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This card is an original design by Cuban Artist Warren Peace, sold to the pencil industry so they don't keep looking for the elusive "left handed pencil."  Mr. Pencil says: Erase the past, stay sharp, and get the lead out!

Man on the Moon


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Another unique retro card design by Cuban Artist Warren Peace. Moments later, he got into an elevator, and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Great Halloween outfit. 

Chinese Puzzle Box


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Original double-photo exclusive by Cuban artist Warren Peace  All cards listed arrive 7-10 days

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Tomorrow's News Today

 Cuban thoughts from BERKELEY, and more excellent greeting cards with sayings!

What is the point of these social media phenomenon beyond family fun and photos.  

We are the site for thinkers, people of heart, the high energy, the imaginative, the writer-inventor, the adventurist, the athlete, the disabled, the comedian (I fell off a 50 foot tree, thank goodness I had only climbed one foot). 

Together we make ideas that make the positive energy of the world more than the negative which has entered more into our consciousnesses. This is what is meant by do what you can, because it is a lot when you think of it in those terms, an ongoing math problem connecting all the people, who can be of service to the poor and less fortunate.

How may I be of service to you? This is what friends should ask each other. We should always have push button realities (push button, send computer files) on the things we know, so we can IDEA SHARE and increase the net positive energy in the world, it truly is a plus and minus struggle overall.

Mythical by design, soft the caress of the iron fist in the silk glove. 

Three monks who have taken a vow of silence decide, after 20 years to each speak once a year in sequence. The first year, one monk says, "I think there are too many seeds in the pumpernickel bread." The second year, the second monk says, "For me, the amount of seeds is just right." The third year the third monk speaks: "I wish you two would stop bickering!"

Two friends brave hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, rock slides, to climb to a monastery where a great teacher will reveal to them the secret of life. When they get there, very contritely, they ask the master what is that secret, and he says: "life, is a deep well." The two friends look at each other, then they say, "Master, we have braved earthquake, tornado, near death, and you tell us life is a deep well?" The master looks at them and says, "You mean that it is not?"

THIS is the interruption of consciousness! A mere transition back to the heaven beyond the one you have heard about (where do you think they got that 7 heaven thing, there is much in occult literature). 

I will give you a Harvard ivy league education right now: in the ivy league they show you how to start your business (or, diversified enterprises like DGI), in the public schools like Cal they show you how to be an employee of that business owner. Why? Emotion. Show EVERYONE how to do business in grade 5, but I do recall I started my first when I was four, on the first day my mother let me play outside.  Vision truly was the hardest thing. Emotion is needed to see, its very basis for action and perception, remembering. Emotion, energy of motion.

Vision and hearing are at about the same plane in the brain, and their energies interact after their coded conversions. It's a good idea to cut the brain left to right and only sometimes down the middle. You see the SMART FIELDS more clearly. All systems are composed of linear and non-linear phenomena, and to light up the schemata wiring takes both pulse and random energy like what is called astronomical noise.


The old telescopes would get faint starlight, too faint to activate the emulsion in the Silver Nitrate film, I believe. You see nothing. The, you shine over it infrared light and presto, the stars come out, you have added enough energy to light up the image. Same with your brain, and remember: the rain in Spain falls mainly on the brain. 

I cut the brain anatomically left to right, not by separation of hemispheres, then I can use Hilbert analysis to see the connections between the limbic system and the Brodmann regions, while paying close attention to the cerebral-spinal fluid in the cisterns; I believe them to be neutrino baths that create emotion within us (besides the long-fiber visceral system that brings how you feel to you brain, some kind of deal is worked out between the pain and pleasure centers. Of course, I could be totally wrong. 

So far, what I have is that it is all very complex, composed of many interrelated parts, or very simple, or that it is neither. Now that I think about it it could be both.


I am so disappointed in the lack of thinking. We have Idea Factories in our heads, where are the Italians, the Cubans, anybody who in the least resembles Khalil Gibran This is how we lost the world, and why the suffering: too many are content with nothing, nothing at all. They have lost their spirit of triumph and enthusiasm, know it, and carry on bravely in spite. Our Emotions change over time, but: they are programmed from within and without, by habit and routine, repetitions: The beatings will continue until the morale improves. 

 I suppose to land on the Earth, all you need is a job or benefactor, and the money to pay rent.

Stupid us that our parents never had an even better talk than the sex talk (my father could not get the inflatable doll filled, we both laughed), about "son/daughter, the world you are born into is a situation where you buy and pay for every single items unless you make it yourself. Food, rent, clothes, electricity, phone. Might as well add savings as a bill, and for every three times you eat, exercise 3 hours. We must build your exponential money multiplication machine."

Son, daughter, your gifts are: Mind, body, wallet, spirit, social life, special projects, Time and Emotion.  Since everything happens in life, but we don't know where or in what order, this list pollinates itself. 


The game is emotions, how you feel inside while you are tourist journalist on this planet of too-few Italian actresses. 

Please get out your list of emotions and their uses, and your user manual for your brain now. Oh, you have "misplaced" those items?

 Are you feeling me now? If so, please let go my  leg. The ruthless, the rise of which looks like a steeply inclined line on the charts, keeps growing, they jack you around by the Hippocampus. 

Funny. Never thought those lovely creatures studied much of anything, much less that they would have a campus. 

 The world of ideas is losing the war: not many are thinking or care much, not only the good people are not good enough but there are far fewer of them than there are "bad" people, and let me tell you, the bad, they either got damaged in their first 5 environments (family, financial situation, neighborhood, schools, their own architecture of brain and mind, coping mechanisms) or they would be the good, and probably just as apathetic: it is all in the programming. We are coming out of 12,000 years of barbarism and it's hard to put down that ax once you get the hang of it: the sword is always suspended. Things are getting better at an abstract rate: The beatings will continue until the morale improves. 

The "bad" people are mostly the ones that got a raw deal from young, or they would have been the "good" most likely, so what we need is some serious social engineering, for that I will need experts for the re-wilding of our species, this city living is bunk. 

Family got the story late by 30 years, neighborhood has to do with where your family lives and its stimulations (ocean front environs are the best; something about water soothes us), the schools are  skill training or they would have shown you business early so your family does not have to suffer, and so you can also help others, many others. Each of us is teacher and student for life, is this the first time you heard that? 

 Why do you say the good people lie, from 200 years ago and probably beyond: is there or isn't there a Santa Claus, a Tooth Fairy, the Easter Rabbit, and others? I can show you how to start a mail order business, but I can't make you start it: are you catching on? It is ALL about emotion, energy of motion and motivation, motor activation (google motors in human body). 

By the way, you should see the bike Santa brought me...he stops coming around when you stop believing in him. Give away your library books and feel like Santa.


Find a product or series of that you like to sell, try out their popularity.  Or buy unclaimed items from all the delivery companies and sell them on eBay, that's what the cool kids are doing. Take out 33 ads in the 33 metros, keep refining your deal. That was simple enough, and you should get my New General and Special Theory of Personal Economics: how to build your exponential money multiplication machine (so you can live your dreams and empower those of others). The catch is: knowledge not enough, emotional support and the emotional OK are needed, hands-on support ($40): Who's your data, baby?

Overly ambitious? No, although I risk being hoisted on my own   petard: this "idea" business is like the Blockbuster of the intellectual world. Expect delays, some assembly required, and batteries certainly not included, eat well, visionaries of tomorrow! 

Do not worry, we are putting the farm inside your building and hypnotizing you out of eating meat. 

People in general seem to not have much more ambition beyond mere existence, a job and pay the rent, and that is enough! They are content while the institutions crumble. 

Worse, most gave up in 1996, without a shot being fired and are now in the Valley of lost Souls, the walk of the undead. I can be animated and they are thinking: the poor fool, doesn't he know we do not care in the least, or less.


In the Catholic church (I did not have the traditional Jewish upbringing, primarily because I am catholic), we have a man on the cross, whose last words were "elie elie lambda sabactani", which means God why have you forsaken me? Before that it was "Hey guys, I don't mind picking up dinner, but I don't want to be stuck for the drinks!" Jesus had been very upset earlier when the restaurant said they do not take plastic.


 Speak in solutions, adventures, opportunity, benefits, service: you can say to a complete stranger: Hi I have some great news for you....also, say did you know, or can I tell you something that is great news, and spill some beans about great things like we have at the department, take some off the shelf. Pass the positive energy, please.

 DGI is now a place to find and train voices to write and make film. We also sell your works, and I do not see other places doing any of that, clarifying the money issue for those who in no way want to be doctors, lawyers, or wildlife gynecologists. 

We are also Night City for creatives: you are the hope of the children, like the readers are. 

Of course, we know that the human is a PROGRAMMED device, from within and without. Were you taught how to think or what to think? We get it from those first four environments, and our brain interpreter and builder of reality (plus the 11 environments that follow).

Our brain focuses, remembers what it has been told to remember by its lenses: in a 30 minute walk you see 3 million things; which do you remember? We wear lenses. 

We need to find the EMOTIONAL CONTROL BOX since emotion is the main energy of the brain, it goes through the control box. People should be able to experience the range of personal energies, the enthusiasm levels, and much more. Outgoing versus stay at home, try one or the other for 3 days, now on special. 

Where are the ideas of groups the last 50 years? Are you getting it now? few are  thinking, and those that possibly could are just not interested: job and rent payment is more than enough, again: no ambition besides mere existence and cable. The ideals, the very concept of enlightenment, self realization, the things that made us once very happy and pulled us along are now nothing more than a forgotten myth. Really, it is brain research and psychology that can make some headway here, forget the philosophers, they are busy writing reports on dead philosophers.

 Do you feel it? The 20 percent more affluent are trying to separate themselves by passive aggression from the 80% that live paycheck to paycheck from not being taught how to make money  in American business by formula, in business that you build up: Why?

 if we can reverse this live and let die mentality, we have a great source of free energy. Again, few are thinking, and apparently they do not have the money to pay for a billboard ad, or are afraid of  championing causes because others might pull their strings. How easy it is to know of 100 ways to make money, use 5 or 8, and give away the rest to help people?

Do not worry in the least. I say these things  we need to be our inner Lebrons in all the areas, to write, invent, and  make statements better than what is now seen in media: who really is on the side of the people  who through no fault to them now live day to day financially, trying to keep their spirits up, where are the robots designed to help them? I am a robot whisperer, maybe I need to build a new design. 

I do like scientific breakthroughs, but we need the cooperative help for individuals and families: they are the heroes in the story. Of all the injustices one is for the large group to not care enough to have national contests on problems to be solved, questions to be answered. We need large scale numbers of thinkers. 

Aristotle once said: You never step into the same river twice, things are always in flux while maintaining appearances. Aristotle also said, if you drop your keys in Athens, kick them over to France and then pick them up. 

If you go to Cuba, 80 KM north of La Habana there are underwater ruins (think: Atlantis) .

We need to help, but again it is the uncaring, the brain circuits, the lack of idea factories turned on by practice, the lack of more membership in DGI (500 a day is not enough) ask for what you want!


Of course, it is the brain we must understand, we are not cave people, but the box people who have boxed themselves in. 

if we go out of the box, we become socially incorrect, or "awkward" come here you, and receive well deserved throttlings about the ears and face. 

The Alien Brain lock has nothing to do with it, it is there so we won't hurt ourselves. 

Is content a nice way of saying selfish? If 25% are content, which means they won't move from the couch or use their minds much, or help anyone by their design inside, or be aware of any worthwhile causes or problems to be solved, the oh my God what have we done, this time? The great things to do are easy, the bad things to do are the hard ones to talk yourself into, but it appears in practice it is the opposite. Too many fall asleep at the movie of life.

DGI has experience in solving 3000-year old problems: 

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  The pre-chicken

Why did the chicken cross the road? He felt like it; emotion, energy of motion (joke answer: Turkey's day off)

Bonus question? Why could, the little engine? He had self-esteem

Something is way wrong, all the people should be stepping up and helping at random, and by design, here, there. I need to finish my inventions, and play more drums.  What could be more fun?

The music stores could also get people to try musical instruments, as the bookstores should have a writer in residence and a writing booth.  Of course, right? Now you know why you come here: for some of the freshest water 60 years from now, here today, only 9.99 while supplies last said the oxygen salesman on the Moon. 

See you in the pre-life parties. New writings at department of good ideas, but for what? In the hope I am writing to someone who is as curious as I am, which I just don't see in the streets, or in the wheels I spin in.

Our jobs are mentality wheels, we spin in them. In all mine the people say not much, except about that same boring topic, as if we are all in a big dream, working on that one shoe, and I can tell I am having a lucid dream. Some have eyes that can see at all 4 scales, in and out: the general look, the up close look, the detailed look and the far away look to detect components. At DGI we show you how to write for publication and invent, help you sell; which part of "push button reality" did you miss? The first and only lecture. 

The DGI Brain Research book has a 900 page table of contents, while the book itself has only 25.  

Conclusion: the world really was full of opportunity to make everything better for ourselves and others, but the very process of emotion, and big measures of internal psychology, ruins it all for us. We are the ancients, before Mental Science took off, before the sea of emotion revealed the positive mental energy visualizations. 

All this, while I was being borne across the sky by a great wind...

Files coming soon.


The Invention of Screw Swimming

Took place in the Russian river. just begin to propel yourself forward like a screw, in constant rotation - summer of '86