galileo; I can see from here that you have placed black shoe polish around the viewing ring


1947 New Hampshire Education meetings set the tone: The student could go through 3 doors only: the standard learn to get a job, the Art door for the ones that could not fit in (into the concrete thinker frame of mind which is only a foundational structure, not the feature of that concrete structure which is Art, Spirit, and Paradise. Third door was "the trades."

 My discovery is that there are at least 200 ways to work two hours a day or two days a week, and when I found that, I found the goal of the "set up" in money in business to be make it to a trade show. There from what I saw in front of my eyes, once you have a product or service you can make 1-3 fortunes in each of the shows for the industry you serve, usually 5 shows a year, so you work 5 weeks a year!


The rest is instruct the continuity management team, have sales meetings, and call the people you met at trade shows: they come from volume corporations with projects, and they put you in their 500-3000 stores, so you make $1000 a day from that alone, and you have more shows to do, more product to prepare. Simultaneously at Trade shows you are selling to a dealer network, become vendor to corporations, and line up special joint ventures for your manufacturer. 

  I can "see" this easily and am quite surprised, but now ready to explain how this could be so: I am also an explainer, and, like a bee, I cross pollinate the categories of information that I have in my head, the human dimensions, like farms where we grow our thoughts about or possessions, the ones God gave us all:  Mind-Brain / Olympic body / exponential (truncated) money multiplication machine / Spirit (no one speaks as if it matters much: vital to ignite the heart) / Social Life (big disappointment: the people only speak about other people, never about the topics of this world, how they can be of service / Special Projects (always did extra credit, always had an outside reading list) / Time / Emotion (we of this dark age are jacked around by our emotions, energies of motion. Our Emotional Control boxes regulate motivation, motor activation by energy of motion on the circuit). 


The real conflict is not from 100 BF 0 only, it is also between our 7 M year old brain design with our 250,000 years young organizer (Brodmann 10) that does calculations, like a bebe.  What our conscious mind, a projection from the real mind, has is your will, your ability to interject your spirit, your vision of how it should be, upon the situation. The conscious is your willpower. You are still a figment of your own imagination, what can we do? That's the life. 


The 250 K brain is helpless against the Master Cylinder which sees everything and incidentally communicates with the 250 K which is the conscious mind, yes, the same conscious mind that has been tampered with by the process of civilization--- we went too far when we passive-aggressively withheld the knowledge, and the emotion (inside and outside), and the hands-on support from the people. They have been turned perhaps into either automatons, robotized zombies, or a new type of middle centuries peasants, or a yokel with few options in their lifestyle design inside this push button reality mediated by a gigantic Connection machine. DGI helps you connect the dots and push the buttons to change channels. Well, what did you expect? Chimes?

        The process of creating thoughts and ideas, ideations being the prime movers, the coral reefs of thought, is always available to us all. Yes some need direction, but the schools fail. I am contacting the national books office, the ones we can all get free: How to do business in America should be in there, families need not suffer any longer, and we all know all the things about it. Miami Beach was, in retrospect, very negligent in keeping us culturally retarded about business, and being eclectic, or how to borrow from other cultures and places; we were not made into people of ideas. 


We all have ideas in our personal Good News brochures for all   and we can champion ideas, and be promoters of ideas (dissemination involves no feedback, like seeds). By lining up our Idea Factories in parallel or series, we can make a much better world. 

Invention does it too, and the world is a writer-inventor cooperative. 

  The same mistake made with DGI had also been made made with the movie studio: Hey, I figured out how to make movies! Who wants to be an actor? The general person: either does not show up, or takes it serious on stage, they giggle. The world of ideas for everyone? Mistake.  We are all doomed to spin in our mentality wheels stewing in our tomatoes and when not to drink  and eat and watch this mostly in our sphere of social life, if we don't come together and learn more about Diamond Consciousness, operators are standing by (we forbid sitting as a policy; the beatings will continue until the morale improves).

My original analysis of where can the human mind be found was correct: At home, in the social sphere, or spinning on their mentality wheel (usually job) speaking their own secret languages (lexicons).


Who likes this site: Nobel Laureates, Millionaire business people, the heads of major universities, and people from islands. They get the email and the fax. Here and there, others notice too.

At times, it is as if DGI speaks their silent thoughts. Contacting these people by letter, fax, email, text, might get us more buzz. Something resonates with them, so the emotion can grow.


 Door to door GOOD NEWS campaigns across the 35 metros are coming, sign up now.

We ask all lf the people for all of the answers to all of the questions: which can you solve or simplify? Let us know and we find you a buyer or promotional buzz.


The media news should be called occurrences, the business section in the paper (remember those)) should be called stock report? Constant exposure to violence and shallow news and ads will grow for you violent shallow people who feel an urge to shop more. Think think, think about it.

 Example: it has become clear to me that all homes need stove, refrigerator, and home air environmental protection units  so I am on the case. How ridiculous, there are many small particles in the volume of space at home, I want them gone! 

 And now I buy both a humidifier and a De-humidifier and they both convince me they work; one is like being at the ocean, the other at a forest. They are like Mr. Spacely and his competitor, Cogswell Cogs, but very mysterious, maybe both industries hoax.


Heavy bombardments of disinformation  leaving out key points. Why not show America how to go into business, like we make pancakes, we make sum of the incomes, money trees.


Oh, perhaps later you go into "real estate" or "stocks" but whomever does not have start up money sets themselves up to pay the bills and expands into new multiple enterprises.

 Sales is an emotion; I am not saying the reader has it, but: all products and services are sold, and if you are admin and not sales, get yourself a sales crew and give great support for them at your home office. 


I am getting my Christmas catalog of inventions and books out late, but it relieves me of the anxiety of not doing it. I make from the website enough to go to the Jewish Delicatessen once a month so far. The goal is to have 100 accounts x $100 per month = more money than you can shake a stick at.


Physics is finding a new force linking dark matter and the field that causes the neutrino to change mass in flight, perhaps another aspect of God. God is force too, maybe the sum total of all the laws and forces and atoms in the multiverse, the sum being greater than the parts of the universe. I read in all the holy books I am studying (4; I am including Church of Christ, Scientist; they have maybe a resurrection device, plus, we need them to have 4 teams for the softball tournament, the winner is the number one religion for the year).

 God is the word, so God must be the first word. What is the second? To protect and improve the planet and make all comfortable and safe, and to acknowledge this as our goal, even as nature takes all the roads. God is the way.


This from the characteristics that are given to God: creative, cherisher of worlds, merciful, kind, giving, punisher, gives signs, requires worship (maybe our God is high-maintenance. Just kidding big guy, and you know I am, give me a pound, dog).

DGI alert: if you cannot recite the alphabet backwards, or recognize faces upside down, this is totally normal, but the rest of you is crazy!

A. Nonimus Forneau