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From one Millennium to the next, future visionaries train to help the world and improve life for all with Super Creativity 

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An International Information Exchange

                                        Bi-lingual Cuban-saying greeting cards, science fiction club, and many original books and essays in a new style.. Just added: The Mathematical Principles and Remedies of Peace and Violence, The 16 Freedoms, Secrets of Instant Writing and some science data bases to be explained later.  Caution: read each essay in parts, or you may go mad.  This is, after all, the diary of a madman...

 jump in and out and also read directly. SpiriTech music section found below, enjoy as you read, curated. We opened a small sausage factory, make sure to ask for a link. 

"Be yourself; everybody else is taken" -Oscar Wilde

I speak my words not to change  the world, but so the world won't change me. 

We super-value your comments, and in our Spiritech concerts  we  give out ideas and questions, we are inventors. 

The philosophy of today  is the common sense of tomorrow.  This site is for the curious, the thinker, the problem solver, those that mean well and those that know there are answers not being discussed at all. High Schools can have a newsletter written for the students by parents and friends of the school: 

there are tons of smart people locally and all went to high school, why don't we seek their insights? Colleges can have this too, an insights newsletter. Families can have newsletters written for their children, so they are raised emotionally by their family, but learn from many others their ideas; this creates a smarter child, perhaps more caring.  We need, you must agree, more caring people. 

DGI Special hello to the High Schools, where you study 6,7 subjects and some get so inspired they  work on their extra credit self-assignments. We are all whiz kids if we are exposed to the full catalog and pick  what we like after sampling long enough.  

Science, sports, Money in your own multiple  business is the actual idea, the second choice is job unless  you actually love it, like dentistry,  law, medicine or you can be eclectic and prolific, and we need to find those people  real brain is the sum of all the brains at work, and the process of starting small business  should be stressed much more:  After 30 most of the people are killing themselves for money, it seems. Billionaire mentality is not taught, and it is mostly technique, not the billion dollars. 

I myself am working on my second million dollars; they say the first is the hardest, so I started with the second. 

Send a good idea, choose a free  book; ideas evaluated on merit, not source. 

This site is for the curious, imaginative,

of heart, who want others to do well, as well as themselves. There is true opportunity  here, and we deal with the emotional barriers along the way. 

These are new ideas based on a more international and literary world.  Together, we can overcome. The ideas make you money, if you get into business or the arts, and help your cause of enlightenment, and the realization of your self.  Borrow the best from all cultures, and idea share it, or else why did we go to school and learn there was a world? Should we not see it, this big warehouse of information? Use the ability to learn always and for your entire life.  Give reports to others.

DGI claims we received only about half of what we needed to get from school, so it was not a school! They were specialized skills training centers which did not show how to capitalize on the amazing  wonders of the American opportunity ! The World is the school, here are some new original ideas, based on the same world, but from a more inclusive, creative, clever perspective.  

Do  not bounce! READ. Jump around and soak it in: original international views, starting with Cuba, but more: unique breakthrough writing, thinking, analysis. For the thinker, the inventor (we all are) the well-meaning, the saint,  the enlightened,  the Voices out there who have answers and ideas. The world is an idea!

Need we remind you that the wise person learns more from the fool than the fool learns from the wise person!

The big problem for us is that we are not taught "American International Business System" which we should all know from grade 5: The plays involving entering the "cloud like" economy from 3-120 times.  

  This is interjective writing, a new form. Each little paragraph has something to say to you regarding how to make your life better through  mind, money, music and health:  these explanations and comments are different than what you hear usually, see what you think.  The fonts will better, but make no mistake: this is a machine to make life much better and help everyone.  We are writer-inventors and want to earn your support, thank you.

"Service is how you pay for your room in Life" - Mohammed Ali

First and foremost, thank you for the many greeting card orders and book purchases! It is really appreciated. How can you improve the site? We want your good ideas! Together, we can generate very positive changes. We also need formulas on how to get things done that benefit everyone, create progress for all, beyond the standard: Artists, thinkers, supporters: Your little world needs you now. DGI emails you a book of your choice free in exchange for a new positive idea we post  anonymously but it should be something you would be proud to share, might help uplift others, a technique, a formula, send it by email from the site.

We are all  teachers  and students for life while imprisoned in the dungeons of Time without any guilt. 

This website attracts many visitors daily, publishes international voices (contact us), and exposes you to invention and invention ideas. Its design is for the people of heart and imagination who believe in cooperative thought and fun, a warehouse of positive ideas.  It is not only for PHD Physics, or philosophers (busy writing books about dead philosophers), here we have Action philosophy, it is for everyone. Both under 30 and over 30. We try to clear up the confusion with analysis in spite of the fact that nothing matters and so what if it did? We are also Night City  for creatives. 

The downloads are essays, short stories, mostly science fiction, and a poem (The Human Way). is our blog

We need your good positive ideas to place in the warehouse of ideas for all to learn from; IDEA SHARING is that free source of energy we create ourselves. Positive ideas, non political, for individuals, families , and in general; maybe your question is asked in a different way.  We sell cards and books, but the point is how can ideas help us? All areas all countries, creative ideas, clever ideas, from the heart and imaginations. Help compose WORLD PICTURE VIEW and OPPORTUNITY INDEX. We promote voices and show you fun writing techniques. Enlighten our enthusiasms with your ideas. Disposition is the entrance door into consciousness.   

   Here you are at  the new Department of Good Ideas, focus on creative problem solving science fiction, physical solutions. We show you more than a dozen things from what you don't know you don't know to how to be of more service to others and have great fun doing it! Literally,  advanced themes brought up, the clarifications on daily themes that have been incorrectly explained, or by "passive aggression" been left out: when in the teachers mind is there a thought to show the students how to do business in their own country and the world? Well, by now I figured out that it is their circuits that do not respond, or worse, show aversion, to the very nature of emotion in business. 

I am sure we can all agree that business, the process of buying and selling, is an emotional state, that is, it has to give you energy, an enthusiasm, to think about it. Depends on what you think! But no matter it has not in the least been explained to you, and for a long time, me. Behind everything is an emotion projector that fires right at your brain. Your circuits, for we are radio stations with a camera observatory, and you either continue attention. leave, or pretend you are listening while in fact thinking of the next thing you are going to say. Another thing yet is aversion, especially if the person talking their grill off is taking too much of your time. 

Of course there should be an interfaith softball tournament and the winner is the number one religion for the year.

Can we undo the forces of time and conditioning habituation that have segregated our minds to programs usually initiated from the outside, and that which through our will we program from the inside, from our own person values and Ideals? 

These are still the Dark Ages, they rage. We are the box people who do not know how their brains work (laugh you biomorph humans from 2100 that are reading this) and by not knowing how their brains work, not aware of the power of HYPNOSIS and SUGGESTION, THIS IS NO JOKE, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. We are programmed (hypnotized) by light and sound, and touch, to create ILLUSION. The power of suggestion will be found to be 100-1000 times greater than we now perceive, able to activate our circuits and change us.

The evolving brain is 7 M years old, most change coming in the last 2 M. the neo cortex organizer-planner manager, Brodmann 10, is only 250,000 years old, like a baby. 

I assure you that you are more the  7 M than the  250 K, but they do work together. 


Anyhow, what you have is your mind (Olympian in nature), your body (Olympian in nature), your money multiplication machine (business, not only job, "just one business").

Your spirit don't forget that! Clean it up by realizing the loops of negativity, learn to sense them within you, and get exposure to great areas for contemplation of the immense, the expansive, which liberates the mind.

 Go to the ocean, those who stay near it are the happiest. Social Life? A matter of luck? In part. The social network of friends dissolves every ten years, your friends become actors in a new play, and it is by engaging  in new activities in your sphere of influence that you make some new contacts, new circles. Each person is a network, of networks, fun, can make projects! Translation: the children can play in this big playground safely, within a comfort zone. The toys are more dangerous. We are the children; don't you recognize us? The dogs sure do!

Notice please, the true human contract with nature is to tell stories and everything that is not Nature is invented: Removed of its veneer and culture, of its mask, the world is  a joyful writer-inventor cooperative, in spirit, we bring it closer to the sun, the bright yellow sun that glows for everyone.

Nature itself is a Giant Machine, a Connection machine, of push button realities which have not yet been perceived by the humans. They wallow in the mire still, have not completely emerged from the marshes. 

It is a machine which only makes machines from raw materials, so now that we have solved the old which came first the chicken or the egg (the pre-chicken as we moderns know) the new conundrum is: which came first, the raw materials or the machine? 

Well, we may not have known two minutes ago, but now we know: the raw materials self-assembled into evolving machines, over eons, no, a little more time than that, to make more and more machines (and the roads they travel on). 

You also have Time, Special Projects, and Emotions to deal with, more complex than you may think: time is not what we think it is and neither are we. 

Complex means interrelated parts. Relation implies connection and you're off!

We move our bodies around. Those first 5 environments: family, financial situation, neighborhood, schools, and your own pre-set inherited circuitry and performance spectra form your impressions of soul, emotion, and space. 

The first thing a human does mentally is establish a space, then a series of actions or "projected attachments" such as status and overall looks ("There is a lot of bump in that rump!," is an automatic pre-set, for example).  Another is: "That caboose is on the loose?"

It's all what you do, what you feel as result, and what you have. What you can talk yourself into. 

Of course a glass palace is going to feel better, give you an ambiance that affects you and can inspire you: you may buy for your dog, a little boy. But it is not better than your run down apartment, which you can easily clean up and you should do that now. It is nicer, the glass house, but not better. 

Generic Billionaire, billionaire mentality, is one of the finest mindsets. Imagine that you are billionaire, and somebody takes all your money. What are you left with? Billionaire mentality. Your emotions are more fluid, and you are project driven not job driven. You know how to build a financial money multiplication machine, make products, art, write perhaps. You have skills and abilities. You may be auto-didactic  and kind of sorta know the skill without training: 3% are like that.


To experience the self let's do this, and then explode the STANDING WAVE REPRESENTATION OF ACTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES. 

Imagine a big table, first put on it all your memories, since it was you that had those memories. Your feelings? You have them, since you say I feel this way. so put them on the table also. Your skills, you have them so they are not you exactly, so  they go on the table. What is left must be you. 

Is it not that yogurt-like quasi crystal inside your cranium, silent yet urgent and quite communicative with your thoughts, one per second while that machine, that real you sees everything and process it at 1000 operations per second, punching energy into grid holes, many many of them in your head so yes, you have a hole in your head, tens of thousands, and there are neuronal loops like hose driver circles in Rome, that connect all over the place. A paper will be printed here on its arrival. 

By the way, I read a book about how high-rises are built, and it was riveting.

At last we know who you are. Who you aren't is this projection, this self thing: total illusion and hypnosis, a construct. You are the tip of the iceberg and that other thing controls all your primal urges.  For almost one million years the brain had no new cortex, and everything was fine with its control, I suggest it is still the major brain. 

By the way, if we evolved from monkeys, what happened to the monkeys? They couldn't get over the hump?

Standing Wave Representation of human life and living

At each NODE you will have choices of actions to take. Say the choices are 4, it is like 4 doors, you pass through one to the next situation, 4 more doors, and you begin to see the zig zag mode of living we do as we chart our lives mathematically.

Realize: actions are represented by a space and a time window of opportunity, when the forces are right. They are like windows through which enter vectors of forces V(r), like waves washing up interacting at the beach. We are always at the beach, and the multiverse is waving at us. 

Standing Wave Representation NODES: 

Birth:  You are born as you the first time you can access all that information you have been taking in for about two years. That first time you look out and realize you are looking out, and that there is an in front of ("in colors", not language) the camera and a behind the camera, and you sustain that long enough to experience you for the first time, when you can retrieve memories is your intellectual birth, then you can begin to connect them by associative collages going into the mosaic which defines your memories (see: bird brain memories, just like that, it's like a hard drive, the memories go all over the place and are later re-stimulated into 20% patterns played on viz 12 and  coordinated by B 10, and recognized by the processors). 


Introduction to family: Who are these people? Why does this woman get so excited when I say mami, or the man at papi? Why don't they say something or ask me something? Here you are a captive audience, but you can read and it is highly advised to do so, to have your own list of extra reading more than they give at school. 

Elementary school, the rest of your family, neighborhood, friends, travels. See department of good ideas for more supplements for grades 1-8, very important. We will find the problem to be: since the late 40's, education decisions were made to not show the students the full candy sampler of life, or how to achieve the dreams of connecting with the business elements. We need to know about how to start the multiple business pattern, a clear basic of billionaire mentality, the sum of the incomes as projects and even then it is so you can fund your science of mind, your sports training, your other business and philanthropic humanitarian projects, and your playing in the band, perhaps sculpture.

High School, the complementary sex, “being 16,”troubles with parents and others, and without knowing it being walked down either the yellow rubber bumper of stem science and math, or the trades, or Art as a laughable pursuit of the near mad, or maybe you are a doctor or lawyer, or software engineer. None of the above! All have perhaps a career that creates capital or your first investment in time and effort.

You should always know the invention steps, and develop your arts for sale too. 

 When you liberate packets of $20,000 from your sum of the incomes tactic, then you buy houses just like in that stupid game I always lost, Monopoly, that was the rich people giving back knowledge, and I always lost. Or you get back into business and start more products, fun! Yes I know, it took me 15 years to realize that it is an emotion, that people hate sales so that option is usually out, especially in High school. You should know how to do it, and be exposed for 15 weeks to many subjects in the ARTS which is really the sum of invention, science, engineering and thought with film, writing, music, and what we now think of as art. Read: New General and Special Theory of Economics: how to build your personal money multiplication machine

You should be taught business in grades 4-7!

 Like a mail order or web business, both work! Websites are supported with as much advertising money as needed for you to meet your profit goals. It is not hard, and it is fun, and you can have a few as opposed to job, less time constraints. 

Selection of studies: if you already had money coming in from the business you started in grade 5 you just pick what you want to know and start the laboratory. All the sciences are used to solve all the problems, at least an overview of problem solving methodology (I just wanted to write that word) needs to  be introduced, with creativity and cleverness, and advanced data base acquisition, and my invention TV TRAVEL and the WORLD VIEW PAVILION in place so we can all travel the world and meet all kinds of people on the computer, of course.


With more time and money you can do anything, execute your projects, and improve your mind so you make wise choices because remember: your emotions change over time, they are machine-generated after all, and all machines fail. 

Physical fitness, nutrition, social life, money, establishing of self-identity, driving, learning other subjects, growing, you do what you please so long as the radio station plays good songs.


Where to live, job or businesses? Car or bicycle? How much to make and for what? What to make of the human condition? Of course, nothing in any particular order, and plenty of choices which we now see are the sum of a series of choices based on what you have been exposed to, see it for what it is: a multiple dimension electronic wave superposition, choices that took you from there to here, zig zag, so we need to develop a gradient for our components and their actions, more  ambition that house and car, job. We live in zig zags and uplift by parley. 

Gradient for the MIND: read, find overviews and books, tutors, on the subjects, study the brain since this is what makes us stupid now, carry on science projects on Friday night instead of going out drinking, hear podcasts and audio books on your subjects, casually look at illusion, hypnosis, ventriloquism, associate mind with spirit because of emotion, energy of motion. Go to the library. Learn Connection Theory well. 

For your BODY: you are indeed fortunate if you play sport, create the time to train to be the best you can be and you will surprise yourself every day during waking hours and also your dreams. 

Is there a chance  that the apparatus to communicate with our God is broken?  Can God be in trouble and need all our help? is the apparatus deep in the brain, near the cisterns?

WALLET: Billionaire mentality, sum of the incomes, research what emotions make you tick and write saying to motivate yourself, forget the others they never help anyone but themselves, programmed to be that way mostly, they get an award when they are not. Get my list of the skills that make $50-500 and hour/ gigs that pay 500-1500 per. not just for you, silly, but to give to everybody as part of your IDEA SHARING BROCHURE which we should all have to give to others, to stir the seas of emotion, the battle for good and evil is being fought in inner space! Positive and Negative forces. 

What do I lose when I use a push button reality to send to you how to learn to write books in 15 minutes and sell them in 5? How to make movies: my pleasure, how to invent or start multiple incomes that add up to 1000 a day? Did you think this is all top secret, NO, we should all know these things from grades 4,5,6, and these are the valuable supplements that turn the ship around to the correct harbor, the tide that lifts all ships is the more general information that has not been assembled until now here at DGI. 

And we give it away free in exchange for your good ideas to throw into the fire to work on our individual uplifts and those of all, through collaborations of thoughts, knowledge, and points of views from all over the world right on our TV with DGI invention TV Travel and the World View Pavilion. 

Retirement: when every 45 minutes it’s breakfast again  


Brief summary of DGI IDEAS so far 







PORTABLE MARKETS video moving bazaars

DEPARTMENT OF GOOD IDEAS: asking all of the people for all of the answers to all of the questions for all of the time A.I.

































100 ACCOUNTS X $100 = 10 K MONTH




Standing wave representation of life and living: Variety of choices, 4-6 at each node junction adding up as we go

Presents our common state of affairs towards an uplift of all human factors and the diminishing of killing, war, poverty, and medical problems. This can be brought about by the combined strength of the products and support of the IDEA FACTORIES now firmly atop our shoulders, we shoulder the world in our 18 maps and representations. We shall connect either in series (collaborations) or in parallel (different individual projects). Through Department of Good Ideas we will have an ever growing data base of Good Ideas to supplement the ones already out there, and they will connect. Connection is the dominant theme of realities. 

You are now part of something big, a growing demand for collaborative problem solving. we are a writer-inventor cooperative that shows you how to write and sell in 15 minutes with time left over to show you how to invent: notice, we are all story tellers, and the world, every part of it that is not Nature, is invented (please tell my mother that).

Join in the creation of the OPPORTUNITY INDEX and much more. Direct from Cuba, Habana. We also have the COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW and need your videos and reports.

Sadly, the state of the original thinker and the creative problem solver is like that of Shakespearean actors waiting to enter from the wings. 

Much can be said through words, and much can be confused by them. How much is our thinking, how much is the influence, through careful navigation in the straits of reason and common sense found in our brains, the thinking of others placed squarely in our minds, so we say: Beware your thoughts; they may not be your own.  We must all, together, return The Power of the Word.

And this is the dilemma, for who are we, really? The projected consciousness we call ourselves may be only 10%, like the tip of the iceberg of our inner consciousness, our original self, the one that was here before the neo-cortex was installed 100,000 years ago near St. Tropes somewhere. You may as well say what is reality, which will be needed to verify who we are. And as a matter of fact, this “existence” thing is not such a given after all; words were used to describe our situations, they were not the situations themselves.

The Nature of the Beast is in the ride through time, our abilities, our talents, all consumed like wine, and words are  wine to the soul, when used to explain rather than detract, justify, when the Power of the Word has been once again triumphant, for it signifies the emergence of soul, of a new art which includes all sciences to solve all problems, that does not diminish the artist by a perception of their income, that false confessor of attendant sinners, as do the castigators, the ones that pretend to know and champion art, know every line and curve, but not the boxes they have placed themselves in by a type of inattention to the fourth scale of visual perception: the far away look. This confers the view of the time-river dimension in which we move, bound by silent forces that only appear here and there, and often only virtually. We can see the components more clearly, and without psychology, for the moment. How I wish I still had that list of emotions we were given in high school, in case we ever needed to use them! In case of fire, break glass. 

We are a photo camera unit, with a biophysical laboratory- radio station that tunes in select frequencies as data for analysis and possible storage, at least short term. After all, in a 30 minute walk you see 3 million things, which to filter and which to let in? Items are placed in the Encyclopedia of Mechanisms (of data and process), and lots of fun stuff is happening in that quasi-crystal that looks like blueberry yogurt. I believe there is action in the cisterns, and that the CNS fluid in them acts as a detector of new forces, stay tuned for a later update on that. Keep in mind I am science fiction writer, also know that our “jobs” conceal us, our relative eclecticism, our prolificity, our connection to other items in the space complexity before us. 

But who are we, really? This will become more of importance as we see our role in the world: there are no monopoles, there appear to be phenomena and observer, neither exists independently by itself so no, there is no sound if there is no one around to hear it (I know because one day I snuck up on Nature and listened as a tree fell in total silence!). 

So there will be this thing called us, a type of camera with emotions in the form of transmitted S-waves through our very craniums, for who are we other than the robots of dawn, programmed from the inside and out? And there will be the Standing Wave Representation of life and living, the true choices and variations of this experienced and then one day it is all archived in the Encyclopedia, and we tell our story to the world, and champion themes, and discuss valuable topics not just other people and sundry items. 

We must arise to a world of ideas, not blind power. The creative power must never be undervalued, for it moves us forward in leaps, which is why DGI is a writer inventor cooperative of ideas whose value is their merit, and not source of origin. 

We appear to be the emotions we express inward and outward, the power generation of them, and where they go. We experience our actions, and our first memories are about there being an in front  and a behind the camera we call us, just for fun. Are we our emotions, or is our true self that inner being, that thing relegated to the corner as relatively unimportant, finding art there as a companion? Again: Beware your thoughts, they may not be your own. 

You are now part of something big, growing demand for problem solving, we are a writer-inventor cooperative that shows you how to write and sell in 15 minutes with time left over to show you how to invent: notice, we are all story tellers, and the world, every part of it that is not Nature, is invented; join in the creation of the OPPORTUNITY INDEX and much more. Direct from Cuba, Habana. We also have the COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW and need your videos and reports.

Most have “not much” to say about most anything, so for whom are these words written? For whosoever interprets them in their highest intent, their positive transmission of IDEALS as primal forces that stir minds, drive us forward, and steer us through obstacles to our goals. There is no Spiritual Laryngitis; the ignorance is due to the programming of the first four, out of 15, environments we find ourselves in: family, money situation, school, and neighborhood. These are your candy samplers. We are not Cave people, we are Box people. Pencils down, your world is on fire!

We find ourselves at home, in social life, or spinning in our Mentality Wheel, usually a job situation for 85% and a constant state of angst for the 15% that find the whole thing absurd, as if some comedic drama played in all seriousness, but clearly when you leave the room, people become the way they really are, charming, caring, of service to each other, discussing topics, championing themes, creating opportunity, benefit, service, adventure for each other. Salons of reports on projects on Fridays, vegan. When you are there: glum silence or would somebody like another drink? 


I imagine it like a Sigmoid Curve, but it is also the Bell Curve, maybe the complete family, and families of families, of curves.  Everything has its time. 

All machines fail. All the Universe can do is make machines out of raw materials, that is its job 24.25-7. Which came first, the material or the machine?

It has nodes. At each node there are a series of choices, and a certain amount of the “world” to be present in information presentation mode, choices to be as if you are faced with 4-6 doors, you must choose one, then go to the next set of doors. 

Most action requires 4-6 choices and you are there, then you have to do it all over again, and circumstances change, but it is clear that once we push the nasty Money Monster aside (really, a straw man for the Time and Health monsters) we can move in the gradient direction of Felicity.  Admittedly, we find that nothing matters (and so what if it did?) unless we make it matter, and that we solve the problems of life and living only to find that they have taken on another form and need to be solved all over again. 

Standing Wave Representation NODES: 


Introduction to family

Elementary school, the rest of your family, neighborhood, friends, travels

High School, the complementary sex, “being 16,”troubles with parents and others

Selection of studies, physical fitness, nutrition, social life, money, establishing of self-identity, driving, learning other subjects, travel, 

Where to live, job or businesses? Car or bicycle? How much to make and for what? What to make of the human condition? 

Retirement: when every 45 minutes it’s breakfast again. 

We will flesh out the nodes in the weeks to come, stay tuned; we will somehow connect emotion, and our ability to change them, and new choices in lifestyle design and consciousness that may attract your pleasure center. At each of the above nodes there were some forced choices, and many that you did not realize you had, you simply were not shown. DGI will show you how to do business, play sports, write instantly for profit, make film, invent, and other reports. We shall clarify the choices and methods at each node, and hopefully customize it to your emotions. Ask yourself now (or, go make a sandwich and come back), since I am not a doctor, lawyer, software engineer, or party planner, why was I not given a book with the skills that pay $50-500+ per hour, and gigs that pay $500-1500 per? Why are we not shown business in grade 5?


So much of the world was emotion, emotional states of mind and allowances; I seem to have misplaced the list of my emotions given to me in high school, in case I ever needed to use them, can you send me yours? I believe that between pain and pleasure there are about 15.

We will find this task to be difficult, because the mind is not yet known. For over 3000 years the voices that people heard in their heads was thought to be that of the gods, now we know it was my mother in law! 

Section conclusion: Life is Horrible (and such small portions too)

When 4 out of 5 people who are blind can be cured for $100, and they are not, I go to work. Why is this not in media?  Why is the media so silent about social causes?

Non-Political Creative Problem Solving



We want great ideas  always in propagation everywhere, more and more from more and more people.

Department of Good Ideas is a central bank of good ideas and ways of looking at our world learning in unexpected positive ways. We use the information found in all 240 countries, and we set up the problems from an international perspective and the national perspective too. We use mathematics, brain research, and physics as principal tools of analysis. Our emphasis is on clever, ideas seen by their own merit, not source of origin. 

It creates a 320 M, later 8 B person free IDEA SHARING bank which anyone can go to.

Open 24-7, free checking and deposit, interest rates of over 2000% not unheard of. 

 We need more ideas, from our PERSONAL BROCHURES which basically takes all the things we have learned (we are all teachers and students for life), and shares it with whomever picks up on it. These are not personal matters, these are ideas that we get from our parents, teachers, reading, traveling, original ideas, multiplying their use: 

We are all looking at the world, but have different perspectives and observations on different things, NON POLITICAL since the idea is to have the 320 M join their IDEA FACTORIES in concert, in both parallel (individual projects, reports) and series (connected, aware), creating a vast improvement on the products of the mind and our ability to solve problems.


Send your ideas today, we post them anonymously and of course, they should be of a nature that what is the big deal, everybody should know this. The idea should be an astute insight, or a small formula for achieving a certain state of personal evolution. Thank you. 

Check out TV Travel, Instant Writing, more!

Founded by Warren Peace from Cuba as a 24-7 free deposit and checking WAREHOUSE BANK of ideas, interest rates of 2000% not uncommon

High-Quality Experience

Writer inventor problem-solving cooperative with many fresh new ideas. Re-defining ART as the Synthetic Alliance of Science, Invention, Engineering, and Thinking with Writing, fine Art, Film, and Music for creative problem solving adventure!   Components of life revealed: Mind, Body, Money, Spirit, Social Life, Special projects (if any), Time, and Emotion. 

What They Do

Special Projects like the Complete World  Picture View of all 240 countries with Opportunity Index. We ask ALL of the people for ALL of the answers to  ALL of the questions for ALL time  YouTube GalaxyStudios Presents TV Travel (!) SF Distance Walkers get out of car and speak for you while you are home! They wear your video on their head, face or document, video. We need your help with ideas and formulas to enhance our existence, this is the most fun you will ever have! We are also Night City for Creatives.

The Power of Thought


 The power of the word has been diminished. Aspects of actual thought have been relegated to "Philosophy" and we are fortunate if we get even any ideas, 99.9% commercial, i.e., related to the original "owners" of business and property. 

No proper "societal script" idea is given that all the people in all the groups should first know the mechanics of thinking (Ideation, the placing of the first image or groups of images as substrate, subliminal and interior, in front of the eyes interior, then the historical riffing, or subconscious connection of other thoughts and ideas we have learned, then there is "seeing it wrong" which gives new ideas also, inventions, then, final step is the "printing" of the idea, the issue by translation of thoughts into language, from there it belongs to whoever hears it).

 Desire, concern, heart and imagination modify the process, among other things. There is bias lensing  to direct our focus. 

Thought, and community thought, are the golden geese in our center of existence. They assemble other thoughts by collage, and connect them in a type of mental assembly line which is remembered or not, used or not, to enable vision accuracy, in and out, both. 

Thoughts are the bricks of all civilization and individual concerns. Thoughts and ideas are reflexive?

Anyhow, that's that. From my own groups, the Catholics, the sports players, musicians, the scientists who learn techniques by  inspiration, rote and repetition, the business community, I do not see thoughts and ideas other than the ones created 2000 years ago. 

Has the atavism reached this far?  It does appear the institutions are crumbling. Apparently. So of course I see no thinking. Sadly, also, from the Cubans here, from any group whatsoever: the only thoughts external are about money (the dinosaur chasing us), and the interior thoughts are about sex, which translates into social life.


So, the new tack is not only motivation, but thinking itself, and its role in our lives. And, if one is inclined to thought, another apparent feature that is necessary, for there are no monopoles, everything is "question answer" format, is the advanced data base acquisitions which enable the ideation in a formal way that anybody can process.


 The writers think to some degree, but I again see nothing "new" from them and I look at hundreds of books; I thought they were politicized, but what they are is unable (often, in their minds, for all the right reasons). No wonder the corporations have no ideas about what they can do for the people easily, the helps and supports, they cannot think and have no thinkers. So of course the academics are not coming down with pamphlets and brochures, the Idea Sharing I speak of: they have none that is obvious. 

So, corporations, groups (it always surprised me that the  groups in SF also seldom get ideas as a group that they all Champion; not anymore). Of course thinking, or what there is to think about, was not taught in governmentally approved information dissemination centers (schools, a vital part of our formation). The IDEAL of us becoming champion of themes, that we speak to others about them, that we discuss as part of our social life the ideas that bring us forward and topics that are relevant to our lives and our lives of sharing, fixing things, making things better.

 The cave people began to think when they developed inventions and language, but some powerful force put everybody's nose to the grinder to serve the providers; thinking stopped due to neglect and wars, and the pull of working for someone else. The old philosophers could think with what they had, in modern times thought should be enhanced, expanded, and shared! No wonder I think the people on the streets are suffering from spiritual laryngitis: the opposite, I am seeing our principal organ in neglect of its abilities. 

Like a muscle, it has to be rehearsed, and nobody does this, maybe some readers, but where are their fertile products? When I go to the bookstore I should not only see commercial offerings, but clear problem solving exposition, and there is none, as if thought, like science, has been relegated to the "blind hog finds an acorn" scenario. I was wondering why with 99.99 percent of the scientists alive today, we get few ideas from them, especially to uplift the individual, empower them, and any they have are given to the multipliers of money. How sad.


Of course, this explains newspapers and media: they cannot think, so they publish "occurrences" mostly violent or seemingly irrational: thought, heart, and imagination emotion are intimately linked; some force does not want the general person, or the specific person, engaged in thought: things might get better for all, and the aliens can only mine negative thoughts at this time. 

Explains why presidents never sound really smart, why there is no search for ideas (nobody thought about it), why the energetic high school  genius (nothing more than one who found the thinking genie-in-us) is transferred to a lab somewhere and forgotten about unless they make a lot of money for Pharma.


Nobody notices or misses it: thought may require Diamond Consciousness,  the will interjecting itself into the more routine ideas and actions we have already running. We run programs and routines to create our behavior. Its value has been diminished in the eyes of others, why thought is for "philosophers" while the others do routines.


We must return the power of the word to the people; they have gotten used to it as a form of "rationalization," to justify their own behavior, and the behavior of the groups of which they are members, a type of immunological defense: language is a virus. Its re introduction will diminish the value of money as a central theme, of course. A new age is upon us. We are few, but we are growing; we must now find each other and link. 

So that's that. I was given the architecture, and  I developed the mechanics for myself, thinking everybody else was doing the same. No such luck! They valued sex, socialization that leads to sex, and money for the fear it brings. We are haunted creatures of no recourse, we  draw a blank when we think of the universe, so big and unknown, maybe not so much if we think together? 

Anyhow, more clear is the vision now. I honestly thought thinking was fun! I have shown it to be quite profitable in every way, time, money, character, and more, so that is that. Next is the methodology for people to have new experiences by use of their mind. 

No wonder I know about 3 pro philosophers who do nothing but book reports on dead philosophers. Everything in its place, thought in the seldom-used drawer. Status comparisons rule the campus. 

Our problem got simpler and more difficult at the same time: we accept the challenge. So, if people cannot think, what use is creative thought, or the thoughts that help everyone: they do not have values, contexts, and circumstances of mind in order to understand  thought and its products.


Further, the importance of thought itself, and what there is to think about is completely absent in practice, the values, contexts, and circumstances are implied to be such and such, obvious yet it is not. Moving images may have placed a spell on humans; only the animals move in the forest.


To be developed here is a group of thinkers, fluid thinkers, who know what there is to think about, in order to have new lines of reasoning about these problems for that is what they are, apparently the building of electronic machines have a part in this, they seduce the mind.

It all  makes sense now, what we have seen.  The sheer power of thought, value of exercise, service towards others, are precious possessions that must never be taken from people by blind mechanical forces. Again I ask: are we ourselves? Who else could we be?

No complete world picture view

No national contests to stop car deaths, maiming, suffering

Should not use hands for bathroom hygiene, and the smell should go too. Is it fundamental that we take in some of these forest molecules also? 

Until Your First Real Food Shopping List we did not know what to eat or why

Planes crash and we don't think of installing emergency rocket motors ?

Here to inspire progress in all individuals, communities

Google SSL safety certified  for all who visit this approved site. This site reflects the power of information sharing, and how we are dropping the ball in the social script: ineptitude in the ways to maximally share what the last 100 B humans who walked the Earth learned and obviously would like to pass on to us, has led to crisis, and, obviously, major ignorance in problem solving.  We have not yet learned how to ask creative questions, even to request them from all people, ideas judged on merit, not source of origin. 

In part this is because the first 100 billionaire families, mostly agricultural or warlords, and with the armies to protect their lands, were not creative.

They were concrete thinkers who could hold their ground, and have built this foundation for the world. To emerge from this Dark Age into the Age of Spirituality and Co-existence! What joys, what wonders, what paradise with an asterisk: Nature is still Nature: it takes all the roads and builds them, with channels, also. As in the expression of mathematics: there is structure and features, properties, here too: 

The base of the world is built out of solid business strategy and tactics, and the ability to protect those. 

Yet out of that vase (pronounced vass) comes its flower, the rise of Capto-Indiceum and the Age of Spirituality. Intelligent (the sum of the smarts, plus the emotional control to manipulate those fields) super-creatives (creativity in everything they see, enthusiastic) possessing special DGI training in level 4 observation (they had better have mastered levels 1-3 by the time they arrive at the Institute) and creative knowledge, of both concrete and creative types. 


Their 7 M + 250 K* year system design brain, given lines of reasoning to form  plans of action by DGI Mentat A.I. or just I., can perform perfectly in concert or it makes a great comedy. 

Capto Indiceum  is disrupting  the work of Iblis, the devil, with its faster processor, tireless search for knowledge and a strong desire to be of service to others and their world.  Also, they pick up after themselves unlike my kids. 

They feature fluid reasoning thinking mechanics and snappy MI5 dry British humor. 

They are so important to this project that their correspondence is hand-delivered by federal agents.

We need constant national contests for our major problems, like "fatalities" in car accidents: 50 K die, 250 K are paralyzed, can't walk, can't see; they each affect about 3 people, so: 1 M 200,000 in America alone every year, and we, like middle century peasants, do not even notice we can do something about it.  

Why did we go to "school;" or was it ever, maybe this is the school, the world, for it contains all the colleges and universities. The other was a specialized skills training center. It did not teach personality, brain function and psychology, personal care and the importance of fitness ("ha ha, I'm lazy" is heard often with alacrity), how to be of service to others, how to solve problems as a collective, and the definition of thought itself, THE ROLE OF EMOTION IN OUR LIVES, AND A LIST OF THEM, the simple business techniques of this website, which means push the money aside as soon as possible, by machine, so you can live your dreams and empower those of others for the 75 years you get; beyond that, it is breakfast every forty-five minutes.

(In my science fiction stories, the people are already immortal)

The highest blend of spirit, heart, and dedication is found in the saint and the enlightened. How sad no one speaks of self-realization except perhaps Buddhists; do you hear about it much? 

We need to seriously differentiate between the workings of our 7 M year young brain and the contribution to our thought of the 250 K years old organizing processor (Brodmann 10 region, behind where that "third eye" is), which is affected by this process of "civilization" (tampering with your emotions, or denying them) which has turned many into soft, domesticated people. Now instead of the machines working for us, we work for the machine. There are Mental Gravitational data base force fields that attract and repel us towards the veneers of that which we sense: an S-Wave is emitted by the Perceptrons, but let us not get into that right here.

Remember that my brain research book has an 892-page introduction table of contents, but the book itself is about 30 pages.  

You had better start getting heavy doses of "Magnus, Robot Fighter 3000 AD" very soon, and that may not be enough, but is a fun read. What am I saying, I am a robot myself! Just made of flesh and blood, with water my oil.

 DGI will respond to the problem we did not even know we had, for it came from what we don't know we don't know.

The solutions are elegant and quite simple, resolved with our unique development of IDEA SHARING and its applications. Folks, this is like a laser project, but of minds in parallel and in series both. We need to do this and do it now, because new weapons of action-at-a-distance are coming, like the microwave projectors at the Canadian embassy in Cuba: about 15 people got brain injuries at-a-distance. To me, it is TWO such weapons and their rays converge like wave interference inside those embassies. Do we wear metal hats? EMP weapons attack the electricity of hearts, and are also projected. Take care of your heart takes on a new meaning.  

Hear our band SpiriTech's new song: Endangered Species, soon posted here. 

Do not in the least worry about the complications that such an enterprise can bring. We bring mathematics to our help, Bayesian nets up the wazoo help us make sense of the data. All our researchers are trained in reciting the alphabet backwards. 

There is nothing wrong with your cell phone. DO NOT attempt to change websites. We are controlling transmission and reception. 

This website will shout and whisper, we control what you see. We can change the focus to a blur, or reveal obvious things with crystal clarity. For the next 30 minutes, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your cell phone. You are participating in a great adventure, You are about to witness the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... Department of Good ideas.

 Of course teach the American, and World people, how to do business in their own countries!  Include EMOTIONAL PROJECTS SUPPORT, and HANDS-ON  HELP: Easy and fun!

But: DGI does not let you off that easy! Sure, our techniques get you the glass house, the mini mansion (big mansions have too much dusting), the European cars, two of them.  You see other celebrities, the rich and well educated, you give each other a knowing look: Yes, I am using the techniques I learned at DGI...

We are hard graders: You must pay back with idea sharing and the tales of your adventures in life. We need to know.

You have to do something the next week after you get your glass house (remember, do not throw rocks and always dress in the basement): Improve mind, body, more wallet for Philanthropy and Humanitarian work (the same, but the first has more cachet), we all should, clean up spirit to open more heart, to see  perhaps for  the first time, and improve our ways to serve others and ourselves (we are from the mama didn't raise no foo school of help yourself too). Special projects like starting organizations, and improve our handling of time and emotion (hint: Time is not what we think it is, and neither are we).

The ways of getting our emotions to work for us is a major theme of our mathematical physics of brain research, and  with cooperation and creativity. We are not  attempting to unify space and time by means of the 7-layer vacuum until after lunch.

We are 8 B eyes, the sum of the patterns can make the world better. To SEE our world in a  "good news" kind of light. Inventors, writers, engineers, we need your contributions, we can publish you on Amazon if you like.  The plus ideas have to overcome the minus ideas. What can you improve, make better on Earth?  Speak in solutions, opportunity, benefit, adventures, and service to others. 

Mission Statement


Hi this is Warren Peace, visionary and man of the sheets. The "department" needs writers and more comedy! So far we have only one joke: "An Irishman walks OUT of a bar!” 

We are an alliance of Science, Inventors, thinkers and engineers with art, film, writing and music (The Synthetic Alliance) for the purpose of creative problem solving using c

lever  methods and having a fun time!

We have film projects. Non violent films, comedies and suspense thrillers like The Twilight Zone.  The business of the future is Imagination. Help us make "The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth" maybe act in it. Premise: on one side is science, thought, invention and engineering; on the other is art, writing, music, and film. Topics and questions are given to discuss. 

They all work together and form a stronger tool, with IDEA SHARING as a means of sourcing for any project.  maybe you have some good ideas for the world, can be anonymous of course. 

No dilution of capital with IDEA SHARING, "giving your thoughts," it is the obvious discoveries that we should all know, win-win sharing information, non-tribal information exchange, you know what I mean, we are all idea factories that can light up and connect in series (group thinking project) and parallel (our own projects, for speaking about or not). 

Inventing products and services is more easy than hard, and we should have been told in grade 4.  We need more answers, and we need more problems to solve. Admittedly some problems we cannot solve or perhaps even simplify, but our goal is to amaze ourselves at the fruits of our collaboration. Desire and concern are the two sides of the coin of curiosity whose thin edge is perhaps the soul.  

Half the projects did not need money, but emotional support, and the other half much less money and more cooperation. We live in a time when we see that information for the individual does not come from the media much, we can report to each other about adventure, solutions, opportunity, benefits, and services to create for ourselves a world of ideas, of taking interesting positive actions, and being of service to others and of course, ourselves too. We are all the children; don't you recognize us? Yet so much in this world is emotion, undiscussed as we are imprisoned in time by time, and without any guilt. 

Inventor's Business Corner

Put yourself in position to make accidental discoveries, half are. 

New invention for self-driving cars and imperfect people accidents: put a small scoop in the front that picks up the pedestrian onto a little couch, not hurls him 40 feet in the air, same for train but bigger. The couches are popcorn bags filled with packing peanuts, or some other material. 

Inventions go, for mass sales, as licensing to manufacturers but mostly dealer network and vendor to corporations, and of course the number one entry: Trade shows for the industries you serve, like a world into its own, sales force works about 5 weeks a year. 

One of the reasons I am angry: We are not shown that business is simple or compound buy and sell in grade five, or the simple formula for it, or this math: 

100 accounts (over all 35 metros) x $100 profit per month each = more money than you can shake a stick at. 

You become vendor to corporations (sell 1000 of your product per day while life cycle lasts, bell curve you know, stiff upper lip), and also meet chain store owners who like your product or and service at TRADE SHOWS for the industries you serve. 

This will be a feature, also about business inventions and clarifications. The four steps to invention that we should easily have been taught in elementary school:  idea, design, prototype assembly and testing if needed, sell 6 fun ways and meet new circles of people. 

Inventors come in different sizes and flavors, some more from engineering and others from sheer imagination, like the artist and film maker, the writer.

Just to get it going: Design a type of suit a chef can wear to keep cool in those hot kitchens. First step is to kill your invention, google it, if it exists, you can modify the design, make it better cheaper faster. It always plays off the industry advertising

You are joining an industry already in progress.

Adjoint connection: we ask, what other inventions we can make for the restaurant industry?  How about a self cleaning restaurant design, saving two hours from their closing time, just flip the switch and it cleans itself. 

When you ask the question, you are activating connection algorithms of memory, which puts together an associative montage and sends it to your hippocampus, then to Brodmann 10 for long term storage, because it is an unusual thought, stands out for your list of inventions, once the first one is in, the rest are brought in by your superconscious, which sends it to the conscious, which translates the thought into language.  

Apparently there are methods known only to the mind for translating the deep subconscious imaging and colors into thought, a type of partially drawn image, maybe 23%, which is enough for you to have the thought-image. This, language and another power of visualization gives their product to the conscious mind, for it to operate NOT at 1000 operations per second, I can't even do my laundry

 I don't even exist, a figment of my own imagination drawn with the air we breathe, and the pump beating 35 M times a year in our chest (and remember: 2% of people have their organs printed in reverse, how about you make a nice see-through model for them?) Just riffing. As always we use the Howard Hughes method of diversified enterprises, the sum of the incomes IS the income.  it is your emotions that you have to align with Jupiter, not your sign.


I have a lot of errands. What they did not tell you at the school of being eclectic, is that the more interests you have, the more errands and tasks generated by those interests. Great things to do, but many. 

On my list towards the bottom was find post office unclaimed goods auctions. There were many more, I saw Sheriff department auctions, freight auctions, university auctions, auctions up the wazoo. You get stuff cheap by the big volume, and turn around and sell on eBay, this is the definition of business, and can bring you closer to being in a Trade Show, to afford the 15 K it takes to get a booth, but you make 1-3 fortunes, and why we were not told in grade 5 I do not know, see "list of gripes and complaints." Another is establish dealer network: 100 accounts (across all 34 metros) X $100 per month per account = more money than you can shake a stick at!

Your best life lived?

We live from the inside out, our passions, our emotions, products of mind, creativity (do not overlook this: it is much more that art, artifact left behind, its true power misunderstood). let us commence: From the gigantic connection machine before us we call Nature, with what few senses we have, we choose push-button realities, and create our thoughts. Please, here notice that motivation influences perception, that when a pickpocket sees a saint, all he sees are pockets. 

Think of it, Nature, God, The Goddess,  builds machines only, as if the raw materials came from the destruction and reclaiming of the components of other machines before it. Hard to do before time existed, so did space exist? Is time a version of "running space" like running water is of still water?  A machine is a connected series of mechanisms, and a mechanism is an input-output device.

Anyhow, here is one lifestyle pattern that emerges from other examples on this website: 

The first thing is to fire up, to power ourselves, our idea factories and link in series and in parallel, with the idea factories in others. Both our bodies and our moods, and certainly spirit is uplifted by working out: it is well known that if you work out hard 3-4 hours a day, your mood and health is unbeatable, your senses are heightened. And please realize that for all the "tall buildings" and "devices" and "amazing work out facilities" the future may bring, you still need people to do the activities with, like play tennis and football, and you have to get along with them once you have learned their ways, hopefully not to the point of irritation.

  After the workout, you do the same for your mind, and what could mind uplift be, for we are here attempting to uplift and enlighten our 8 components (it is like age: scientists do not know what it is, but they have 44 parameters for it, here we have 8 for the human that is you, components). MIND, BODY, WALLET, SPIRIT, SOCIAL, PROJECTS, TIME, and EMOTION. These are the 8 "radio stations" that your radio observatory and pattern analyser are trying to tune in. The pattern analyzer also operates the camera that takes photos for the purpose of archiving, and detection of the patterns, and patterns of patterns. Read a book, have your own reading list. Get overviews on topics of interest like electronic engineering or physics. Learn more and more how the brain works, subscribe to the newsletters of the top 20 research schools. If schools are public funded, should their research be community property?

When you work out 4 hours a day, you get endorphins, your own body is your best pharmacy, you get the best stuff right in there, the highest high is the runner's high, unbeatable as both mood uplifter and stabilizer. 


 Your Mind, built by the brain (the information was perception, the roads they traveled on Brain) is uplifted by: reading, studying one or more subjects by at least overview, by doing research on how your mind and emotion function, and by stress relief. You are a camera, so a new view to capture photos in might be nice: two weeks every two month, plus two months a year. 

Now you  have worked out and done the mental work for the day, you go play music or be of service to others, or you play music for others and run an "information exchange" where the members of your audience bring ALL their questions for the universe, and all the answers they may have for any questions others had for the universe. 

Then you make your money, as an addition of sound international business systems such as the sum of your incomes, multiple incomes, money trees (they define capitalism) and your ART projects, your designs and inventions to which you have applied the art of the mind. 

The machine runs almost automatically, depending on the hours the high school kid can work, and usually is off to the side collecting dust while you live your dreams and empower those of others.  Think of it! The four hour workout will not let you get down, and in fact will give you extra-normal human strength and stamina, and your mental program feeds you also. Then you play your music two days  a week, and you make your money by say: sales, writing, inventions, and film. Now at first you might not make too much in film, but the point was other: to find or create new circles of people in your life by changing activities. You can all share each other's opportunities, benefits, services, and adventure ideas. This is IDEA SHARING conceptually, at its finest. 

Now, what does this lifestyle design need to make it work? In general, as strategy, the ship has to be steered there by a series of zig zags, from whose vantage points come different parleys from which you must again choose an action. Each action, because of its categorical entries, must pass through another series of decisions, around 4-6, and each of those has about 4 ways of looking at it, so good luck to you. 

You have to admit that two things modify the above ideas: one is the pre-disposition to have a part of your mind respond (+) when you get the stimulus from what your senses scan before your eyes, or what you can imagine from the inside (what we think of as the self is actually the WILL, often conscripted to do the work or others, not your own: beware your thoughts, they may not be your own). The will is subject to its uplift, which is DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS, the obdurate tenacity of will and imagination, but also suffers from constant blows from bad things happening, stresses, growing up, and disappointments, or inability to stabilize certain other things that live within us, not just the 700 M gut bacteria. 

The SECOND factor here is: how was the buffet sampler of life activity choices  shown to you? Were creative people involved also, creative problem solvers and thinkers?

Were enough quality experiences shown to you by enthusiastic motivated teachers so you could know which you liked? In your head are the perceptrons, which of course perceive and convert to (+) or (-) stimulus; if lucky, it "holds your attention" and the plus turns to (>), which opens the file in your brain for recording. To continue recording, to sustain, you need passion, beyond that Diamond Consciousness will steer you along the gradient to perseverance, and that really pays off, in an amazing way, in a self-amazing way. The "happiness" thing is fine, and some never find it, but self amazement is available to all. 


Ideas appear to be everywhere: imagine the person from 100 years into the future; what will that person think should have been obvious to us now? This is what DGI is after, and by all the methods since this is at the heart of invention.  Example: should not the small businesses collect business emails from every customer, so they  can win a free meal? Keep in touch with them this way. How about the ART dollar? When you pay you spin a small wheel of fortune and you win up to ten times what you spent in  Art Dollars: a free  writing lesson, a free story, an invitation to learn an instrument, a skill, etc. promoting art and business. Business could sell the music of the local regional artists with no big label: Evaluated  by the listeners, not business. 

Went to a Grocery store, I asked of the worker: why are some of your products not also for sale on the shelf? Would that not be novel, every employee gets a spot on the shelf per year with company, maybe up to 3 products. Learn to do business by getting your products in 100 shelves, if you do not have the sales emotion, get a friend or your family to help. 

Can we not improve coffee shops with speakers, comedians, small music acts, sales of the regional good-sounding music?  We can find solutions, adventure, opportunity, benefit, and service in our daily lives if we pay more attention to our surroundings. If a wife makes bad coffee, is that grounds for divorce? 



A century is not so long a time. The first fifty years went by so fast I am really taking my time this next fifty!

We are on a big ship, yet we have not received an inventory of what is going on in the other countries, 240 of them, I call this COMPLETE WORLD PICTURE VIEW. Does this not disturb your sensibilities much?

For each country, an OPPORTUNITY INDEX is developed.  Some entries:  Access to:  Housing, Medical, Markets, Public facilities, Communication, Safety, Travel, Healthy foods, Learning, Libraries, Spiritual beliefs and distribution, to creative people, to an INFORMATION EXCHANGE, where all ask questions and also receive answers to other questions openly, so all can learn. In addition, a special group is convened to invent questions to be asked to all!  

The Opportunity Index draws inspiration from the 16 Freedoms. 

If the number two pencil is the most popular by far, of course it should be called the number one pencil!

Elementary school was not elementary! Check out this schedule of proposed supplements

Grade 1: Reading, writing, basic calculus

Grade 2: New language

Grade 3: writing short stories, movie scripts and articles for publication and sales

Grade 4: Invention development steps: 1 idea  2 design, machine components 3 prototype assembly/ testing 4 sell 6 fun ways meet new people

Grade 5: International business: building your personal money multiplication machine

Grade 6: Film and Documentary making and selling your works

Grade 7: Sports and Nutrition, being of service to others

Grade 8: Ice cream, you've earned it. One scoop, vanilla, 2,3 peanuts exact number does not matter; the beatings will continue until the morale improves

The going out scene: completely played out, archived, the same 5 things over and over: buy this, drink this, smoke this, watch this, eat this. As a fly on the wall I hear conversations: no mention that there is a world in this world, a planet the size of Mars is inside our world, yet all I hear is talk about other people. Then I use a mental tool: the far away look, and I notice that there is a certain amount of programming and guidance going on, like gentle prodding, the "keep it moving; keep it moving please" sign is always on. 

Vision tools:  The general look, the up-close look, the detailed look, the far-away look to detect components. 

Where are the champions of themes? Why not include the discussion of valuable topics to benefit all in a type of 5-minute break from talking about other people constantly? Where is the pamphleteer, the empowered soap box speaker?

Most going out environments here are engaged in those same 5 things and only talking about other people! I had grown up, I know I don't look it but I am over 30. 

We are either in that "buy this" environment, or in our mentality wheels, usually our jobs. 

I engaged the thoughts out there and in here and in this bi-polar world I unified the spirituality of the East with the market-establishing and protection of the West. 

IDEA SHARING should become very popular this time of year. We all possess knowledge and thoughts from our families, schools, travels, reading, originality that we put in the form of IDEA BROCHURE and even  take it door to door, hand out at random to people we see. We can all  have a  very positive influence on the lives of others: the world is the school, and it contains the colleges and universities. 


Right now I am writing a science fiction novel, but right after: The Book of Acceptable Deaths,  The Book of Causes and Their Agencies: How to Join a group or start one, Book of skills that pay $50-500 per hour and gigs that pay $500-1500 per

The last two I want to give away free in all 32 Metros door to door and also post in the free government publications for all to have (also the emotional support and hands on support ideas), and it is a cooperative effort, or maybe not since I can maybe do them quicker than I can find collaborators. 

California is great: Can do 10 things, and they are all within 10 blocks of each other. 

In Florida there was limited exposure to opportunity, in the hope that a little circuit in us buzzes or lights up and we like the subject, the explainers were not too good.  There was never an eclectic option, a high energy option, a true presentation of how sum of the businesses technique is done, it was always a "steering" towards a "program" as if we were machines.  

Not everybody likes or can do law,  medicine, or party planning, but all  should know the sum of the businesses fun method, much is by computer now, healthier when used right. Should be you get a website every year free and you sell your products and you have 50 websites when 60, and many of them control robots, or robots controlling other robots.

DGI has a 4 steps to writing program (one you take notes, two you write vocabulary and themes you want to use, three you play-off the titles in the library (use them in the theme or plot element), step four: sit down at the computer, start typing anything, anything at all that comes to your mind; nonsense, names of things, places, all at random, and you turn on your writing voice in this way. After about 5 pages of this random writing things down, you go into a kind of transcendental  emotion and your story begins. Seldom do you know what the story is about, you will see hazy outlines, shapes maybe. 

Saramago began writing at 90 and won literature prizes. 

We may be an ambulatory machine-animal  carrying a photo camera filing archive and a radio observatory that tunes in and processes these 8 themes: Mind, Body, Wallet, Spirit, Social Life, Special Projects, Time, and Emotion.  Time is not what we think it is, and neither are we. 

DGI is ahead of its time by at least forty five minutes. This Foundation of light and hope has been compared to some of the greatest ink tanks, although unfavorably. 

We also  appear to be programmed, personalities formed 50% by those first four environments (of 15 overall we find ourselves in over time): family, financial situation, neighborhood, schools. And by our own genetic inheritance, whose machines  are doing the analysis and recording in our heads The brain is 75% water and uses half a cup of blood. This is a fun new area. 

The results find effect in ILLUSION AND HYPNOSIS, principal tools being light and sound. The effects of suggestion will be found to be much greater than we suspect. We are not cave people, but by not knowing how our brains work, we are box people. For 3000 years we thought the voices in our heads were gods; now we know it's my mother in law!

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Send us your ideas on how to make life better in all categories:  Champion a theme, discuss our ideas with others, help pamphleteer Good News Personal Brochures and most of all, open your heart to positive well-meaning innovation and the esponential  power of clever

Department Of Good Ideas

Art Gets Aggressive: 15 M deaths from car accidents


Your memories will turn to dust, as you sit there by the window. Like photographs they fade at last, although you hold them by your side. Your life’s a dream, or so it seems, until you wake up in the darkness. The years run by, they run so fast you can’t keep up they wave goodbye…

What if an Alien from space came and said, "give me 15 M a year in people, and throw in the ability to pollute everyone's lungs with the 250 mi oil particle so they die early, and I will give you a fun way to get around!" 

The kings 500 years ago knew to ask everyone for all the answers to all the problems they faced: they posted it on a bill.

This site is for defectors from the 85% that are “content” yet know there is something more, almost tangible, and no one is talking about it. Also for the 15% brain design who find a curiosity, that of the artist, to see more of the world, and to have it explained much better. 

This is so we learn from ALL of the other cultures, their set of societal normal instructions plus arts, and borrow anything we want to add to ours.

The more we engage in broader data fields, and the more positive data we extract, the more energy we have to open yet more cross sectional area remember to turn on filtering so if something negative happens, your coping mechanisms can deal. 

How come we are not given a personal psychology and emotion manual in grade 7? Do I have to write every book? 

 It is false nationalism when you do not include the world. This site is also Night City for creatives, the thinker, the creative problem solver, the ones that want their stories and books published on Amazon, sports players, musicians (how many guitarists does it take to screw in a light bulb? 47. One to screw in the light bulb, and 46 to say, “Oh, I could do that!”).

It's up to you and me to save the world and, hey, where are you going?

The definition of thought: we are raised thinking it is on automatic, no training needed, as society scripts and common scenarios are painted. Simply put it is an aspect of curiosity: curiosity creates Ideation, which is the structure of the thing. 

The features come out of “riffing,” loose associations with other items in your Encyclopedia of Mechanisms and Data, your memory.


This is free; as we now know from Cuba: the best things in life are free, you cannot buy them or steal them. 

We should all be sharing ideas on all 7 dimensions of humanity all the time.

 There should be pamphleteers, passionate soap box speakers; the Jesus guys do a great thing, they are opening a door, especially at Christmas when so many that are alone feel the weight of having no people. Do not worry, this is the time to do your projects. 

The people that get things done, their dirty little secret is, are not stimulated sufficiently by what five simple things are in the social sphere, the same five over and over. They can leave the others behind and concentrate on their projects.

 They come from both the 85% design, and the 15% brain model design. The 85 is the more conventional, the 15 has more energy perhaps, left over from the whiz kid big bang to make them regular people.  Performers, artists, original thinkers, the well meaning of heart and imagination live here, and they have palaces. 

The world is. The world is not seen by most of us because our senses have been precluded to push more towards the acquiescence of 100 BF 0 and their derivatives (in other words, we buy all our stuff and we never own the land; ask the American Indians!), called industries.  This is done by HYPNOSIS which effects an ILLUSION in us. 

Reporting: 1.25 M deaths world wide yearly, 5 M maiming and dismemberment, and they each affect on average 3 people. We have no national contests. 15 million people that if you ask, have lost something special, a part of their lives.

I am contacting WHO to start such a contest. They seem to have a dog in this race. In inventors’ corner I make a device for the self-driving car: a type of scoop in the front to not run over the pedestrian; it might have a little airbag couch that pops up.


What I can tell you for sure is that there are more than one way of thinking, and no one speaks as if it matters.

What matters most appears to be only routines and habits to support them after 30, and searching for mates before.  Please continue to deny you are a programmed beast, you machine animal you.  Although I must admit, there is a lot of bump in that rump; I am sure a part of programming also.

Do not play the “looks game” if you don’t want to! You don’t know it yet, but you don’t need those people, they will probably cause you problems and really offer no support for you projects. Waste of time; you don’t lose when you lose fake friends. 

I know, you wish that things were different. The looks game goes away when you are older, thank Goddess! Ask yourself: who plays the look game, the 7 M or the 250 K? Perhaps they both do, which is the perceptual psychological problem, found in section called "Intrapersonal smarts" (intelligence is the coordination by Brodmann 10 of all 7 smart fields). There's a lot of bump in that rump outcries is 7 M; the psychology of it all, obviously 250. 

When I broke up with my live-in girlfriend, I looked at that ceiling every night for 30 nights before sleep. I felt so alone, and then one day: the imprinting erased (rather: energies could not reach the activation complex), and I saw many pluses, including making your own schedule and focusing on your mind.


The thinker likes to be left alone, as exemplified by the academic’s vow for marriage: Honey, I love you and want to marry you, and spend the rest of my life ignoring you!

Notice, notice, the person is programmed, as all machines are, it’s just that we are flesh and blood, chemistry, and a series of actuators. Do not feel bad, machine; if you work at it, you can achieve your humanity. Realize that existence is not a given, and go for positive. It is time that Art gets aggressive.  

Remember we have re-defined Art out of the urgency of the times for the spiritual unification of space (not the religious one). 

Art is the Synthetic Alliance of science, invention, thought, and engineering with fine art, music, writing, and film. 

103 years ago the artists of Europe were asked to solve the war so it would not happen; they failed. 

We cannot because we have cell phones whose call features we no longer use for obvious reasons. We are all little secretaries bending to the will of the device, to put us in a "cell." 

We shall speak about the braids of interests we carry with us through the moving river, literally, that is Time. 

Do not fret, you English majors that the world is not literary, that the real-life characters have not written great, noble parts for themselves like the book characters. We shall make this a literary world yet, as Art Gets Aggressive  and movies us into the Age of SpiriTuality, where the positive dreams become real and the negative become nightmares, once in a while, and usually when you eat pizza late at night. 

One last good idea, then I have done my quota for the day: Reading non-fiction books: you are lucky if you get 3 ideas out of them, read them quickly and look for those right away, go to the next fiction or pop-science book. Can I go now, please?