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The Secrets of Life and Living prelude to science fiction


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I am very proud of this book. I find new ways of looking at the old solutions and come up with gold: we are being fooled to some degree, and I expose that, and counter with the right way to look at things, everything. Emailed, arrives within two business days. My best friends are Isaac Asimov, Kahlil Gibran, Friedrich Nietzsche, and my mom Lydia. We all read from the Book of Life. Of course, I plunder Wittgenstein for aphorisms like any decent person would.


Cuban-Hawaiian Cookbook


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For short attention span. About 6 recipes from each island, very special ones, all the good ones including fried plantain dishes, some pork Adobo, since many Hawaiians are Filipinos. Carefully read the bottom of this page: Cured my dyslexia I have! 


Science Fiction Story of the Week and More club


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The need for Canadians to pay an extra 5 bucks was rescinded; stop looking like us!  I write short stories and novels, also books on creative problem solving. Great fun stories, and reports on brain, mind, mathematics, physics, mathematical physics, and inventions. I wrote the two shortest sci fi stories in the world, the shortest fiction story in the multi-verse, and show you how to do it. (The Secrets of Instant Writing) Each book gets you $27,000, short stories on re-sell about $700, start writing now!


Los Secretos de La Vida


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The next week, I tried my hand at writing "The Secrets of Life" in Spanish and came out with a different yet similar take, and quite proud of this one too, it speaks volumes. What the Sphinx is saying: "No, no, that was half pepperoni, half veggie."


Your First Real Food Shopping List


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A book we should all have from grade 7, and I worked hard at it. The world needs this, after all the confusion about what to eat (the sequel will have just what is in that food) yes, there are 108 organs in our bodies, but the main ones feed the smaller ones, so I list the major organs, about 15 I believe, and what to feed them, is that not cool? I am in shape, and when I read my own book, I got healthier. You see what you are not eating enough of, and small traces of things you should try. All these are emailed, or I go broke. What, you want to eat me out of house and home?


22 Marketing Maneuvers


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The update has 22, adding this nonsense of "social media" but the idea is: Pick 5 methods, and sub out the rest for commission. I help you market your business, contact me; I do it for commission. Surprising value, very clear.

First Library your child wakes up to...

...Is the library you have waiting for their emergent consciousness!


Your Child's First Multi-Media Library  comes with library card for children of all ages! 

45 offerings of Joy for all! Suggested one per week or two, longer books and videos are ongoing, like the bible and encyclopedias.

The Arabian Nights

The Bible/Qur'an/Old Testament

The Little Engine that Could (He had self-esteem)

Alice in Wonderland


Encyclopedia Britannica

Dr. Doolittle

The Tin Soldier and the Ballerina

Magnus, Robot Fighter

Winnie the Pooh

Department of Good ideas

Swiss Family Robinson

I, Robot

The Caves of Steel

Aesop’s fables

A Wrinkle in Time 

Charlotte’s Web

Mickey Mouse

The Jetsons

The Flintstones

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Bat Masterson

Burke’s Law



Legion of Super-Heroes

Fantastic Four


Wizard of Oz

Miracle on 34th Street (movie)

The Night Before Christmas (movie)

Star Trek first/second generation (no seat belts in either one)

Fahrenheit 451

THX 1138 (movie)

Twilight Zones 

How the Dalmatian became the Firehouse dog

Why the Giraffe’s Neck is so long

Why Rabbits Don’t Wear Glasses

The Little Prince

Goldilocks and the three bears

Jack and the Beanstalk 

Charlotte's Web

Peter Pan

Little Red Riding Hood

Astroboy (Atom)

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You may be, no, probably, paying too much at the store

Now I saw every single James Bond movie there has been, including the ones with impostors, who should have been 008, 009, 0010, 0011, and 0012, and they still fooled me for years. 

Oh, and  007, please leave the Beretta on the table on the way out.

As you know I dislike paying with card, since the futuristic thing to do is to pay with real money and just go "beep" with every part of the payment! The transaction takes only a second and there is no chance for malfeasance except for forgery, and I assure you these bills are good: I just made them. 

Now, Warren Peace reveals to you that for as much as one out of five specials  you buy, one of those special prices does not make it to the cash register. 

Cashier? Cash? Cash register? where does that word come from? Asked a bank officer and she said, "it means real money."

The other trick is to print labels that are too small to read unless you are doing push ups. Or to say this or that in a misleading way. 

But, their built-in malfeasance can be seen as such since not once is the mistake against the house through legitimate extra gain for the customer; the mistake always favors the house. 

Files coming soon.

The meaning of god perhaps

God as a phenomenological feature of the creation of Nature, a self-assembling super structure imposed with Nature as body, somehow another type of intelligence is created as "more than the sum of its parts." 

God could be seen, from the holy books including Church of Christ, Scientist, as the sum total of all the laws, forces, and particles in the multiverse

Seen is the wrong word choice. We feel every experience we can ever have, we are like a wet sponge soaking up experience. 

So, since we cannot see or hear God, for God is invisible, perhaps composed of something other than matter, existing in something other than time, we can feel God with the visualization that God is the sum total of all the laws and forces, and molecules in the multiverse. 

Further, God must interact with our matter in our time, or else even the believers cannot feel  God and would be carrying out rituals based on upbringing. All religions have this.

Perhaps, as Mohammed told me (coincidence of name), the prayer practices are for us to purify us and strengthen our moral fiber.  

After all, character is what you do when people are not looking; is it possible that everyone else but you is God?  Think think think, think about it. 

Files coming soon.


Files coming soon.

The World is the school

In some ways, Department of Good ideas is early to the party. The schools are an important part of IDEA SHARING, but incomplete, and it does appear most did not like learning, a small percentage, so we lose ideas they would have if they were primed, "turned on," to produce them. As an eclectic individual I do not see why more are not drawing energy from different sources, and connecting them for new ideas. Nothing is said of clever, creative problem solving, of Spirit (other than the religious one), at least not in the public consciousness. The miracle was us, and we're blowing it! Now in some of my stories, aliens are looking in on us for various reasons, and I wonder if they are. What a mess the humans are!  

They are in the process of self-assembly into the Age of Spirituality, where we control the weather and combine our thoughts as a part of what we are "told to do" both in the mentality wheel we spin in, and in the social spaces, where the people mix to do the same 5 things all over again. 

Read my book story: The Martian house. We are poorly programmed beasts, responding mostly passively to our minds and environments. We are so house proud! 

We settle; we are settlers, and only thoughts and ideas, felt internally, can move you to other parts ofthe zig zag of your life's path thorough time. But what to do, what to do. Before 30 the consumption is mostly the sex, and building a future. 

Hopefully in business or sincere desire to be a professional skilled person, BUT this is not your life; more to the point, perhaps it conceals it. We can all make money in business but are not taught; here in these pages you are, and I give you the answer: business is an emotion, to do anything you will need emotion, energy of motion, for the purpose of circuit motivation, motor activation.

Why is the role of emotion, and what the other 100 B humans that have walked the earth inventory from their legacies? 

Where are the psychologists? Everyone is spinning in their wheels, running the learned program and its sub-routines. 

Why not continue studying and doing things after 30? Half are in the family, half are single and loving it for the most part. "learning," and "being of service to the others" does not seem to be contained in the program we are given as sum of: family, neighborhood, early schools, financial situation of family, and your own circuitry to interpret what should be in front of your eyes: the world and its contents. 

Many but not enough woke up when 9-11 came. We noticed the world, how it reveals itself to us for consumption, be we are either in the pre 30 sex program or the post thirty job and family or social life only, are are left quite tired as you see.

Desire! Emotion! We are an address of the circuits, not the flesh. We need more ambition beyond mere existence, to help, to inventory the world. 

This just tells me I have to get on the inventions; my inventions do this, but, most are asleep at the wheel of consciousness, repeating the same program routines and subroutines over and over. 

More on the brain is coming, the explanations are here, check out the Granular Brain map: we see it all in magical splendor. 

All the brain researchers are gearing up for this, and I have some surprising results in this area from my own work, really truly fun stuff. 

We should know we are being jacked around by our emotions. We do not hear intellectual thought, better explanations, not much in public media with its "occurrences"  instead of good news for the individual; see my show. Oh well, the show is for caring people, something has to awaken in there and command its own will to power. 

A greater, more impulsive theme, a will among all your wills that becomes stronger than the others, that stand on their shoulders. 

You really do not catch on until 50, yet around 25 you may know everything to live your life. If you want more than that, like me, you have to create it. 

Buy the Cuban-Saying Cuban cards, and buy the books or get a free one for a good idea for others, a formula, a way to make more money. 

Money: the acquiescence to the fact that we buy all our good and services, our bills, and we never quite own our lands; the Indians sure don't yet, and the American Black suffers PTSD by not really being helped for what they were robbed of: financial legacy for helping build the land and its industries. There are 100 industries, I am sure if they grew more heart and creative imaginations they could help everyone; this is a Dark Age, A Dark Rage, we are not cave people but box people, where our powers are muted by only doing Job, and that for 50 hours a week. 

In my books, the people work 20 hours a week managing robots, who do the actual work. Right now with the methods I show, if you like sales, for all products are bought and sold, 100BF0, or find a sales partner, you can make all you want, and this campaign I am taking door to door and printing on the government publication sites: We can all help each other with the vital parts of our new businesses in this Post America: The emotional and hands-on support, easy. 

We are programmed by light, sound, and touch, and of course repetition. We work by HYPNOSIS and ILLUSION, we project what we want to see in the picture, and "check our homework" with the other students. We look around and if everybody is doing what appears to be the same thing, than I too must do that same thing, that pattern. 

In the non-standard you get more, if you are intellectually driven. Body driven you play sports ALL the time, and it feels great. Power generation of the self is through constant exercise, great food (read my books), and relief of stresses on your time and your slack.

Only about 3% can make themselves care enough to study life in this new school. Most are just following routines and a blessed social life. 

However, we need everyone now. We are poor problem solvers with no national contests for inventors, the world is not "alive" the way it can be, and we are its flowers!

We do not detect the changes in our bodies, lives, the same way we cannot perceive the changes in the flowers in our gardens. The brain does not perceive the changes, but slowly. So, our intellect must form a a better way of dealing with the world and its contents, which is the school you now find yourself in.

Continue, now perhaps more alone if you have bought your 16 Freedoms, for no one will understand your word: This is that price for a greater truth. 

The world is the school, here, the extra credit students with some luck flourish, but we are too much like zombies and automatons: Everyone has been "fine" when asked how they are doing since the mid-fifties. One person said once, I  believe 1976, "oh, not so good," but when asked again, what's the matter, she said, "Nothing, just fine."

Will power, Diamond Consciousness: some of us have it, an obdurate tenacity of Will and imagination. 

The 6 possible mentalities of a thinker, due to all the conditioning of self and soul we are exposed to, are: Specialized skills, academic researcher, independent thinker, general thinker, governance, and artists. 

Art is not art! it is the Synthetic Alliance of science, invention, thinkers, and engineering with fine arts, writing, film, and music: they all work together to solve all problems. 

What profits a person if they gain the world, do not notice it, and atrophy their souls?

And yet remember the key lesson of James Bond movies: a person can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Files coming soon.

How to maximize all your components


The human has 8 basic components; without having a definition of life, we are probably OK if we are trying to improve our life condition in our 8 components along a direction of maximum growth (gradient). 

Please realize we all hardly know anything, and that this is a Dark Age, before you and I ushered in the Age of Spirituality. Without knowing the mechanisms by which our brain circuits work, we are like TV sets walking around and nobody knows how they work.

Don’t you wish we had an advanced seer-explainer? We have a series of filters of what we see, because in a half hour walk I see 3 million things, and don’t remember what I had for lunch without some travail. 

The lenses are the settings in the Emotional Control box which make emotion (energy of motion) be allocated. 

Their light+sound+touch hypnotic creation of illusion (we live by 18 of them, the maps we make) come from the 5 principal programming stations: family, school, financial situation, neighborhood, and your own pre-set circuits, how they see things. 

Our interest here is to see (and of course I know now, as do you reading, that there is both conflict and collaboration between your 7 M factory pre-set unit and your 250 K years young organizer-controller).


What I have known has been confirmed: you have two minds (and about four brains by the way, and 7 senses not 5). This is shown by having you record your voice. 

Then your voice is mixed in with about 10 other samples and you hear them, to pick out your voice. 

The you “you” hears it once in a while, but the 7 M picks it out every time, a difference of minds and perception of the world. 

They say 7 M hears and sees everything, and remembers how to re construct ideas and scenarios, it is the Master Cylinder, and we are just these fun things, designed to serve. Mutated to consumers and ones who want to make money off others. 

The 8 “things,” always tinged with uncertainty, are: 

MIND Read, study your subjects can be two and overviews on others, human psychology, philosophy, how your brain mechanisms work, write from a list of keywords. 

BODY completely proper food (Your First Real Food List), proper rest (athletes sleep 9 hours, as before the electric light bulb), naps OK, they rejuvenate. 

The workout should be fun, sports, 2-4 hours a day, basketball, tennis. Be well aware at 17 that 18-21 are the best years to condition your heart, to make it “heavy duty.” It beats 35 M times a year. 

WALLET Oh yes, that acquiescence to 100 BF 0, one day to seem like an unimaginable mythology, that people could not just simply get what they wanted anytime, and were born with a luxury condo awaiting them on a large silver letter “A” type frame on its side as many miles high as needed, so everyone had a nice place. 

Read both my science fiction (I have not served a pre-1960 pinot noire in what seems like months!) and how to make money (New General and Special Theory of Personal Economics: How to build your personal business machine system.

SPIRIT the band was pretty good too. To do good and find your heart clean is a blessing. The good acts remove the dams on the heart, and imagination rushes in and cleans it.

SOCIAL is a matter of luck, as some say. Each person is born into their family and lived in their neighborhood. The network breaks down every 10 years, and you rebuild it with your projects and activities.

 We are found, as social animals, in hour habitats, the streets, or in our Mentality Wheel (usually job). While it appears the social part of the brain is very close to the brain “printer of thoughts and words.”

 we should exercise will, Diamond Consciousness will power override of the lensing settings in the Emotional Control Box, and stop talking about other people and things for 5 minutes a day and build up to 10, so you can talk about important topics and ideas, powerful actions to take, interesting ones, projects, the fun stuff, you can champion a cause, you can write a cause-oriented paper. 

Ideas and interesting actions should concern us also. Thank you. If nominated I will not run, and if elected I will not serve. 

PROJECTS are for the extra credit student. Project one should be use my discovery in writing from keywords (The Secrets of Instant Writing). 

They are also for the Billionaire Mentality (what you would do if your billion dollars was taken away, what you would have). You would have your ability to sell, your ability to start organizations and assemble specialists for your needs, access to advanced data base acquisition (who’s your data, baby?) methods, and still be a project-driven entity.

TIME I wish I had something for you here, but this dimension appears to be the first self assembly, and the explosion we call the big BANG was preceded by roads already here we call time. This time field-dimension is what exploded and traveled much faster than the speed of light, and continues to expand. It continues to expand, at the speed of time, which is accelerating in a similar way to the dark energy which pulls matter apart.

 Notice the dark energy is interstitial; we will come back to that later. Time on a personal note: was once a friend, now, like whore, short and demanding.


EMOTION is energy of motion, which is fed into motivation, motor activation (Google motors in the human body; Google is my big brother now). 

 We are being jacked around by our collective hippocampus and I know what you are thinking: I did not know hippos studied much of anything, much less they had a campus!

In this, the bare beginning to the Age of Spirituality (by its amplification through machines mind you), being brought one Capto Indiceum at a time. 

This new evolution (just in time too) is of the ones that have higher speed processors, a tireless thirst for knowledge, and want to be of service to others with no apparent ulterior motives for if there is anything we have learned in this movie of life so far is that people are a mixture of things, the sum of the forces on them, the collected interpretation of experience as a repetitive imprint being explored as conditioning. Its first tenet is: The beatings will continue until the morale improves. 

But where does the energy come from? To make a short story long, it is an emission of an S-wave from virtual space, which our brain interprets as if we are swimmers in the Sea of Emotion and it can be positive or negative, or just another swimmer. 

The energy might come in through the 8 I believe cisterns filled with CNS, like caverns in your brain. Myself and the other members of Strike Force! Are in the process of micro-miniaturizing ourselves to a size where we can virtually enter the what will seem cavernous cisterns. We hope our apparatus will be enable us to see S-Waves creating emotion in these regions. 

As you can see, I need to write my story. We shall see ourselves soon on a button around here somewhere connecting to YouTube. We always are open to inventors and writers, thinkers who have ideas. It has been two years to the day for Department of Good Ideas. 

Now I must write my books for publication which is also fun because you meet new circles of people. Tell your friends about us. There are some inventions to be made and promoted.


So, I came from nowhere and back to nowhere I returned. 

Warren Peace wishing you Merry Christmas come see our SpiriTech Concerts: the return of the new San Francisco underground, this time with ideas!  Help us answer the question everyone has been asking themselves: Why do so many good-looking women go to SpiriTech concerts?

Files coming soon.
Files coming soon.

what are we if not the sum of the forces upon us?


What gives us the feelings and perceptions we have? They are formed from these experiences, plus the awareness if they have found the genie-in-us (direct transmission to the conscious rate of transfer and resolution; not so a big deal if taught, why I am upset also)

We are turning out company men and women when it is the world that requires our attention front and center right now. 

The world is a stranger which beckons from afar.














Diamond Consciousness, the obdurate tenacity of Will and Imagination, is available after training, to jump some of those tracks.

Files coming soon.

openness and the science of positive mental visualization


Meanings and mechanisms of Openness

Your curiosity is fueled by carbohydrates in the brain. You have an energy level, meaning energy to feed your circuitry. You are mobile, ambulatory. Your unit has two cameras, two audio recorders, a biochemical quantum pattern analyzer, and a body. You may have a pre-disposition about what to be curious about. Your mood matters, your energy level: you are matching energy levels with what is presented to you, in coordinated effort; energy level modifies perception, as does how tired you are

If you are open to scan, as you go out you use your curiosity more and more to unfold space and its embedded features, you use those sets for some kind of action.

There are two ways to go emotionally: Your emotions go up with what has happened to you as an overall pattern, you get positive energy and you engage more and more with the environments you can create for yourself and actions taking place in these stages.

If things don’t go so well as a pattern, this reduces your desire to unfold more space and its embedded objects. 

These two “sum” somewhere in there and you become as open as you are. Perhaps you have been hurt; or perhaps you have been amazed.


Openness is an aspect of the new science of Positive Mental Energy visualizations, the projection of self and positivity.  It is an aspect of charisma, the radiation of comfort and well being just by looking at the dumb actor. Oh! Why live my life when I can watch on TV others living it much better for me?

 I have some mechanisms, and it involves either one person or a group, so this is big, this is the mass mind you wanted for Christmas. 

Send more mechanisms; is anybody getting this website? 25,000 and three ideas and one was stay off the internet (bad word here; cool it dude, it’s just a gig). 

I do something nice for you, you show gratitude. I feel pride, and someone watching gets uplift.

 All three people got positive energy, a little, maybe just enough to get over the hump on some projects because I tell you: there comes a time fun stops being so fun so often, and you are deposited by your Master Cylinder, the real brains behind the operation, the true A.I., or I. The self is amused, as if it is sitting in a bar having a cocktail, watching a game. 

But, the self, in a moment, in amazement, is like a super hero and becomes THE WILL and takes action for you. 

Don’t overlook this champion of justice, he is at your command and can form the persistence front of your efforts. He also wears his underwear on the inside.

 Things get better over the decades; the musicians get better in their forties.


We are trying to access the Sea of Emotions, the emotion factory. I suspect emotions are channeled in by way of subspace, virtual photon space. They are energy of motion. 

I suspect the various carbohydrate materials found are not enough to explain the phenomena. But, we are the box people. A copy of this book will be left in the Smithsonian, the men’s room. Under a sink, the size of a postage stamp. 

You forget I wrote on the head of a pin; not much, I admit. One letter? Must have been an I. 

Files coming soon.

Basic Business and starting your dealer network


All students of all specialties should know the fundamental mechanics of business, which are not shown in any school. If not for the individual directly, then for the people they know and meet; they become a repository of valuable information to fight off the money monster, the derivatives of the first 100 Billionaire families in the year 0.

DGI contests right there that they were not exactly schools instead specialized skills training centers. A true school would be based on you, not the potential employer of your learned job. You would be shown health, how to use your mind, how to make money in business, how to speak publicly, how to be of service to others, what there is to think about, and how to maintain a level of top physical fitness. 

This paper is called: How to Succeed with American International Business Procedure: The building of your exponential financial money multiplication machine. 

We begin by noting that business is an emotion whose basic definition is buy and sell, keep making money. Businesses have to sell a product and or service into a series of markets. If you do not like sales, get somebody who does. You may also need general assistant.

The Economies are markets, like clouds, into which individuals and companies enter from 3-120 times for the purpose of establishing a market presence. The markets find your products and services by using 22 tools or marketing, of which more are always being invented. 

The principal sales tactics are listed below. The top three are the most profitable. Everyone should know this in grade 4, with an introduction in grade 3, when commercial writing is introduced. 

Obviously, a top business is inventions, where you develop the market industries for which your product or service improves what is already out there. 

Going in the front door to business sales is tougher than going in the side door because your cousin works there or your uncle knows the owner; many famous celebrities and movie stars get the connects in this way; they have a straight-in to the owner or principal, who opens a door for you. 

Why not be on the buyer side of the shelves at supermarkets and small shops, and also on the seller side by putting your products, at least on trial, on their shelves; they have 537, why not 538, could go right here…

TRADE SHOW is the main circuit, for the industries you serve. Here, you meet the chain store principals, and the corporate buyers for volume chain retail, and others for special projects such as licensing for manufacturing or something that came up as an idea from their owner group. 

ESTABLISH DEALER NETWORK: 100 Accounts x $100 per month per account = $10,000 per month, takes 3 months to get 100 accounts, plus, you meet them at a trade show also. Store to store sales. 

VENDOR TO CORPORATIONS is another key position, and yes, everybody is trying to do this one too. There is always room for the best and the well-connected.  Takes 1-2 years after application . 

You have to click with these people at the TRADE SHOW where you make 1-3 fortunes each show. The buyers for large retail volume corporations go there looking for something special for their project, and in this way they get to know you, your product, and your company.

You establish a dealer network: every individually owned company has you, the salesperson for say  Amazing Inventions and Products, leaving them with a brochure and a card, and having a brief moment of presentation for the manager or owner: our product belongs here, Mr. owner, we send it to you by computer or mail, consignment. 

Files coming soon.